Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 14, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit pork with a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7-inch which is now thinner lighter more compact with better specs than the tamp 3 from last year this is also joined by a new 8.0 and 10.1 tan 4 now I'm looking at the Wi-Fi only version white but you can get this in black with a cellular version so there's a cellular version that adds either 3G or LTE and it adds GSM voice so you could get one with an earpiece and use it as a handset now in terms of specs we have a 7 inch display WXGA resolutions which is 1280 by 800 that's a big improvement over the 1080 by 600 display from last year so this is

Good for 216 pixels per inch now all the tab fours have the same screen resolution so the smaller you go the higher the pixel density we also have a 1.2 gigahertz quad-core processor that's an improvement over the dual core from last year which was also clocked at 1.2 gigahertz now we have the same camera specs 3 megapixel fixed-focus camera which is good for 720p HD video then we have a 1.3 megapixel front camera we also have GPS and GLONASS built in now in terms of Wi-Fi this supports Wi-Fi up to 802 11 N and we have a four thousand milliamp power berry and we have 1.5

Gigs of ram again an improvement over the one gig of ram from last year and we're running Android 4.4.2 a big improvement over 4.1 which the Tab 3 7 inch was stuck at last year this also gets a new and improved version of TouchWiz which brings it up to the design spec of the galaxy s5 all right so let's just pop the box slide it out there we go a Galaxy Tab 4 so as you can see here we also have multi-user mode and multi window mode which I'll explore in this video let's go ahead and pop this out of its tree here there we go got a little plastic back panel which is

Kind of stuck to the tray alright so let's go ahead and peel off the front plastic there you go you have your 7 inch screen which is now more edge to edge them before you have much less bezel than the Tab 3 from last year so it's a lot more compact now before we take a closer look at the tablet let's go ahead and take a look at some of the accessories they've included here so we have a USB 2.0 cable micro USB 2.0 sono 3.0 in this case we also have our wall adapter Samsung branded which has a nice matte finished just like the tab itself no longer that glossy finish now

We have our paperwork which includes a QuickStart guide we also have an incentive to register your Galaxy device with Samsung we have instructions on how to upgrade the software and then we have a very large book for health safety and warranty information which is in multiple languages now before we take a close look at the hardware design let's go ahead and boot this ups and press and hold the power button which is placed just above the volume button on the right-hand side all right so let's go and take a look at the design of our tablet as you can see can be used in

Landscape or portrait orientation it does seem to be designed primarily for landscape orientation because that is where the IR blaster is located but as you can see it's now a much more one handable tablet because they've shrunken down the bezels considerably the design is now catching up with Samsung's other higher-end tablets like the tam pros so you can see it's got a nice form factor overall the display looks pretty bright and vivid nice and colorful certainly not as vibrant as the OLED display on the gs5 we'll talk more about the display a bit later now toward the

Bottom you have our new Android controls here so these pretty much catch up with the tab pros as well as a galaxy s5 so we have a recent apps button as opposed to a menu button like we did with the tab 3 we have our home button and back button as you can see here they are not backlit like they are on the higher end tablets up top it's pretty simple just say 1.3 megapixel front-facing VGA camera so a fairly mediocre camera again there is no ambient light sensor and there is also no LED notification light now as you can see here the glass is surrounded by a plastic bezel with that

Chrome finish now if you look at the edge as you can see that the backpal pretty much wraps around the edge to give you more of a unibody feel to it the simpler design feels a little more robust doesn't look as elegant maybe as the one with the faux stitching like you get with a tab are the 10.1 2014 edition or the note 3 it's a much simpler design but you also have that sort of leather finish with that grain to it which gives you a nice groupable texture it's not as slippery feeling as the glossy texture and maybe a little more durable than the glossy finish so you can see down here

We have a micro USB 2.0 port doesn't have USB 3.0 like the other higher-end Samsung tablets we also have a speaker grille this is just a model speaker you can see pretty tiny there is a bump out here to prevent you from muffling the speaker when you lay it flat on the table now up top we have our camera module which is pretty basic this is a three point one five megapixel camera module with a fixed focus lens so no autofocus in here and of course there is no LED light it does record video at 720p and thirty frames per second now along the

