Samsung Galaxy S20 vs S20+ (COMPARING S20 vs. S20 PLUS )

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S 20 and s 20 plus r2 of Samsung's newest flagship phones boasting incredible specs and creating a lot of excitement bode seems similar at first glance but in fact have many differences beyond just a screen size so which is the better buy from differences

In price colors 5g capabilities camera abilities and more this video will look into the similarities and differences between these phones so be sure to stick around to make sure you buy at the right one

welcome back to the channel in this video we're talking about the galaxy s 20 plus and the galaxy s 20 and I want to compare them figure out what the

Differences are to help you decide which one's actually the better one to buy and I want to start off with the most obvious differences being the physical ones and of course the biggest one is the size so the galaxy s 20 plus has a

Six point seven inch screen while the galaxy s 20 only has a 6.2 inch screen so for some people that could be better for either away you could say you want a smaller screen fits in your pocket better you could say you want a larger

Screen for watching more media but interestingly enough they actually both have the same pixel count so they're both 3200 by 1440 which technically means that the pixel density is slightly better on the galaxy s 20 but

Realistically you won't notice that when you're watching videos they both have excellent displays they're both very bright very vibrant and they really are you know classic Samsung displays now of course some of the similarities here

They both have this exact same center hole punch camera on the top they both have the in display fingerprint sensor they both have the same button is the same pretty much everything on the phones looks very similar until we get

To the camera bumps on the back now they both have the same three main shooting camera so the ultra wide the wide angle and the telephoto exactly the same cameras but the galaxy s 20 plus has those two depth cameras which enable you

To do several things I'll talk about later on in the video but that's really the extent of the physical differences after that you'll see that you can't tell anything different when looking at these phones now the battery life is

Also a difference with these phones so the larger phone here the s20 plus actually has a 4500 milliamp hour battery and I'll test that out in a minute to see how long it actually lasts and then we have right here the S 20 has

A four thousand milliamp hour battery so you lose 500 milliamp hours but the screen is significantly smaller so how does this actually compare when it comes to screen time let's test that out so for this test we will max out the

Brightness and turn off a of brightness you can see what the battery levels are at right now and when we go into settings I'll turn on 120 120 Hertz for both of these and again they have very similar settings so in YouTube

I will just find a walking tour video we're gonna play this for about one hour and see how the batteries actually change so off the bat 6:34 am ninety-five percent on the last 20 and 84 percent on the s 20 plus so now the

Only thing we have to do as you can see similar settings the only thing we have to do now is just wait for the hour now I made sure that no ads came on and these were both playing exactly the same videos for this entire time so that the

Screens were really going through exactly the same test so then after one hour I paused the video and checked the battery and you can see that they both dropped exactly 11 percent which means that you really shouldn't be expecting

Any different performance between these phones with regards to battery you'll also notice that the camera bump is only slightly larger on the galaxy s 20 plus but it doesn't stick out any farther so they have essentially the same camera

Wobble when you set it on a table and it wobbles back and forth the next big difference that everybody will notice almost immediately is the price difference so the galaxy s 20 plus is an extra 200 dollars coming in at $1,200

Compared to the thousand dollars that you'll be spending for the galaxy s 20 so talking about the depth sensing camera what can you actually do with that now if you go into AR zone with an app that's on here augmented reality is

Really what it's based around you'll see that they both have both phones have capabilities for like an AR emoji you can have AR doodle when you draw around in free space they have quick measure quick measures pretty much equally

Inaccurate for both of them I don't really use it for much because it tends to be wrong most of the time and then as you go down you'll see that really the only difference in all of these is the 3d scanner that you have with the galaxy

S 20 plus so it could be fun to use this let's try it out right now and scan my cactus so what we want to do in AR zone is go to 3d scanner and say ok get started and you want to have a non reflective object and it needs to be on

A surface that has a very definite base so this carpet works just fine and then this pot is not reflective so it definitely works and all you to do then is tap on the little cube there and it will start scanning so

Let's go around and scan this cactus so overall this did a pretty good job it has definitely the right shape and color of the pot and the cactus itself except I think it got a little bit weird about the spikes and the cactus so the

