Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Hands On: Critical mass

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey it's Joshua for Gaara what's going on everybody and here we are let's get into it the Samsung Galaxy S 20 line we have the s 20 the s 20 plus and the s 20 ultra I'm not gonna lie taking a look at these phones really makes it seem like we're hitting critical mass when it

Comes to our high-powered smart phones as usual with Samsung there are so many things to talk about all at once in this case we have three different versions of the galaxy s 20 line now of course s 20 is a leap from s 10 and that leap is

Going to entail a number of upgrades to what you might have already enjoyed in last year's phone across all three of these phones you're going to get certain features on these smaller versions and then way more features on the ultra

Version so let's go through some of those specs real quick the screens are 6.2 inches six point seven inches and six point nine inches respectively and all of them are quad HD plus resolution with 120 Hertz refresh rate screens you

Can get right into the settings and force the 120 Hertz and you'll see it across the OS and you should be able to see it in some games as long as they support that higher refresh rate that high refresh rate is also backed up by a

240 Hertz touch sensor so that touch latency especially in some of your favorite games is as low as possible you'll also see that the top of the screen still has that little hole punch it's just a single camera on the front

Always dead center at the top and as far as the different specs are concerned you get a 10 megapixel front-facing camera on both the galaxy s 20 and s 20 plus while the galaxy s 20 ultra gets a whopping 40 megapixel front-facing

Camera obviously when it comes to handling the S 20 is going to be a little bit easier to use just in one hand but the s 20 plus is no slouch either it's still pretty easy to use it's the S 20 ultra that starts to feel

A little bit too much but then again there's so much going on under the hood and especially as you can see with that rear camera also one thing to keep in mind is that the special colors for the galaxy s 20 line only really come on the

S 20 and the S 20 plus the s 20 also has now a cloud pink version while the S 20 plus has a cloud blue version on the galaxy s 20 ultra you only get the black and grey versions maybe if you get the s 20 ultra you'll want to customize the

Phone in my case I was lucky enough to already have the D brand grip case with the new limited edition robot camo skin looks really dope on this phone actually it's not just available for the s20 ultra it's available for all three

Phones the robot camo is a limited release so if you do want to check it out I got links in the description so before we get to all of the different cameras on these different phones let's take a look at some of the

Specifications underneath the surface the base model for every single variant will be twelve gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage however you can also go up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage on the s20

Ultra so you can probably argue that every single one of these phones will be great gaming machines not only because of that high amount of RAM but also because you are able to lock applications in the memory you can lock

Any application in the memory but imagine this for games you could play a game for a few hours on ends and then come back to a days later and you're still where you left off I'm sure this will make a lot of people happy the

Galaxy s 20 ultra has a five thousand milliamp hour battery while the s 20 plus has 4500 and the s 20 has 4,000 plenty of power in these phones that can all take twenty five watt charging but the galaxy s 20 ultra can actually get

Up to 45 watt charging if you get a special charger for it so these are all specifications that you're probably expecting from Samsung for their latest device however in the sense that we are hitting critical mass really on the

Bleeding edge with these phones every single version of the galaxy s 20 is now 5g capable so you're also future proofing yourself if you get one of these phones and then finally you have Samsung one UI which is still pretty

Familiar if you have current Galaxy models but there are a few extra features in here that we'll dive into in the full review for example Spotify integration in bigsby routines and the fact that Google duo is now integrated

In parts of the operating system like the phone app also something that is exclusive to these galaxy s 20 devices is the ability to stream and do video calls at Full HD resolution in google duo so there shouldn't be any

Performance issues no matter which phone you end up getting what matters are the little bits and pieces that might be different among all three versions of course the first thing you'll notice is that on the back you have a large camera

Humppa now these are rectangles on the back of every single device and the galaxy s 20 ultra has the largest of the bunch but it also protrudes out of the phone a little bit so you might want to be careful about sliding this phone

Across tables especially if you're not using a case but let's go ahead and talk about those cameras you get something a little bit different in each and every phone and we'll start with the galaxy s 20

Ultra it has a quadruple camera setup where the main sensor is actually a 108 megapixel camera the 108 megapixel camera on the s20 ultra provides a few really tangible benefits for example some crazy pixel bidding can be done on

Here because that 108 megapixel sensor can group nine whole pixels together four pixels as large as 2.4 microns and your final results will be a super pixel band 12 megapixel photo you do get a 12

Megapixel ultra wide camera which is a great along with a time-of-flight depth camera but then that big one on the bottom there is a 48 megapixel telephoto lens that provides 10 times optical zoom on top of all of that you can digitally

Make that a hybrid zoom to 100 times it's not something we haven't seen before but now it's on a Samsung device so I'm curious to hear how all of you feel about Samsung doing this and then if you go into the settings you'll see

That there is 8k recording as well one cool thing about 8k recording aside from the fact that these are just super high resolution videos that you can record is the fact that you can use something called 8k video snap that can turn a me

Of your videos into 33 megapixel photos and then there's also a new mode called the single take mode where basically you just let the camera record something for 10 whole seconds and then it will extract a number of different final

Products from that 10-second clip as far as photos are concerned you can get things like AI best photos ultralight photos live focus photos and smart crop photos all from just that 10-second video and then on the video side you can

Keep the original 10-second clip but it will also give you other files like backward videos or fast motion videos and those are all done at once with a 10-second clip where you can even move around if you want to to get even more

Dynamic shots and more dynamic results now if you go down to the s20 plus you get a 12 megapixel main sensor is 64 megapixel telephoto lens and a 12 megapixel ultra wide with that time-of-flight camera rounding out the

Four cameras that sixty four megapixel telephoto lens can provide a hybrid optical zoom that starts at 3x for optical and then goes all the way digitally 230 times all of this is about the same for the rear cameras of the

Smallest version of this phone the galaxy s 20 the only thing you lose in that case is the time of flight camera so everything that we've talked about in this video is super exciting especially on the camera site because there's so

Many things that will help creatives out there and really just smartphone photographers have a lot of fun with the cameras that are in their pocket even for a vlogger like myself it's nice to see that 4k 60 frames per second

Front-facing video is available here now time and time again Samsung proves that they can still provide a lot of talking points for their new devices every single year the Galaxy S 20 line is no different but I do think that all of the

Upgrades to this version of the Galaxy S line are for people who definitely want to be on the bleeding edge you pretty much have everything you could ask for as far as the camera experience is concerned software is going to have a

Few new experiences and of course when it comes to power and battery life these might be ones that really go the distance and ultimately and this is what I want to hear from you guys in the comment sections down below you have to

Decide for yourself if the price point is enough to warrant these upgrades you can get the galaxy s 20 at $9.99 – 20 + at $11.99 and the s 20 ultra at $13.99 that's a pretty big pill to swallow I'm not gonna lie but if you are a very

Specific type of user that just needs the absolute best be it a gamer or creative or you just want to have one of the most powerful phones for your work in play you might be looking at the best ones to start off 2020 so I want to hear

What all of you have to say about the galaxy s 20 line these are all still very exciting phones and I want to know if the upgrades are enough to get you to pay those prices but I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this one thank you so

Much for watching I tried to fit a lot in this hands-on video after all Samsung tends to have so many things to show at every unpacked and this one was no different look forward to even more on my channel and you can subscribe to my

Channel if you haven't already and consider hitting that Bell over on the site to keep up with everything Galaxy S 20 and beyond from there you can drop some likes on these videos and again to the comments

Sections let's go ahead and have those discussions from there I'm just gonna go ahead and see you in my next video and until then I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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