Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 20, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit pork with a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 so this joins the Tab pro 10.1 and the Galaxy Note pro 12.2 which i've already looked at in the previous video so the Tab pro 8.4 is priced at 399 is priced the same as the iPad Mini with Retina display and has some specs to take on the iPad Mini with Retina display so this is their high-end small tablet this is larger than the Tab 3 8.0 or the Note 8.0 so they've gone up a bit in screen size and they've definitely gone up quite a bit in screen resolution this actually has a higher pixel density than the iPad Mini with Retina display now

This is available in black or white and I have the white version it's also available in the 3G and LTE version with GSM voice with an earpiece so you could use this as a phone if you wanted of course now that version really isn't sold in the US but the Wi-Fi version is widely available you can pick it up at Best Buy or Amazon now in terms of specs we're using a 2.3 gigahertz Snapdragon 800 processor that's a quad core processor we have an 8 megapixel autofocus new camera with a 2 megapixel front firing camera we have a 4500 milliamp hour battery we have 2 gigs of

Ram and so the 3 gigs of ram like we get in the larger pro tablets then we have our ir LED blaster for controlling our AV equipment gps and glonass we can course playback HD video and that display again 8.4 inch wqxga 2560 by 1600 good for 359 pixels per inch that's better than the 326 pixels per inch on the iPad Mini with Retina display now this is the same screen resolution on the larger tablet so the 10.1 inch and 12 point 2 inch have the same resolution here so of course over a smaller this way you get a much more pixel dense experience now the pro series of tablets

Are geared toward professional users who can make use of the multitasking features now these two do not have styluses built in so the pro series in 8.4 and 10.1 do not have the built-in s-pen but the 12.2 does so that's something to keep it in mind we're not sure if a note 2 version will be available with these at a later date but it's certainly possible as they are updated so the pro series has a lot of software features including a new version of touch which we're gonna take a look at in this video so let's go ahead and take a look

And cut this open alright so let's go ahead and crack this one seal here so we can slide out our box today I'm here to pull out there we go so Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 only in the galaxy has its rewards 2.3 gigahertz 8.4 inch WXGA LCD display and of course Android OS this is running the latest version of Android the Android 4.4 KitKat so let's go ahead and lift this up doesn't look like it's wrecked and there you go there we go we're gonna set that aside for just a moment while we take a look at the contents so inside we should just have our USB 2.0 this is a micro

USB 2.0 so it doesn't have the 3.0 cable and port like you get with the tab the Notes pro 12.2 then we have our wall adapter standard Samsung branded wall adapter and our paperwork or literature depending on what side of the fence you are what you call this stuff so a Quick Start Guide basic stuff only in the galaxy has those rewards encourage you to register your device for some benefits and software upgrade instructions which are very basic and then health and safety warranty guide in multiple languages so that is it in terms of packaging so let's get to our

Tablets all right so let's go and peel off the plastic looks like it's falling apart on me already go off the back panel and I'm gonna peel off the front panel little tab there we go now we can take a closer look around and on the back we have that full plastic finish it's not a soft touch material our full leather finished it's not a soft touch leather it's just a hard plastic kind of molded to look like leather so has any nice grippy texture to it has a higher-end feel to it you can see we also have that stitching pretty much looks like every other galaxy product

We've had since the note 3 launched last year now we have some plastic along the side so let's go ahead and peel all of that off there's lots of little pieces here now we just have one more piece of plastic covering this lens here so once again this camera module is 8 megapixels with all the focusing we also have an LED flash below that's pretty much the same camera module in all the other 10 pro tablets on the right hand side you'll see a microphone sleep/wake button and volume rocker below that is the IR blaster this is the top part of the

Tablet in landscape orientation let's really geared toward portrait use so if we pan out here you can see that if we look at the bottom we'll find our home button which is a physical button we have our back button and then we have our recent apps button which is a change from other Samsung tablets instead of a menu button we now have a recent apps button that becomes useful because of this multi window in feature now toward the bottom you'll find a USB micro USB 3.0 port with MHL so you cannot put this up with the display to a 1080p HDTV with the proper adapter and then we have our

