Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera vs Pixel 3 XL Comparison Test!

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm doing a very interesting comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus and the Google pixel 3xl this is the most requested camera comparison that I've had based on my last video so thanks for the support on that but how

Will a single camera compared against a triple camera and will the Google processing actually hold up versus a brand new phone that's out on the market so let me know which camera looks best here and what sounds better I must

Switching between the sources and let's test this in every gliding condition and see which one is the king of smartphone cameras this is one of the toughest camera comparisons that I've done because they do go back and forth so

Much I think it'll be more of a preference thing than a technical thing but I was really surprised by the results so let me break down what I found after looking at over 300 images side by side all of these photos were

Taking on auto mode with all defaults enabled since the pixel auto HDR plus processing relies heavily on machine learning so scene optimizer is also left enabled on the Galaxy S ten plus there are two big differences when it comes to

The daylight photos the galaxy s 10 plus tends to land generally warmer while the pixel tends to land naturally colder so this is purely preference normally the pixel 3xl is the king of putting more contrast in photos giving it that

Dramatic look which it's well known for but it's surprising how much contrast the Galaxy S 10 plus gives in certain shots sometimes even more than the pixel 3xl which I was really surprised by the galaxy s 10 plus does show higher

Dynamic range especially in the cloud details also the shadow details much better which is showcased consistently throughout the images the pixel tends to crush shadow details to give you more contrast to the shots so the blacks are

Crushed so if you like this style of processing you're going to love the pixel I feel like they both give you a ready to share image right out of the camera but the Galaxy has 10 plus gives you more room to edit the photo

Afterwards so let me know which one that you prefer while the s 10 plus in most cases produces the brighter pictures it does tend to overexpose by a stop or so so you'll get some clipping like on my shoes here the pixel does a better job

Of balancing the light sources but I know that some people like us brighter look and with the increased shadow detail I think a lot of consumers will prefer this look but slight overexposure is something that

You need to be aware of on the s10 series when it comes to the front-facing camera I still think that the pixel is the one to beat contrast and sharpness are incredible and while I think the colors are more natural on the s10 plus

During the day the pixel was unmatched but it does darken skin tones and you can see every imperfection or blemish on your face plus the pixel has a true dedicated ultra wide lens so it is wider when it comes to portrait mode they both

Have great depth and edge detection it's still incredible that the pixel can do this with just a single lens and software but if you look closely they both messed up in certain parts so they will go back and forth when using

Objects I feel like the s10 does a better job with natural blurring having that extra lens the pixel likes to cut out the image and just add a blur effect to the background but the s10 has actual roll-off closer to a DSLR but man is the

White balance just totally opposite on both of these cameras the pixel does a little better job with moving subjects must be that AI that helps but I really dislike the skin tones on a pixel in certain lighting conditions it's really

Saturated and unflattering in my opinion here are a few more samples of higher dynamic range on the s10 plus it's really noticeable during sunset look at the trees where there are so much more details shown by the s10 plus like I

Said earlier the pixel processing really loves to crush the shadows and blacks to give it that super contrast II look and if you like that look you're going to pick the pixel in every picture and if you do that's okay but honestly I went

Into this camera comparison thinking that the pixel 3xl was going to basically crush the s10 plus in every category but I'm pleasantly surprised and I can't stress how awesome this wide angle lens is it's a great option to

Have in situations like this a little after sunset where it's not quite dark yet but there's still some light the s10 plus is brighter exposure and shadow detail really shows an advantage providing more detail and just a better

Shot overall I took these pictures over and over and over again just to make sure it wasn't a fluke but let me know what you think I think the images speak for themselves here it may look like a blowout but here's where

It gets confusing it's not like this in every single case and there were times where the pixel did do better especially as time went on and light really started fading away the higher contrast and dramatic processing really helps but

Once again the white balance flip-flops with the sliding change while the instant plus was landing warmer on daytime shots now the pixel lands warmer and the s10 plus consistently lands cooler I know the pixel only has one

Lens but it's really impressive what the digital zoom can do the telephoto is really no match for I think the s10 plus does better and it should but when you fully zoom in look at all that detail the pixel was able to retain and Stitch

With that super zoom feature it's really mind-blowing when it comes to 4k video it's a clear win for the galaxy s 10 plus also being able to shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second where the pixel is limited to 4k 30 frames per second the

