Samsung Galaxy S20+ (FULL S20 PLUS REVIEW)

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Welcome back to the channel what you're looking at here is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 plus which is essentially the Samsung flagship phone you'd be getting if you didn't want a six point nine inch screen that costs a one and a half thousand dollars and that's not to say that this

Is a small screen or is especially cheap but it's just more of a size that I prefer personally so that's why I chose to get this one and Samsung made some pretty big improvements here so they haven't improved screen battery

Processor and cameras will talk about all that later on in the video but I don't want this to be just a slideshow of pictures comparing these pictures with the super zoom to the iPhone and to the pixel like there's a lot of that out

There if that's what you're looking for plenty of other videos but this video I actually want to put this phone more to the test and dive in so in this video I'm breaking things down in five categories of what you need to know

About this phone before considering buying it so the first of course is just a physical tour I'll show you guys what we're working with and what this phone is really all about then the second thing is Samsung's claims about this

Phone they made some pretty bold claims so I want to put these to the test and see if they're true and how well they actually work or if there's a lot of hype mixed in with that the third thing is some of the Samsung signature

Features fourth I want to talk about some of the test results I had specifically with the camera to show you how well the camera actually performs and then lastly I want to talk about some of the pros and cons of this phone

Because there definitely are some drawbacks that a lot of other reviews maybe aren't mentioning so I want to make sure that you are aware of them before you go out and buy this phone so with that being said let's jump into the

First thing which is a physical tour of this phone so right off the bat looking at this phone you can see that it has a six point seven inch screen so a very large screen but honestly the phone is not as big as I expected considering the

Size of the screen so Samsung definitely trimmed down the bezels on the top and the bottom compared to the s10 and it feels pretty nice it's not too heavy it's a pretty user-friendly phone like I have reasonably large hands but it fits

Very nicely in my palm and I don't have a problem using this then you'll see that the camera is now a hole-punch camera in the center on the top it's smaller than we saw in the s10 series then on the bottom of this screen we do

Have the ultrasonic fingerprint sir which is essentially the same technology they used in the s10 series even though there may be some newer technology out there and I do have some beef with that I'll talk about that

Later on in the video then looking at the the rest of this phone honestly besides the massive screen which is hard to not look at you'll see on the right side again similar to the note 10 in the button layout here where we have the

Power button they call it the side key because it does more than just power so you can obviously turn your phone screen on or off with a single tap but if you double tap it you can open the camera or you can summon an app so I have like

Spotify or you can have snapchat opening for example pretty much whatever app you want and then if you triple tap it you can send an SOS to somebody which is the classic like sending a picture dropping a pin on a map and adding like an audio

Recording if you're in trouble it could be something that's nice to have I found it to be a little bit of a nuisance though that it's just three presses because sometimes if you are in a place where you want to take a picture and you

Try to take it out and double tap to get the camera it's pretty easy to accidentally triple tap and if you don't have a good phone service somebody might be getting really worried if pretty far away then we have the volume buttons

They do exactly what you think they will and on the top we have our microphone right there next to our SD card slot and that's actually also the SIM tray so you pull it out SIM card SD card whatever you want in there and on the left side

We have absolutely nothing it's a nice smooth design on the left side and on the bottom you'll see that we do have a USB type-c essentially audio port charging port whatever that's going to be everything is there and notice I said

Audio port there because I think we need to have a moment of silence Samsung held out for a long time but they're finally getting rid of the headphone jack so omona silence r.i.p jack no longer on this phone now we do

Have a speaker there and a microphone flipping the phone over on the back you'll notice that it is a glass finish so the entire phone is ip68 water-resistant the front you'll see it's Gorilla Glass six so pretty strong

Pretty durable shouldn't have to worry about that too much and on the back like I said you'll see that you do have a solid color here and there are several colors you can find for this phone so they include black gray cloud blue cloud

White and red I'll pop them up in the screen so you can see them right now and then of course you also notice that you do have a camera bump on the top left now the camera bump for the s20 plus here is

Not nearly as large as we saw for the s20 ultra which is just massive for the 10x zoom on that but this right here you'll see that you do have three usable cameras then we have the depth camera pair then we have the flash on the top

Right and we do have a fairly large microphone and I will be testing all of this out later on in the video but talking about the cameras the front camera is a 10 megapixel selfie camera also shoots 4k will test out the quality

Of that later on on the back we have the 12 megapixel wide-angle lens that's your main shooter that is going to be pretty good for night it's an F 1.8 so pretty open pretty good for low-light shots then we have the 12 megapixel ultra wide

Which is a very nice sensor to have and the sixty four megapixel telephoto lens which is 3x optical zoom this phone is capable of shooting a K all of the cameras can shoot 4k but only the telephoto one is actually shooting 8k

