Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 20, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Board with one more galaxy tabpro to look at this is the 10.1 inch and as you know this joins the 8.4 inch and the note 12.2 inches very large tablet and small tablet so this is the middle tablet kind of here to take on the iPad air in fact it's priced the same at $4.99 we also have a really high resolution display which also once again bests the iPad air just has the 8.4 bests the iPad Mini with Retina display so this is available in 16 or 32 gig capacities and white or black now this is the Wi-Fi only model SMT 520 there is a cellular version with LTE which has a different processor so

This is similar to the Note pro 12.2 this has the same processor as the Wi-Fi model while the cellular version has a Snapdragon 800 processor quad-core 2.3 gigahertz now this one is the Exynos 5 octa core processor which combines two quad core processors a 1.9 gigahertz cortex a15 and a 1.3 gears cortex a7 the a7 is therefore lower powered perform our processes to conserve battery life now we have the same cameras as the other new tablets a megapixel autofocus a main camera with 1080p and a 2 megapixels secondary camera with 1080p 2 gigs of ram ins to

The 3 gigs I could get into 12.2 an eighty two hundred and twenty milliamp hour battery watch on IR LED for controlling your a/v equipment gps and glonass full HD playback now the display is LCD 10.1 inches wqxga just like the Tab pro 8.4 and the Note pro 12.2 so that's 2560 by 1600 and over 10.1 inches gives us a pixel density of 299 that's better than the iPad Air's 264 PPI so I think we're all familiar with Samsung's packaging at this point pretty much looks the same for all devices and this has the sort of woodgrain finish it's more recyclable

Using soy-based inks so it's more environmentally friendly so let's go ahead and crack the seal and get into this little tab here to pull out there's our upside down tablet galaxy tabpro only in the galaxy has its rewards and looks pretty dusty once again some reason Samsung's eco-friendly peggy makes a lot of dust so let's go ahead and lift this out the packaging there you go still wrapped in plastic and of course we'll say that for a minute and get to the accessories which I think nobody really cares about because it's

Always the same pretty much the same litter slash paperwork you get we have the QuickStart guide only in the galaxy has after Wars just encourage you to register your devices for some benefits software update instructions again very easy and our safety and warranty guide which is in multiple languages now our accessories include a wall adapter Samsung branded and we have a micro USB 2.0 connector so no USB 3.0 in this case like you get with the 12.2 and the note 3 so once again this is running Android 4.4 KitKat the latest version of Android with multi and when doing thanks

To TouchWiz so let's go ahead and peel off all this plastic starting with the back and then the front little tab up here and of course we have lots of plastic surrounding the edges which we're gonna also have to peel off here alright so let's take a closer look around of course we have a little more plastic here covering our camera module so there we go same camera module has the other tabs I've reviewed so we have the 8 megapixel autofocus in camera good for 1080p with an LED flash which is nice to have you can see we have this sort of faux leather finish on the back

I think it tends to look better in black than white but it gives you a nice grip bubble texture you can see kind of the stitching patterns sort of molded into the plastic gives you a more higher quality feel if you look on the edge you can see it's actually thinner than the iPad air and it's just just as heavy as the iPad air just one pound so it's very lightweight again directly taking on the iPad air in many dimensions so at the top we'll find an IR LED blaster for controlling your AV equipment you have your volume rocker sleep/wake button on the side you have your headphone jack

One of your left speakers or your left speaker there's only one left speaker on the bottom we have our micro USB 2.0 port with a microphone down here you see it right there we have our home button with our capacitive backlit controls so we have our recent apps back button on the side we have our micro SD card slot which is hidden behind this door supports 64 gig cards in a does load apps from that cards if you want to load apps on that card you can do that we also have our right firing stereo speaker on the front we have Samsung branding with our 2 megapixel

Front-facing camera good for 1080p video with an ambient light sensor now for the most part this looks very similar to the Galaxy Note 10.1 inch 2014 edition which is at the top here you can see has that sort of book theme design you can see it's got those ridges along the side as you can see it's thinner and lighter than that tablet but of course loses the stylus in the process so you can see they have the same controls in the same position IR LED blaster they even have the same camera modules along the side you'll see the of course stylus is missing but the same speakers with

