Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA First Look – It’s a BEAST! | The Tech Chap

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys Anton the tech chap and I've
been hands-on with the new Samsung
Galaxy S 20 altra 5g and along with the
u.s. 20 and as twenty-plus these are
probably the most leaked phones ever but
Samsung's still had a few surprises I
wasn't expecting as you would expect
though for the eye-watering price of
about 1,300 pounds or $1400 the ultra is
an incredible phone so let's get the
specs out of the way first and for me
the biggest upgrade is the new quad
camera set up the 120 Hertz screen and
huge five thousand milliamp hour battery
so there's actually two models of the
ultra that both 5g but one comes with 12
gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage and
the other with 16 gigs of ram and 512
storage this is actually the first time
Samsung are using their new faster
lpddr4 AM as well I must admit though
that 128 gigs of storage on the base
model of the Ultra does seem a little
bit stingy given how much we're paying
for it although the upside is that you
can expand the memory with microSD cards
up to one terabyte and of course we get
new processors either the snapdragon 865
or Samsung's own Exynos 990 depending on
where you live we'll have to see how
different they end up in the real world
although historically the snapdragons
have offered better performance and
better battery so there is still a
little bit disappointing that we gain
the X not here in the UK specs aside
though the first time I picked up the
ultra I think there were three main
things that really stuck out for me with
one literally being the camera module
that dominates the back of the phone and
sticks out quite a bit just look at the
difference versus the note 10 plus an
8.8 millimeters thick and weighing 220
grams it's pretty hefty however the
rounded corners and the fact it's taller
rather than wider thanks to the new 20
by 9 aspect ratio means it doesn't
actually feel uncomfortable to hold and
the third thing I noticed is well just
how boring the colors are so the S 20
and the Plus come in gray pink or blue
whereas the ultra is just gray or black
it's so dull where did the snazzy over
colors of the s10 and note Tango between
all the new colors though which one
would you go for vote in the poll of the
top right and let me know also I have to
show you this shot of all of us trying
to get the best video of the new phones
this is what tech youtubers look like in
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it so design wise they've trimmed the
a tiny bit they've shrunk the hole-punch
selfie camera giving us the slightly
taller aspect ratio and added that
massive camera module on the back we
still get stereo speakers ip68 water
resistance and like the note 10 plus it
drops the Bigsby button and the
headphone jack that we had on the STM
plus now one of the big new features is
the faster 120 Hertz screen and to fully
Hertz touch sensors YouTube is obviously
capped at 60 Hertz so it's kind of hard
for me to show you a higher refresh rate
means everything feels a lot smoother
and the to fully Hertz touch sensor
means the screen can actually react more
quickly to your touch so altogether
everything feels much more responsive
there is a compromise though 120 Hertz
is limited to Full HD plus switching to
the sharper wqhd plus resolution Gray's
out the option so you basically have to
choose do you want a sharper or a
smoother screen to my eye while you can
see a difference going to the high-res
on the big six point nine inch screen I
would go 120 Hertz every time it's much
more noticeable it's hard to go back to
a 60 Hertz screen after it it does seem
a bit of a shame that on this
all-singing all-dancing
super expensive phone we still have to
compromise her to choose one or the
other although of course having both
would drain the battery quicker but when
it's expected that other phones like
maybe two one plus eight will have both
it feels a little bit like we're being
shortchanged although maybe just samsung
is holding it back for the note 20
regardless the dynamic AMOLED screen is
absolutely stunning the only thing that
slightly takes away from the experience
is that hole-punch camera but actually
the 20 by 9 aspect means you don't
really see it in most videos unless you
pinch into zoom of course it is there in
full screen apps games and when you're
watching movies but you do quickly
forget about it so all the hardware is
very impressive but the software is just
as important and the s20 ships with
Android 10 and Samsung's 1 UI 2.1 with a
similar but slightly cleaner interface
fully integrated dark mode but the best
part is we now get Android 10 swipe in
from the edge to go back gesture for
years now one of my main issues with
Samsung phones as good as they are is
the speed it takes to update their
software it feels like an absolute age
it's usually a whole year before you'll
get the next version of Android when it
comes with the next phone launch so
while this will be coming to older
phones as well it's a really nice to
have sort of quality of life feature one
area I am a little bit disappointed in
though is when it comes to unlocking the
