Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera vs iPhone XS Max Comparison Test!

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm doing the most anticipated camera comparison in a while the new Samsung Galaxy has 10 plus versus the iPhone 10's max so what's cool about the front-facing camera on the galaxy s 10 is that now issues 4k so that's really

Cool so let me know which one you think looks better I'm going to switch them between the audio so let me know which stereo microphone does better so I'm really curious about this one I can't wait to get into the comparison we're

Gonna go ahead and test every lighting condition possible and see which one comes out to be the best let's do this let's kick things off as usual with daylight everything is shot in pure Auto mode with Auto HDR on exactly how the

Cameras come preset and I think this represents the average user best and it also makes things as fair as possible now Samsung does provide a great pro mode if you want to fine-tune your photos they are both fantastic cameras

And you won't be disappointed in either both have great dynamic range with nice colors and plenty of sharpness is actually funny how close these two cameras are in most cases some of these shots look almost identical especially

With the scene optimizer off a lot of people just turn this off even though it's on by default and even though it doesn't work for every single scenario sometimes you can get a better picture with the optimizer on especially with

Flowers so get to know the s10 because sometimes it can really help the white balance is inconsistent on both of these devices so it does go back and forth so it's basically personal preference here but if you take away one thing for most

Of the daytime shots is that the galaxy s 10 Plus usually produces a brighter image and in most cases produces a more contrasting picture but it's not like that in all situations but most of the times this is the case so if you like to

Edit your photos you may favor the iPhone images more but the s 10 plus images are ready to share right out of the camera the standout feature for the S 10 series is the new 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera on the back it

Can really help you capture all of that scene so it's really nice to have this kind of power in your pocket just be aware of the distortion it can be heavy in certain shots but there is a setting in the menu

Can help you slightly with that when it comes to portrait mode the s10 plus uses the wide-angle camera so there isn't a huge crop like there is on the iPhone 10s max there is also a cool new colorpoint mode to isolate colors that

Can give you a nice effect let me know which portrait mode that you think looks better I prefer the wide-angle capture they both have 2x telephoto capabilities with pretty much the same type of quality once again

That white angle is amazing to be able to capture that entire scene the way that the two cameras handled the blue sky is personal preference but in these shots here and now on some of the other shots that I've seen I'm gonna kind of

Lean towards the s10 plus there are a few instances where the iPhone 10's max shows higher dynamic range with less clipping but in most cases they both produce great high dynamic range shots so when it comes to daytime shots I feel

Like this could go either way they are both really excellent the front-facing camera is slightly improved here on the s10 plus with a 10 megapixel F 1.9 lens and the iPhone has a 7 megapixel F 2.2 shooter and I do have to say that I like

The colors better on the iPhone 10's max but I like how much whiter the s10 front-facing camera is even though you can't use that wide-angle further the front-facing video on the s10 both have portrait mode and they do a pretty good

Job with edge detection when it comes to video they both shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second and the colors and sharpness look really similar here and in most cases both produce great dynamic range but the galaxy s 10 plus is the first to

Shoot video in HDR 10 plus so when you open the video in an editor it looks extremely flat with no color and looks very similar to s log3 on Sony cameras but once you grade it in post-production you have a lot of flexibility and get

All of that info and color back and I like that there is more shadow detail even in lower light situations but you do have to have an HDR 10 plus capable display of seeing this so let me know which one that you think looks better

And here's a second audio test this time with loud music so this could give you an idea of what it will record if you're at a concert

the stabilization test is going to surprise you the galaxy s 10 s have a new super study mode but the downside is

That it records in 1080p and you can't record in 4k but when you test action like I did here running with both of them in my hands look at how stable this video is it's absolutely incredible and it's game-changing when it comes to

Stabilized video the difference is not as crazy if you're walking without steady shot on at 4k they both use OIS so they both look very similar both do a great job of stabilizing this walking footage but let me give you a tip do not

Use steady shot on at nighttime because that dropped at 1080p and the low-light make the video super soft and muddy it's really noticeable so I don't recommend you use this in low-light situations let's get to what everybody has been

Waiting for and that is low-light performance the galaxy s 10 plus has a dual aperture 12 megapixel main sensor that goes all the way down to F 1.5 while the iPhone 10 s max has a 12 megapixel F 1.8 sensor and during the

Weird time where there's still light and it's not completely dark like late sunset I feel the iPhone does a better job with smart HDR it shows higher dynamic range handling the neon signs and drastic

Lighting better and for some weird reason the S 10 plus is showing more noise in these shots while having a lower aperture I hope this will improve with this software update because this is uncharacteristic when it starts

Getting darker that's where the s 10 plus really shows that extra light in most cases producing a brighter image with more contrast this balloon shot really shows it well with just more shadow detail and the colors are

Fantastic and in some shots the s 10 plus is more sharpened images work to its advantage showing better clarity just look at how sharp the s 10 plus is here but that extra light doesn't always win because it can let too much light in

Creating a softer and more overexposed image and the one characteristic that did not go whay is the super aggressive noise reduction while there's much less noise in the clouds these shots the detail

Literally just gets smeared and smoothened like on the s9 I was hoping for an improvement here I guess we'll have to wait for the next one or hopefully they can push out a software update to fix this you can also see it

Here on this macro shot where the detail is lost on the flowers for better noise reduction I personally wouldn't mind a little more noise for a clearer and more balanced shot same thing here with this plant the s10 plus just looks washed out

I was actually surprised how well the iPhone 10's max actually kept up here with the s10 plus even showing better lighting control and producing the more natural colors in certain cases and even with more contrast the iPhone still

Handles the Reds better in low light like this coca-cola building and also the exposure is more balanced on the iPhone shot also look at this AMC sign the same thing is happening here with less over sharpening on the iPhone but

It really does go back and forth the neon signs are so much brighter on the s10 plus and even on the telephoto shot I think most people will prefer the S 10 plus here the front-facing camera in low-light is basically a blowout when it

Comes to the brighter image for the s 10 plus but the colors are more naturally represented by the iPhone and the skin tones are better but that beauty mode is super heavy on the S 10 plus and this is with beauty mode at 0 the exposure is

Also handled better by the iPhone on portrait mode shots even though my face is much dimmer but if you want a brighter selfie at night then go as 10 plus all the way but both of these phones really don't look that great on

Night time 4k video they both look nice but the iPhone does show better dynamic range just look at the lights in the background it's more balanced but I do prefer the warmer tone of the S 10 plus I think it's nicer on the eyes in my

Opinion but the overall image I think is better on the iPhone especially if you're gonna edit it in post-production this camera comparison is an extremely difficult one to call and I know there's gonna be a lot of controversy on this

They almost seem neck-to-neck here but I'm going to have to give the slight edge here to the Galaxy S 10 Plus this year I think it has a more versatile camera setup with the wide-angle Edition has an

Incredible super steady video and I feel has more camera features for the average consumer the one thing is if you shoot a lot of video on your phone I think you should still choose the iPhone because I feel like it's slightly better

Especially at night it's hard to call low light because if you edit your photos I feel like there's less sharpening on the iPhone so it can make it easier to recover but if you're a pure auto person the S 10 Plus on most

Occasions will produce a brighter image and it'll make it easier to share straight out of the camera plus you have that built-in pro mode once again it can go either way but that's my opinion after looking at hundreds of photos side

By side so let me know which one you think is better I try to make this as balanced as possible so please be kind in the comments there's no reason to argue both of these cameras are incredible so let me know which camera

That you want to see compared with the s10 plus next and I will see you in the next one

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