Samsung Galaxy S8 Unboxing & Review: Perfect Smartphone?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
today we're going to take a look at the
Samsung Galaxy s8 let's not waste any
time and get straight into the unboxing
so I can share with you my experience of
the s8 and thank you to t-mobile for
sponsoring and making this video
possible putting this phone into my
hands early so I can bring you guys this
proper full review first let me show you
what comes inside of the box this nice
presentation as usual it looks cleaner
and more modern than last year's box I
have the black model here but there will
be two other colors at launch the orchid
grey and arctic silver there is a larger
6.2 inch Galaxy S a plus but the only
difference in that model is that it has
a larger battery at 3500 milliamp hours
and it has that monster size 6.2 inch
screen that is almost the same footprint
as the iPhone 7 plus so if you want a
larger screen then you're going to want
to go for that one first you get some
paperwork and warranty information
there's a sim card removal tool on the
back in my favorite thing about this
year's included accessories is they
finally made them in black and it looked
way better in my opinion than the white
accessories you get the power brick a
micro USB to USB C adapter and a USB C
to USB connector you can use that for
OTG and transferring content from your
old Galaxy device to your new one you
also get a USB type-c cord and here's
something different you get a pair of
headphones tune by AKG and the build on
these are very nice with a braided cord
which is great for durability
now they do sound better than most of
your standard included headphones but
they aren't very bass heavy so you may
want to tweak that bass with the
built-in software in the settings the
biggest new feature with the Galaxy s8
is this new infinity display the s8 has
a 5.8 inch quad HD plus display that
will literally make you do a double-take
when you first see it the front is
literally all screen it's almost bezel
as' with a dual curved display this
entire phone is subtly curved it's all
wrapped up in Gorilla Glass 5 so it
feels very nice when you're holding it
it has to be the most futuristic looking
phone that I have seen to date and I
feel like this design actually belongs
in 2017 you'll notice that the phone is
taller than the previous s7 because it
has a new and much
five point eight inch versus the five
point one is display what they knew
twenty nine sixty by 1440 resolution and
we saw something similar on the LG G six
so it looks like it's becoming a trend
this year and this is important because
for multitasking you get a perfect split
screen and Samsung has tied in some new
software so you can pick certain parts
of a window and have it floating there
above what you're doing and this is
pretty cool
this new display makes content watching
on here awesome as well and if you're
watching YouTube you do have the option
to fit the entire display so the video
is more immersive and some streaming
services like Netflix will support this
aspect ratio better and this display is
mobile HDR premium certified so you'll
be able to take advantage of HDR content
from Netflix and Amazon Prime video the
screen is bright it's colorful it's very
sharp and it's one of the best displays
that I've yet to see so if you're
worried about the curves getting in the
way of usage I haven't had any issues
with it the palm or hand rejection works
very well the only downside of the
multimedia experience is this single
speaker on the bottom and while I gets
pretty loud it sounds pretty tinny
and it's super easy to cover up with
just a finger take a listen
as a slightly 500 milliamp hours the f8
isn't the only phone with this problem
most single speaker phones are like this
so I hope to see a dual speaker setup of
some sort on the next Samsung phone but
it's not a deal-breaker the s8 has
everything that you would want in a
high-end phone the new latest and
greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM so
performance has been very consistent for
me gaming is silky smooth and you even
have different modes to get the best
performance out of this phone right in
the software it is IP 68 water
resistance so no need to worry about if
this phone gets wet thrown in a bath or
gets dropped in a pool it has a micro SD
card slot to add more storage on top of
the 64 gigabytes of internal storage it
also has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack
so I'm glad they kept that USB type-c
port with quick charge 2.0 and also
support for fast wireless charging and
the LED notification light this is also
the first phone to ship with Bluetooth
5.0 so you can actually connect to
bluetooth audio devices at the same time
and I think this is a game changer and I
can confirm this works perfectly
another feature worth noting is this
iris scanner next to the front-facing
camera this was a feature that we've
seen before from Samsung but now it
makes it on to the s8
it looks like that's what they want you
to secure your phone with because on the
s7 there was a home button with the
fingerprint scanner built-in so they
move that away from the bottom and now
the fingerprint scanner is on the back
but now there is a home button on the
screen that gives you a cool vibration
feedback when you click it like a
physical button so that's really cool
but the fingerprint scanner on the back
