Samsung Galaxy S6: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on April 1, 2021

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit board with a look at the all-new Samsung Galaxy s6 perhaps the most exciting new phone from Samsung in quite a few years and it's a very important ones really here to kind of bring Samsung back to the forefront of a smartphone race with high-end specs and high-end design and quality so perhaps the biggest new story here is the design gone is the all plastic design of the previous generation now we have an all metal and glass design which also means we no longer have a removable back panel to swap off batteries or expand memory this also is no longer waterproof like the

Previous Galaxy s5 and on the front we have a stunning q HD display with a resolution of 1440 by 2560 good for 577 pixels prints that is a stunning amount of resolution to work with and the display definitely looks fantastic now both the front and back of the phone are covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which is more durable but still shatter prone so of course if you throw this on the floor or drop in on concrete you may break or shatter the screen so keep that in mind and you may want to wear a case but the great thing about having a glass back panel as opposed to metal is that

This can work with wireless charging in fact wireless charging is built right in and this worked with both wireless Qi and Power Man so this is kind of a true Universal wireless charging system also on the front you'll find an all new fingerprint sensor which uses imaging instead of a swipe gesture which works a lot more like the iPhone then we're gonna take a close look at this on the back we have a new 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization which is good for 4k video recording we also have our heart rate monitor returning once again on the front we have a five

Megapixel front-facing camera which can record in 2k resolution which is kind of unique now in terms of our internal specs we have a Samsung X and the 64-bit octa-core processor which combines two quad cores one clocked at 1.5 gigahertz the other clocked at 2.1 gigahertz we also have the mali t760 GPU built in in terms of storage because we do not have expandable storage we have three storage options 32 64 and 128 gigs we also have three gigs of ram across the board now in terms of our barrier that's at two thousand five hundred and fifty milliamp hours and again it is sealed in

Alright so let's go ahead and get to the unboxing here you can see the packaging is very different from previous Samsung phones no longer that woodgrain theme it's just a nice plain white box so we're gonna go ahead and slice these seals along the side all right so let's go ahead and pop the lid and inside is our galaxy s6 now it looks very familiar to other Samsung phones at least on the front but the big difference happens when you pick it up and handle it you can feel right away that nice glass and metal design very thin very

Lightweight very high quality and of course the berry is already in here so we don't the pop off any panel to install anything just slide the plastic off and we're good to go now we have a few more pieces of plastic covering the camera lens here and the heart rate sensor right next to it now before we take a detailed look at the phone let's get to our accessories here so we have our literature packet let's go and slide everything out here to see what we get so in my case I get a t-mobile Quick Start Guide we're also getting a galaxy s6 accessory guy

There's quite a few of them including a wireless charger and some cover accessories a little flyer for Samsung's milk music and milk video services health warranty and safety guy and recycling program for t-mobile and terms conditions return policy etc now in terms of our accessories we do get the new adaptive fast charger from Samsung which is fantastic this means you can charge the battery really quickly here Samsung says you can get about four hours out of a five minute charge and it takes a little more than an hour to completely charge your phone from zero

To full we also have our micro USB 2.0 cable this is just USB 2.0 there is no USB 3 like we saw with the last generation galaxy s5 now something we haven't seen very often with a Samsung phone is a sim ejection tool because we do not have a removable back panel we have to use this tool to eject our nano SIM also included with the galaxy s6 is Samsung's new set of in ear headphones these are very similar in shape to the ear pods from Apple but you do have replacement gel so you can kind of swap them out to find the right size but you do have an inline remote control and

Microphone alright so let's go and press the power button along the right side here to get it started so taking a closer look at the design of our galaxy s6 once again it's the same size as the previous generation 5.1 inches the big difference here is that qHD resolution which is quite stunning and again AMOLED gives you these bright vivid colors and deep relax so down here we have a new larger home button which also integrates that imaging fingerprint sensor it's a little more race here and feels a lot more tactile than before it feels really nice

Of course we still have our back leg off screen capacitive Android keys and we'll take a look at how those work up top we have our flush earpiece right next to that is the five megapixel front camera good for 2k resolution we also have our ambient light sensor and proximity sensor and we do have an LED notification light hidden in the bezel down below a milled into the metal frame of our phone is the headphone jack the micro USB 2.0 port no flap here to cover it up and no USB 3.0 we also have our microphone as well as the side facing speaker as opposed to the rear-facing