Stereo speakers which are not in landscape orientation they're instead in portrait orientation this is actually similar to the iPad Mini now toward the left hand side you'll find your micro SD card slot behind this little door here this supports 64 gig cards and you can sideload apps onto this SD card which Samsung has enabled so we can pop open this door here there you go now toward the top you'll find your headphone jack and that's about all now toward the front will find this ambient light sensor next to our 2 megapixel front-facing camera good for 1080p HD

Video as opposed to 720p video and then if you have the cellular version with GSM voice your earpiece would actually be right here alright so let's go ahead and boot this up for the first time scan tap and hold the power button so pretty decent sounding speakers they're pretty loud and clear alright so let me go through the setup process and I'll be right back alright so let's go ahead and take a look at the user experience now this tablet is designed mostly to be used in portable of course you can use it in landscape in fact the IR blaster is in

Landscape orientation let's go there we go there is the landscape orientation let's go ahead and unlock and you can see we do have a new sort of unlock effect here for the pro series all right let me go ahead and turn up the volume a bit as you can see we have our volume controller with lots of options if you press the gear icon you can also wake up the tablet from the lock screen just by saying hi galaxy it takes you right to s voice now first glance pretty much looks like the standard TouchWiz experience we do have some translucency up top and you can see

They've kind of simplified it all these icons up here are the same color they kind of pick up the color of the wallpaper so a little more translucency a little more clean in terms of its design and layout you can see the icons have also been updated but otherwise it looks like TouchWiz we even have this new widget up here which includes our clock and weather as well as events and that sort of thing that would appear in this widget now you can see the apps they've included here include WebEx remote PC and a meeting again geared toward business users and pro customers

Now we only have one home screen they've included here but if we swipe to the left you can see we get this magazine UX that's what they're calling this now it's basically a Flipboard widget so we have lots of Flipboard widgets each one of these are individual widgets and you can see we can move between these little stories here and they're all categorized by arts and culture business news science of technology foolish design of sports if you swipe again you get another page and this one has email the office suite for apps this is the hand come office suite our calendar in our

Business widget which aggregates new stories now we can edit this by pinching in and out you can see we can add up to three home screens or 3 magazine UX screens and we can add additional categories here so you can see the ones they've included here so some of them are already over here but other ones are not so for example if I go here you can see the ones that are checked over here but news and noteworthy are not included so I can add that to this home screen now you're limited to 6 widgets on any one of these UX home screens now if you want to remove any one just tap and hold

It take it up to remove and again it's very similar to the editor on the main home screen then you can also change the layout basically it cycles the organization of those sort of widget tiles now you can refresh the feed just by tapping on it so refresh the news stories and you can move between the new sources by flicking through them and if you see a story you want to select just tap on it brings up to your full magazine viewer now you can turn the pages just like you wore the magazine and you can tap on any one of the stories to get the full viewer now you

Can edit the source of the information just by going to this little edit button and you have lots of selections you can check so you can just select specific ones you or let them pick it for you now if we go back to the editor we can also add other things such as social media so we can add a Twitter widget let's go back to one here go to the Twitter widget and then we can add a YouTube widget so now I can browse between my YouTube feed or my Twitter feed and this is just pulling any of the news articles that were linked by people I follow on Twitter and

I can tap on and go ahead and play the video Tim I've been working on you for like a year now I also have applications so if you want to add our Samsung music player or the video player you can do that as well and I can also rearrange these widgets just by tapping and holding on them and as you can see you can drag them around or you can delete individual widgets you can also change the layout which will kind of recycle the layout for you or you can go to your widgets and change exactly what appears now by default one of these becomes your home screen but you can set one of these

