Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10 Plus vs S10E

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S tens are finally official are we not only have three but we have four new Samsung Galaxy S attempts to talk about what's up guys sake on super-safe TV and actually got an early look at all of the new s10 and in this video we're gonna be taking a

Closer look at the best 10 yes 10 plus as well as the s10 Ian comparing them there's also the s10 5g which we'll be looking at in the next video and if you want to see that first then be sure to subscribe I think the SUBSCRIBE icon

Will be some around here or somewhere and hit that Bell icon so you don't miss that first right there's a lot to cover so let's initially start off with display sizes the s10 and sn+ are successes to last year's s9 and s9 +

And the s10 has a 6.1 inch display whereas the s10 plus has a 6 point 4 inch display now the display sizes do sound pretty large but in terms of the physical dimensions they're very similar to what we had last year with the 8

Lines and that's because we've got even smaller bezels compared to last year with a punch out for the front-facing cameras now something is saying that we've got roughly about a 93.1% screen to window ratio which is pretty insane

And then we have the Samsung Galaxy S 10 II which is the new edition this time and that has a 5.8 inch display the biggest difference being not only the size but also the fact that it's got a flat display compared to the curved

Displays of the s10 and s10 plus so if you are somebody who profess a flat display then the s10 a might be a good option for you another key difference is in the resolution the s10 and sn+ have a quad HD plus resolution whereas the s10

II has a full HD plus resolution so you're gonna get higher pixel densities on the s10 and sn+ but really singing speaking all of these displays look absolutely beautiful and that's because they have dynamic AMOLED technology

They're also the world's first HDR 10 plus mobile displays and Samsung is a leader in display technology and this really shows on the s tense they look absolutely stunning you've got vibrant colors deep blacks

Great viewing angles and you also have up to 1200 nits of brightness so these this are also super bright and super sharp I don't think you're gonna have any problems with the displays of course

There is that punch out the Infinity Oh punch out on all of these I personally don't mind it currently and Samsung has cleverly shaded out the wallpaper towards the punch-out area so at first glance it might look like they don't

Have a punch out at all and we've got pretty much bezel as this place of quite clever they're from Samsung but when you are within options and menus and things you will see the punch out quite clearly now this is of course going to come down

To pass and preference I in my initial testing don't mind the punch out too much compared to a knotch what do you guys think so far definitely drop me a comment below and let me know and because of the differences in

Display sizes we do have differences in terms of the physical dimensions of all three devices the s10 II coming in with the smallest size and it's definitely the most compact but you do get the advantage of the larger displays on the

S10 and sn+ so it's gonna come down to your personal preference for building design things a very premium we've got a metal frame with glass panels on the front and back with ip68 water and less resistance across the board and we've

Got plenty of color options as well all devices are available in either prism white prism black prison blue as well as a prism green but the s10 is gonna come in a special unique edition which is the canary yellow very bright color I'm not

Too sure about this color personally it is a bit too bright for my liking but definitely let me know in the comments below what you think of it the sn+ is also going to come in ceramic version so we've got a ceramic black as

Well as a ceramic white so this is where the back panel instead of glass is gonna be ceramic so more premium and does definitely feel really really nice in the hand now let's talk about the internals all devices are going to be

Powered by either the qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor or the samsung exynos 98 twenty some of the fastest processors out there right now so no doubt these are going to be super speedy devices and we've got lots of different

Versions when it comes to RAM and storage the s10 is gonna start at 60 gigabytes of RAM with 128 gigabytes of storage it is also going to be an 8 gigabyte of RAM version with 256 a good bytes of storage

And with the s10 starting with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage but then you have an 8 gigabyte of RAM version with 512 gigabytes of storage the s10 Plus takes things even further with the base starting with 8

Gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage but if you do go for these ceramic options they come with 18 bytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage all the top-of-the-line comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte of

Storage let that sink in for a second one terabyte of storage with 12 gigawatts of RAM on a smartphone that is absolutely insane now I'm not sure how many people will be going for this top-of-the-line version but it

Definitely seems like one of those show-off versions and it's going to be coming in a lot more expensive compared to the base models the good thing is that all of these devices come with expandable storage so you can use a

MicroSD card to expand your storage by up to 512 gigabytes that's on top of what you already have and that's really impressive that something have still held on to expandable storage this is something that we don't really see on

Many smart phones these days in terms of the operating systems or devices come with Android Pi out of the box with Samsung's 1u I I'm quite liking one UI it's very clean and very very smooth it comes with lots of optimizations for

Faster at launch times as well as battery optimization so it's going to learn your behaviors and it's gonna try to save you battery when you're not going to be using the phone definitely looking forward to checking this out

More in my hands on usage now let's look at the cameras so there's lots to talk about here for the cameras the s10 and sn+ have the same camera setup on the back and that is a triple camera setup with the primary having 12 megapixels

With a variable aperture so this is something that we saw last year with the s lines in the know tonight this is where it's gonna switch between F 1.5 and F 2.4 depending on the light in your scene then you have a telephoto camera

Which is gonna give you two times optical zoom once again this is something that we did see last year from Sam saying something new that we didn't see last year from Samsung on the Galaxy S series is an ultra wide camera and

This time we have a 16 megapixel ultra wide camera this is going to give you a 120 three degree field of view super wide getting everything into you've seen I'm a huge fan of ultra wide cameras I'm so

Glad that sounds like a now including this on their flagship devices the s10 II has a new camera setup so you've got the same primary camera and you've got the ultra wide this is quite interesting because traditionally for their dual

Camera setup something usually goes for regular as well as a telephoto well for the first time we are now seeing a regular as well as an arch white here are the 10 E and I'm definitely glad about this I always prefer an ultra wide

