Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Complete Walkthrough: Samsung’s Best Phone Yet

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Samsung recently launched their new Galaxy S 20 series and while we added the usual small and big versions of the new phone in the s20 and s 20 plus samsung also decided to throw everything they could at a newer more expensive model the Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra now

One may say that the s10 II was replaced by the s 20 the S 10 replaced by the S 20 plus and then the S 10 plus replaced by the s 20 ultra but honestly I don't think that's how it works you see the S 10 and the S 10 Plus were for the most

Part the same device just meant for people who wanted a quote smaller or larger screen and that's very much what the S 20 and the S 20 plus seemed to be but this time around Samsung seems to have decided that the

Arguably smaller market of Specht crazed techies creators and the like should get an option that they'd be hard-pressed to nitpick at least on paper – of course you know the price but we'll get to that in a sec firstly let's go through

Everything there is to possibly go through on the new S 20 ultra in this complete walkthrough now if you're not familiar complete walkthrough nest channels where I try to go through every single feature I possibly can our new

Device so you guys are better prepared should you mean the market actually go buy one with that said there is a lot to go through so let's get started with the hardware firstly the ultra has a six point nine inch am led infinity o

Display as Samsung calls it with a 3200 by 1440 resolution and curved edges that are actually slightly less curved than the s tens work which I actually appreciate that display is also HDR 10 plus certified and has a refresh rate of

120 Hertz which the system has set to 60 Hertz by default but you can turn it on in settings display above that screen or in it I guess we have a 40 megapixel PDAF point seven micron sized pixels 80 degree field of view F 2.2 aperture

Selfie camera by default the 40 mega pixels are been down to 10 megapixels and that gives you a 1.4 micron sized pixel if you want to get a full 40 megapixels you can select it from inside the aspect ratio section of the front

Cameras settings just know that it'll have a higher resolution but perform worse in low-light the phone itself is made out of an aluminum frame with Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and back and his ip68 rated for water

And dust resistance moving around the rice we have our power button and volume rockers on the right our sim card and microSD card slot at the top nothing on the left then in the bottom we have one of our AKG tuned dual speakers that

Support Dolby Atmos the other is the earpiece above the screen and a USB C port capable of using up to a 45 watts Samsung adaptive fast charger and it comes with a 25 watt one in the box by the way to help charge up beep 5,000

Milliamp battery we also have Qi wireless charging and that supports 15 watt fast charging and we also have reverse wireless charging to charge things like the Galaxy buds plus for example on the back of the phone at 9

Watts under the hood there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset in the States at least and that's what I have here and that is paired with 12 gigs of lpddr4 AM and 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.0 storage or there's also a model with 16 gigs of

Ram and 512 gigs of storage for security we have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the display that does feel a bit more responsive than one last model but only just and we have Samsung's face unlock using the front camera for connectivity

We have Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 with dual device simultaneous connectivity available and FC for use with Google and Samsung pay and somewhat surprisingly 5g built-in instead of a 5g specific model the unlocked version for example work on

5g with any US carrier regardless of whether they use low mid or high VIN frequencies for their network more info on what 5g is and what all those frequencies mean in my decoder series episode on it that I did at the link

Below and for more info on which versions of the ultra will work in what countries here's an article Sascha Segan wrote for PC Mag at the link below as well being a service though maybe today's sponsor visible can help with

That visible is a $40 a month plan that includes everything unlimited talk text data and even mobile hotspots all on Verizon's LTE network with no annual contracts you can even use a feature they call party pay and create a party

Of two three or four people to lower your bill parties of four can pay as little as $25 a month for that same all-in-one plan each member of the party managers that are on so there's no need to share the bill or

Data etc and that means that anyone can be in your party family friends even strangers if you're so inclined you can either bring your own as 20 or phone to them or you can get the s 20 or s 20 plus directly from them on March 6th and

The ultra a bit later in the month just head to the link below to learn more there moving around the back we have the very noticeable camera collection that isn't without reason first we have a main hundred and eight megapixel F 1.8

PDAF oh is camera with point 8 micron sized pixels now just like with the 40 megapixel front camera by default you aren't shooting with the hundred eight megapixels instead it bends them to get a lower resolution but much better

Low-light sensitivity now most phones bend the pixels by four to get double sized ones but because of the sheer number of pixels on the sensor Samsung performs a nona binning and ka bins together nine pixels because of this we

End up with a default 12 megapixel 2.4 micron sized pixel image which is not so obviously the other impressive thing about this camera is the fact that the sensor itself is one by one point three three inches in size making it the

Largest camera sensor that I've ever used in a phone this combined with those large pixels in binned mode means much better low-light images but it also means you can get a lot more bouquet the blurred separation between a subject and