As your home screen so if you go to your editor you have these little home icons up here which you can tap and set that as your home screen so now when you press the home button it takes you to that screen instead of one of these screens but if you want to go back here and set this as your home screen you can as well now when you touch the home button it takes you to the main home screen if you pinch in and out you can see you can edit this you can add additional home screens or you can remove them just by tapping holding on them and taking them

Out to remove you'll see they've included pretty much the standard array of F so we have our Google suite of amps Chrome the Play Store contacts the standard WebKit browser with the camera app Samsung's App Store we have Dropbox so there is a Dropbox partnership once again here so if you're new to this program it does add 50 gigs if you sign up for Dropbox but if you're an existing user and you've already redeemed 50 gigs you can't add additional above them so we have my files which is a file browser pretty nice one that Samsung has

Included here of course we also have the hand comm app suite so if we go to our app drawer you can see I've already downloaded these these are not downloaded by default you can see the hab Khan office suite includes things like H word H cell and H so so basically is these are equivalents to Word Excel and PowerPoint now this is a pretty full featured app with lots of editing options for you now Samsung is also redesigned the drop-down Shea and a lot of the system menus for a cleaner flatter design so you can see with all of our toggles up here our

Quick toggles and include Wi-Fi GPS sound screen lock rotation Bluetooth blocking mode power saving on multi when doing screen mirroring smart stay in smart pause so this does have those features and there are a few things that are not in this list so if you only get to all of those just tap that icon you can see things like airplane mode and sync are also here which you can toggle on and off now if you want to access any of these control panels directly I have to do is tap and hold on any one of them so for example let's go to power saving mode just having to hold on it takes you

Right to the settings panel now getting back to the drop-down notification shade and then the case you're not aware of this if you do a single swipe you get to your notification shade with the quick access toggles up here which are limited but if you want to see all the toggles just use a two-finger gesture and brings you to all of them now if you go to the editor you can actually see the layout for the single finger gesture and then the two available buttons which are now available until you do the two finger gestures so if you want to modify this basically what you have to do is remove

One of them too and anyone to add another one because you're limited to what you can put up here so for example I think airplane mode is more important to have up here than any others and of course you can also rearrange them just by dragging them around now as I say instead of a menu button we have our recent app switcher so you can see this little pop-up comes up this allows us to select apps we've previously opened so for example I can go right to Chrome launches chrome and then I can go back here and select Gmail of course if you want to close any of these apps you can

Either close all of them or just swipe up to get them out of the way now also in this multitasker is task manager so if you tap on that basically takes you to the task manager in settings so you can enter in the apps and then we can also clear all apps so if we go back here let's close all closes them all the new version of TouchWiz also introduces a much more powerful multi window mode so we can either do a side by side multi window view or you can bring up apps up to three at a time in sort of a window view so let me demonstrate how this works so for

Example let's say I want to launch Chrome you go ahead and launch Chrome and that's the window mode so I can launch up to three of them so let me go ahead and launch Gmail as you can see it hides itself automatically you do have to come in from the right edge you have to go off the edge and swipe in otherwise if you're swiping directly on the screen they'll just move between the home screens that can get a little annoying so let's go ahead and launch Gmail all right so we have three windows here which are really slowing down the

Performance because we have three processes running at the same time so you can minimize the window you can close it or you can maximize it so if you minimize the window you can see you get this a little badge icon which you can move around and sort of keep out of the way and jump right to it just by tapping on it you can move the window back in and if you want to full screen it just have full screen you can see the windows stay above floating above and you can close these when you're done with them now let's go ahead and do these side-by-side windowing so we can

Go ahead and launch Chrome just by dragging into the home screen and then we can add something else to the side of it so we can add Gmail and work in both the browser Chrome or Gmail and you can replace this app and you go ahead and drop in something else let's say channel app so we can drop that in here and you can continue doing this and the thing it's actually doing is remembering one apps you've opened in this side of the window so we actually have multitasking within each of these windows and you can resize these as well so if you want to change that you can also change which