Footage now I know a lot of you in the market to buy a phone might want to see a comparison between this and the s20 regular or even to the s10 lineup so I will be making videos on those in the next couple days so if you want to see

Those make sure you click the subscribe button and the bell icon so you don't miss it when those come out so next let's get into Samsung's big claims about this phone obviously these are all over their website they talked about

Them all over the place these are what I found as the biggest things samsung has been emphasizing with this phone so the first one is a revolutionary camera experience now the things that they changed with this the zoom the

Resolution the night photos the 8k video the steadiness of it and the single take mode will dive into all of those and test those out I'll show you some examples let's get into that right now so this is the front-facing camera

Shooting in 4k so let me know how this sounds it actually shoots 4k 60 but this is 4k 30 right here yeah my hands a little bit shaky but it seems like it stabilizes pretty well so comment let me know how the microphone sounds and how

The video looks right here okay so now I'm shooting an 8k video looking at the cactus right there and after I take this video when I edit I will zoom in and you guys will see 2x zoom and then 4x zoom so that will essentially be 4k

And 1080 then to see how high-quality this actually is and it looks like even though there is reasonable light here I'm indoors it seems like it's kind of a little bit noisy so shooting 8k you will need a lot of light to get a clearer

Picture probably like broad daylight and outdoors okay so I've now enabled super steady mode as you can see it looks really good almost like it's on a gimbal and I'm a little bit shaky right now and it still

Looks pretty good but you are limited to only having two of your three camera so you can go right here or you can zoom back out to there and even if you shake it a lot like you get a little bit of warp on the edges but

Overall I would say that looks pretty good looking at the pictures then you'll see in daylight at the ultra wide versus the regular wide they both look like great pictures very high dynamic range very good contrast very good color and

As you zoom in honestly 10x might be my best photo it's also very sharp once you get to 20 X it's a little bit grainy and then 30 X is really not a usable photo at night then you'll see that the regular shooter is actually a really

Good camera it has a very large aperture so you collect a lot of light there and it looks pretty sharp once we zoom in though you'll see that it has a little bit more grain a little bit more noise and then with the ultra wide likewise

This actually might be the worst one where there's a lot of weird stuff going on on the edges if we go indoors at night you'll see that the ultra wide and the regular wide-angle lens both look pretty good they have a pretty

Good color pretty good white balance but as we zoom in you'll see that it doesn't really do a good job with the 10 or 30x pictures and it looks like almost nothing now when you're looking at these selfies you'll see that the standard

Selfie has a lot of smoothing on my face but otherwise that's a pretty good color it brightens my face a little bit too much but otherwise I do have to say I like it now the live view on the other hand brighten my brightness my face a

Lot more and it actually looks really bad so if you look closely at my face I'll zoom in here and you'll see that it almost looks like I have like a skin disease or something so I'm not sure what was happening there but it's

Definitely not what you want to see here and then if we look at the standard selfie compared to the rear camera you'll see that the rear camera obviously is a lot sharper and I think overall it has a better color capture

Than the front so the next thing that really emphasized is 5 G now that's very contingent on where you live for me five g's pretty spotty if you go to like Manhattan in the middle you might be getting 5g obviously 5g is very

Very fast but for most people I wouldn't buy this phone for 5g like get it so your future proof it's gonna be good if you keep this for several years and 5g might come along pretty soon but I wouldn't get it and expect to have like

The highest speeds right away unless you already live next to a 5g tower the third big thing that Samsung talked about with this phone is the battery life which it has a 4,500 milliamp hour battery I've been getting exceptional

Battery life on this phone and I've had the brightness probably I mean it's adaptive brightness so usually like 50 percent or something and it lasts easily a whole day with absolutely no problems at all and easily halfway through the

Next day so the next claim they made was the security of this phone so they said that there is a secure processor dedicated to protecting you so if they say secured by Knox all over everything and something I want to comment on this

Is actually the fingerprint sensor is kind of a bit of a drawback here and also the facial recognition for that matter so the facial recognition starting with that is definitely not the safest facial recognition out there they

Used to have iris scanning now that is using image comparison they take a picture of you they store it and they're comparing whatever you look at it when you sign in so does it work is it safe yeah for most users it's probably fine

But if you're really worried about security a pain is probably better than facial recognition I want to talk about the screen protector very quickly here last year the s10 ran into some problems with this where if you took off the

Screen protector that it came with and put your own on and if it wasn't a great one and a had texture on it then the fingerprint sensor may be reading the texture instead of your fingerprint which means anybody could sign in so

Samsung released a statement said remove any third-party screen protectors I did that in maybe a month later I got a scratch on my fingerprint sensor like right on the screen there which then means that it's now reading a scratch

