by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Welcome back to the channel what you're looking at here is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 that's it just the S 20 not the s 20 plus not the S 20 ultra the S 20 regular which is the cheapest of the three phones were released in the s20 lineup but it's definitely not to be taken

Lightly so I can only assume Samsung forgot to make a cheaper model because this one is still $1,000 in packs some very impressive specs actually the same specs essentially as the S 20 plus and the s 20 ultra in some regards so I'm

Talking the same processor the same storage the same memory and honestly almost the same camera Bank as we saw in the s 20 plus so I've seen a lot of reviews out there talking about the s 20 ultra and I've seen a lot of slideshows

Talking about you know pictures from this camera and the cameras on the iPhones and the cameras on the ultra and I don't want to do any of that in this video I want this video to be a full review of this phone right here to show

You everything you need to know about it and I want to break it down in four major categories so first I want to talk about just a physical tour of this phone I'll show you everything you need to know about it and I'll just give you an

Idea of what it's like to hold this phone and use this phone then secondly I do want to go through a camera test to see how well it actually works with video with the microphone quality and with the photo quality in a few

Different environments after that I want to talk about Samsung's big claims if you look on their website or anywhere on their media they're talking about this phone with four or five of big things in mind so I want to test these out and see

If they're mostly hype or if there's actually really any truth to that and then lastly I want to talk about some pros and some cons because while this is a very impressive phone it's not without drawbacks so I will be talking about

That but let's start off this video like I said with a physical tour of this phone you'll see that it is on the front a 6.2 inch screen which is 3200 by 1440 pixels so very very high quality screen really bright really great colors if

There's one thing Samsung is good at by now it's definitely making a high quality screen and this is really no exception at the top you'll see that we do have our hole punch camera it is our 10 megapixel selfie camera capable of

Shooting 4k and we'll test that out later on in the video but I like what they did with this it's small it's not intrusive and it does a really good job and if you look above that you actually have a really tiny

Speaker which is very very you know it's very loud but it's you can almost not even see it and so that's a common theme with this phone all the way around the bezels are very very small now the fingerprint sensor is actually

Underneath the screen here it's an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor I'll test it out later on in video talk about the security of that there's definitely a lot to talk about there and I'll test out the speed as well and that's pretty

Much everything from the front as we flip the phone over you'll see this right here is the gray version there are several different colors I'll show you the screen I'll show you the colors on the screen right now but depending on

Where you look you might find different colors when it's released so like I know Best Buy might have like an or a blue and some other countries might have different colors than what I see right here but this is what I saw on the

Samsung website now on the back we do have wireless charging 2.0 and we can also have reverse wireless charging so you can charge your earbuds or your watch if you're in a pinch very easily from the back of your phone now the

Camera block is actually not I mean it's big but it's not nearly as big as we saw on the s20 ultra for really even the s 20 plus for that matter and we have three cameras on here we have a 64 megapixel telephoto lens 64 megapixels

That's a lot then we have a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens then we have a flash and we have the microphone there and I'll test all of that out later on in the video on the top we have our sim tray

Right there which also accepts expandable storage so we can have up to a terabyte which storage really should not be a problem with this phone at all of course with expandable storage but also the base model is 128 gigabytes so

You have a lot of storage on this phone then we have our microphone next to that looking on the left side you can really see the nice metal trim around the entire phone but they have no buttons over there all of the buttons are on the

Right side so we have our volume rocker up and down right there of course and we have our side key which is a multi-function key so pressing and holding it can either power your phone on and off or it can summon bixby of

Course you could just say hi Beck's beat and that works as well you can double tap it to open the camera or any app you want or you can of course single tap it to turn the screen on and off and then triple tapping if you enable this is an

SOS feature which sends a text with an image and a map and a little soundbite of wherever you are so you can send that to a specific SOS contact be careful with that though because I've been in like

Yosemite Valley where you don't have a good phone service I was trying to take a picture and you can triple tap that accidentally and then you're like racino scrambling to send it follow-up text or fine service and tell whoever your

Contact is that you're not actually dying now on the bottom we have a speaker and I'll test it out but I will say it gets really loud and it sounds pretty good actually we have a microphone there and then we have our

USB type-c charging port and data connection port and unfortunately audio port so this does not have a headphone jack it's sad I know they finally got rid of it but regardless they do actually in the Box come with the USB

Type-c earbuds right here by AKG or sound by AKG and they sound really good I like these earbuds they get pretty loud they have excellent bass response and they do come with three different little ear tips you can swap out so as

Far as earbuds go they're really good and if you preorder you can actually get some galaxy buds as well depending on where you are so wireless earbuds are obviously a great solution to not having a headphone jack on top of that in the

