Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 14, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the third and final Galaxy Tab 4 in the series the 10.1 inch so this is the largest I've already looked at the 7 inch and 8 inch and once again this is pretty much the same tablet just blown up to size it even has the same screen resolution just over 10.1 inches rather than seven inch or an eighth inch now the interesting thing here is that this is considerably cheaper than the Tab 3 from last year this starts off at 349 you can pick it up for 319 right now on Amazon but last year it started off at 399 so a big price cut here now this gives up the an impressive for last year

And this goes with the same quad core processor in the 7 inch and 8 inch model which is clocked at 1.2 gigahertz so we should see the same scores in terms of benchmarking so again 10.1 inch display 1280 by 800 good 449 pixels per inch that's pretty low now the Wi-Fi version comes standard with 16 gigs but like the 10 3 you have a 64 gig SD card slot for expandable storage alright so let me just cut this seal so we can get into the box here flip it around should get a little tray here the slide out there we go Galaxy Tab 4 a little bit upside down here

Alright so let's go ahead and pop this out of here so as you can see we have our dusty tab 4 on the back we have a piece of plastic covering the back panels which going to peel that off and then on the front we have a label covering the glass all right so let's set the other side for just a moment while we clear the packaging contents so inside we have our literature which includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab Quick Start Guide pretty basic there and we also have only in the Galaxy has its rewards just an incentive to register your tab for we also have what else is

Here software upgrade instructions pretty basic and then we have the health and safety and warranty guide in multiple languages not much interesting reading there we should also get our peripherals here so we have our USB wall charger now this has a glossy finish as opposed to the matte finish on the other tab for products we also have our matching white micro USB 2.0 charging cable and we just have a few more bit a plastic to remove a of one covering the camera lens we also have another one covering the IR blaster right there and we're just going to remove this serial

Number sticker on the back which also indicates that 16 gigs now before we take a closer look let's just tap and hold the power button to boot it up for the first time as you can see the power button is up toward the corner here on the left side so thankfully they've retained the stereo speakers on this tablet so you have nice stereo speakers on the left and right that makes a huge difference here alright so let's take a look at the design of the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inch which is pretty much the same dimensionally as last year it's a little square of this time doesn't have that

Round design from last year's Tab 3 but eventually they have the same thickness width and height it is slightly lighter now it's closer to 1 pound 1.07 pounds so that's great because they retain the same battery size and overall dimensions but reduce the weight to make it even more comfortable to handle so down here you see our new Android keys which are not backlit so you have a recent apps button you have your home button back button now if you tap and hold the recent apps button it takes you to your menu settings and as you can see here in the home screen it just takes you to

Your home screen editor now save your home button so if you double tap the home button it takes you to s voice but if you tap and hold it it takes you to Google now so you have two voice assistants in here if you tap and hold the back button it takes you to your multi window tray which I'll explore a bit later now up top you have a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera which records video in VGA notice there is no ambient light sensor which was on the Tatra last year also there is no LED notification light here the Tab 3 did have backlit Android keys and again

That's missing here so in order to reduce pricing they did reduce a few features now the back panel wraps around the edges and has this kind of faux leather finish without these stitching we see on samsung's higher-end tablets so if you look at the corner down here again you can see that that plastic wraps around the edges with that nice grain to it so gives you a little more of a grip about texture too as opposed to a glossy finish like we handle with the tamp 3 now toward the back we have that 3.1 5 megapixel fixed-focus camera good for 720p HD video and it's pretty

Flush to the surface back here knows there is no LED flash like you get with the more premium have this from Samsung now toward the top edge you'll find an IR LED blaster as you can see here it's a little off-center because the camera module is right next to it toward the center we also have a micro SD card slot which supports 64 gig cards as you can see here pops out like so you can pop it in seal it up the little flap there we also have our volume rocker as well as our sleep/wake power on and off button now on the left side near the power button

Is our headphone jack along with our left stereo speaker so thankfully they did retain the stereo speakers from the tab 3 which isn't the case for the other tab products again here is the right stereo speaker toward the bottom we have our micro USB port and if you look closely next to that USB port is the single microphone now as you know Samsung sells some other 10-inch tablet so we have a 10.1 inch note 2014 edition and we have the 10.1 inch pro tablet this is the Tab pro this has a much higher resolution display has better cameras with an ambient light sensor