Stereo sounds same SD card slot toward the bottom you'll find your micro USB connection still 2.0 for both devices same camera location are in that camera but microphone location on the left hand side we have another speaker grille and our headphone jack and you can see it's a little thinner on the tab pro now if you look closely at the USB port you can see they've actually kind of bumped it out to accommodate the thinner design now from the front they mostly look identical that you have the same camera and sensors but the buns have changed so if you look down here you see we have a

Menu button on the note verses the recent apps button on the tab pro now just like the 10.1 inch tab 3 and the note 2014 edition these are geared toward landscape orientation with our Android keys down here our cameras up here with the IR blaster firing in that direction with these stereo speakers on the left hand and right hand side in landscape orientation you can see the bezels are thinner toward the left-hand and right-hand side and you can see in landscape or I'm sorry portrait orientation it feels a little awkward but it's still

Pretty comfortable in when it's this lightweight it's less noticeable alright so let's go ahead and boot this up for the first time just going to tap and hold the power button so we have those nice stereo speakers which give you a fuller sound alright so let's take a look at the updated user experience so this is again running TouchWiz a new version of TouchWiz on Android 4.4 they knew lockscreen effect so you can see pretty much looks like classic TouchWiz we have our home

Screens which we can pinch in and out to view or edit so we can change which one we want to be the home screen or we can add new home screens or take them up to remove and then we have these two home screens which include apps as you can see it's geared toward professional users or enterprise customers like WebEx remote PC II meeting and hand come view or all of these are generally not consumer apps hand comm viewer is an office suite which replicates apps like Word Excel and PowerPoint we also have our app drawer and as you can see we have widgets and apps you can pinch in

And out to see all of your apps they don't give you too many apps here again they're geared toward professional users so they've installed some standard Samsung Apps Google Apps as well as third-party apps you can see we have a folder full of Samsung Apps which includes Knox security s-voice world clock side sync which is kind of a paradigm version of group play basically it's for sharing displays and images and then we have our Google folder full of Google Apps standard apps such as hangouts and pictures of course we have YouTube and other things like Samsung's

Video player and music player contacts the file browser a lot of this is also on the home screen now we also have an updated version of the calendar app which is just a lot cleaner and smoother than it was before we have a new memo app which again there's also cleaner more simple it's basically a note-taking app and then we have Dropbox so you can get 50 gigs of free storage with your Dropbox account when you purchase one of these tablets and log on now we can see all the widgets they offer here so quite a few widgets we can see the apps we have downloaded we can go to our editor

Here so we can search widgets or uninstall widgets and if we that will change if we go to apps so you can see you can create folders sort by on the solar disable apps set wallpaper all of that is also available from here now we also have our new drop-down notification shade which includes all of these quick access toggles but not all of them appear in this view if you want to see all of them tap up here that reveals all of them and also review some of the features in here which includes smart stay and smart pause of course we don't have the s-pen so air

View and air command and all that other stuff is not included here but smart stay and smart pause pretty familiar features now they go back to the GS 3 so smart stay basically watches your eyes prevents the screen from going to sleep smart pause pauses video playback again when your eyes leave the screen so of course we have airplane mode blocking mode which again is a Do Not Disturb feature which you can set or just enable reading mode which only works within certain apps like Google Play Books app basically changes the screen color for better reading conditions screen

Mirroring so you can mirror the devices screen wire slink to another device like a Samsung HDTV multi window mode which we're going to explore power saving mode now if you tap and hold any one of these it takes you directly to the Settings panel where you have a lot more control options so for example we're in the power saving mode and you can toggle on specific features when you're in power saving mode if you go back down to the drop down shade you can see we have our brightness slider as well and then we have our vine controls as well and of course you see our notifications which

Are expandable and you can clear them all if you want or jump quickly to your Settings panel it's one way of getting quickly to your Settings panel as and as you can see they've also redesigned this so it's much more cleaner much more uniform with these nice uniform colorful badges and icons so again this tab viewer and we're going to explore this a bit later now in terms of our Android keys again we now have a recent apps button which brings us this sort of horizontal recent apps controls you can see all of our recent apps and we can jump right to them if we want this also