of the phone next to the camera this is
something that I really had to get used
to if you are left-handed it's not as
bad but if you're right-handed like
myself then you definitely have to watch
out for smudging the camera while you're
trying to locate this fingerprint
scanner this is definitely not my
favorite position for the fingerprint
scanner but it is fast and accurate the
good thing is the iris scanner and
facial recognition work very well and
it's really fast too so you'll probably
just end up using that instead let me
know when you get yours which one that
you are using most the s8 NSA plus both
come with Android 7.0 on board with
Samsung experience 8.1 at launch and the
software does look a little different
and I like it even though you can add
the app drawer back in the settings by
default the apps are accessed by the
swipe gesture which actually don't mind
and the software is clean and there I
say beautiful especially with this free
material dark theme from the Samsung
store the big software feature that
stamps I want you to use is big speak
now big speak is an AI assistant that
learns whatever you like over time and
organizes your interest and reminders in
a card like interface they even put a
dedicated button on the left side to
access it it's even built into the
camera app where it will scan and
whatever you're taking a look at it will
give you suggestions on more information
or even shopping options there will be a
voice assistant as well but that's not
going to be ready at launch so I will
revisit this when it's ready but I'm
not sure if I'm going to be using this
over a google assistant that's already
built in I know this is something very
minor and previous Samsung users will
appreciate this now you can rearrange
the on-screen navigation keys at the
bottom I couldn't stand the back button
placement on older Galaxy devices thank
you for doing this Samsung thank you
let's get to two of the most important
topics the camera and the battery life
let's start with the camera so the
front-facing wide-angle camera gets a
bump up to 8 megapixels with F 1.7
aperture and smart autofocus so selfie
takers should be very happy about that
and you also get these fun snapchat like
filters built in the images are more
natural with nicer colors not the best
I've seen but it does do a better job
than the new LG G 6 the back camera is
the same 12 megapixel resolution as last
year's we do have some software
improvements with enhanced image
processing for better pictures but I'm
surprised we didn't see a dual camera
system at least on one of the models but
maybe they are saving that until the
next flagship the sensor is slightly
different it is the Sony IMX 333 sensor
versus the IMX 260 in the galaxy s7 so I
had to see what this camera could do and
I have to say this could be the best
camera on the market right now the
images are colorful have fantastic
dynamic range and the image processing
has definitely improved the over
sharpening has definitely calmed down
even though it's still there but the s8
consistently produced natural and
pleasing images every time I used it
it's not a drastic improvement over last
year's Galaxy s7 which was no slouch by
any means but that's a good thing
because this is a camera that I can rely
on daily and trust that it will give me
a great image the low-light performance
is also fantastic the noise reduction
seems to be improved as well and these
are some of the cleanest low-light
images that I've seen from a mobile
phone so I don't think you'll be
disappointed with this camera I've done
a ton of camera comparisons with the G 6
and the iPhone 7 so make sure you
subscribe for those videos
finally let's get to the battery life
the s8 has a smaller 3000 milliamp hour
battery and that was a concern to me
when it was announced
and the results are exactly what I
expected they're not great but they're
acceptable let me explain I tested this
phone under performance modes which
means everything is on full blast the
resolution of the display is on quad HD
and I'm getting full speed from the new
processor under that mode I was getting
about four to four and a half hours of
screen on time and that's pretty average
in today's flagships about the same
battery life that I get on the iPhone 7
if not better I did change the
resolution to 1080p for a few days to
see if I could improve battery life
dramatically and it didn't I was getting
about 30 minutes to 45 minutes more of
screen on time per day so that's not
really what I expected if you're looking
for killer battery life it's not here
but I am a heavy power user though so
for most normal users you could probably
make it through a full day so what do
you guys think of the Samsung Galaxy s8
it's not perfect but I think we're
getting close this is for sure Samsung's
best effort yet and the design of the
phone to me is in another league it's a
beautiful phone with an incredible
display consistent and capable camera
speedy performance all in this slim and
rounded water-resistant package once
they can figure out a better speaker
system better fingerprint scanner
placement and better battery life
Samsung you could be on the way to
making a perfect smartphone let me know
what you guys think in the comment
section below thank you for watching
guys and stay tuned for a lot more s8
coverage and I'll see you in the next

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