Speaker of the previous generation now just like unabomb the top also features those antenna insulators and at the center is an IR blaster for controlling AV equipment and then we have another microphone built in now mounted high on the left hand side are the independent vine controls which are nice and tactile and mounted farther down on the right hand side is the sleep/wake power button right above the nano SIM tray now along the backside like a lot of Samsung phones we have a protruding camera which is a little more pronounced here because of the flat

Surface area back here but again we have 16 megapixels optical image stabilization 4k video recording really nice camera we also have this nice flush Hartree monitor which includes the LED flash which puts out a really nice warm colors not dual tone there's a really nice natural light and I really want to talk about the design of the galaxy s6 starting with the small bezels along the side really nice narrow form-factor feels really comfortable in the hand looks really attractive everything is nice and symmetrical of course we have larger bezels at the top and bottom for

Things like our buttons and as well as our sensors and earpiece at the top everything of course just looks about right to me now the glass is also slightly curved along the edge here which means that the surfaces feel nice and smooth as it meets the metal frame the metal frame is slightly chamfered at the edge so you do get a little kind of a glint from the metal which looks really nice here and if you look along the side the the rounded edge is kind of blunted on the right hand and left hand side to give you a little more surface here at to grip the phone and to operate

The control so again a really nice subtle design but it makes a difference and on the back we have this nice smooth sheet of glass again also curved toward the edges which meets the chamfered edge of the metal bezel which really sharp here this glass is actually sort of pearlescent it's not just plain white here so it looks a little more interesting especially when the light hits it that works across all the colors that are available on this device you get that nice opalescent color both on the front and on the back again that just looks really simple elegant and

Well thought-out now quickly comparing the galaxy s5 to the galaxy s6 you can see the display is the same size 5.1 inches now the go6 is slightly taller with larger bezels at the top and bound just slightly to accommodate the larger home button toward the bottom but you can see the GS 6 is narrower with smaller bezel so the foam feels a little more comfortable to handle and certainly much thinner than the galaxy s 5 now at the top they've rearranged some of the sensors the earpiece is a bit larger and a bit lower and the camera module is no

Suite larger on the GS 6 for better low-light performance tour the bottom of the home bun is mostly larger which means we do get slightly larger bezels at the top and bottom compared to the previous GS 5 but the controls on either side are the same on the left side you can see the vine controls are in the same location but they're now split controls instead of a volume rocker now on the right side the power button has been shifted down a bit and they've added the nano SIM tray now on the top once again we have an IR blaster but they've relocated the headphone jack to

The bottom take a look at the bottom you can also see that we now have the speaker grille toward the bottom instead of on the back as we had with the previous Galaxy s5 and we no longer have that water type flap covering the USB 3 port now we just have a USB 2.0 port and on the back once again we have our protruding camera modules as well as the heart rate monitor which has been repositioned now when you first set up your Galaxy s6 you're prompted to set up the fingerprint scanner so let's go ahead and do that manually I'm gonna go right to our Settings panel I'm gonna go

To lock screen and security I'm gonna go to fingerprints I'm gonna use the finger I already set up here when I first set up the device and now we're going to add a new fingerprint so again the process is very similar to the iPhone and actually coaches you through the process as it images your finger I can also use your fingerprint for web sign-in or verify your Samsung Account now you will also need to establish a backup password were to require 6 characters with one number and one letter so we're all set to go just tap and hold the home button here scan your finger pretty quickly and

Unlocks it for you now for the most part it works in any orientation here sideways or vertically all right so let's take a look at our user interface so is Android flying for those skins with a new and improved version of TouchWiz now stays pretty close to the Android file design scheme here so it's pretty simple pretty flat nice and colorful it just looks really nice they've really simplified it and I think it looks much better than before although it's still pretty familiar TouchWiz here so you have your expandable notifications or