Side each window is on you can see when we tap this little icon here we get this little control panel and you can see it disappears automatically so you can switch between the left hand and right hand side and then you can also go to the multitasker so as I said I open a few apps in that one window I actually have to go to the other side to get to those apps let's go to the multi there we go so you can see all the apps that I've opened on that side of this window I also have the option to close it or go to the full screen or select text from

One side of the window and paste it into the other side of the window now if you want to quickly launch two windows at the same time regularly so for example if you like having both Chrome and YouTube open at the same time you can configure this so I have to do is bring up the tray here and we have a little editor down here so we can go to create we can name it so I'm just gonna say Chrome and YouTube you get this little floating keyboard click okay so as you can see up here we now have Chrome slash YouTube and for example if we close this go to Crump

/youtube it launches the apps side-by-side now we can also edit what appears in this tray just by going to edit and we can select specific apps to appear here or we can remove some amps so if you want to simplify that we can or we can just go ahead and continue adding more and it will just add more to the bottom and for example if you want maps in here just drag it out of there and it simplifies it for you now this brings us to our new Settings panel which has been redesigned again with more colorful icons with bolder text and basically a simpler user experience so

You can see we have these tabs up here for connection device controls in general of course you have to kind of remember where everything is but it's pretty intuitive so you can see connections include Wi-Fi Bluetooth airplane mode you can toggle or you can tap on any one of these to get to your full settings you can see your daily data usage location services more networks for your VPN you see nearby devices for DLNA equipment and then we have screen mirroring so if you have a compatible screen mirroring device like a samsung TV you can wirelessly

Broadcast the display of this tablet on to an HDTV now under devices we have sound display multi window mode which you can toggle on and off we have our lock screen options so I did enable shortcuts by default on shortcuts if we go back to the lock screen are these little buns down here which allows us to quickly access our apps so it automatically launches Chrome for me now if we go back to watch screen and go to shortcuts you can also modify what appears here so for example I have to do is tap and hold on one of them delete it and I can go ahead and add a few other

Apps we also have our wallpapers so you can modify your home screen lockscreen and both as you can see here now this is also available from the home screen so we go back to the home screen just tap and hold on it takes you to this little editor let's try again there you go sit your wallpaper you can also select whether you want to add an app or widget a folder or a page so for example if you want to create a folder this is how you do it so you can name the folder we're just gonna do test click OK and you can go ahead and drag items to it such as

Chrome here and as you can see when they drag the item you get this other you get these other options up here so if you want to create a folder that's another way to do it you can drag your item up here puts it into a folder for you you can go to app info or you can remove it so you go the app info basically takes you to the app information so you can force stop it on the stall updates etc so you can see there's lots of options here which are not immediately obvious unless you can explore it we also have our fonts so we can change that notification panel this is where

Again we can modify what appears in your notification panel you can also toggle off whether you want your brightness controls and volume controls to appear there your accessibility options as well as blocking mode this is basically a Do Not Disturb function turns off your notifications during a certain time of day and you can set that manually now under controls we have language and input settings we have our voice control which are off by default basically this allows you to operate the camera your alarm and your music just by speaking to your device so you have

Certain commands that it will recognize such as stop or snooze to interact with your alarm camera you can say capture shoot smile cheese that sort of thing or record video music same thing next previous play pause etc now we have motions which we're familiar with from other Samsung devices so we have zoom this is not a terribly useful feature but I'll show you this so basically you hold two fingers on the screen and move the device around to zoom in and out we also have pan same story here so if you hold one finger on an image and panning it around it uses the accelerometer to

Navigate around the image we have Paul motion which are a little more useful so we have screen capture and that's going to try that out screen capture basically allows you to swipe on the screen to do screen capture so let's go and do this now we can also mute or pause playback just by putting our hand over it so it's gonna try it now we also have smart screen and a lot of these are off by default as well such as smart stay smart rotation and smart pause now this is familiar to other Samsung devices so for example smart stay is a feature that uses the camera