Pixel daytime video has improved the ton actually but the s 10 plus looks much sharper with better dynamic range so if you shoot a lot of video I will go with the s10 Plus stabilization is really great on both phones especially when

You're walking the pixel uses electronic stabilization while the s 10 plus uses OIS but they are both doing really well here in 4k but the game-changer is when you have dramatic movement or want to film fast action the galaxy s 10 plus

Has the new super study video and look at this while I'm running the s 10 plus looks incredible but the downside of it is is that it drops to 1080p when using this feature so let's get

Into what everybody's been waiting for and that is low-light performance while waiting for the fireworks I took a few pictures of the castle before it got completely dark and what I notice is that the galaxy s 10 plus does take a

Brighter shot in most scenarios with more detail but I did notice peeping in that the galaxy s 10 plus has slightly more noise in the shot even with the F 1.5 aperture so in these shots it's a preference thing the s 10 plus captures

More in the clouds and more texture details on the castle but the pixel 3xl just looks amazing with that dramatic contrasted look and more saturated colors so technically the s 10 shot better but I actually preferred the

Pixel 3xl shot when it comes to nighttime 4k video they are both pretty noisy but the Galaxy has 10 plus video has better colors more detail and just looks better overall so if I have to rely on one camera for capturing my

Nighttime vacation moments I would pick the s10 plus and let's not forget having that option of capturing this entire scene in the white angle is also amazing it's really useful to get the scale of this entire scene I just held both

Phones up in the air and just started shooting rapid-fire to see which phone I could get the best action captures of these fireworks and I feel like the pixel 3xl consistently took the better shots in auto mode with better exposure

Balance and sharpness so if you put the s-pen plus into pro mode you could probably work out all of these exposure issues but this is a pure auto test and for reference the pixel 3xl does not have a built-in pro mode in the stock

Camera app but nonetheless the pixel 3xl impressed me with flying colors here and to me is the clear winner the F 1.5 aperture does let more light in in super low light conditions creating that brighter picture and even with less

Noise but the lack of detail is the issue it tends to smear that image with aggressive noise reduction but it does go back and forth with sometimes the pixel 3xl decides that it wants to have more noise in the shot as well and in

This more artistic capture the pixel just went crazy trying to capture the sky detail making it noise City in the upper right corner while it does go back and forth I felt like more consistently the pixel

Had better balance of exposure when it comes to harsher and brighter lighting conditions the sharpness difference is really huge for the pixel look at the brick here it's so much sharper and of course it depends on the situation but

Especially with nitesite you can really capture more detail it's really close with the nighttime shots but when you factor in the low-light selfies I think the pixel does a better job with better sharpness capturing more realistic

Lighting and colors – and even though that the galaxy s 10 Plus creates a brighter selfie for sure the details and color replication is a clear win for the pixel 3 excel so the decision for me here is extremely difficult and it's

For me to declare an actual winner if you look at the daytime pictures they were both really great but the galaxy sn+ displayed better dynamic range and better shadow detail but at the cost of some overexposure the galaxy s 10 plus

Also has better video in daytime and nighttime with up to 4k 60 frames per second while the pixel 3 excel video really needs some improvement the portrait mode on both are great but I do think that the pixel creates an

Incredible image especially with humans but it can be inconsistent with objects like the stop sign and create some unrealistic skin tones but there's no argument that the pixels front-facing camera in both lighting conditions is

Unmatched at night I felt like there was an edge to the pixel and those firework shots really showed machine learning can really capture some unbelievable images they went back and forth so much but for the masses I feel like the s10 plus is a

More well-rounded camera with more features and also having that ultra wide-angle camera is super useful so if I had to pick just one I would surprisingly pick the galaxy s 10 plus because I also shoot a lot of video

Along with a ton of pictures the real Marvel here is that the pixel 3 XL is a much older phone but it still keeps up very well even beating out the s 10 plus in certain scenarios with just one camera on the back and that just goes to

Show you how far ahead Google is when it comes to computational photography and it's stunning what you can get off of the pixel 3xl some images are just showstoppers this makes me both excited for the note 10 and the pixel 4 because

It can only get better from here we can easily call this an even match but I want to know from you guys which one do you think has a better camera I tried to be as fair as possible in this comparison so it will be nice in the

Comments no reason to argue because both of these phones are beasts in their own right subscribe for more camera comparisons like this check out the other ones if you haven't already and I will see you in the next one

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