You can clear them all out and you can see your quick setting toggles right from the long train of course you can adjust your screen brightness and more now from that lock screen you can also swipe up to quickly launch into the camera as you can see it launches very quickly the camera is always on standby and ready to go you can also quickly launch into your phone dialer now the great thing here is that when you're on lock screen you can just double tap the home button to launch the camera so if the device is just locked and you want to quickly access the camera just double

Tap the home button again really quickly accessed so from the home screen we can swipe through our home pages you can swipe all the way to the right to get to our briefing which is powered by Flipboard so this is pretty familiar here it's new and the proof looks a little bit better but it basically aggregates all these new stories and you can modify them here so if you go up to settings you can turn off certain feeds here so if you don't want news you can turn that off if you want to modify what appears in these feeds you can select specific types of categories so if you

Want whether it is selected if you want Mideast news and that sort of thing and of course that extends to all of these categories now you can remove this if you do not want this here at all I have to do is pinch out here like so to edit to your home screens so if you want to remove this just uncheck it and it disappears now you can select which one you want to be the home screen by tapping the home icon just above it you can also just drag and drop these pages up to delete or you can add new pages now you can also change the screen layout here so you can go with 4 by 4

Which is here by default 4 by 5 or 5 by 5 to squeeze more onto each home screen this is also where we'll find all of our widgets so we can drag and drop these widgets to our home screen like so if we want or if you don't want them just take it up to remove we also have our wallpapers here and you can select whether you want your home screen lock screen or home and lock screen set and you can choose from your own gallery or select one of the preinstalled wallpapers we also have our themes and there's lots to pick from though this completely changes the icon pack the

Sound profile the fonts that sort of thing so you can go to the store to buy additional themes there's not a whole lot to pick from right now so for example if you want modern and simple you can select this theme download it it's free now I can directly apply this theme but what I want to do is show you how to access these seem so I'm gonna go to my themes so you can see all the themes you have available on this device and you can quickly access any one of them so for example if I want that purple theme just click apply so this completely changes

The entire design of the user interface from the folder icons to the folder layouts to the drop-down notification shade and coloring to the fonts and sounds and that sort of thing now personally I'm not a big fan of purple so let's go back to the default theme now I can jump to our home pages here you can no longer scrub to them using those little icons like you could with a previous version of TouchWiz now take a look at our drop-down notification shade you can see with a single gesture it brings down both your notifications and your quick setting toggles there's no

Two steps to it like there used to be if you remember used to be able to use a two-finger gesture to bring down all of your quick setting toggles and bypass the drop-down notifications now the interface is pretty familiar when you swipe to adjust your screen brightness it actually drops everything all the way so you can see your screen brightness changing you can also select Auto and more you also have s finder which will allow you to search the entire device which has been improved again here so if you just want to search for example let's go Android now that search is

Broken down by Settings Chrome my files and web search here or you can limit this by time category location if applicable and tags we also have quick connect which allows us to see wireless devices nearby that we can connect to such as printers televisions for mirroring or DLNA equipment for broadcasting our media or other Samsung devices where we may want to share content with now take a look at some of these quick setting toggles you can see we have power saving mode so this will activate power saving mode and you get two more controls by tapping and holding

On that icon here so you can start power saving mode that will tell you exactly what's going on we can also go back here to get back to where we were so we don't want power saving mode on let's just click that off of course we have airplane mode do not disturb here so if you don't want to turn off your notifications or if you want to change the behavior of Do Not Disturb again just hold on it takes you to that control panel and you could schedule do not disturb and allow exceptions and more we also have a handy flashlight toggle for turning on the LED light

Right from the drop down shade now I can also modify these quick settings by going to edit here now you're limited to a certain number of them so if you you can remove as many as you want but you're limited to how many you can ants you have to bump one of them out of your way but you can see the additional ones that are available such as screen mirroring smart stay which is returning once again ultra power saving mode which is a little different than the standard power saving mode NFC private mode and more so ultra power saving mode is kind of a limp home mode

We've seen this before here so you can see we get a very dim grayscale screen very simplified interface with only basic amps that are needed such as phone dialing messaging and internet browsing in terms of these Android navigation keys they have dual purposes so for example we have our home bug pretty familiar stuff hit at once takes you to the home screen you can double tap to launch into the camera you can also tap and hold it to launch into Google now we also have our recent apps here so we get that over here pretty familiar from stock Android 5 home so you can swipe