Right-hand edge or the top side of the tablet in landscape orientation you'll find a microphone you sleep/wake button as well as our volume rocker which are plastic and color matched to the body we also have our ir LED blaster for controlling AV equipment and you do give you an included app they'll watch on app for controlling those devices and then we have a micro SD card slot which is hidden behind this door this supports only 32 gig cards while the other tab force supports 64 gig cards now along the top side we have this little bump out for the headphone jack and as you

Can see here the camera module is fairly flush to the back alright so let's take a look at the user interface this is Android 4.4 with an updated version of TouchWiz as you can see we have that unlock effect we've seen with the GS 5 now the interface is pretty familiar here this is very similar to the tab pros I reviewed previously so you can pinch in and out to see all your home screens you can select which one you want to be your home screen you can add new home screens and you can rearrange them now what you don't have here is the my magazine feature we get with a tab

Pros which I also reviewed previously so this is a much simpler tablet it's kind of bare-bones in terms of its features so we have our drop-down notification shade as you can see up here we have our quick access toggles which we can move through just by swiping left and right so we have our brightness slider which does not include auto because we don't have an ambient light sensor we also have our volume control right there we have our notifications down here which are expandable if they're if they do apply here you can tap on them to launch the app that push the notification now

You can also go up here to jump to all your toggles as opposed to sliding between them and you can go up here to edit them so you can edit exactly what appears in your notification panel you can see that everything is included except airplane mode and so for example you can't drag and drop it up here because you're limited in certain number of them and you have to remove one of them in order to add another one but of course you can also rearrange them and that sort of thing and I can also reset it back to default now as you can see down here you can also tap anyone

These icons you get right to the page you want or you can use this little slider gesture if you tap it hold you can get to your home screen editors so this allows you to set your wallpapers add apps and widgets create folders or add new pages so for example if we go to apps and widgets it just takes you to your app drawer which also includes your widgets you can also go to your downloaded app so you can see I've just downloaded Twitter just recently and we're going to talk more about the app tour in just a minute you can also tap and holier to create a

Folder so if we go to create a folder let's go ahead and test one so just create a folder name it you can reposition it and you can add apps to it let me go here so you can see you can move it around to other home screens in fact when you bring up the editor you can see have your home screen previews down here so you can drag and drop to any home screen you prefer like so and we can drag and drop apps to it either from the home screen or from the app drawer so let's go to apps here and drag and drop my files here like so and move it around now if you're done with that

You can tape it take it up here and remove it so if you don't want to have that you can also tap and hold here to add another page now if you tap and hold one of the apps on the home screen you get to the option to create a new folder go to app information or remove the app you can't uninstall it from the home screen you have to do that from the app drawer if you go up to app info brings you to the Settings panel which shows you a lot about this app you can turn off notifications you can force stop it that sort of things all of it is here now if we go to the app drawer you see

We have the standard array of Samsung Apps so we see s-voice Samsung's app store we have the memo app email calendaring we also have my files we have the onboard music and video player the world clock and calculator and we have Google's voice search we have Google's Gmail Google Plus play music play movies in TV play books newsstand games I also have hangouts we have chrome oilless which is our photo gallery which allows us to sync our photos to our Google account we have the Google Maps app of course YouTube the Play Store Google Drive Google Settings

We have the third-party app Dropbox as well as hand comm viewer which allows us to view office documents such as Word Excel and PowerPoint so those documents were created in of those programs you can use this app to open them and edit them so this is very nice to have especially on a tablet we also have the watchon app which again allows us to control our AV equipment just by selecting our service provider and adding our gadgets so let's go and get started here I've already input the fact that my service provider is Comcast in my region and I can go ahead and add

A device here so I haven't added my TV yet so I my Samsung Smart TV click Next so as you can see I have two tabs right now on TV and on demand so on TV is basically my live program that's available right now so for example if I want to watch the internship you can see it's broadcasting right now I can click watch on TV it will change the channel to that or change the TV to that Channel and I can start watching it right now now the after has a lot of new settings here so we have edit this allows us to create new folders or uninstall apps or hide apps so for example if I tap and

Hold this Twitter app I have the option to uninstall the app go to app information create a new page for the app or create the folder so if I go to create a folder you can see it will create a folder for me right in the app drawer now it does create a new page in the app drawer just for folder items so if I click Save there we go I can now drag and drop this folder to my home screen if I prefer as well or I can just cancel that now I can't just drag and drop items between my after-work pages I actually have to go up to edit in order to change that so

