Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra & Z Flip Impressions!

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

It was up guys everything Apple Pro here I'm here at Samsung unpacked hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S twenty series of the ultra 20 plus and most of the advancements this year round are in the camera and in the display and actually my first time hands-on with the device I

Like that it's not particularly wide here it's wow it's quite a big phone though so the form factor is definitely way bigger here and let's see if we can turn on the 120 Hertz display so it's on standard right now and that's how it's

Going to be by default you actually have to go in and enable the high refresh rate so you have to take the resolution down in order to get there full HD and sixty Hertz actually it's not as noticeable as I thought but

oh wow no no it definitely is even just going in between some apps here we set a brighter wallpaper I mean not to say the old one is bad or anything but it's just that much smoother it's basically eye

Candy every single time you scroll it and it's a shame that it's not enabled by default but you got to understand the battery life is gonna take a huge hit because of it all right so here's the lineup pretty much the iPhone 11 is not

Really competing with any of these actually the s 20 and s 20 + or what the 11 Pro and 11 and Promax are and the s 20 ultra is what the new 6.7 inch iPhone in 2020 would be so this lineup is so futuristic it's not even competing with

Apple's 2019 lineup on the same spectrum anymore aside from just these two I'm really excited to use this thing for a little while in my life 5g will be a game changer as well as the new space zoom and they definitely took cues from

Apple made it a lot beefier so obviously you want the battery life to hold up if you're going to be using it in that 120 Hertz refresh rate mode which of course is amazing but they kind of hide that away they don't make it super apparent

From the beginning so this is where it's going to be normally just like the s10 it's still great but just that little bit of little bit of eye candy is present a 120 Hertz funny that the iPhone 11 is as big as their smallest

Galaxy s 20 phones have certainly gotten taller not as wide the 11pro is now officially a small phone compared to new ones I definitely really like how thin they are how not very wide it's a much more

Comfortable phone to hold one-handed operate one-handed especially with the proper case which I'm also very excited about let's go ahead and see the rebel series case on it so this is obviously a 3d prints from the leaked CAD models but

Actually wow that's not bad at all and fits very nicely so we're gonna actually drop these ridges down to make it a little bit more comfortable here but not bad patented design we have a several finished choices here but that is

Seriously quite a fit I like this a lot more than I thought I would damn that's beautiful man so the ridges actually work really nice and this one you're still gonna have a very smooth area to scroll with here you

Got face down protection I'm honestly surprised at how well everything matches up okay that's awesome it worked so this is a size comparison of the standard galaxy s 20 next to the iPhone 11 not technically competitors

This is out of the price League here starting at $1000 in the 5g configuration but you do get a little bit more flexibility in a camera section and obviously you're getting a little bit more for your money it's a more

Advanced smartphone it was produced later and wow it makes the display on the xi look antiquated that's amazing so very slim bezels and the chin doesn't bother me as much as I thought it's actually considerably smaller from the

Smaller generation and oh man ignore the cracked screens but essentially from the s10 II you're going straight to the standard s 20 smaller bezels all around more display not as wide of a phone so certainly more

Comfortable to hold and with the perfect case set up either patacas here you're definitely going to get a very beautiful fit and here's the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra next to the s 20 + i love what a 180 they did in a design essentially

Went from this horizontal camera layout to this massive platter and comparing that to apples triple camera setup here it makes it look small it makes it look a tiny that's crazy to say when this was still in development it looked nuts now

This is the standard this is the norm here there's no space zoomtext that's visible or it's extremely hard to see actually I'm shocked that I don't even see it so you really have to see some bright light on it in order to actually

Make it out nothing like how discernible it is in the actual renders so don't be afraid of that it's going to take a little getting used to in the periscope zoom I like others depth there so obviously is going to be very hard to

Get any camera samples but let's check out that zoom here so we got ultra wide standard a five times zoom and then we can go to 20 so that's just for video and 100 times zoom oh man it's pretty blurry obviously

