Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Hands On with the Best so far!

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
I'm here in New York City with the crazy
amount of people all with one purpose
and that is to get their hands on the
new Samsung Galaxy s8 and the s8 plus
after spending some time with it I think
this is going to be the phone to beat in
2017 and here's why so it's been a while
since I've picked up a phone and was
just blown away by it and these two
phones definitely did it these phones
are beautiful in person and I don't
think videos or pictures do it any
justice the first thing you'll notice is
just how tiny the bezels are all around
and Samsung is calling it the infinity
display is just ridiculous it's for sure
one of the nicest screens that I've ever
seen on a phone period it's Super AMOLED
so the colors are vibrant the blacks are
awesome and this is an HDR compatible
display so you'll be enjoy HDR content
from Netflix or Amazon Prime video the
aspect ratio is two-to-one similar to
the LG G 6 and that's why the phone is
taller but even with a slightly larger
5.8 inch display on the galaxy s 8 the
LG G 6 feels chunkier and less elegant
when you're holding it
both great phones though so if you want
to see a full comparison of these two
let me know in the comments section
below there is a larger model announced
and that is the galaxy s 8 plus which
has a whopping 6.2 inch display but
what's funny is that it's not much
bigger than the iPhone 7 plus with a
much smaller 5.5 inch display and the
iPhone is much wider the si+ really
impressed me because it does not feel
that large in your hands I prefer the
rounded update to the design for I think
it looks a lot better the galaxy s7 here
might be the last flat display that we
see on a flagship from Samsung and the
s7 edge and the si+ aren't too far off
in terms of size so Samsung really
nailed it here on the design of course
the glass back has its ups and downs and
the great thing about it is is that it
supports fast wireless charging but the
glass is slippery is a fingerprint
magnet and durability can be an issue
with drops and scratches even though
it's Gorilla Glass 5 but I'll probably
just put ad brand skin on it like I did
here with my galaxy s7 so I will leave a
link down below for you if you want to
pick one up for your s
there's not much to complain about here
since we get the same flagship type
features that we would expect like ip68
water resistance microSD card expansion
USB type-c with quick charge but my one
gripe is where they place this
fingerprint scanner they put it right
next to the camera on the back and I can
see this being very hard to reach and I
can see a lot of smudge camera shots in
the future with this placement I'm not
sure why they did this but it looks like
they're pushing people towards the iris
scanning and facial recognition for
unlocking maybe next time we'll see a
fingerprint scanner embedded in the
display right here on the virtual home
button area that would have been cool
even though they remove that home button
you still get haptic feedback when you
press it and if you press it a little
harder it feels like the entire display
is clicking it's kind of weird but it
feels a bit like forced touch on the
iPhone there are a few new software
features that are interesting on both
the s8 and the s8 plus the first thing
is that the interface is cleaned up and
the look of the software matches the
futuristic design and I'm digging it if
you just swipe up you enter the app
drawer and then you swipe down again it
closes it it feels fast and fluid thanks
to its new Snapdragon 835 processor with
4 gigabytes of RAM or the Exynos 88-90 5
depending on where you live there's a
dedicated button now on the left hand
side that is for the new AI assistant
called Bigsby it's even integrated into
the camera app to scan whatever you're
looking at to give you shopping results
it can learn what you do and what you
like over time so it will give you
suggested feeds and reminders on a
separate page I'm not sure why they
would include this along with Google
Assistant but Samsung says they can do a
lot more so I can't wait to try this
when I get this phone in a couple of
days my favorite shortcut to the camera
still exists but now you have to double
press the power button it's got that
same 12 megapixel camera that we've seen
nice and fast shutter and I'm sure this
will produce some crazy nice photos the
front-facing 8 megapixel camera gets
some auto focus improvements and you get
some fun snapchat like filters built
right in I can see some tweens loving
this feature and it could be fun what do
you guys think
I can't see myself using this the s8 has
a 3000 milliamp hour battery and the s8
plus has a 3500 milliamp hour battery so
I hope that is enough to get through a
full day but there is a choice to drop
the resolution to 1080p or below and
that's nice so you can get better
battery life I'll be too sure to test
all this and let you know so stay tuned
for the full review Samsung also
released a lot of accessories including
the new fast wireless chargers a brand
new gear VR with remote but the most
interesting accessory was the Dec stock
where this cool puck like stand can hold
your Galaxy s8 while charging it and
turn it into a Android desktop computer
and also giving you all kinds of ports
to go along with it I can't wait to try
one of these with the incredible looking
display the horsepower the camera
wireless charging water resistance the
new AI assistant and one of the most
beautiful designs that I've ever seen on
a mobile device I think this could be
the phone of the year
I love the Galaxy Note 7 so I feel like
this is an improved version of the note
7 hopefully without the explosions and I
can't wait to start using this as my
daily driver let me know what you guys
think of the s8 NSA plus in the comment
section below smack that like button for
more coverage of these two phones and
let me know what you want to see in the
future videos with the s8 and I will see
you guys in the next video

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