Gives us access to our task manager and then we also have the option to close all of these apps at once now I can also just swipe certain apps all the way just by swiping up or swiping down and then some of these controls have dual purposes so for example if you tap and hold the home button it takes you to Google now okay Google what's the weather like it's 36 degrees and overcast in Rochester then if you double tap the home button it takes you to s voice what's the weather like here it is the weather for Auburn Hills

Michigan today is cloudy and 35 degrees now we all say this new multi window mode which pops up when you swipe in from the right edge you do have to go past the edge and swipe in otherwise you just swipe between your home screens so we can swipe in from the edge or you of course can use the back button by tapping the holding on it so again these are the apps are available in multi window mode now there's actually two sort of multi window mode so you can just tap on any one of these apps and it launches them into a separate window so for example if you launch Chrome this

Way gives you this window here now you can open up to three of these at once so let's go ahead and do that so let's do Gmail YouTube so there we go we have three windows we can move around now the more windows you have open the slower this tends to respond but you can resize them so for example you can resize them manually and then you can maximize them or you can minimize them and when you minimize my basically turns them into these little badges that you can move around and if you want to bring them back up just hop on them and then move them back into place of course you can

Also close them but this means that you can have up to five windows open at once and that's because you can also do side by side windowing at the same time so I'm just gonna close these out now thus this also means that you could watch videos in a separate window like YouTube videos now in terms of side by side when doing basically bring up your multi window mode and you drag and drop apps to the screen so for example if we drag and drop Chrome to the screen fills it up and now I can drag another app to place it side by side so for example Gmail so I now have two apps I can work

In side by side and I can resize the windows as I want of course this also works in portrait or landscape orientation and you're limited to two windows in this case while the note 12.2 gives you four windows you could drop up to four windows in this viewer you can also drop other apps into each window and it will preserve the recent apps into that window so for example if I grab YouTube drop it over here onto my Gmail app replaces it with YouTube I can continue doing this adding other apps so for example let's add gallery app just drop it in place

Replaces it so what's happening now is if I go to this blue dot toward the center I can go to recent apps and I can choose one of the other apps and jump right to it so I actually have more multitasking options too besides just having two windows side by side so there you go goes back to Gmail if I want to jump back to another app it takes me back to my gallery app sometimes it works great sometimes it doesn't there we go and now of course you have other options here so you can switch between left-hand and right-hand side and if you want to

Control the other window you basically have to tap to the right edge of it just tap to the left hand side and you can go to your multi tasker here and as you can see I just have one window open because I am dragged other windows to that one so there you go you can also do other things like maximize a window close a window copy one item for one window to the other window so for example if I want to maximize this one I'll just tap maximize there you go so as I mentioned this in theory means that you could open up to seven windows or five windows at once so for example if I go back to my

Multi window tray here I could also open up let's say the gallery so I open up in a separate window and actually picks up where I last left off they can go to hangouts and then I could also go to my files now of course this does get really laggy if you do all of these windows at one time especially depending on what each window is doing some are more resource intensive than the others so you can see quite a few windows open on this one tablet now if you like to have these two windows open side-by-side often you can actually create a custom recipe so go to your multi window mode

Go to your editor down here go to create and you can create a custom recipe and click OK adds it to the tray here so if you slide it out now you have chrome /youtube so for example go to Chrome /youtube opens it up for me now to the left or right of the main home screens is the magazine UX which is a Flipboard powered widget board so basically these are new stories sort of spaced down into these little tiles here which aggregates different stories relate to certain subjects so for example I have sports photos InDesign arts and culture Science and Technology and news up here we have

Our email calendaring our office apps as as business news now we can refresh the feed so it updates to the latest information you can also move between news stories like so and then if you want to see any one of these items I have to do is tap on it takes you to a full screen viewer and then you can tap again to see the specific article and then you can read through it basically like you're flipping a magazine now you can edit the source of the feed by going to this little menu icon and up here you can select specifically what you want to be fed into those individual widgets so

You can see that it's automatically selecting top stories for you so I can do it automatically or you can select specifically which ones you want so for example you can see mobile science TV space tech nine-to-five Mac All Things D Android Authority Ars Technica The Verge BG are all of that stuff is in here and you can select specifically which one you would want now you can also edit how many home screens you have here and you can add specific categories to each home screen so for example I just have two by default but you can add a third you're limited to three I think the 12.2 gives