To monitor the presence of your eyes so whether you're looking at the device or not will determine whether the screen goes to sleep we also have smart rotation so it's able to determine the orientation of your eyes so if you intend to lay down while reading a book it doesn't automatically rotate the screen for you we also have smart pause so this works with video so you could enable this basically it's watching for the presence of your eyes and if you look away it will pause the video now under general will find lots of other things such as our account settings

Cloud or our cloud storage such as Dropbox in our Samsung Account backup and reset this is where you can reset your device back to factory date and time settings accessories application manager this is where you can manage your applications see what the SD card and once again the SD card will support application installations and you can see what's running and that sort of thing we have default applications so this is where you can manage that users so you can add additional users again this is running the latest version of Android

Batteries this is where you can take a look at your battery life right now I'm down the 59% you can see what's taking all of it then you can see else at your timeline up here you can see in great detail power saving mode so this is where you can enable this and modify it so you can toggle specifically what how you want your device to act under a power saving mode you can select whether you want CPU power saving mode so dials back CPU performance or a screen powering mode it basically dials back the brightness of the screen I also have storage tells you about the storage so I

Haven't installed too many apps so you can see how much storage you have remaining after the operating system security settings as well as about this device which is where you can take a look at your Android version now these Android controls have some multiple uses so for example you tap and hold the back button takes you to your multi window mode now the home button same story if you tap and hold the home button takes you to Google now now of course we still have s voice by double tapping the home button what's the weather like tomorrow

You can see there's a slight redesigned to s voice and as you can see in the right panel you can see all the things you can do such as having calendar appointments playing music and that sort of thing now if you look down here you can see that we had these little toggles here that allows us to select between the home screens that are available to us you can see we have our magazine UX which takes us right to that page if we had multiple home screens we can also use this sort of slider gesture just by typing holding on it moving through them

But of course I only have one home screen to look at we also have Google now right here now in terms of apps we have contacts my files internet a lot of the standard apps we have some redesign apps such as a new calendar which is now much simpler and cleaner than before we also have this memo app for quick note-taking music video camera gallery settings a meeting remote PC in WebEx hand comm viewer Dropbox so there is a Dropbox partnership here so you do get 50 gigs of free storage Flipboard chrome Play Store YouTube Maps Samsung app so you can see we have a folder full of

Samsung Apps include the alarm calculator downloads help knock security s voice sidesync and world clock site sync allow samsung devices to share screens and images so that's sort of a pared down version of group play which also had that feature we also have watch on screensaver some other apps have been downloaded such as TripAdvisor Geekbench 3 chat on and another samsung cross-platform chat app each word each cell and each show hand come off as samsung apps evernote new york times law these are partnerships with samsung now take a look at our

Keyboard you can see it's a little different than the one on the tab pro 12.2 it doesn't have that sort of dimensional look to it and that's because that keyboards kind of intended to be used as a traditional keyboard of course this is too small for that but we have a few options here just by tapping and holding this button so we have our keyboard options so we have a split keyboard which I particularly like in tablets this allows you to thumb type we also have our voice keyboard this is a test of the voice keyboard period now while we don't have an S Pen we still

Have handwriting recognition so you can use your finger here and it still works pretty well so it recognizes text as well as punctuation now let's take a look at the camera app again pretty familiar Samsung stuff you tap the focus with all the focusing and all exposure you can take your photo you tap and hold on the image and it takes several photos up to 20 there you go process is that all four you can select the best photo you can record video you can shoot photos while recording video pause it resume it and stop it we also have this mode selector for lots of different

Scenes away bottle beauty face best photo best face silent shot drama rich tone HDR eraser panorama sports so we have lots and lots of options here now we also have dual shot mode so this allows us to record both cameras at the same time so there I am you can reposition this you see there's some performance lag here so you can see there's some frame dropping but there you go I can resize this stamp and you can change the surround of that thumbnail so for example you can do oval blur instead pick heart shape and quite a few others now we do have voice