I like how there's a little viewfinder there you can get disoriented and get lost when you're zooming and that makes it easier to see where you're focusing on very very cool I also like how smooth it is now shifting between the cameras

So they copied Apple on that it'll show you the actual transition into the zoom phase you're going into that's freakin awesome okay you are getting the new snapdragon a 65 here and you know it's quite an

Upgrade over the s10 of course 5g connectivity by default the blue let's compare those so it's more of a note 10 color here I like that they dropped the Samsung down below makes it look a little bit cleaner here less text but

Overall very very good impressions here best twenty-plus is of course the direct successor to the s10 plus and these are actually quite similar I like the little design curve that they took from the note 10 series here no

More headphone jack of course looks good I think they're in different leagues of technology already this is going to be some very harsh and tough competition for Apple I really hope that they do adopt the new 120 Hertz display of

Course it's getting 5g and later this year with the new iPhone 12 and we don't know what's gonna happen to the notch but I really hope they take some cues from Samsung and start reducing that overall those some fantastic competition

From Samsung alright so quick hands-on with this device of course it is the future of mobile computing and you can assume that there will be a lot of copycats following Samsung's direction I really

Love what they've done they've managed to innovate in a space where a lot of the good ideas are already taken and it's combined the best of technology a 108 megapixel shooter 120 Hertz refresh rate display bigger batteries 5g

Technologies I mean this is a very exciting smartphone way more excited for this one than the s10 when it came out and of course I actually will want to use this for a little bit in my day to day I'm excited

Alright so Samsung's got a winner on their hands let's see how it unfolds and here we have the samsung z flip so the nostalgia oh wow style juh is coming back here with the flip phone form factor that is actually very cute I

Could see why Samsung's so proud of this the bezel is not bad at all it's a fun fun little take on the flip phone in the modern day and age so as you can see it's an absolute fingerprint magnet but the color man it's really great and

Here's that gold one which also looks pretty cool you have this little tiny display here which is interactable that is so adorable so you double tap on the side to open the camera there you have a little snapshot of yourself

I like how adorable it is very very cool this works like I could see this being very popular just because of how normal it seems it's not crazy the only problem is how many times will you open this

Thing before it fails like this does need to be tested for durability and there is a case in the box but I feel like there's a golden opportunity here to make a really cool version also compared to the old galaxy there's that

Comparison obviously a lot less screen estate it's very very similar in design just sleeker and the first foldable phone with a hole-punch display up top here which works fingerprint sensor on the power button here maybe in the next

Generation we'll see one embedded in a foldable glass screen that'd be something but I like this so so much man sampling really has a homerun here with this phone that's very sleek it feels so great very satisfying to click it has a

Little vibration to it although obviously you can see the crease that's something that you're not going to get away from with this kind of technology and that's perfectly normal if it does survive the 200000 advertised open and

Folds then I think that's perfectly adequate most people keep their phone about two years and I should sustain you it within those two years curious to see what the warranty practices will be but Samsung is also very proud of the hinge

Inside of here very intricate they've used everything they've learned with the original Galaxy fold and improved upon it and it's very apparent I seriously like this thing so very much it really goes beyond just the traditional candy

Bar format of smartphones so when you're taking a picture look at that in a folded mode it'll actually show you a cropped version that's so cool so even do a time-lapse like this this enables you to do things

With a camera that you normally wouldn't be able to I love it I love the ingenious thinking here it's so cool alright guys so there it is that's Samsung's new lineup including the new Z flip which is awesome I really like this

And you can expect some follow-up videos as we receive the devices got some exciting ones plans I love the future you know I remember dreaming about a foldable phone we knew that Samsung has been working on it for years but to

Actually see it and experience one that I would realistically use in my life is seriously awesome the future is great Samsung has a lot of winners here today cool thanks for watching guys stay tuned for the next one

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