Plus my fingerprint which was definitely not safe so I actually disabled fingerprint and I just use a pin on my old phone so a concern I have with this phone as well the last big thing that Samsung emphasized was 120 Hertz refresh

Rate which means your phone feels very very smooth when you're swiping around thing just look seamless very smooth experience but you're going to be looking at a 1080p screen then so you

Can't use the full resolution with that right now there may be an update where they let you do that eventually but I imagine that will really drain your battery much quicker so you're probably watching this video in 30 frames per

Second so the best way for me to show you this is with a slow motion video so I'll show you 60 Hertz first which is the standard refresh rate of most phones and then now here is 120 Hertz so you can see it's significantly smoother and

It looks really good so just to show you what the screen looks like and give you a quick speaker test let's play a video really quickly comment your thoughts the Apple earpods Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy buds plus

Are two of the best truly wireless earbuds they both have wireless charging they both have excellent features both claimed to have the best call quality but how exactly do they stack up side-by-side so getting into some of the

Signature Samsung features I mentioned before this does have Bixby on there if you press and hold the side key you can either power your phone off or you can summon Bixby no one really uses Bixby honestly this runs 1ui 2.0 as you can

See it's a skin on Android so it looks a little bit different but it's pretty smooth that runs really nice and I don't have any problems with that one you I also added some really cool features like categories in messages so you can

Actually categorize different conversations and some other things that are actually new to the Samsung features here they do have spotify and netflix integration with bixby now so it is nice if you're trying to go over to like the

Kind of honestly pointless thing on the side so if you swipe from home over from the left you get like Samsung Daly now you can have Spotify in there one small plus to an otherwise useless feature on the phone and they also have Google duo

Video chat integration which is kind of nice among many other things on here so you can listen to like dual Bluetooth audio something that's really nice with this phone as well as a few previous Samsung phones so you can listen to like

Two different earbuds at the same time like you and a friend can listen to music then we also have some other things like if you want to share you can do a quick share with like other Samsung phones you can do link sharing where

It's like a viewable thing that they can download or or see online for a little bit just a lot of other things that Samsung puts in here they have so many features it does seem a little bit noisy and even

After using the s10 for an entire year there are features that I never used or never really saw a need to use then if we go to the left of photo you have single take mode which I think everyone is a little bit confused with this it's

Like it takes all of Samsung's weirdest features like black and white and like a boomerang kind of thing and it puts them all into one so you take like a short video and it just gives you a whole bunch of pictures that you can use which

Seems kind of useless honestly but I mean if you want to use it comment down below otherwise the photos themselves work just fine you also have a floating shutter and of course the Samsung thing where it's in selfie mode if you raise

Your hand they'll identify your hand and they'll take a selfie just a really cool feature they have right there so now let's talk about the pros and cons of this phone now I'm not gonna talk about pros much actually because this entire

Video is pretty much nothing but pros I think it's overall an excellent phone I think Samsung really nailed it with having all the features you could possibly want they have an amazing screen to body ratio a beautiful screen

Really fast refresh rate the camera block looks great on the back you've wireless charging reverse wireless charging like really a full package of everything most people could want on a phone they have it right here and on top

Of that I'll pop the specs up right there it looks it's a great phone but there are a few drawbacks that I do need to mention in this video one of them is the price now I understand you're getting a lot for the money here but

$1200 is very expensive when you're buying a phone so that's definitely a drawback that's worth mentioning secondly as I talked about earlier the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is not the best so there is actually newer

Technology out there I believe it's called 3d sonic max I'm not positive on the name though and it should be improved over this so they don't have the newest thing out there right now another drawback comes with one UI here

So having Bixby baked into this I know you can change the key to instead summon like you know different apps and stuff like that but the touch and hold feature if you could summon google assistant instead of Bixby that would be really

Nice and then also if we swipe from the left if you could not have Samsung Daly I think that would be better like Samsung Daly there seems like a pretty much a waste of space that you otherwise use for something a little bit

More efficient that's a one UI thing not really this phone kind of thing but it's definitely worth mentioning in this video and then lastly the lack of a headphone jack is definitely worth mentioning I don't have a big problem

With that I mean I have like a bunch of wireless earbuds and preordering means that I got wireless earbuds anyway I got the galaxy buds plus so I think most people getting this wouldn't have a problem it also comes with the wire of

USB type-c earbuds but if you're in a car like an older car and it has a headphone jack you will have to buy a little adapter alright guys so that's everything I have to say about the galaxy s 20 plus right here I will be

Getting the s20 and reviewing that in the next couple days as well as comparing their two and comparing them to the s10 so if you want to see those make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon

Comment let me know what your thoughts are on this phone it's this one that you'll be buying do you think others will buy it I want to hear from you guys as always thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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