You four so here if I go to the home screen whoops let's go out and again here we select this one we can select specific categories here so you can see we have no categories here selector right now if we go to this one you'll see the categories they've already added same with that one so if I go here I can add things like news and then style then I can also add social networking such as Twitter and YouTube you can see it automatically resizes the tiles for you and then you can add certain applications such as music now if you want one of these windows to be your

Home screen just tap this little Home icon above so when you press the home button it takes you to that specific page so for example instead of this being your main home screen you tap home and now takes you to magazine UX now if you want to change that just go back to your home screens pinch in and out select which one you want to be your home screen there we go and now when you press home takes you to the classic viewer now you can also edit this if you tap and hold on them you can move them around reposition them or resize them if you had room right now I don't have room

Or you can take them up to remove you can also change the layout here which basically just rearranges them for you if you go to widgets here takes – your widget panel which allows you to add more widgets now you can also quickly switch between home screens or magazine UX just by tapping these icons down here now in terms of the keyboard we actually have the same one from the Note pro 12.2 we even have this directional d-pad here which is kind of nice the keys kind of a dimensional look to it and when you type I'll I'm you get a sort of a typewriter sound effect and

Of course we have lots of options including The Voice keyboard this is the test of The Voice keyboard period we can also go to our keyboard options so we do have a split keyboard which I find very useful which you can also move around this is very similar to the iPad it gives you a nice thumb of alt keyboard so you can type comfortably in landscape orientation or portrait orientation without having to kind of reach across the device with your thumb we also have handwriting input so although we don't have an S Pen here you can handwrite and just use your finger if you want and

It does a pretty good job recognizing both punctuation and your terrible handwriting and it's fairly quick so it actually works pretty well in terms of the Settings panel we have our tabs up here for connections device controls in general under connections you have Wi-Fi bluetooth the airplane mode data usage location more networks for VPN setup as well there is no NFC technology in any of these tablets nearby devices for DLNA which you can enable and you do that screen mirroring here which you can turn on this allows you to broadcast the display of this wirelessly to an AC TV

Such as a Samsung TV we have sound controls so we have lots of options here so we can enable touch sound effects screen lock sound effects haptic feedback and that sort of thing display so you can change your display such as touch key light duration screen mode you can change the options you have here either to adapt display or dynamic etc we have multi window mode which you can enable or disable lock screen so you can enable shortcuts so shortcuts basically are absolutely pure on the lock screen so for example if you want to add chrome here just go to + select

Chrome and if you don't want the native WebKit browser just take it to delete and now if you go to the lock screen you'll see them here and you can quickly launch them just like that you also have your wallpapers so we have home screen lock screen home and lock screen and you can also adjust this directly from the home screen just by tapping and holding anywhere on the home screen get you to those controls you can also add folders pages apps and widgets from here so for example you want to create a folder you can do that as well

Or if you're on the home screen if you attempt and hold one of these apps you can take it up to create a folder or go to app info to find more about this device or about the app or remove one so for example we can go up to app info shows us the info again takes you basically to the app manager under controls we also have language and input we have voice control which are off by default but basically this allows you to control things like your alarm camera and music just by using your voice so for example you can tell your alarm to stop or snooze camera you can say shoot

Smile or cheese to take a photo or record video music you can see next previous play pause etc now under motions these are less useful so zoom just to show you this basically you hold two fingers on the display move it up and down like this and you can zoom in and out we also have brows an image same principle here you tap somewhere on the screen and move the device left to right now we have Paul motions so we have screen capture basically what happens is you can swipe your hand across the display to grab a screen capture this works anywhere in the system and then we

Can mute our pause music just by pommy in our hand over the screen just like that we also have smart screen features such as smart stay smart rotation and smart pause again smart stay all of these are off by default but smart stay basically monitors the presence of your eyes prevents the screen from going to sleep we also have smart rotation which again uses the camera to monitor the orientation of your eyes versus the orientation of the tablet so if you want to lay on your side and you don't want it to go automatically into portrait orientation its smart enough to