Box you do get a USB type-c superfast charger right here so 25 Watts should charge your phone up fairly quickly hey guys a quick aside this phone is actually very similar to the galaxy s 20 plus I have both of them right here and

I will be comparing them side by side in a very soon to come video so if you want to see that make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't miss it when I make that video this phone also has double

The touch sensitivity over the previous model so it should be extremely responsive and it is actually ip68 water slash dust resistant so it should be pretty durable in most environments and now for a quick speaker test you see the

Speakers are definitely pretty loud have excellent base considering it's a phone so jumping into the next thing I want to talk about the Samsung claims the first one they said a revolutionary camera experience that's that's what they say

On their website so if we open up the camera experience here you'll see that there are actually only three modes on the bottom until you go to more so they have regular photo they have video they have single take mode which is kind of

Like a way for you to take a like one short video and then it makes a whole bunch of different things with filters with slow motion with like kind of a boomerang effect and you know I'll show you some of those on the side right here

And it's kind of fun it's something that I don't particularly use I like taking my own like you know single photo or video and not having to delete them later but you know it could be fun if you're just messing around or if you see

An animal doing something funny a good way to capture something that could be kind of funny later on we go to more there is pro mode for photos and pro mode for videos so this phone does a really good job of having a whole

Spectrum of control when it comes to photography and videography so you can go on like single take mode which you just let the either phone do all of it for you all the deciding on what a good picture looks like

And then there's pro mode where you choose every single setting to make the best picture that you want so this is the selfie camera shooting in 4k 30 right now so let me know how this sounds and looks I think overall the colors

Look very vibrant in this my face looks probably redder than it might be but otherwise I think it does a pretty good job so now this is the rear camera again the shooting in 4k 30 so let me know how this sounds and looks but here's an a a

Video in broad daylight I'm going to zoom in so it's 4k and then zoom in until 1080 and then also to 720 just to see how detailed the a K actually is and if there's any noise starting with the ultra wide lens you'll see that the

Overall picture looks really nice there's a little bit of warping on the edges and the sky is more saturated in the middle but otherwise it's a good looking picture then as we get to the wide-angle lens again you'll see

Everything still looks really good greens look a little more strong here and then once we get into the 3x zoom everything looks even sharper here yet this is probably my favorite picture out of the group and then 10x zoom is where

This phone really kind of shines that other phones can't necessarily do this once you get closer to like 30x zoom it kind of becomes more of a useless photo and then when we go to selfies you'll see that the standard selfie right here

It looks it does a lot of softening on my face kind of brightens my face up a little bit and kind of desaturates the background just a little bit the rear main camera has much more saturation in

The background and the backgrounds naturally blurred because there's a larger aperture but I think this is probably a good looking picture then when we go to live view right here it actually really puts a lot of effects on

My face obviously blurs the background there and I think out of the three my favorite was definitely the rear camera looking at the night photos you'll see that 3 X zoom ignoring the color there because

There's a car driving by it actually doesn't really look that good when you zoom in right here when we go back to the ultra wide shot you'll see this one actually has some weird stuff going on with the shadows and things don't really

Look that good in this photo but when we go back into the regular wide-angle shot this actually looks the best out of the three mostly because it has the largest aperture and it's really meant for night shots so the next big claim is 5g and

This phone is sort of 5g but maybe not in the way you're thinking so there's two types of 5g there's sub 6 gigahertz and then there's millimeter wave and don't ask why they named one with frequency and one with wavelength but

Regardless the millimeter wave is the one that's like really really fast and that you might be seeing that you know it's very short-range in New York City where the other one is a little bit more widespread and it's probably only about

20% faster than the best LTE which is still good but that's the only one this is capable of doing so this phone does not have the millimeter wave capabilities which means that you won't be getting like one and a half gigabytes

Download speed or anything ridiculous like that the third big claim with this phone is the long battery life with a four thousand milliamp hour battery and only a 6.2 inch screen this actually lasts a

Very long time I'm easily getting more than one and a half days with this the screen time is somewhere on the order of about 10 hours from my testing of course it depends on like what you're watching and what the brightness is but I had

Brightness all the way up volume all the way up playing YouTube videos on Wi-Fi it lasted about 10 hours so I think it was actually very impressive and so using this on a full day with very heavy use should not be a problem at all

The next big claim from Samsung is the security of this phone so they say secured by Knox all over everything and they do have some biometrics like facial recognition which is not necessarily the best facial recognition out there and

They also have the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which we can test out right now so as you tap and sign-in it's definitely not the fastest but it is supposed to be very secure and I found that it does a really good job

It's definitely I've never seen any other fingerprints I've never heard of other fingerprints working except for one strange scenario that they ran into last year I mentioned this before it is something that you know with the s10