Command in here so we could say things like Chi shoot record video now this display is definitely its standout feature with bright whites clear vivid text and colors even the smallest text is pin-sharp with that high resolution high PPI display excellent off access viewing with no color bleeding or light bleeding along the edges so definitely one of the better tablet displays you can get right now you can see just how sharp that text is even zoomed all the way up now just to give me an idea of the size difference between the iPad Mini retina

Display and the Tab pro 8.4 you can see that the iPad Mini once again is wider then the Samsung tablet the screen is wider as well but the tablet the Samsung tablet is much taller so again we have a 8.4 inch screen versus a 7.9 inch screen now I haven't done the math here but because this is a four by three aspect ratio the screen may not be necessarily be bigger here but it certainly appears to be than the iPad Mini with Retina display but again the screen density on this is actually better so we have 359 versus 326 but both displays look excellent they're very bright clear and

Vivid with no real noticeable edge bleeding so the displays are definitely one of the selling points of these devices in terms of construction of course we have apples metal construction which is actually thinner than this table as well this is actually no ibly thinner but this is still very lightweight as well so in terms of portability and ergonomics both devices are excellent now take a look at our Geekbench three scores we can see that the two big tablets perform about the same while the 8.4 is a little on the low side now

Compare this to the iPad air which is ahead on all accounts for the other tablets or compared to the other tablets but then if we look at the Nexus 7 we can see that it does you a bit better than the Nexus 7 at least on the single core score now in case you're wondering I did turn off power saving mode when running these tests so in conclusion there's a lot to like about the Tab pro 8.4 inch I think it's the best size is the perfect size for both landscape and portrait orientation is not too narrow for the keyboard in portrait orientation it's also not too top-heavy and in

Landscape orientation it's also not too wide it just feels really comfortable to handle and hold it's not too small not too big I think it's just about perfect we also have this beautiful LCD IPS display high resolution so everything is pin sharp especially when you're multi and when doing must have some really interesting software features such as this multi window mode allows you to both open up windows and do apps I my site and we have this magazine UX which you can elect not to use if you prefer by deleting it all or of course you can

Just tap the home button takes you to the home screen actually really like magazine UX I like feeding all my information through Flipboard so it's kind of nice that's built into the device of course it's also highly customizable and there's just lots of features here that Samsung has added some of them maybe not as useful to others but they're at least there and you can deactivate them if you prefer but unfortunately with TouchWiz although we have a nice-looking version of TouchWiz it's a much better-looking version anyway it's still a performance

Hog it still causes some performance issues not always obvious sometimes it can be really slow to respond especially when you're multi window and sometimes it's almost too late to be useful unless you have to keep that in mind unfortunately with TouchWiz the more capabilities you add to it the slower it tends to perform so the capabilities are nice but unfortunately it does bog down the system and you either have to deal with it or minimize how much you use those features so still a great tablet if you watch your app usage if you close down the app that

Sort of thing I managed how much RAM is being used and still a great tablet so that is the Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 inch definitely an impressive device but TouchWiz is still an issue so that's gonna do for me in this view thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one what's up guys from like here the Detroit pork testing out the front-facing camera the Tab pro 8.4 inch which is pretty decent this is a 2 megapixel camera good for a 1080p video at 30 frames per second so that's better than many that only do 720p including

Ones on Samsung tablets so they've definitely added a better camera this time alright so now we're testing out the main camera of the Tab pro 8.4 inch with Zowie so Zoe gonna continue barking for me so we can test out the microphone huh and there's Chloe alright so let's see if we can tap to zoom yes we hit not tempted we have tapped a focus and does not have all the focusing but there you go so works out pretty well again a pretty decent camera 8 megapixels with 1080p video at 30 frames per second and it does have an LED flash which a lot of

Tablets do not have hey Chloe how's it going Chloe all right let's see if it stopped raining outside and do some outdoor shooting

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