Compared to a telephoto now there's lots of software improvements that come with the cameras as well so we've got a scene optimizer this is going to use AI to improve your shots we've got best composition which is

Gonna kind of suggest how to get the best composition of your shots and make sure your camera is straight etc now I really want to test this out and put it up against some other cameras to see how will the cameras of the earth tens

Perform definitely let me know in the comments below which super sass style kind of comparison you'd like to see first and I'll try to get cracking with that as soon as possible for video you've got 4k at 60 frames a second

Unfortunately we don't have 4k at 120 frames a second this year maybe we'll see it next year but you do have super steady shot now this is where your videos gonna be super stable from the demos that some think I've shown it

Looks very impressive of course I'm gonna have to spend some more time with it but it's nice to see these improvements in video as well and for the front facing cameras that punch out we do have a 10 megapixel primary camera

With dual pixel autofocus this time and this has an F 1.9 aperture why 10 megapixels well that's because you now have 4k UHD video recording from the front-facing cameras of the s tens that's awesome and

Believe this is one of the first times we're seeing if not the first time we're seeing 4k UHD video from the front-facing camera of a smartphone absolutely awesome if you're somebody who vlogs a lot this is going to be

Really really useful now the S 10 plus does come with a secondary front-facing camera this is 8 megapixels and it's mainly used for depth sensing so this is to give you a better portrait mode shot from the front-facing camera although we

Do have a portrait mode from the front facing cameras all the S 10 as well as the S 10 II how these will work I'm gonna have to spend some more time with them and you also do have an option of a regular

Angle of view as well as a wide angle of view for the front-facing cameras now this happens on all devices so I'm not sure exactly how it's doing it if it's to do software or something else but you do have that option here it's not super

Super wide but if you do have a group sha something then this should be useful now moving on to security the s10 and s10 Plus come with an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner now this seems to work really well and it is 3d

Sensing not 2d like with traditional scene first impressions are positive I've never been a huge fan of the 2d optical sensors that we've seen on other devices they're usually quite slow this does not seem to be the case with the

Air stands but of course I'm gonna be spending some more time with them and I'll let you know how I get on in my full review the s10 II does not have an ultrasonic fingerprint scan in the display however it is actually side

Mounted and it is pretty high for my liking I would have liked it if it was a little bit lower so it's a little bit more accessible with your thumb this seems to work pretty well as well but it's not gonna be as convenient as the

S10 and s10 plus you do have to the facial recognition on all devices and that's not going to be as secure but if you do want to use that facial recognition it is gonna be there however we no longer have iris scanners on any

Of these devices this is something that we've had on previous Samsung devices so if you are somebody who liked the area scanner unfortunately it is not here and that seems to be because of the minimal bezels that we have now the positive is

Even though we've got minimal bezels we do have stereo speakers so we've got one in the earpiece on one part firing they sounded pretty good to me and we've also got a 3.5 mm headphone jack on all devices this is something that we're not

Seeing on pretty much all flagships these days but Samsung has still held on to this whether they're gonna hold on to it next year is a bit of a question mark but at least this year for all of the s tens we have a 3.5 mm jack great news

Now moving on to the batteries we have decent sized batteries on all devices 3100 mAh on the SN e 3400 mAh on the s10 and 4100 mAh on at the s10 plus so the SN plus coming in with the large battery but it also has the

Largest display the power all devices come with fast charging so you are gonna be getting a fast charger out of the box and you also get fast wireless charging 2.0 so this is faster compared to what we had last year I'm not sure of the

Exact speed in watts but I have been told that it's almost as fast as Y charging so that's very positive of course you're gonna have to have a compatible fast wireless charger to get that full speed and the new feature that

We've got this year is wireless power share so this is reverse wireless charging is something that we initially saw on the huawei mate 20 pro this is where you can use your device to charge another device or accessory now I wasn't

A huge fan of this feature on the huawei mate 20 pro and that's because it was super slow this thankfully does not seem to be the case on the s10 and we have decent speeds coming from wireless power share and I'm not sure the exact speed

In watts for the wireless power share as yet but I have been told that it's around 50% of the fast wireless charging so that is still pretty fast and Samsung have also shown off their new Galaxy earbuds which

You'll be able to charge using your Samsung Galaxy S 10 wirelessly so this is really impressive you should also be able to charge your Samsung Galaxy watch so it's something that I'm definitely looking forward to now finally let's

Talk about pricing and availability the s10 D of course coming in the cheapest quite an affordable option for a lot of people if you want those flagship features the s10 and sn+ coming in at the high prices and of course if you

Want to go for the top-of-the-line as 10 plus with the 12 gigabytes of RAM and the one terabyte of storage in ceramic then you are gonna be paying a decent amount pure is actually begin right now so you can go ahead and pre-order your s

Hands right away and release is gonna be around the 8th of March if you pre-order the s and OS 10 plus right now I believe in most regions you will be getting free galaxy earbuds the new Galaxy earbuds so that's gonna be pretty good as well

Because they're worth a decent amount to and that is the samsung galaxy s 10 SN plus as well as s 10 e loss to cover here I'm pretty impressed with the devices initially they do look very promising and I call wait

More tests with these devices definitely let me know in the comments below what you think of them on what videos you'd like me to do with these going forward as I mentioned before I'm going to be covering the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g in a

Separate video which is going to be coming shortly so make sure you have subscribed and switch on notifications to see that video as well as lots more Samsung Galaxy S 10 coverage coming up very very soon I hope you enjoyed this

Video and value saw if you did then do hit that thumbs up on for me read this helped me out thanks for watching this is saffron super-safe TV I'll see you next time

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