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by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey guys Anton the tech Jackman that was my attempt at a cool intro transition thing but anyway I'm here with this guy the brand new Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra been using a for a few days I want to give you guys my sort of extended first impressions having used it for a little

Bit but you may be wondering why I'm not giving you my full review just yet because some people are posting their full reviews but there's a couple of reasons and the first one is actually slightly annoying because I spent all of

Yesterday traipsing around my local towns to get some really good photos on this the iPhone 11 pro in the pixel for excel for an awesome camera comparison but then I saw the news that apparently Samsung will be updating the camera

Firmware on this in the next few days it's already available in Korea but I don't want to create a video that is out of date as soon as I post it or even worse give you guys the wrong impression of this phone and also how it compares

To the other sort of top-end flagship phones so I'm gonna scrap that and do it again when the update is live and it does kind of call into question people who are posting their full reviews that this camera right now is not quite what

It's going to be when you guys actually go and buy it and use it for yourself in a good way they're hopefully going to improve the autofocus and also I found there's some issues with its softening faces particularly in portrait mode and

Especially when you use the ultra wide lens the other reason is battery life because when the pixel 4xl came out and pixel for initially everyone was saying how terrible the battery life is and it's true it was especially at launch

And it's still not great now but crucially it did get better over time I probably get an extra two and a half hours from my pixel now than I did six months ago or whenever it came out and it's the same with the s20 ultra or

Really any modern phone and you can see here I've seen their battery settings and the device care if I tap on battery it says learning usage pattern so over the next few days weeks and probably even months the battery will keep

Getting better and that's why along with the camera update and also just because I'm getting used to using it I want to hold off on my full review so after that pretty long and rambly intro what's it actually like using the s20 ultra well I

Can tell you for a star that I've switched from my pixel 4 XL which I have been using as my main phone for the past prepare for the past few months to the s20 ultra because it is pretty much across the board

Better phone we get a bigger 5,000 milliamp hour battery we got a new processor I've got 12 gigs around here 128 storage and also a stunning 120 Hertz 6.9 inch AMOLED screen which is just stunning whether you're watching

Movies YouTube videos or you just sort of browsing around and enjoying that smooth motion I think it's probably my favorite screen on any phone right now so let's talk about that high refresh rate what does it actually mean well if

You've ever used a high refresh gaming monitor then you pull have a good idea but essentially the screen refreshes itself 120 times per second as opposed to 60 times per second on a regular 60 Hertz phone and so whether you're just

Browsing around like this you're opening apps everything feels a lot smoother it really is a big difference and while the compromise right now on this is that you can't use the full wqhd plus resolution at 120 Hertz between the two I would

Always go for the higher refresh rate it's much more noticeable than the extra sharpness you get from the resolution now what's interesting is that when we look at other upcoming phones like the oneplus 8 for example they're teasing

That we'll get the full res and 120 the best of both worlds so maybe something's holding that off for the note 20 perhaps but also there was a good reason for in this battery life because from my testing so far the difference between 60

And 120 it knocks off about 25% of your battery and while the five thousand million power cell on this is actually relatively very big for a phone with that huge screen at 120 Hertz the battery life is pretty good but not

As amazing as you might think I have heard though that Samsung is planning to release an update for this which will dynamically adjust between 120 and 60 Hertz a bit like the pixel dos from 90 to 60 depending on your

Battery life so that's e that would be a welcome change because you shouldn't have to jump into the display settings to change that yourself that should hopefully come soon speaking of gaming them well I don't

Think this is you know the ultimate the best gaming phone in the world I think the Asuza ROG phone 2 still holds that title because of its air triggers and its range of accessories although the s20 is more powerful with the new

Processor and graphics but playing something like call of duty mobile on this just looks absolutely stunning as I say that huge 6.9 inch screen and to get technical just for a second we've got UF s3 storage we have Samsung's brand-new

Much faster lpddr4 my ram this is the first phone to come with that we also have the new processors that 125 screen Android 10 Samsung's 1 UI 2 that combination of the hardware and the software this is

Probably the most powerful phone in the whole world right now although I guess you probably expect it to be for 1,300 quid unlocking the s20 is pretty much the same as before we get the same ultrasonic fingerprint reader as the

Note 10 plus which is fine but I was hoping we'd seek welcomes new 3d sewing max we do which they unveiled back in December and then we have face unlock but there's still no IR sensor so it's definitely slower and less reliable in

Low-light or at night with both though it is worth registering your face or finger twice for better accuracy one thing I had to turn off straight away though was Samsung daily their little newsfeed thing to the left of the home

Screen it takes a few seconds to load every time and it's kind of annoying I wish it was the Google news feed instead but you can always just pinch in and then tap a little toggle at the top right to turn it off I think my favorite

New feature though and really it's just because of Android 10 is the improved gesture so previously if you wanted to go back you'd have to swipe up from the bottom corner but now you can swipe in from the edge to go back and we've got a

