Samsung Galaxy S10e UNBOXING (Canary Yellow)

by birtanpublished on September 17, 2020

What's up guys sack you're on super sack TV and we finally have the Samsung Galaxy S 10 e in the house I know it's a little bit delayed but couldn't get hold of this early here in the UK it was just on release date which is today but anyway let's give it the super SAP

Unboxing treatment and get straight to it right so on the box we have the s10 a logo and it is in this old yellow color that's because we've got the canary yellow now the canary yellow is unique to the s10 II the other colors are

Available on the s10 and s10 plus as well but this is quite unique so hopefully you haven't seen a canary yellow unboxing as yet and what does the e stand for well as far as I'm aware it stands for essential and that's because

You've got all of the essentials of the S hence in the smaller and cheaper package this starts at around six hundred and seventy pounds in the UK around $750 in the US which is pretty good in my opinion for what you're

Getting comes to the base of 128 gigabytes of storage right so let's go ahead and get it outside of the box ooh so we actually have like an inner box on the top half and the phone is here ooh oh that is bright very very

Bright okay we leave that to the side for just a second while we see what else we get inside the box there's a SIM card eject tool there's some paperwork there's a fast charger a USB type a two USB type-c cable and then we've got a

Few adapters this is USB type a two USB type-c and then we've got micro USB to USB type-c so these are gonna be useful to use your previous cables and also for data transfer and things like that and then we've got some AKG earphones and

These are braided with a 3.5 mm connector because the s10 II as with the other stands has a 3.5 mm jack woohoo now getting to the phone this thing has a very very striking yellow color let's get rid of the back plastic

I kind of do like it but I'm gonna be sticking ad brown skin on to this I'm currently loving the black swarm which looks so dope and that's gonna give us a combination of black and yellow

So if you want to pick up a skin from our channel sponsor D Brad I'm gonna be leaving a link to them in the description below there's currently 20% of all skins now we've got a metal frame which is in this sort of gold color

Which does match the yellow at the back and I gotta say it feels very premium in the head and because the edge is also curved in it's quite comfortable and the first impression straightaway is that this is so so compact it kind of like

Fits nicely in my head anyway and that's because we've got a 5.8 inch display on here as opposed to the larger displays on the s10 and s10 plus and not only is the display smaller compared to the s10 and s10 plus it's also got a flat

Display whereas we've got curved displays on the others and we've had curved displays on the galaxy s devices for the past couple of years now so it's great that something are bringing back a flat display because I know a lot of

People do prefer flat display cut this place look super super sexy but not everybody finds them practical or useful so I'm glad that they now do have this option it's a beautiful display we've got minimal bezels and say that they are

A little bit thicker compared to the s10 and sn+ and then we've got that punch out or the front-facing camera Samsung once again has the wallpaper darker towards the top right hand corner so you don't notice it as much and I have to

Say I've not really minded the punch out on the s10 Plus after using it for a couple of weeks it's something that you sort of kind of forget because it is tucked away in the corner now for the display you do have dynamic AMOLED

Technology I've already been on record to say that the s10 Plus has the best mobile display in the market right now and this is also really really nice however you don't get the same resolution you've got Full HD Plus on

Here whereas you've got quad HD plus on the s10 and sm+ but I gotta say it still looks absolutely beautiful and it's still very very crisp because of this small screen size you're not really losing out on too much PPI pixel density

Now one other thing with the s10 is that you do get a pre applied screen protector Samsung don't usually do this but it's great that we do have one included it's a plastic screen protector now my xn+ did also have a plastic

Screen protector but it actually had a cutout for the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner this is not the case here because we don't have an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the s10 II now this plenty of camera at the front is

The same as what we've got on at the s10 and sm+ which is 10 megapixels with an f-14 nine aperture however you don't get the secondary depth camera that you also get on the s10 plus now this is something