The background without using the software enabled live focus mode in addition to that main sensor we have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera with 1.4 micron size pixels a hundred and twenty degree field of view and F 2.2 aperture

We also have a 48 megapixel telephoto camera with a 24 degree field of view and aperture of F 3.5 with 0.8 micron size pixels that by default are been to 12 megapixels to get 1.6 micron size pixels now the one thing interesting

About the telephoto is that it's actually a folded zoom lens it actually sits sideways in the phone and it uses a set of mirrors to get the length needed without protruding out of the back of the phone like a traditional mirrorless

Camera lens would you undoubtedly seen the 100 times zoom feature being advertised on this phone maybe even on my own Instagram Twitter or Facebook the way this works though is that the lens is actually a four times optical zoom

Then it crops this answer to push in a little bit more to get up to ten times and then from 10 times onward it is using AI to duplicate pixels etc to get a zoomed in image now it's because of this that you can tell a

Pretty big quality difference after 10 times that gets worse as we get closer to a hundred personally I'm probably only realistic any want to use the five times and occasionally ten times but even that is still impressive and useful

And anything beyond that is more of a gimmick but still clever they were able to add it at all for video we can record in 8k at 24 frames per second and even grab 33 megapixel stills while recording in that resolution if needed if you want

Higher frame rates you can also do 4k up to 60 frames a second or 1080p at 240 frames per second the diving to the camera modes we have the following single take this is a new feature that Samsung added that actually records for

10 seconds and then the phone automatically will pick out different images from the different cameras create time lapses etc all from those 10 seconds and then put them all in your gallery Pro mode which allows you to

Control things manually like ISO shutter speed etc panorama which allows you to take one long photo that stitches together to give you a much wider shot food which as far as I can tell just up to the saturation and adds a little bit

Of a vignette to the image night mode which is a long exposure shot that the phone can use to get better images in low-light live focus this is Samsung's version of portrait mode that allows you to separate the subject from the

Background with a little bit of software enabled blur effect live focus video which is the same concept but for video pro video which is just like the pro camera mode except for video and allows you to control all of those same manual

Settings super slow-mo which records for about four seconds it seems at 960 frames per second and then you're able to play that back at a really slow speeds regular slow-motion which actually records at 1080p at 240 frames

Per second hyperlapse which takes a video and then automatically speeds it up Bigsby vision which is Samsung's version of Google lens and finally AR zone which allows you to create doodles use AR emoji etc now moving on to the

Software the galaxy ultra is running 10 with Samsung's own UI on top called 1ui 2.0 because of this it'll have very similar functions to any Samsung Android device but for someone who isn't

Familiar let's just touch on a few of the things that are more standout features that Samsung is added so firstly we have edge panels this is essentially a floating icon you can move the location of along either edge of the

Device that when swiped across can bring up any number of customizable floating menus they range from shortcuts for apps to a way to take a screen shot with some added functions to quick access to tasks weather contacts reminders etc along the

Same line Samsung has also added edge lighting which allows you to use the edges of the device to be a sort of notification light since they can kind of be seen from not just the top but the sides slightly as well thanks to that

Curve on the screen these can also be customized pretty extensively actually from changing what color it lights up and what apps it'll notify you for and even using the apps icon color to show the effects so that you can know at a

Glance what notification the app is coming from to the duration transparency etc Samsung also introduced an airdrop like feature called quick share on the s20 series and the galaxy Z flip that you can select from the quick panel give

Your device a name and so long as this is on and anyone else that has a Samsung device that also has this feature it enabled they can then share much faster and easier between one another when nearby long overdue frankly now the

Galaxy s 20 ultra is available for pre-order at the time of me posting this video and is available starting March 6th and it'll cost $13.99 unlocked for the 128 gig model this combined with the fact that the S 20 and s 20 plus are

Exactly $100 more than the S 10 and the S 10 plus were when they launched plus the fact that the ultra only comes in two colors since making additional colors and SKUs is more expensive for Samsung when they're not quite sure how

Many of these will sell furthers my thinking that the ultra sort of lives on its own is a more expensive spec crazy device for a smaller audience of buyers I feel like I'm probably one of those buyers though so subscribe and stay

Tuned for my real-world test when I'll test it throughout a full day and see if it ends up being worth that money there guys went a little bit more in depth in this one that I kind of usually do maybe just like a little bit what do you

Guys think do you guys want like as much information as humanly possible in these videos even if they end up being like 15 minutes long or do you want a little more concise let me know in the comments below

Always appreciate your feedback and always love hearing from you guys otherwise if you like this video please thumbs up it or share it greatly appreciate it also check out the rest Channel for that you see there please

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