Let's go again up here to edit and now I can start dragging and dropping items to that folder alternatively I can go right to the folder I can go to plus to add the apps but there you go I can basically just check the apps I want to add to the app folder so for example like these I can do and click done and it's added them to that folder now if you go up here to edit I can also uninstall or disable apps again just by checking certain ones I want to uninstall now some of them cannot be uninstalled so as you can see here the watchon app is included it can't be

Removed as well as the standard or the integrated samsung apps such as the calendar app and gallery app and cat and camera app you can't uninstall those but you can see the world clock can be removed in this case you have to disable that app but if I go up to that Twitter app which I added myself or downloaded right here I have the option to uninstall it but lot of these apps cannot be uninstalled now in terms of our recent apps tree you can launch any one of them just by tapping on them you can also swipe them out of the way to close them or you can close all or you

Can go to your task manager to get to more settings this takes you to the Settings panel for active applications downloaded apps Ram manager you can see how much RAM is being used as well as storage because this used to be a menu button we can now tap and hold on that button to get to menu now when you're in the home screen it just takes you to the home screen editor but if you're in an app such as Chrome right here let's tap and hold that again there you go takes you to your menu settings now the home button has a few functions here see the home button if

You press it once takes you to the home screen if you double press it it takes you to s voice what's the weather like tomorrow in Rochester Hills Michigan forecast for Wednesday open the YouTube app now if you want to get to Google now just tap and hold the home button ok Google what's the weather like tomorrow in Rochester Hills Michigan tomorrow's forecast for Rochester Hills is 57 degrees with a chance of storm ok Google open the YouTube app opening app now if you tap and hold the back button it brings up our multi window mode now if you tap and hold the power button gets

You to power off airplane mode or restart you can also need it as you can see here there is no vibration motor to enable now with vine just tap the volume button you can click here to get to more volume control so you can adjust notification vine media and the system volume independently now let's get back to our quick settings toggle so as you can see here this reveals some of the available features now there's not a lot going on here so you can see we have Wi-Fi location services or audio controls screen rotation lock bluetooth multi window mode which will explore

Syncing smart stay power saving mode blocking mode and airplane mode now I can quickly access any one of these features just by tapping and holding on them it takes you right to the control panel I think we're all pretty familiar with smart stay basically it uses the camera to monitor the presence of your eyes so it knows if you're looking at the display or not it will allow the display to go sleep if you're not looking at it and prevent it from going to sleep if you are it's fairly reliable if you have good lighting but otherwise it's a feature I prefer to turn off just

Because it's a little too unpredictable we also have power saving mode so if you enable this basically dials back performance both the screen and processing power if you want more controls here just go to that setting panel here so you can dial back CPU performance as well as shorten the screen timeout and it'll also dim the display and we also have blocking mode which is a Do Not Disturb feature which you can just enable so stopped you from receiving notifications and lunch they're important so for example if I toggle it on I can select always so

We'll turn off notifications or turn off alarms or both you just have to select which ones you want or you can select specific times of day so if you want this to turn off when you go to bed at 9:00 so for example let's go with 12 a.m. set click set and you're good now you can also quickly access your settings panel right from the drop down notification shape so as you can see where this tab viewer for connections device controls general and you can search so if you don't want to dig through the menus you can just search so for example if I want to change my

Wallpaper let's see if I can just search for it there we go wallpaper including the icon for wallpapers takes you right to that point in the control panel and you can select your home screen lock screen or home and lock screens I find this very useful cylinder connections we have Wi-Fi Bluetooth which you can toggle on and off airplane mode data usage location services so you can see which apps are reporting your location or using your location more networks and of course you can toggle this off you can see your VPN settings or your printing settings so you can go right to

Your printers right there so this of course is Android 4.4 so you do have integrated printing which is very nice we have nearby devices so we can see all devices that are sharing a network so that will include DLNA equipped devices and you can also share this device on that network so P divides can have access to this devices media content now under device we have our sound control so for example we can disable the touch sound effects which are on by default so if you don't like that constant blue pin sound or that nature UX sound that Samsung seems to put everywhere still