Them all way to dismiss them you also have a close alt button if you want now if you tap and hold on this this actually brings up the split screen view now it's a much simpler interface but you can select any app you want to open side-by-side so for example if I want Chrome here and Gmail opens one on the top one on the bottom and I can resize it like so and the active window is highlighted in blue so when I tap that circle I can actually act upon that specific window here so I can maximize this window to fill up the screen I can minimize it or I can copy text from this

Side to the other or swap them between the top and bottom like so or just close them by hitting the X so if I want to close it and just close out of the way now I can also get a pop-out view just by swiping from the upper right or upper left corner so you get this little window that you can move around and resize and a certain windows will only resize to certain ways here you can also tap this circle icon to again act upon it to copy text minimize the window maximize it or close it now if you minimize the window you get this little floating badge which hovers in the

Background here and you can continue using your device and bring this forward when you need it which works pretty nicely or if you hit the home button also also goes to this little icon view I can do this with up to 5 apps at once you're gonna 5 individual windows open at once and if you hit the home button they all minimize here or if you tap and hold on them you can actually take it up to remove to disable them or if you bring this forward you can also snap it up to the top here to maximize the window generally I'm really impressed by how

Well this all works together it's very smooth and quick and nicer libel definitely better than I've seen in the past now from within our recent apps you can actually pop out some of these windows just tap and hold on them and you get this little pop-up viewer alternatively you can also activate split screen view for apps that are eligible for pop-out or split screen view you'll see this little icon next to the close button which looks like two rectangles so if you tap that it will load the app into a split screen view up top and then you have to select another

One for the bottom here so you can either select one of the open windows or open up a separate app here so let's go ahead and select YouTube and we have our split screen view now I'll take a look at our new app drawer if samsung has been pretty modest here they haven't pre-loaded a bunch of samsung apps like they used to on previous generations they do give us some editing options up here I have to do is go up to edit and apps that are available for uninstallation or disabling are highlighted with this little icon up here so if you want to disable it or

Uninstall you can of course a bunch of apps are not eligible and unfortunately you can't hide them like you used to be able to do on previous versions of TouchWiz of course we also have folder in here and if you want a folder you have to be within the editing mode here so you can drag and drop on top of each app here and create new folders now you have options like changing the color of the folder like so basically just changes the outline color and of course you can change the name and if you just want to remove a folder just go ahead and remove it and takes everything out

Of the folder puts it back within the app for now you can also order these by alphabetically if you want so you start rearranging them just to go back to alphabetical mode put it all back into order in terms of our app selection of course we have a folder full of google apps we have some t-mobile apps that came with this carrier we also have some social apps that came pre-installed like whatsapp Facebook Messenger and Instagram we have some Samsung Apps like milk music and milk video we also have a nice file manager here allows us to break everything down by images video

Audio documents and more so a nice quick way of accessing all your storage we also have a folder with some Microsoft apps here including onedrive OneNote and Skype we also have an all new s health app this is where you can use your heart rate monitor for monitoring your blood oxygen level your heart rate and quite a few other things like UV as well so you can see your water intake you can manage here your stress level you can manage your height and weight how much how much you're running your activity level and everything like that is managed here you can also add additional items so you can

Add cycling walking hiking sports sleep food intake water and take as well as caffeine you also have goals programs and quite a few others here now if you want to measure your heart rate just go right here to click measure and just press your finger against the Harvey monitor lights up and we'll start monitoring your heart when you can actually see we now get live feedback which is kind of nice so I shouldn't see a fairly high heart rate here I can click save it to my history you can also measure your blood oxygen level again just use the heart rate monitor and will

Actually show you your life results Sam Tong is also thrown in this smart measure utility allows us to clean our storage and our RAM so if you want to manage your RAM here you can end specific tasks if you want I can also go to your value life here this allows us to see how much manner you have estimated left you turn on power saving measures we can see our device security settings as well as our storage also included is the peel smart remote control app which is really easy to set up again it uses that IR blaster on the top to control your AV equipment all I

