Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – Close to perfection…

by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy s7 launched last year was almost the perfect smartphone it was very well-built had a phenomenal camera had ip68 water resistance a crispy quad HD AMOLED display and a whole bunch of other very nice stuff but the overall experience of the phone degraded with

Time that your life went to crap and it suffered from occasional crashes and hiccups so what about the s8 this is the best smartphone right now for sure it's a perfect no but they're getting really really close so welcome to my in-depth

Samsung Galaxy s8 review this particular model I have is the non plus one in arctic silver if you want to know the difference between the s8 plus and the non plus model here this the s8 plug is $100 more expensive it has to be bigger

But same resolution display and it's got a 500 milliamp hour bigger battery that being 3500 milliamp hours over the three thousand found on the normal s8 it's the extra $100 you need to pay to get the s8 plus is worth it or not is up to you

Me personally I got the non plus model because I wanted to use the phone in just one hand so with that said let's take a look at the build the s8 keeps the glass design of last year and that's a good thing

It's such a good-looking phone this year however the back has a slight curve making the phone easier to hold and operate in one hand the glass is supposed to be very durable and in one way it is scratch resistant and in

Another not so much draw resistance Samuel oil a fellow youtuber friend that dropped his s8 2 to 3 feet and it cracked so yeah I do recommend a screen protector another difference from last year is the aluminum trim which is

Glossy over last year's matte one in terms of buttons and i/o the layout is the same with the power button on the right side and the volume rocker on the left side however there is a new port below the volume rocker for samsung's

New voice assistant bixby more on bixie later the buttons are made out of metal and have a nice click to them however I would have liked if the Bigsby button has kind of pattern on it to help you more

Easily distinguish between the volume rocker and the Bigsby activation button giving us the ability to be map the button to another application or voice assistance like Google assistant would also be much appreciated although it

Doesn't look like we'll be getting that anytime soon in terms of ruggedness and overall build quality I urge you to watch jerry-rigged everythings video where he tests various different things like stretch and bend

Resistance up top is the sim and microSD card and a microphone between 2 and 10 aligns down below you'll find a much-appreciated headphone jack USB type-c charging port a microphone and a speaker also between the same antenna

Design as up top on the back you'll find the flash and the S health center next to that is the camera and next to that is the much controversial fingerprint sensor in my opinion the fingerprint sensor location is not an issue on the

Non class model especially if you have a case to help guide your finger I would imagine it being more of a struggle though on the SH Plus as the SH plus is a much taller phone location aside the sensor is quick accurate and has a few

Cool features like swipe down to pull down the notification tray however that feature has to be enabled within the settings menu above the display is a whole plethora of stuff most important to notice is the IR light which aids the

Iris scanner the earpiece and a front-facing camera oh and speaking of display wow this is the best smartphone screen period spec wise it's a 29 60 by 1440 AMOLED display with an 18 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio because it's an AMOLED

Display the blacks are black and not gray like on LCDs the colors are also very vibrant maybe a bit over the top but man it's good looking if you're not very tech savvy you might not know what to benefit to AMOLED displays are so let

Me tell you their sin which gives the manufacturers more space inside of the phone there are also more energy-efficient which is the main benefit on smart phones as mentioned before the s8 has a rather unusual

Aspect ratio of 18 point 5 by 9 this means that the display is taller than the usual 16 by 9 aspect ratio that's a pro and a con it displays more information in application to which you scroll a lot like in social media and

Web browsing apps however when watching video you'll see some small black bars on the top and bottom of the display there is a button in supported applications which gets rid of those it does cross the image though so it's not

Perfect the essays has an always-on display feature which I really do like it lets you view things such as time date and notifications all without needing to unlock the phone also because it's an AMOLED display it doesn't

Significantly eat into battery life at all spec wise the new s8 is a beast it features the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SOC in US markets and their own Exynos 88-90 five internationally these CPUs are the best out there right now

There are not a whole lot faster than the old snapper than a 21 the main selling point with them is that they are 25% more energy efficient which plays a huge role in smartphones in terms of other specifications is featuring 4 gigs

Of RAM which is definitely enough although not as much as on the 1 + 3 T which has a whopping 6 games the s8 comes in only a 64 gig option which seems a little bit odd but thankfully they have kept the microSD

Card slot for expanding storage the s8 is also the world's first device to ship with Bluetooth fired on its main feature is streaming the same audio to two different speakers at the same time and a longer range if you're interested in