You also have display settings so we can change our brightness the screen timeout settings we can enable the daydream feature for screen saver mode you can also disable the show battery percentage but that's on by default we have our multi window mode which you can turn on and off now I'll show you multi window mode later now we have lock screen settings here now the launcher you can turn on something called shortcuts and if you tap on the shortcut icon here you can actually edit what those shortcuts are so for example these are the default ones I can add a new one here so for

Example if I like chrome and I can also remove one just by tapping and holding on it and deleting it so for example if I don't want the WebKit browser I can remove it and I can continue adding another app which I find useful such as Gmail so now when I go to my lockscreen I now have quick access to apps I tend to use a lot such as the camera app I can also swipe on any one of them to launch directly into their app now we can also jump to our wallpapers again we can select home screen lock screen or home and lock screen we have our font settings we can change our font style as

Well as our font sizes we have notification panel settings which I showed you earlier also under notification you can disable the brightness and Vine controls if you don't want those to appear there we have accessibility settings lots and lots of settings here we have our blocking mode settings as well under controls we have our language and input settings so you can change your keyboard so if you want to add your own Google keyboard as I prefer them as opposed to the Samsung keyboard you can do so here or you can match that here we have our palm motion

Features now with a screen capture feature you just swipe the edge your palm against the screen and it does the little screen grab in fact it does pop up for you in the notification panel if you click right on it to get to it and open it up in whatever app you prefer now we also have mute pause so if you want a mute medium I have to do is put your hand over the screen and it mutes it for you now under general we have our counts here so we can add new email accounts new gmail accounts Facebook Twitter LDAP etc we have our cloud accounts which includes Samsung as well

As our Dropbox account backup and reset settings date and time accessories settings application managers who can see all of our running apps downloaded apps apps on the SD card we also have our default application settings which you can modify batteries so we can see our battery percentage we can see our battery usage data we have our power saving mode which you can toggle on and off storage so you can see what's taking up all your storage you can see it's not a lot of storage left and I haven't installed much we have security settings and we have about device now in terms of

A multi window mode if you have it enabled all you have to do to access it is swipe in from the right edge of the tablet this works in landscape or portrait orientation you can see all the apps that support multi window in which is most of them for example you can launch YouTube you just drag and drop it to the screen it launches the app now you can launch another app side-by-side so for example if you want our Chrome browser hey guys Mike here so I can play back one of my videos in full screen on the left hand side and continue watching my video

While searching the web so I can go ahead go to the verge brings up a text box that floats and moves around so again let me bring that here like move that around here so I can keep it out of the way so there we go I can pinch and zoom while watching video on the left hand side now I can resize the window like so so if you want to see your video a bit larger you can do it that way you can also tap on the circle to get to settings so you can switch the sides here like so so let's switch from left hand to right hand side and again same story here you can also copy one item

From one window to the other window using this utility and you also have the option to just close one of the windows like so now of course you want to close this window the controls have to be on this side if I want to close this window the controls have to be on that side so basically what I have to do here is make sure that the window is active here so you can see this window is surrounded in blue now when I tap the blue icon it's now giving me controls for that window so again same story here tap that tap that there now if you look at the bottom of that multi window tray you have

Several options here so you can go to edit this allows you to edit what apps appear here so as you can see they don't include all the apps but you can add as many as you want or you can remove as many as you want so you just happen hold it drag and drop it like so now I'm just going to use the included memo app to show off the Samsung keyboard but the mobile app is pretty decent here so you can see we can record a voice memo this is a test of the voice recording memo feature so he can stop it you can pause it to resume it and click play to play best and you can delete if you want you

Can also add images either from the camera or your image gallery and that sort of thing so let's get to that keyboard so the keyboard is pretty familiar again so you can see we have a full QWERTY keyboard with a directional d-pad here which is shrunken down for the 7-inch tablet you get larger keys with a larger tablet so you have your number keys up here you can go to your settings down here too – your settings for the keyboard if you tap and hold on it gets you quick access to the voice keyboard the text input keyboard the copy and paste function as

Well as different keyboard sizes so if you want to change your keyboard from the floating keyboard to the QWERTY keyboard you can do that as well notice there is no split keyboard like you get with the larger tablet now there is a swipe keyboard in here but you have to go to settings to activate it so let's go right here to continuous input if you click that bring up our keyboard here and see it works pretty well and of course we have our voice keyboard this is a test of the voice keyboard which is provided by Google . now as i said we also have a handwriting recognition

