Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy FOLD: YouTubers REACT!

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

It's that time again s10 galaxy fold I'm gonna find your favorite youtubers we're gonna see what they think about it it was kind of another surprise for me that the foals was so ready and it's launching in April which is insane and they announced like a thousand products

Today so let's see what your favorite youtubers say about the Galaxy S 10 if first hands-on on the Galaxy has said before it came out are you sorry my main man here Matthew it was my father's what's up man what's going on

Hey what do you think about the f10 the s10 about what I expected you know subtle improvements every single year it's everything we dreamed of so what about foldable what do you think about that now that one I'm interested in

I think Samsung has done it right with the metal hinge in the center that looks pretty sturdy but we'll see if it bends in more directions than one so like historically how a samsung got held up in your third building Oh solid every

Single time I saw the foldable hinge I saw it a little bit looked a little shaky man yeah but it's got the metal gears inside so I'm interested in that there's gonna be there's another foldable phone from I saw it at CES but

It's made from plastic guarantee that one breaks what I have I think this one's gonna survive right so you're gonna get one and wait to see it man I'm buying one I can't wait to say through there ain't bully on his baby that's

What we're gonna do well I was really excited about the foldable phone I didn't know if we would see it I didn't know if it was going to be kind of just that half-baked kind of betta device but I was pretty impressed

With it I was getting a little excited as they were going through it and that's ready man look at it does it does it but then but then they drop the price mm guys the whole room groaned at that price starting from 1980 dollars

Some people were laughing I mean I get it I get it it's it's a premium device it's but what I want to what about you you want one Oh God what about thing going yes today we've got the guy c4 you know walking sink olive do with it

Yeah so you know think about you right where I'm going the jungle and I take a phone call but I wonder find my enemies I hope enough Google Maps I've got quite dam breach screen which is very tight well I gotta check my bank

Accounts now so much money I know you need the big screen for that bank account I mean awesome your rule of Sangala you have to make sure I an are not very casual but I'm Sidhu I like the pressure on the headset well

Has teddy sm+ 999 I don't think the s10 is necessary then she cut it out I think so exactly but anyway look if you want if people want you want to buy me a galaxy and hold I'd give you my address

You can send me to Ghazi Fuu hey pal anymore what else no no I don't like to do that night bad stuff no I was I just want one banana yellow and I want that that black horn combat you guys so send it to my house

Danny Capri for it's you send you to check thank you how many strawberries five what do I call you now TechnoBuffalo yeah I'm gonna be a EIC of techni buffalo all right so what do you think

About this Henry I freaking love it I just wrote the thing that says look it's nice to see something innovating again because last year they did it and it's like if you look back at the 10 years of the Galaxy S they did a lot of crazy

Cool stuff yeah man the s10 is exactly that what I'm really excited for is the s10 8 right 99.9% of people should ignore the regular ignore the plus by the E and that's gonna eat a lot of companies like

Dinner right I mean it's seriously though I think I think it's just on iPhones in our instant oh I just want the same thing and I will actually said to relate you only buy an iPhone 10 R if you want look at it both you only buy

The iPhone Jenner if you want an iPhone otherwise you buy it any it's not even a contest right also it takes someone one plus because if you're two hundred dollars difference for a one brush versus a nest any more boy come over

Here call boy he's cold Inanna Montauk s Tanagra which they tested my thing is will they accept EBT cards that's gonna be the only way I'm gonna be able to afford the foldable right okay I don't even get a wallet

That's foldable galaxy fold I'm gonna have to use my full stamps to get there for sure EBT cards that's what that's what it is galaxy s 10 e g4 EBT judge judge judge what's up man look man so what do you

Think man there's like 4,000 products announced we gotta know what's up what's your favorite one I gotta go for it s10 plus I'm most the guy who goes for the biggest invest so I like that 10 plus but s10 their size that hole though you

Know I saw that tweet man whoo that ain't it I was excited I was excited yeah okay they got something to work on but $2,000 that Guam we got to check hold on let's check them pockets let's check the pockets mm her stove what's

Going on today back from Paris what's going on yes so what do you think what do you think about these phones would you actually buy one of these things I mean they had like five phones so there's so many

Phones honestly I know my pick is like heading towards as ten plus because bigger bones I like the bigger screen I always say the same thing but that's how it is for me so yeah it probably would go for that

Seven plus I want to check out the foldable phone galaxy bowl looks cool but what do you think of the 2 grand price right at that price tag is a little heavy 40 bucks that's heavy so you got two phones you

Got two screens basically or with that big screen but you paying for it big time right and look email you've been in like eight of my damn shots already because I'm here with crystal and she just one present and what else she said

Is fantastic maybe if you saw them it's okay baby sorry well you intimidate her man here's my something I've never said in my life to launch a thousand lawsuit feel like

Apple is now playing catch-up to Samsung I always felt it was Samsung playing catch-up to Apple but it just flipped today so I'm really curious what's gonna happen in September come on it's a new year's no tech bring it Apple come on