Bluetooth 5.0 watch mkbhd Sybilla you're on it the link is down below if not tell me in the comments down below as I might have forgotten to add it so with all these spec talk what does it translate to in real life

Well a heck of a performer touch with lag is completely gone which is great to see and overall the phone is smooth powerful and very responsive thumbs up speaking of TouchWiz which is now renamed to Samsung experience let's take

A look at its UI features speed and also bixby performance wise it's fast they have finally managed to eliminate the lag in Samsung phones and that's it for performance the UI has gotten a big purification so to speak

Now don't get me wrong it's still a sampling scheme on top of Android just not as obnoxious as the old ones I really like this change as it's just a lot cleaner as two big speed the voice features do not work yet instead we just

Get this card's overview very similar to Google now which I guess is kind of useful but but I've actually never gotten to using it I'll make a big view review as soon as the voice assistant works though features there is a bunch

So let's start to go over some of the cool ones as quick as we can all right the app jar can now be accessed by swiping up or down on the home screen the notification tray can be pulled down via a swipe on the

Fingerprint sensor this has to be enabled within the settings you can have multiple apps open at the same time by going to recent apps and clicking this button you'll then get to choose which other app you want to use and then

You're done the back and recent apps buttons can now be swapped you can change the background color of those buttons there is a secure folder which is like another installation of Android you can install specific apps store

Photos videos and other files that do not appear outside of the folder there's a performance mode which increases the maximum screen brightness by 10% the home button or should I say area on the screen is a lot like apples force

Touch home button it senses you pressing it and gives you a nice vibration which feels a lot like in normal click the home button can be pressed even though it's not displayed double-click the power button to open the camera if you

Purchase the deck station your phone can transform into a desktop computer those were just some of the features found on the s8 there is a lot more if you're interested in a video showcasing them all let me know in the comment section

Down below and while you're at it leave it like and subscribe if you haven't already the phone keeps last year's ip68 water resistance rating this rating means that the s8 can be submerged in down to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30

Minutes I would see this as a good sense of security that lets you use your phone near water without having to worry about it it's great to see them still packing the same rating even though the phone is crowned with

All that tech including the headphone jack camera wise the s8 has a very similar sensor to last year's s7 which had arguably the best camera of last year only beaten by the Google pixel this year Samsung includes similar

Software optimization of which the pixel uses which does render the s it's camera one of the best if not the best camera on a smartphone right now so I said let's take a look at some pictures taken on the s8 in auto mode and with no

Editing applied the estate also has a much higher quality font facing camera so let's take a look at some pictures taken on that as well the aforementioned 3000 milliamp

Hour battery might seem too small for such a powerful device but actually it's been lasting very well for me if you watched my 5 pros and cons video of the essay I said that the battery life was average but for some reason it has

Actually gotten a lot better it gets through a day of use without around 25 to 45 percent left that's with the brightness set to auto mode and the screen set to its native 29 60 by 1440 resolution as to charging the phone it's

Done via the USB type-c port and takes about one hour and 15 minutes not as fast as only one plus three T's – charge but it's still quick enough this old speaker on the SAT is bad it's easy to muscle when washing videos and

It doesn't get very loud the nor sound good the most optimal speaker system would obviously be two front-facing speakers however that is not a very Samsung II thing to implement so we're just going to have to live with a single

Speaker this year as well a feature which came right off the exploding note 7 on the s8 is the iris scanner this is the next level stuff it's quick and very accurate as long as you hold the phone correctly which is learned with use and

Yes it works at night in my personal usage the iris scanner is a backup I mostly use the fingerprint sensor but when my hands are wet or dirty I use the iris standard it's a feature I expect to see or at least want to see in many

Flashes phones moving forward Samsung advertises AKG tuned headphones included in the box and they're supposed to be worth $100 they have got a nice high-quality feel to them and to be honest I could see these things in

Stores for 100 bucks so the SX has something nailed it they sure have it's an all-around of a smartphone it looks gorgeous it's powerful and responsive the UI is much improved the screen is just the best

There is the camera is up to par with the Google pixel it's not even better and it packs a whole plethora of new features such as the iris scanner so there you guys go that was my review of the Samsung Galaxy

S8 let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below please do leave a like on this video or dislike if you didn't like it and if so tell me down below why and also please feel free to subscribe if you haven't already and

I'll see you guys in the next video peace

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