Huge screen like this just being able to swipe in from anywhere to go back is very useful in terms of the actual design I can't say I love it it does look a bit industrial the ultra comes in either black or there's very boring gray

Color so they're both kind of dull actually and then we have this massive camera module dominating the back I mean it's functional and I always appreciate that function of a form but it's not the most beautiful looking phone I'd love

One of those alright colors that we got on the previous phones but I guess if you put a case on it then who cares anyway but when you pick it up for the first time you really do get a sense that this

Is a big phone and also it's pre chunky as well as 8.8 millimeters and it weighs about the same as the iPhone 11 pro max although we are getting a much bigger screen here actually for the similar way but from the front it's absolutely

Stunning as I say with those super thin bezels the title hall punch there which is smaller than it was on the note M plus and also the curved screen which is something a lot of people either love or they hate sometimes it can cause harm

Rejection issues on all the phones the curved screen isn't as pronounced as it was on the S 10 or the STM plus for example but overall I think as the YouTuber cliche goes it feels good in the hand although it is pretty slippery

So I would definitely put case I may be a pop sucker on this which actually would definitely help with the size as well this is also 5g and it supports dual SIM cards with the second SIM card tray acting also as a micro SD

Card tray if you prefer to expand the storage which actually this is one of my little gripes about this having 128 gigs of storage for the base model of the Ultra seems very stingy to be honest but if you do have very deep pockets then

You can buy the highest spec model with 16 gigs of RAM and 512 storage first impressions of the camera well it's good as you'd expect but it's not quite as amazingly out of this world as well maybe in a space zoom or Samsung

Some marketing may be led me to believe although as I say I did can an entire camera comparison video as I'm waiting for that update so I will revisit that properly for my full review when we have the update we have the standard main

Lens we have the ultra wide we had a telephoto with up to 100 times digital zoom as well as a 3d time-of-flight sensor which helps give you more realistic bouquet blow in portrait shots and also helps with

Augmented reality plus we get a 40 megapixel front-facing selfie camera so you've probably already seen a billion videos on the s2000 things that stood out for me and the first thing I noticed was that I couldn't find the portrait

Mode of life focus in the camera app usually it's right there but actually they've hidden a bunch of the camera tools in the more tabs then you can add remove and move around all different camera modes so the Ultra HD has a one

Hundred eight megapixel main camera but by default it uses something called pixel bending to combine nine pixels into one so you end up with a reasonably sized a very high-quality 12 megapixel image but what you can do is if you tap

The little aspect ratio icon on the top you can switch that to the full 108 megapixels if you want the high resolution it's the same thing with the front camera actually if you go up to the aspect ratio you can then also go to

40 megapixel if you want that full resolution selfie all the f-22 can now shoot 8k video which is pretty crazy actually although on the downside is it's only at 23 frames per second so it's a little bit jittery the

Stabilization isn't very good and unless you're mr. moneybags with an 8k TV where you can then cast it to and watch it fully back natively there's not a whole lot of reason to do that yes you could downscale it but i think

Okay it's just easier when it comes to file size the best ability but a processing we'll see maybe updates will improve it as well and is a very cool concept one of the big features though and unique to the ultra is this 100

Times space zoom so we got four times optical zoom a ten times hybrid zoom and then even up to thirty times it still looks pretty good but then you can just go for a whopping 100 times and I mean it is impressive that I can even barely

See that with my eye but the image itself is so low quality in kind of almost like cartoon like I don't know why it ever actually end up using that unless you try and look at what gate your flight is and the departure board

And you're about half a mile away from it something like that but up to thirty times even up to fifty times actually is very impressive on this the hundred times thing canopy gimmick I don't know why aim was going to use that and so

Actually for a few reasons I'm kind of thinking that the standard s22 even the s twenty plus may be the better option because well this is a huge phone and I think a little bit uncomfortably big for a lot of people the s 20 and 20 plus are

Cheaper more compact yes it doesn't have that space zoom but I don't think anyone really needs that but we still get similar specs 120 Hertz screen having said that well I do think hundred times is a bit of a gimmick there are a few

Reasons why you may want to go for the ultra and not least the screen size if you want a bigger screen for working for multitasking for having a more immersive video or gaming experience than there's nothing really quite like this and also

The five thousand milliamp hour battery while obviously it does have to deal with that bigger screen I think we will get better battery life on this versus the other phones and finally we have that 108 megapixel main lens and the 40

Megapixel front facing camera if you do want the absolute best and possible and money is no object then I think the s20 ultra is definitely it so make sure you do stay tuned for my full review coming soon as well as my all new camera

Comparison once the update comes through for this of course there will always be new updates for all the phones but I think it's only fair to judge the camera with the software that you guys would be using with the retail model of when you

Actually buy one for yourselves relevance or pre-release software which then doesn't really mean anything once it gets updated so make sure you have subscribed and stay tuned I hope you enjoyed this site more chatty definitely

More long-winded video let me know if you did below and also hit that subscribe button thank you so much for guys and see you next time right here on the tech chat

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