Also has backlit Android keys vibration motors the display has a pixel density of 299 verses of 149 so huge difference here also the note has a three gigs of RAM as opposed to one-and-a-half gigs on the tab 4 or the two gigs on the tab pro we're going to take a look at benchmark scores in those tablets when we compare them later in this video and of course cameras are a big story here we have 8 megapixel autofocus seen cameras with an LED flash and of course the note series has a stylus with all the software features that come with it now dimensionally they're very similar

But the tab 4 is a little taller at least in landscape orientation than the other tablets alright so let's go and take a look at the user interface again this is Android 4.4.2 with the latest version of TouchWiz which takes after the Tab pro and the note series so you can see here that we can pinch in and out to see all of our home screens we can also add new home screens we can rearrange them or we can pitch them just by taking them up to remove I also have your drop-down notification shade right here with your new toggle so you can see the redesigned toggles which are much

Simpler looking much cleaner looking and brighter you see we have Wi-Fi locations sound there is no vibration motor in here yell save your sliders here for brightness as well as I am as you can see here there is no auto mode again there is no adaptive ambient light sensor you also have your settings here so you can individually adjust your volume from this control as well and we have multi window mode which a lot of people don't want to accidentally activate each time so if you toggle this off that means you can all enter in from the right to activate

It so if I activate it again there you go there you go pops up a lot of people don't like that because it constantly gets in the way when you mean to swipe to the right instead it brings out the multi window boom you also have screen mirroring which again allows you to mirror this devices screen wirelessly to an all share cast equipped device like a Samsung Smart TV we also have smart stay which watches for the presence of your eyes and prevents the screen from going to sleep if it doesn't see it you'll get a little warning up here in the drop down

Notification shade that the camera can't see your eyes and it will go to sleep now set power saving mode and blocking mode now if you go up here you can see all of your toggles which includes airplane mode you can also go up here to edit your toggles so if you want to add additional ones or remove them or rearrange them you can so as you can see you can just drop them and it bumps them out of the way you can also toggle off brightness and volume controls if you don't want those to appear and your drop-down shade you can do that as well I'm not sure why you would but you can

And then you also have your settings quick access to your Settings panel right here so we have device controls general and connections and we'll talk a bit about that a little later now y'all see if your notification so you can just tap on them it takes you right to wherever whatever app push that notification you can also clear them out of the way just by tapping this X button right there now if you want to get to these control panels up here all you have to do is tap and hold on them so for example we have blocking mode which is they do not disturb functions this

Allows you to adjust them so you can turn off your notifications or turn off your alarms or select which one you want you can select all ways or specific times of day so for example if you want to set a specific time of day to turn off your notifications you can so for example if I want to turn them off at midnight I can do that like so now as you can see here they've given those two home screens to work with and you can tap on each one of these icons down here to select which home screen you want to look at they've given us some of these widgets which you can remove if you

Prefer just by tapping and holding on them or move them around as you can see here everything moves out of the way for you they've given us lots of google apps all organized into a Google folder and of course we have the standard array of Samsung Apps which includes the calendar and we also have the standard WebKit browser the memo app which is quite nice you can record voice memos you can take photographs and of course you can write text in here you also have your contacts app you have the gallery app and then you have your

Dropbox app as well as the integrated music and video player settings the hand come off is fewer for viewing Word Excel or PowerPoint documents this isn't that that's included but doesn't come pre download it so you get the icon but when you click on it you actually have to download the app you also have the email app as well now in the lower right corner we have our app drawer so as you can see here we have a tab for our apps our widgets are downloaded apps if because I here if you go to the apps drawer you can see if we go to the menu settings up here we have the option to

Create folders set wallpaper and a few other things but you can also uninstall or disable apps first let's go and create a folder here so we're just going to test click ok so now we have a folder here now as you can see here they've created a page just for folded items now if you want to add items to that folder you'll have to go up to edit again so this gives you your editor within the app drawer so now I can drag and drop these apps to that folder or I can just go right to the folder and go the plus and select the apps I want to add so for example Netflix watchon etc etc click