That I'm definitely interested in how much of an effect is that gonna have on life focus from the front-facing camera I'll definitely let you guys know I think the sm+ does an absolutely great job at edge detection one of the best

Out there and I do think that's thanks to that depth camera I'll be interesting to see how this performs as with the other models you do get 4k UHD video recording from the front-facing camera so if you're somebody into vlogging the

S10 II is still gonna be a great option now the fingerprint scanner isn't within the displace where is it well it's here on the right hand side of the power button now I do think it's a little bit higher but because the device is quite

Compact and easy to use in one hand you can't reach it pretty easily you just have to give it a quick tap and it's gonna a lock for you you can either do this from the lock screen or when you just press the button from when the

Device is off its straightway gonna let you in and I gotta say it's super fast it is actually faster compared to the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner but that is one of the compromises you have to make with an electronic fingerprint

Scanner because it is under the display so something you guys might actually prefer this quicker fingerprint scanner here on the right hand side of the SME as opposed to what we've got on the s10 and s10 plus on the left hand side

There's the volume rocker and the Bigsby button now the good news is this year if you don't like Bigsby you can't remap this so a single press is gonna maybe like open the camera or another app you can't get it to open a Google assistant

However so that's something to bear in mind but it is nice that you've got more options this year at the bottom there is a 3.5 mm jack as mentioned earlier on there's USB type-c ports there is a bottom firing speaker we've got another

Front firing speakers in the EPS at the top there is a SIM card tray now as well as your SIM card there is space here for a micro SD card so you can expand the storage on this and it already comes to the base of 128 gigabytes with 16 bytes

Of around and there's also another option available with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 bytes of storage so storage should really not be a problem here on the s10 II now let's take a look at the back now this is where we've got another

Big difference compared to the s10 and s10 plus and that's because the SNT has two cameras as opposed to three the primary camera is 12 megapixels and it has a variable aperture so it's going to switch between F 1.5 and F 2.4 depending

On the lighting you've seen it's got optical image stabilization dual pixel autofocus or the good stuff now the secondary camera this is quite interesting because traditionally for a secondary camera

Samsung has always opted for a telephoto camera where it's gonna give you two times optical zoom not here on the SAE you have that amazing 16 megapixels ultra wide camera now I absolutely love this on the sm+ probably been one of my

Favorite things on the phone and I'm so so glad something have opted for the ultra wide rather than the telephoto here on the secretary camera of the s10 II it's got an F 2.2 aperture and if you do buy the SAE pretty sure you're gonna

Be super happy with this ultra wide the only thing you're missing out on is that telephoto camera which you get on the s10 and S 10 plus might not be a big deal for a lot of people we still have ip68 water and dust resistance and

Internally this is either powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor or Samsung's Exynos 9020 this is gonna vary depending on your region I've only had a chance to test out the Exynos version so far I'm hoping to get hold of a Qualcomm

Snapdragon 8055 version and if you do want to see some comparisons of the exodus versus the Snapdragon then definitely let me know in the comments below software wise we do have one UI and I've

Really been liking one UI it's very clean and it's also very smooth and it's very very easy to use with one hand so for instance I'm here in my notification Targo I can just swipe down to bring everything down so I can swipe down

Anywhere and it just makes things so much more reachable if I go into messaging then once again I had this header here so I can reach everything here with my thumb and this is more so the case with the s10 ie because of its

Overall smaller size for the battery it's 3100 mAh which is a pretty decent size for this phone we've got wireless charging 2.0 which is pretty fast and we've also got wireless power share this is where you can use your estany to

Charge other Qi enabled devices and then we have the guys that is the s10 II finally in the house I'm so excited to test this out more what videos would you like me to do with the s and E definitely let me know in the comments

Below and if you want to see all of those new videos that come up straight away then be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you don't miss any coverage I hope you enjoyed this video about it useful if you did then do hit

That thumbs up button for me thanks for watching this a fond super safe TV and I'll see you next time

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