Resolution on this is not perfect of course the pot itself doesn't really especially look great either but if you're trying to scan like a 3d object and send it to somebody else that you want to I don't know communicate ideas

Maybe if you're in some kind of like engineering project this baby could be useful for that otherwise it could just be fun to like scan each other's faces maybe I think that would be a fun thing to do with

This but I can't say it's especially useful and for me at least I don't know that alone is worth the extra $200 3d scanning however it is not the only thing that the depth sensor is used for now if you open up your camera and go to

Live focus or live focus video you'll notice that this is actually a pretty significant difference as well so if we go into just live focus photo right here and if you're taking a picture of a face they both use digital detection of the

Edges on a face they know to face pretty much should look like and they're able to blur the background behind the face now if you're taking a picture of something that is not a face for example galaxy buds right here then you'll see

That if I take a picture of holding the galaxy buds the s20 plus is able to identify that they're close to the camera and detected they are the subject so both my hand and the galaxy buds are in focus and the background is blurred

And I turned both of these up to maximum blur on live focus view so it should look like this now if we look at the galaxy s 20 you'll see that this is not the case in fact it wasn't able to detect the subject it obviously focused

On where I tapped in the middle but it wasn't able to find the lines and blur the background then you might notice that the background is somewhat blurred not nearly as blurred as we expected and that is actually just the natural blur

Of the large aperture on the main camera so f 1.8 on the camera means that you're gonna have a pretty large compression there so the background will become blurry and things farther away will be even more blurry a big technical

Difference that I haven't talked about yet is actually the 5g between these phones so if you're buying this phone and you live an area that it has 5g your phone plan has 5g then you definitely want to know

This difference so there are two types of 5g there's the sub 6 gigahertz range which is slightly faster than LTE it's on the order of maybe 20 percent faster than good LTE and that's kind of on a good day it's not always faster and then

The other side of 5g is actually the millimeter waves which are the ones that are significantly faster you can have like one and a half gigabytes download speed and just ridiculous numbers when you're working with that now this is the

Difference the galaxy s 20 only has the sub 6 gigahertz 5g whereas the s 20 plus has both versions of 5g capabilities which means that if you want the best speeds you really will have to be getting the s 20 plus and that's really

A big difference if you live in an area that has very fast 5g and as 5g starts to roll out more in the next year or two it could be a pretty big game-changer between these two models another difference is actually the colors

Available for these phones so depending where you look I know Best Buy has the s 20 plus in aura blue but they don't have the s 20 in that color and then if you go on samsung's website they actually say that you cannot get cosmic black for

The galaxy s 20 but you can get it for the s 20 plus and on top of that you may or may not be able to get cloud pink on the s 20 plus so depending on where you are check out the colors I'll put a link in the description to where you can buy

Them if you want to go see the latest colors because sometimes Samsung has been known to add more colors maybe like a month or two months after release so this is subject to change so when it comes down to it which is actually the

Better phone to buy now these are both very similar in almost every regard but the big difference is of course are the size of the screen the extra depth sensing cameras the 5g and the extra features on board that you get with the

S 20 plus so if you're looking for the better value obviously saving $200 for a couple features that are you know the really fringe features that most people might not even use makes a lot of sense but I think a lot of people buying

Flagship phones aren't necessarily looking for the best value if you're looking for the absolute bang for your buck you probably be looking at like the pixel 3a or something along those lines

Now people that are looking at flagship phones generally want a larger screen the best cameras and everything of that nature so it could be a tie it really comes down to what's more comfortable in your hand in in your pocket for me I

Would say I like the galaxy s 20 plus the larger screens very nice to have and I have fairly large hands so it works out pretty well and having the ability to connect with the millimeter wave 5g is pretty cool although I will say I

Probably won't be using the depth sensing cameras all that much now if you have smaller hands I think you're really not missing out on a whole lot by going with the galaxy s 20 the regular one so that would be my recommendation to you

So comment down below let me know which one you like better and why this was a relatively brief comparison because these really are pretty similar phones so I hope you found this helpful if you did please remember to like and

Subscribe thank you all guys for watching I'll see you in the next one you

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