phone the s20 uses the same ultrasonic
fingerprint reader as the No
ten plus which is fine but I was
expecting combs new and much bigger 3d
sonic Mac sensor there's also still no
IR sensor on the front which would help
with face unlocking in low-light now of
course one advantage of being such a big
and felly Chokey phone is that
something's managed to cram in a huge
five thousand milliamp hour battery
which is a big jump up from the forty
one hundred million power cell on the sm
+ and the fully three hundred mah cell
on a note M plus the bigger and high
refresh screen will definitely have an
impact but I'm expecting a big boost of
battery life with all three new s 20s
although of course I'll properly test it
in my full review all three s 20s come
with a fairly mediocre 25 watt charge in
the box though although the ultra does
support 45 watts if you buy the charger
separately it does seem that Samsung is
falling behind a little bit compared to
the competition when it comes to
charging times although we do now get
faster wireless charging and of course
reverse wireless charging makes a return
so you can top-up other Qi enabled
devices so far so good then but I've
definitely saved the best till last
let's talk about that camera which I
reckon is the biggest upgrade symptons
made today camera tech in years they
significantly increase the resolution
and sensor size across the board plus
they've actually dropped the variable
aperture system they've been using since
the s 9 now versus the other s 20s you
can see the Ultra has a slightly
different setup with a whopping 108
megapixel main sensor and 48 megapixel
telephoto compared to 12 and 64 on the
other models so we get a 10 times hybrid
optical zoom and a whopping 100 times
super resolution zoom versus three times
and 30 times on the other s 20s now
testing out a 100 times space zoom in a
small briefing room isn't really the
best use case but the quality seemed
pretty good actually as it combines the
optical zoom with AAA I powered digital
zoom unfortunately I wasn't allowed to
take any photos away with me but I can't
wait to take this out into the real
world and test it properly it also does
a pretty good job at smoothly
transitioning between the lenses as I
switch from noir point five times ultra
wide to the main lens and then zoom in
it's still not as smooth as the iPhone
but that doesn't have anywhere near the
same zoom capabilities as this so I
guess if you're a birdwatcher or maybe a
stalk or something then you're gonna
love this zoom camera back to the main
lens though and while a hundred eight
megapixel sounds overkill by default it
actually uses pixel binning to combine
nine pixels
to 1 so we get sharper less noisy 12
megapixel photos if you want though you
can tap the aspect ratio icon in the
camera app and switch to the fold
I'm telling you pinching in on a 108
megapixel photo is insane it's
incredibly sharp I really wish I could
show you the full image one of my
favorite new features is single take
which is actually something I hadn't
seen in the leaks and basically over a
few seconds it captures everything an
ultra wide portray and a I filtered
photo a smartly cropped photo so if
you're not sure which camera mode you
want to use this takes it with
everything then you can just swipe up
and see the full portfolio of photos and
videos the camera upgrades aren't
limited to just photos though the s20
range are the first phones that can
shoot 8k video which you could then
upload to YouTube or cast to your fancy
8k Samsung TV if you're mr. moneybags or
more likely you can then down wares to
4k or even pull 33 megapixel stills out
from it whenever I take photos of my
partner Sarah I always seem to time it
wrong so if I just film her for a few
seconds in 8k she can then freeze-frame
and take a high-res photo from the clip
we also get improved super steady mode
which I'm hoping will now work at 4k but
I'll need to check that when I get my
review device as well as a new nighttime
hyperlapse which should look pretty good
thanks to the bigger sensors which let
more light in on the front the Ultra
gets a 40 megapixel Savi camera which is
up from the 10 megapixel on the other s
20s we only get one lens but we do still
have the option to go for a slightly
wider angle in the camera app so I came
away from my hands on actually genuinely
really excited for the s20 ultra it is
very expensive but it does also seem to
be a big upgrade over the S 10 plus and
the note 10 plus I wish we had the new
bigger fingerprint reader there's still
new I offer face unlock there's
questions over how the snapdragon will
compare to the X nos and also if other
phones coming soon do offer full wqhd
plus and 120 Hertz are we getting a bit
shortchanged here make sure you have
subscribed though because my full of you
as well as battery tests and camera
comparisons are coming very soon but in
the meantime let me know what you make
of the s20 and the ultra in the comments
below do you think something's done up
to convince you to upgrade or do you
think they're just too expensive and not
really worth it do let me know below
thank you so much for watching guys I'll
see you next time right here on the tech

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