Have to do is input your zip code your cable provider and your equipment and you can quickly access that equipment right from your phone so you have a remote control panel for your TV or your cable box and you can also switch between different rooms if you want to sell different rooms you can and which is kind of nice here so I can add a different room I can add different devices you can also just use your TV Guide here just tap on it click watch on TV and I'll actually send that code to the TV now the great thing about this app is that you have this perpetual

Widget within the drop down notification shade for quickly accessing your controls this also works from the lock screen so you can quickly access it from here as well or expand it out to get the full control now Samsung has been pretty good about not pre installing a bunch of its own apps like it used to on previous Galaxy phones but all of those apps that you're used to having on other Galaxy phones are available under the Galaxy store so for example the galaxy essentials category here on their exclusives will actually take you to all those apps that came pre-installed like

Optical reader kids mode altogether sightseeing 3.00 quite a few others car mode is here as well s note s translator and more now we also get a new and improved S voice a voice assistant and when you set the phone for the first time you're actually prompted to establish a wake-up phrase so this means you can command the device whether the phone is locked or not hi galaxy what's the weather like tomorrow in Rochester Hills Michigan hiding will be cloudy with a high of 56 degrees so as you can see you get this little pop-up that will disappear once you're done hi

Galaxy launch YouTube hi galaxy set an appointment for 8 p.m. to finish this video review ok here's your appointment would you like me to save it to your calendar cancel ok I'll leave it off your calendar I can also go up here to settings to modify the behavior of s voice here so you can turn off the wake up command or modify it you can change the language change the voice feedback and quite a few others now if you have our nice tricks about Samsung's TouchWiz interface one of them is ability to just swipe on the contact to either message them or directly call them or if you're

Looking at the contact or message you can just raise the phone through here and we'll call them right away now taking a look at our Samsung keyboard just happen hold this icon down here right next to the spacebar to get two additional settings one of them is a floating keyboard which you can move around and you can get back to the standard full keyboard if you want you can also resize the keyboard here by going to settings so all we have to do is adjust keyboard size and you can move it to whatever position you want whether you want a smaller keyboard or a larger

Keyboard not a huge range of motion here now let's take a look at our Settings panel here which has been redesigned and simplified but we still have these quick sending panels up here which you can modify you can add up to 9 right now I have 6 like 2 by default but of course you can add others up until you reach 9 of course you can also just search to yourself for example I've searched for display or Bluetooth if I on the search for and let's go ahead and say battery there we go you can jump right to our battery settings so these control panels are pretty basic of course we have Wi-Fi

Bluetooth airplane mode we have mobile hotspot and tethering which includes USB tethering we have data usage and you can say that limit and you can see which app is taking up most of your data we also have mobile networks so this is where we can set up our APNs we also have our NFC and payment so we can turn on NFC and with compatible apps you can pay with NFC we also have more connection settings includes printing mirror link download booster which you can turn on this will combine the power of both Wi-Fi and cellular to boost download performance

We also have Wi-Fi calling which works with certain carriers like t-mobile and you can select your default messaging app whether you want to use hangouts or the included at now their sounds in notifications you can actually select your sound quality you can use a damp sound which will automatically determine the best sound for you while you're on your headphones and will actually code you through that what else have sound a live plush which recreates the effects of rich surround sound which you can turn on and off again that only works over bluetooth headsets or connected

Headsets or it can use this tube amp amplifier which kind of simulates the soft timbre of a two amplifier which is kind of interesting we can also manage our lockscreen notification so if you do not want to see them on your lockscreen for increased privacy that's recent like that here and you could turn off the LED notifications now under display quite a few less options that we're used to having with Samsung phones so we do have smart stay which again monitors for the presence of your eyes prevents the display from going to sleep if you're looking at it but what's gone now is

Smart pause smart scroll and all those other things that have slowly disappeared over the years we also have a screen mode here so we have a damped display we have AMOLED cinema AMOLED photo and basic and I just go with a DAB display we also have motions and gestures which again have been simplified here so we have direct calls so basically if you're receiving a phone call and you place the phone to your ear automatically picks up for you we have smart alert so if you pick up the phone and you have pending notifications it'll vibrate mute if you place the phone flat