Done so as you can see here we have a folder full of our apps and we can also drag and drop this to the home screen if you want now when we're in the app drawer we can go up here to settings go to uninstall or disable apps and we can select specific apps to uninstall or disable now only certain apps are eligible some of these are permanent you can't do anything about them they stay with the tablet no matter what but some of these can be disabled and some of them can be uninstalled now most of them cannot be uninstalled so for example the memo app up here if we select that we

Can disable the app we can't uninstall it now if we disable it it pretty much just hides it disappears some of these apps I can on this all such as Geekbench 3 so I can uninstall it which I don't want to do right now because I'm going to use it later but if you go up here now if you go to show disabled apps you'll see all the apps you disabled they're still there they're hidden but you can also react to me that if you prefer click done now if you want to drag and drop any one of these apps to the home screen you just tap and hold on it takes you to the

Home screens so now you can go up here to create the folder you can go up to app info to find more information about the app or you can cancel now as you can see down here we have this little editor which so we can drag and drop it over this editor and drop it into place once we're satisfied if you tap and hold on the home screen you get to the option to set wallpaper select your apps or widgets create a new folder or create a new page if you tap and hold the power button you also get the option to shut it down select airplane mode restart it or

Select mute or not now as you can see here there is no vibration mode that's because there is no vibration motor in here now if we tap the volume button and select the Settings icon you can individually control the volume for notifications media and the system now we also have our multi window mode here now this allows us to open up two windows at once so we can interact with two apps at once so for example we can drag and drop YouTube here and then we can drag and drop the browser so as you can see here we have two windows side by side which we can resize like so so here

I have one of my youtube videos like my coach plays like two resizes and I can continue browsing the web in the right-hand side now when you're interacting with these windows as you can see they outline in blue so when you tap the circle icon down here you can see we can now switch from left hand to right hand side we can also select text from one side of the window and post it into the other side of the window we can resize this window to full screen or we can close it now again if we want to interact with that window you have to tap it to make sure it's highlighted and

As you can see here we now have those same controls on the other side this is also important when they're interacting with the back button here so if you want to go back on this window you have to make sure it's highlighted in blue and click back now at the bottom of the multi window mode is this little expandable folder which gives you the option to edit the contents in here so you can add additional apps into this window or you can drag and drop them out here so for example if I want the memo app which I think is good to have in here you can do so and of course you can

Rearrange them as well now let's go and take a look at our settings so under the Settings panel everything is organized into tabs we have connections devices controls in general under connections we have our Wi-Fi settings Bluetooth airplane mode data usage information you also have location information which apps are using them and we also have our network settings away VPN and printing and of course we do have printing integrate into the tablet because it is running Android 4.4 if we toggle on nearby devices this allows other devices to remotely access the media on this

Tablet glass have a screen mirroring in here as well now under device we have our sound set display we have the multi window mode which you can toggle off we have a lock screen which has a few things to look at here so under lock screen we can enable shortcuts if we tap on shortcuts we can add new ones to the lock screen so for example if we want to Chrome we can click that or if we want to remove one of them such as the standard browser we can do so so if we go to the lock screen now we have these quick access toggles for launching our favorite apps we also

Have our wallpaper settings and there's one interesting thing to look at here and that is lockscreen wallpapers so you can select travel wallpapers which works with TripAdvisor to load a sort of travel themed wallpaper every three hours or greater can select here you can select three hours six hours 12 hours or 24 hours so now if we go to the lock screen will have this travel themed wallpaper so in this case it's the Dominican Republic we also have our fonts so we can select our font styles which also allows us to download additional fonts from the Samsung App

Store we have our notification panel settings which I looked at earlier we have accessibility and blocking mode settings we have our controls which includes palm motion which includes screen capture and mute to pause now if you swipe on the screen using the edge of your palm it does a little screen grab for you in fact it pops up here in your drop-down notification shade and you can access it in any app you prefer now under general we have accounts so we can add additional accounts such as email accounts Google accounts we can sync with Twitter or Facebook Dropbox

Accounts that sort of thing is all in here clouds so we can set up our cloud storage which includes Samsung's cloud storage as well as Dropbox which is trying to find right now we also have backup and reset options we have date and time options accessories then we have our application manager so we can see what's downloaded the SD card we can also see what apps are running we can also tap on them to see them else have default applications users which allows us to add additional users for that multi-user mode we have battery power saving mode storage so you can see how

