Samsung Galaxy S6 – White – UNBOXING [HD]

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys is my box in fire today today
I'm going to have a very very very
special unboxing for you today because
this a book thing is going to be based
on the new Samsung Galaxy s6 and this is
the 32 gigabyte version I purchased from
a coffin warehouse and it's a very very
good product because I've heard a lot of
things about it you know a lot of videos
and other videos that you should be
telling me that this is a really really
good phone reviews many other websites
like GSM arena for example they've been
saying that this phone is an awesome
phone and many other people you know all
my friends you know say this phone is s6
is let's go in to buy so this is a 32gb
model as you can see it has 32 gigabyte
internal storage on the side we have we
can see that it just says white pearl
that means that that's the color of the
phone at the back we have the function
of the first as you can see it has 4G
LTE and it has a 64-bit octa-core
processor and it has a 32 GB memory and
it has this really nice printer which
feels really really nice and you know
awesome but anyway let's just get inside
the box and we can see what's inside the
box because I guess that's what everyone
is asking about so inside the box as
we'd have to cover up but in case you
see there's a phone now this is not only
ordinary fernandes odeon for some
magical reason or the samsung galaxy s6
I think it's heard me cut to the side
okay let's just push out you will be
chopped inside this thing here I've
already actually opened this before
myself but this is kind of the real
boxing kind of thing because this is a
new so much I have now which I'm not
quite just gonna use you know randomly
so these are the manuals and it tells
you you know how you can use the SIM
card or you some card or whatever it's
very very you know handy little guide
let's put that back in there and
obviously inside your book you has your
us beads headphones and your Samsung
standard UK charge and the charge will
vary upon where you are in the EU or in
the US or whatever or in the world so
back to the flow now I really see this
phone is looking beautiful this phone as
you can see it has the Samsung logo at
the back on the sides it looks amazing
as you can see on the sides it looks it
has this nice kind of curves kind of
edge to it as the IR blaster has a
volume keys and on the bottom it has the
power buttons the volume rocker the
volume kind of speaker and these 3.5
millimeter headphone jack so I'll just
pop put the phone on you can clearly see
this nice bright something kind of you
know traditional display that sound
sometimes giving us since date you can
clearly see that this fern looks looks
kind of really amazing actually
you can clearly see that this phone is
the fur in which you know everyone will
be dying for and might probably just as
well be the phone of the year because
you know this phone looks amazing in
comparison with other zones and you know
has clock you has everything you know so
the butterflies for the moment is around
650 650 pounds I think it's been out but
you might get lucky to find it from
other sort of them gone for you for
about or eBay or whatever for rounds you
know 480 pounds but we have to make sure
that they are you know genuine suppliers
I'm going have to make sure that what
they're offering you is not blocked
rings or whatever but anyway this is my
book things of the Samsung Galaxy s6
32gb it's unlocked and that means
actually enjoyed sprint now without any
hassle or worse some code to put in or
whatever I can enjoy any SIM cards and I
hope mido studio guys don't forget to
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what a review of the Samsung Galaxy s6
so maybe those video guys let's go get
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very much bye

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