Or cover the phone with your arm hand I'll actually mute the phone call or a notification we also have palm swipe to capture so again you just swipe across the screen of course you have to turn it on in order for it to work to capture the screen grab under privacy and safety this is where we can match our location services and see what apps are using it we all sat private mode which we can turn on and off here that's also available from our drop-down jail although I don't have that toggle included here so if I go up to edit here you'll see private mode which you can

Quickly access but private mode basically allows you to hide certain apps under the private mode and you have to use your password or your thumb to access them now that only works with insert after that tells you which ones it works in like gallery video music the voice recorder my files and Internet so if we go to our fuller gallery here go up to more go to move to private this will place the item under private so when you turn off private mode that image will disappear here so let's go and turn that off you'll see that disappears in order to

Re-access it you'll have to enable private mode again like so and then authenticate and that image should reappear now we can also send an SOS message by triple tapping the lock button along the right side here really quickly now this has to be turned on it's not on by default here and you can set this up so you can designate a specific contact and you can have it attach a picture from both the front-facing and rear-facing camera as well as attach an audio recording this will also share your GPS location with that contact so hopefully they can track

You down so again just triple tap and it will send that message along we also have easy mode which is a simplified long term again I call this Grandma mode so if you enable this dramatically simplifies the interface and places all the major apps on the home screen here and can quickly add new apps or see all your apps you can also swipe to the right to add additional contacts again the interface is just much simpler and bigger and bolder so it's easier to use now in terms of storage you can see I have right now about 20 gigs available

To me the system takes up about 6 gigs of that and then I view space for some apps I've downloaded as well as 4k video and photographs have already taken now if you press the Vaughn controls along the side and press the Settings icon here you can independently control the vine for your ringtones your media your notifications and your system vine if you tap and hold the power button along the right side you can power it off go to airplane mode restart or activate emergency mode so let's go and activate that now emergency mode is kind of like ultra power saving mode this will tell

You exactly what's going on when you turn this on so within the emergency mode you can turn on your flashlight sound on alarm you can share your geolocation with an emergency contact you can bring up your phone dollar to make a phone call you can see your emergency contacts right up top you also have your internet browser you can also add additional apps that you're very limited here the Facebook Maps or Twitter so if you want to share your location with social networks that could also be helpful under an emergency situation then I can turn off your

Emergency mode manage emergency contacts or go to your settings under settings this is where you can manage things like Wi-Fi Bluetooth and more you can also place an emergency call specifically to 911 and we do not want to do that and you can see how much battery life we have left so with 54% it estimates about 12 hours and 41 minutes now taking a look at our camera African tap anywhere on the scene to adjust exposure and focus you also tap and hold to lock exposure and focus and tap to release it we can pinch in and out to zoom snap our photograph

Tap and hold to take a burst shot you can see it's pretty quick we can also record video right now I'm recording in 4k video which means I do not have the ability to snap photographs while I'm recording 4k but it's nicely balanced here we do have stabilization there is no software stabilization with 4k video but of course if you go to 1080p you'll get full software stabilization plus optical image stabilization but you can see the OIS does a really nice job here so we can click stop or pause to resume recording later of course we have lots of controls like effects HDR auto on or

Off you also have your timer mode you can turn off your flash tuner lan or set it to auto and you have lots of settings but you can change your picture size to 60 megapixels to the full resolution which is sixteen by nine which is nice we also have video size so you have Ultra HD qHD Full HD with 60 frames per second all the way down to VGA we also have tracking all the focus so you can turn on continuous all the focusing with tracking we have our good lines you could turn on you can turn on video stabilization if you're not in 4k if you also turn on your location tags you can

Review pictures every time you take them which I don't want to do here you have voice control so you can turn on voice control to operate the camera you can also use the vine keys so take a picture you can turn off the shutter sound reset settings to the default and more here so with voice control I can say shoot cheese record video we also have that front-facing camera so if you hold up your palm here I'll do a countdown and take your photograph of course you can also just say cheese does the same thing of course shells have all those controls here you have Beauty face here it does