Series if you peeled off the included screen protector so it does come with a screen protector if you peel that off and you put on a cheap one that is not really well made it has some texture on there and the fingerprint sensor may be

Reading that texture instead of your fingerprint which means that pretty much anybody could sign in so as long as you don't do that you really probably should be okay this also has Samsung pass on here and a secure folder so you can save

Photos and files and stuff in a secure folder that has a separate pin or biometric to get into and then Samsung Pass allows you to save all of your passwords on this phone and sign in to pretty much anything you want with just

Your fingerprint then of course the last really big claim they had was the smoothness of this screen so 120 Hertz refresh rate is twice as fast as the average phone out there on the market today which means that as you swipe

Around it's really really smooth and it's something that you don't realize you like until you have it so you get used to 60 Hertz and then when you use this you realize that it's kind of hard to go back so actually both side-by-side

With slow motion videos here and you'll see how much smoother it is with 120 Hertz I should also mention that if you're using 120 Hertz refresh rate you are downgraded to 1080p on a display so you're not using the full resolution so

Next I want to talk about some new features with this phone so they do have google duo integration so if you go to phone and you just start typing in whatever phone number or a contact you'll see on the bottom left a little

Google duo icon so you can tap on that and very quickly just hop on a call with whoever you want I guess it's kind of like the Samsung equivalent or Google equivalent of FaceTime is what they're going for right there this also has some

Other cool things like live transcribed that's just a new Android thing that Google has been showing in their new pixel of course they have messenger conversation categories so if you're texting people you can save that in

Different categories for your family for work or whatever you want you also have custom edge lighting I think that's kind of fun it may have been out a little bit before it's something that I didn't notice

Until now though so when you get a text it lights up the edge and you can have it do different things different colors for different apps you can have it two different patterns different brightness different line thickness it's just kind

Of a fun thing to have big speed does have better integration with Spotify on here and with Netflix although Netflix I noticed it's kind of strange if you just say hi Bixby play the black list on Netflix instead of opening the Netflix

App it opens it opens the web player which i think is a weird thing to do this also has the really nice feature of focus mode which allows you to turn off certain apps for whatever amount of time you want so you can focus and not be

Distracted by like Instagram or Facebook or whatever apps you choose this phone also has excellent connectivity so you can play music on two sets of earbuds simultaneously or you can have somebody else play their music on your Bluetooth

Speaker through your phone so kind of a cool way to do that it connects to windows very well and it also connects to other Samsung devices for quick share and things like that so getting into the pros and cons the pros this has

Incredible specs even though it's the lowest of the three models I'll show you the specs right there it still has an amazing processor and it has a really good storage really good RAM and an amazing screen and just overall feature

Set I think Samsung really hit the nail on the head with this phone and it's something that I could really see myself using for quite some time now the drawbacks there are a few none of them are really that big of drawbacks one of

Them I mean the first one is not about this phone but I don't know why Samsung didn't make a lower model that's like seven or eight hundred dollars coming in at the entry-level at $1000 is expensive but dollar for dollar this is definitely

Your best deal out of the three phones that came out $1000 is pretty reasonable for a flagship phone these days and this one really is one of the best flagship phones on the market so the next drawback is the limitation with the 8k

So only able to shoot that on your telephoto lens there and on top of that you kind of lose your stability and some of your auto focus tracking features where like it is great if you're going to use it for a still shot I mean 8k is

A massive video file so really where I would see myself using this is like if I prop it up and like you and your friends are gonna take a picture don't know jumping up in the air or something like that it's very easy to

Take a video go back find the best frame and capture a really high-quality photo the fourth one is the limitation with 120 Hertz I think that the screen refresh rate is an incredible thing to have but not having that in the full

Resolution you know it's just not quite there yet to be able to do that maybe the battery technology is what's holding us back maybe you would overheat if you did that I'm not quite sure what the limitation is but you can choose for

Yourself if you want full resolution with 60 Hertz or 120 Hertz with 1080 if they give you that option in the settings the next drawback is the lack of a headphone jack I have to mention that I don't think it's a huge drawback

For me but I could see why some people might be upset by that and then lastly the fingerprint sensor definitely could be improved it could be faster it could be a larger area I know there's some newer technology out there and so this

One like I got good at it after having the S 10 for a year but if you're new to this it definitely takes some getting used to where exactly to place your thumb and for how long to press it and how hard to press it so that it actually

Registers your fingerprint and works consistently so guys that's what I have to say about the Galaxy S 20 regular if we're gonna call it that I hope you guys like this video comment down below and let me know what do you think of this

Phone is this something that you will be buying do you think it's going to be a popular phone and do you think it's actually worth $1000 I want to hear it from you guys make sure you comment down below thank you all for watching I'll

See you next time

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