Built in here so all we have to do is start writing we can use our finger or stylus if we prefer you can see it's not perfect you can click back here it recognizes letters as well as punctuation now overall I'm pretty impressed by this display it's not a terribly bright display but that pixel density is pretty decent at 200 at 16 PPI is not going to challenge something like the iPad Mini with Retina display or even the Nexus 7 but it's fairly decent especially at this price point so it's perfect for a reading so if you do a lot of reading with this tablet you

Want sharp text so it's not as fatiguing on the eye and I think this tablet definitely pulls it off well now let's take a look at the camera app again a pretty mediocre camera 3.2 megapixels good for 720p video does not have on the focusing but you can pinch in and out to zoom which is just digital cropping now you have your photo mode you can take a photo you can also select your mode here from the variety of options such as night mode sports shot panorama sound & shot Beauty face and auto I can go the settings down here get you to all your settings not a lot here so we have our

Photo size you can see 3.2 is maximum we have our video settings you can see 720p is the only option and then we have other settings such as location tags you can select the volume key to operate as the zoom key if your timer options white balance brightness guidelines contextual file-naming and the same thing for the still camera so we also have our metering settings which you can change for center-weighted to matrix or spot metering now because we do not have all the focus we do not have tap to focus here now we can jump here to get to our

Settings like so we can also drag out this little drawer here to get to some of our quick settings such as our exposure levels which we can modify manually like so you can also tap and hold on one of these icons and rearrange them if you prefer now of course we also have filters not a lot of them so we have negative sepia grayscale or no effect there you go so I actually just have three filters I can also quickly switch between the rear facing and front facing camera like so and then you can also activate the video camera mode by swiping that little toggle here get you

To video camera and again you can start recording video now you can't shoot photos while recording video like you can with Samsung's more powerful hardware you can click pause you can resume recording or stop it now in terms of our Geekbench scores you can see the Nexus 7 definitely blows away the tab 4 and that's thanks to a more powerful quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 gigahertz also has 2 gigs of ram versus one-and-a-half gigs on the tap for alright guys so let's talk about these strengths and weaknesses of the tab 4 as I see it so the tab for 7-inch model

Starts off at 199 which is pretty affordable although the Nexus 7 isn't too far behind it at 229 which gives you higher end processing power a higher resolution display and better cameras but pricing tends to drop a lot on the tab for you can pick these up pretty cheaply when they go on sale and are very popular worldwide and readily available now this is also running the latest version of Android 4.4.2 with an updated version of TouchWiz which isn't too bloated this time they've kind of stripped it down to only the really useful features it's

Also fairly compact lightweight and portable making that one of the most compact 7-inch tablets out there now in terms of weakness is the biggest one is performance especially when you're running TouchWiz now it doesn't have terrible internal specs but it doesn't have these specs it needs to really keep up with the demands of TouchWiz so a lot of these stripped down TouchWiz it's still there it's not as optimized as the stock experience on the Nexus 7 which flies on the Nexus 7 tablet so you can definitely notice the speed difference when using the next 7

Versus the tab for now the displays also kind of dim so it's not great outdoors it has a fairly mediocre camera and has a really small tinnie rear-facing speaker which isn't as good as the stereo speaker on the Nexus 7 or on the stereo speakers on the iPad Mini with Retina display but in the end this is a much better tablet than the Tab 3 7 inch from last year so if the prices come down to match where that went then I definitely think this is one to consider for a lot of people so that's going to do for me in this video I will be covering the Tab

8.0 and 10.1 soon so stay tuned for that and I'll see you again in the next video alright guys so here I am in my foyer once again with Zoe & Chloe Chloe's on the right here so I'm using the rear-facing camera which is 3.15 megapixels so it's a pretty mediocre camera good for 720p HD video I do not have time to focus but I can zoom in while recording I also do not have tap to change the exposure just does it automatically of course no stabilization or any features like that and again it's recording in 720p so that means I'm going to be upscaling that's a 1080p for

This video so that may confuse a few people here but let's go ahead check out the performance of the camera outdoors

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