Have continuous face recognition so while it's tracking your face it will soften the details of your face to be a little more flattering here and if you want to change the intensity here get a little scrubber on the screen I can also take a selfie with the aid of the heartrate monitor just press your finger on the heartrate monitor and release it to take your photograph we can also go up to settings here to change our resolution here so we have our front-facing camera which is good for 5 megapixels or our video which is good for cue HD which is really nice here you

Can go all the way down to VGA if you want we also have our mode selector so we have lots of options here so we have standard all we have Pro Mode which gives us man who controls over everything like white balance our eye so our exposure we have other modes for selective focus so what will happen here is that when you take a selective focus picture it will focus both the foreground and background subject and you can refocus them later with the editor now we have lots of other military at which you can move around and rearrange you can also

Download the additional modes here now one of them I did download was rear cam selfie but you also have sound shot beauty face and sport shot so not a whole lot going on here but you can see if you don't know what each mode does just go up to info gives you a breakdown of what each one is about now in terms of camera quality this is definitely the highlight of the galaxy s6 and perhaps the best Android camera I've ever used and that's right up there with the iPhone in terms of how reliable the results are I have to do is launch the camera snap a photograph and be able to

Get excellent images almost each and every time no matter what the conditions are so we have a quick AF mechanism here finds focus really quickly and accurately we have great color reproduction very sharp images and very minimal amount of processing noise we also get excellent low-light performance which is aided by optical image stabilization as well as the image processing engine in here which does a pretty nice job really showing the detail of the image without too much softening we also get pretty decent results with the LED flash so although

We don't have a dual tone flash the results look pretty natural this camera also has great depth of field and macro performance so you can get really close to your subject and stay in focus now video quality is also excellent here with 4k video and optical image stabilization so handheld video looks excellent this camera also does a really good job with exposure and we do have HDR with this camera well step continuous on the focus team which is very smooth and accurate so it's not disruptive and doesn't hunt around a lot when you're filming video so ultimately

The galaxy s6 has a superb camera system and a really user-friendly interface what's up guys Mike here the e Tory Borg testing out the front-facing camera of the new Galaxy s6 which now features a much larger F 1.9 aperture to let 60% more light into the camera the camera sensor itself also features 43% larger pixels for better low-light performance again we have 5 megapixels to work with and Q HD video resolution which is what I'm recording at right now us a really good quality camera here great color reproduction good exposure compensation pretty good audio pickup as

So definitely one of the best front-facing cameras I've used today now speaker quality has also dramatically improved from the galaxy s5 of course we have the speaker on the side as opposed to toward the back so there's less distortion here and without waterproofing I think they've been able to significantly improve the quality so let's go ahead and take a look at our new Geekbench three scores again we have that new 64-bit 14 nanometer octa-core exynos processor from Samsung's a pretty impressive results here on a pretty impressive processor now if we compare

This to the Snapdragon 810 in the HTC One m9 again pretty significant gains over that processor now if we compare this to the iPhone 6 the single core is higher but the multi-core score is much higher on the galaxy s6 now in terms of performs with a combination of high in internal specs faster three gigs of ram and a highly optimized version of TouchWiz operating on Android 5 panel and this is by far the smoothest and best operating Samsung phone I've ever used they've really toned down the software experience so it looks a lot better and moves a lot better these

System animations are smooth and quick and some of the more demanding aspects of the software actually work pretty well like split screen view and the multi window view which historically has never worked terribly well on samsung devices but they've really done a nice job here now in terms of very life I'm able to get about 20 hours of standby time here in the good three and a half to almost four hours of on-screen time which is what the screen set to maximum brightness so with no power saving measures whatsoever I'm able to get a

Pretty solid day out of this foam this is actually pretty typical for most phones this size though I really have no complaints about the battery life so in conclusion the G s6 is perhaps the most perfected Android device on the market today and certainly Samsung's best and they've really fixed two of the biggest issues Samsung has had in the past design and software both of those things have been pankley improved with this device so the combination of great design great materials a beautiful display fantastic camera system an operating system that

Has been highly optimized with high-end internal specs so everything moves smoothly and quickly and software that generally adds some useful new features of course a lot of people still prefer stock Android but I think Samsung has done a really nice job of improving TouchWiz so the Galaxy s6 is simply a phone I can highly recommend so that's gonna do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one

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