Bring it I don't know that's why I'm scared never feel anxious about your future tech products before I feel scared right now come on man take away his life right now you know what turn around

So I'm an order let me change the closure real quick so what is going on what do you feel about s10 I'm loving it I'm loving it absolutely the hardware's awesome looks great the screen is phenomenal right but I

Have to see what those cameras are all about you know Samsung's been slipping a little bit I'm really excited to check the phone the new Bigsby John as it were John what's up man not much man I don't know enjoy being in front of a

Wide-angle lens right first thing the event is the most exciting thing in the event sold strategy saying a lot of people tuned out after that point but it didn't matter cuz they had already gotten you and your $1,980 we haven't

Touched it right it could be it could be the world's worst thing we haven't even seen it we didn't even see one under glass rotating on a little pedestal we have I have not laid eyes on a single one of these but it's due in April

Should it better be ready soon I'm excited because it's the first time in such a long time that smartphones have not been this very nice but like rectangle single piece right and anyone who says that they're not excited about

Vulnerables I'm kind of a little bit suspicious though because what you're saying then is like you're not excited for a thing that is a phone when it needs to be a phone and a tablet when it when you want it to be a tablet and it's

Both things in one and you put it in your pocket that is the coolest thing I've heard of in a long time how dare you tell me there was a billion phones today right yes what was the most exciting point today most exciting part

Today I could see myself with the phone like that because things always questions like why would I want to know what would be the usefulness what I want to sacrifice the size for the feature so to speak of having a film like that and

I started to kind of picture that into my life when I saw that yeah I'm gonna do pocket check I need see the $2,000 so that's what you're gonna be dropping all right right that's all you're gonna be dropping for that so what do you think

Favor phone of today what do you think is the gonna be the best seller but it's better than the 10r yes that's it that's what I think you're not you're still getting a full HD display it's not quite as G but it's still at the police kid I

Think it was like five or ten twenty two pixels per inch or something you're getting right I think she's gonna do well especially with like the price and also yeah it's probably better with like

Accessories mask your pecker hey I can see so the thing that a lot of people aren't thinking about is wait until the things out for three to four months then he goes on stage then it's gonna be the real one right five hundred bucks or

Something this thing's gonna kill back-to-school like people watch like that I always write I agree I think it's gonna be completely legit but honestly like the thing that I think no one's

Talking about but that's really really cool to me it's a reduction on the light so it's like a 42% reduction without adding a filter so if you picture quality's not gonna change but it is better for your eyes and after we sell

Like all those studies a couple months back about like like changing yourselves like I think it's really the initiative on that without actually thinking it looks yellow I tried thank you for adding something

Different to the game is breaking down science why you better bring up any good because if you take Danny what's going on everybody what a man alright so let's talk about

This goddamn phone oh my bad okay so I need it I need to talk about the price all right let's all say it together the price is too damn hard Samson calm down all right they bugging with the price though honestly but imma

Buy it anyway I know you gonna buy the phone I'm not gonna buy the phone I'm definitely buying the fold that's the only one that's the only one I really want though I mean I want I won't do anything

Maybe this they'll send it out I don't know but like I feel like traditionally in a game of cards when it comes to this phone I fold waiting for that one moment while I'm outside somewhere and I'm using the phone and somebody's asked me

A question and I just get the unfolding bounce man I'm just waiting for that one moment that moment will pay for the phone right that one moment that's your your club flag that's it oh man I'm flexing so hard that one

Somebody go say well you got that big ass phone that big so what do you think man when you get the s10 plus are you gonna go one terabyte with the 12 gigs a ram come on man no I'm not even do a 512 gigs 128 is good for me yeah what about

This 12 gigs a ram situation man I mean it's just getting out of control it's just to manage the memory dude like to manage the one terabyte of storage they use like three four gigabytes to do that it's basically gender separation exactly

Nah it's only they did it to separate yourself from all these peasants walking around what happened so now I can be you you can be that dude that guy's got 12 gigs of RAM everybody else is a pezzi that's the only reason they did it

That's how they're getting in China gigs of RAM you coming home I mean what are you really gonna do it on that Ram I'll take it though I mean don't get me wrong I take it but I'm not paying for that so what about all the other stuff that was

Announced today we had like wearables and okay the galaxy watch looks like trash they got rid of the bezel yeah I was trying to be nice to do it inside yeah but he showing me to watch and I'm like what happened to the rotating bezel

He's like we got rid of that house okay huh what's that turkey cheese over there bro you got rid of the bezel that's it now watches trash the galaxy boys they look good I gotta hear them they they look good but the

Price is right on those a buck 30 but I mean I wasn't impressed though he wasn't impressed okay wasn't really impressed basically the fold is what you were impressed before and I like the fob g5 g

5g 12 cameras no fit 15 cameras I know now I like it though I like it I'll take it I hope you guys enjoy that I'm already back home and I have my unit in hand and I'm making a ton more videos right now

So stay tuned to the channel subscribe and give me a thumbs up if you enjoy this and you want more of these react type videos and I'll see you guys in the next one

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