Much storage we're using up I haven't downloaded much here or taken many photos so you can see how much storage is left after the system takes its cut then we have security we have about this device we can see the latest version of Android right there 4.4.2 now let's talk about users and multi-user mode so if you go to users and go up to plus here you can add two types of users you can do a full standard user or a restricted profile which is good for children for example this allows very strict access to what this template can do now if you go the users here basically select okay

It's like adding another owner to this tablet so it's going to set it up now so basically what will happen is that they can log in with their own Google account and have access to their own Play Store their own content they can add their own apps change their own wallpaper that sort of thing so now with new user activated you can see here I have two users to select from from the lock screen so I have me as you can see here or I have this new user which I can select to unlock so now takes me into the setup process for this new user now if I want to get back to my account just

Tap on myself in the live screen here you can see even changes my wallpaper back to my lockscreen wallpaper unlock it and I can go ahead and delete this account if I want now let's quickly talk about the restricted profile here so let's go and select this now when you set this up you do have to set a passcode or lock screen or something on your account so that the other user can't have access to it so for example we can select a pattern here I'm just going to do this click continue so basically I can configure this account now I can name this person so I can say

Kid and I can also change the profile picture so for example I select the profile picture I can take an image or select one from my gallery and now I can select specifically what apps that this account has access to so for example I can select Netflix but also under Netflix you get this little settings icon so you can disable profile switching under that app but some other apps have a few more things here such as play movies and TV so if I select this and select the gear icon I can also restrict our certain content based upon age so I can restrict that here once

I've selected the apps they have access to I can go to that account and show you exactly what they're going to experience here so I'm going to select kid here swipe to unlock so as you see here they basically have a home screen which they can customize they can go to their app drawer and add the available apps that they have access to such as Netflix so we can tap and hold it and drag it to the home screen they also have that drop-down notification shade as you can see here they have the profile and the left sign if you want to select that to jump to the lock screen to change the

Profile and you can do so as well now under the notification panel settings we also have something called recommended apps now this is on by default but you can toggle this off basically what happens with recommended app is if you connect a pair of headphones as I just did right there if we go to the drop-down sheet now you have these recommended apps that are audio specific or media specific such as YouTube the music player watch on and the video player you can also edit this by going up here to select specific apps you want to add but alternatively you

Can also go to the notification panel here go up to recommended apps and as you can see here you can see the ones that are available for recommended apps and go up to edit as well to specify which apps you would prefer now instead of digging through these menus to find what you're looking for you can also just go up to search so for example if you want to find that multi-user mode just tap in user you see right there takes you right to that panel now let's go and take a look at our keyboard here I'm just going to go to the memo app create a new memo so you can see we have

A full QWERTY keyboard with a number row as well as these directional keys which is very nice to have so you can see here that when caps lock is activated get a little icon and the lower are in the upper right corner of the shift key you also have your settings here so if you tap on that takes you to your settings panel which includes things like continuous input so if you enable this you now have a swipe like keyboard so let me show you this there you go that also works pretty well now if you tap and hold this you get two more options so we have our voice input keyboard we

Have our handwriting recognition keyboard we have our clipboard as well as our modicon keyboard and our keyboard sizes here so if we select this we have our split keyboard which is available only on the 8 inch in 10.1 inch not on the 7-inch you can move this around so this gives you a more of a thumb typable keyboard which is very handy on a large table like this especially in landscape orientation we also have that floating keyboard and we can go back to our normal keyboard as well now while we don't have a stylus we have the same handwriting keyboard that's also

Available on the note series we can use our finger or we can add our own style as here and it recognizes punctuation as well now let's quickly take a look at the watchon app and set this up so what you have to do is establish where in the world you are so we can find your available services all right so I'm just going to select my service provider so nicely I have two tabs here I have on TV and on demand so I can see what's on TV right now if I want to watch that I have to do is tap on it click watch this channel and it will broadcast the IR

Code to my TV but first I have to set up my equipment here so let me go to setup I'm going to select my Samsung Smart TV click Next turn on TV it's basically programming the device to recognize your TV if that's the correct code click OK click Next and then I have to select my service which is Comcast click Next send it to my set-top box again if that is correct we're going to click OK and so now I have my remote control I can input my channel numbers I can select my channel from here volume power things off that sort of thing right from here