Determine that we also have smart pause which pauses playback of video when you avert your eyes from the video now if you ever want to enable or disable any of these smart screen features just go up to your quick access toggles and either turn them on or turn them off now under general we have our accounts our cloud storage in both Samsung and Dropbox backup and reset date and time accessories application manager this is where you can see everything that's on the SD car and anything that's running the apps and the resources they're using default applications for certain tasks

Users so you can add additional users again this is the latest version of Android so you can't add other users to log into the device battery information so you can see the entire timeline for the battery information and specifically what each app is using par and saving mode storage so you can see how much storage we're using security and about device just to give you some idea of the size differences here we have the Tab pro 8.4 then the 10.1 and the Note pro 12.2 so we have a three pronged approach for the pro series tablets only the 12.2 has the stylus at this time now just to

Give you some idea the size differences between this and the iPad air as you can see the iPad air is sort of geared toward portrait orientation more so than landscape so this is more widescreen than the iPad air but it's actually even thinner than the iPad air just slightly it's kind of hard to tell and it's just as might about one pound and both of them have excellent displays of course the display is more four by three here than widescreen then the pixel density is also higher on the Tab pro 10.1 and one of the benefits of having a widescreen tablet is that wise phone

Video tools is all better than something like you'd hear my three aspect ratio LG iPads of course we also have these stereo speakers in landscape orientation so they sound pretty good it's pretty loud and clear although it would be nice if they face the user as opposed to facing out towards the end hassle processors faster PCI stores now let's take a quick look at our camera app so we have tap to focus we can pinch in and out to zoom we can shoot our photograph we can tap and hold the shutter release to take up to 20 photos at once and then we can record video while recording

Video we can snap a photo pause it resume recording we can pinch in and out to zoom tap to focus and of course we can stop it now we also have our modes here so we have the standard array of Samsung camera app modes such as beauty face best photos best face sound and shot drama rich tone HDR eraser panorama sports and auto and if we go up here we'll find dual shot mode so dual shot mode basically allows you to Kord both cameras at the same time and there I am recording you can change the size of the thumbnails whoops just by

Dragging them like this and of course you can also change the surround of that thumbnail to many others such as oval blur instant pick many many options here we also have lots of options up here I'm not going to go through all of them for both still camera video camera settings and then we can also use our voice to snap photos if we enable voice control so we can say cheese record video now taking a look at our Geekbench three scores we can see that the two big tablets perform about the same while the 8.4 is a little on the low side now compare this to the iPad air which is

Ahead on all accounts for the other tablets or compared to the other tablets but then if we look at the Nexus 7 we can see that it does you a bit better than the Nexus 7 at least on the single core score so in conclusion there is a lot to like about the Tab pro 10.1 inch it's nice lightweight and thin with a beautiful high-resolution display they even best the iPad air looks great off access with bright vivid colors deep contrast not much light bleeding along the edges I also ask those great stereo speakers and that widescreen aspect ratio for a great video watching and you

Have a lot of software capabilities such as multi window a mode and a new and improved version of TouchWiz which just looks a lot better we also have magazine UX which I actually really like again I like services like Flipboard or HTC blinkfeed which aggregates information into a quick viewer and I really find that useful of course you can't ignore it if you don't want to use it in the end you're still left with a tablet with great hardware great display and some great features some of them you don't have to use unfortunately TouchWiz still tends to be a resource hog performance

Tends to be slow here and there I did close all the apps here to make performance a little smoother and of course if you're using multi window in mode this does tend to be more resource intensive would be great if they had included three gigs of RAM because we may see better performance here especially since the note 10.1 2014 edition comes with three gigs of RAM as well so the Tab pro 10.1 is definitely an interesting device lightweight thin and a beautiful display and I think Samsung's done a really nice job here with a new and improved touch

With so that is gonna do it for me in this review thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next video alright guys so this is a test of the front-facing camera again 2 megapixels 1080p video at 3d frames per second so it's pretty decent you know gives you an idea of the microphone performance as well as the camera so now let's go outside and take a look at the main camera alright this again is Zoe and Chloe down here in the foyer ready to go outside to test out the camera so as you can see this works just as like all the

Other tab pro galaxy cameras you can pinch in and out to zoom which is just digital zooming so it's basically cropping the video alright so let's go outside and take a look at performance outside it is very windy so you're probably going to hear a lot of wind noise

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