And then if I go ahead and click watch it's turning to HBO for me and I can start watching my programming all without digging through the menus on my television alright so let's briefly take a look at the camera app so we do not have tap to focus here man we do not have tapped to although exposure that happens automatically or you can select that manually you take your photograph you also have your effects here so you have grayscale sepia negative or no effect you also have pinch in and out to zoom it's just digital cropping of course you

Can also select your video camera from this toggle right here you can record video you can pause it or stop it I can't pinch in and out on video so that is only available on still and then you can also go up to your settings right here so you have your still camera you have your video camera which is only 720 and then you have your settings for location tags vine key for zooming guidelines contextual file naming you can also reset everything back to default so you can see there's not a lot of options here now you can also select from the front-facing and rear-facing

Camera and again this is a pretty mediocre camera 1.3 megapixels with VGA video only let's go back to the front camera you can also select more options here from this dragged out right there so you can see you have your exposure settings which you can set manually and then you have other things here and also rearranged these just by tapping and holding on them and move them around on this grid here now if you go to fuller size you can see what's available here 3.2 megapixels or 2.4 megapixels if you go to 3.2 megapixels it's a 4 by 3

Photograph instead of a widescreen 16 by 9 photograph so that's something to also keep in mind now we also have our modes down here which allows us to select Auto beauty face sound & shot panorama sports night and that sort of thing now if you look at our kick bench 3 scores you can see the Tam 4 is pretty low-end now if you look at the tab pro and the note 10.1 2014 edition you can see these are much higher SPECT they have much higher end processors this one has 3 gigs of ram this one has 2 gigs of ram and the results are pretty apparent now

Predictably because they all have the same 1.2 gigahertz quad-core processor all have 1.5 gigs of ram the Geekbench 3 scores are all identical alright guys let's talk about some of the strengths and weaknesses of the tab 4 10.1 inch and I think some of the biggest strengths here are going to revolve around the price so it's 349 and 320 on sailing this is a pretty good deal you get 16 gigs of storage along with a 64 gig SD card slot again it's a fairly large tablet that's very lightweight pretty good battery life and seems to be pretty indestructible it's definitely a

Great tablet for those who want a larger tablet but don't necessarily care about the screen resolution the other strengths here are the speaker so if you're going to use your tablet for movie watching without your headphones this is going to be one of the best sounding tablets at any price so those stereo speakers definitely make a big impact here and certainly are much better than the ones on the 7 inch and 8 inch tab 4 and of course you got the latest version of Android 4.4.2 with an updated version of TouchWiz which is actually pretty decent so you don't get

Too many features with TouchWiz I think you just get the right amount of them and only the ones that are particularly useful without bogging down system performance too much now in terms of cons this is going to vary by user but for me the biggest one is the display the resolution is pretty poor most people are used to much higher resolution displays either on their laptop or their computer desktop computer or their phone and certainly 149 pixels per inch is going to be noticeable especially when you're reading text the other problem here is

Going to be performance again we're running TouchWiz on fairly low-end hardware so it definitely knows well here it's a little laggy especially if you're used to the performance of other products but again it's not a deal-breaker you're still a very useful tablet that gets the job done with some interesting features and of course these have terrible cameras there's no auto focusing the color reproduction is very poor on them and it's just not a camera you're going to be using for day-to-day use you're probably going to prefer your cell phone camera these cameras are

Really there when you need them they're kind of a utility more than the future now in terms of which one I prefer it's kind of a toss-up I'm a big fan of the 7-inch with that small form-factor and the small bezel but I think the 8 inch is the right size and actually seems to be a better performing tablet for whatever reason I think the 8 inch is the perfect size that kind of mid-sized form factor while the image tends to be a little bit big a little bit bulky and with such a low resolution displays kind of hard to really get behind the 10.1 inch but for a lot of people that's not

An issue and it's quite a bargain for large tablets so for me I think the sweet spot is going to be the tab for 8.0 so I'm curious what you guys think what size tablet would you prefer the 10.1 inch the 8 inch or the 7 inch all right guys so that's going to for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next video

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