Samsung Galaxy Note10 unboxing and key features

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey everyone Ricky here with GSA marina
and today we're taking a look at the
regular-sized Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and
tell you about some of its key features
let's get started this year marks the
first time that Samsung announced to
note devices at the same event marking a
real change in Samsung's note series
inside the box is a sim tool and here is
the galaxy note 2 10 in the aura glow
color under the phone is the updated 25
watt adapter which now uses USBC power
delivery some extra s-pen tips and
removal tool USB C charging cable and a
pair of USB C AKG earbuds with extra
unlike the note 10 plus however we
noticed the smaller note 10 didn't
include an OTG adapter normally used to
transfer data from an old device the
differences between the note 10 and note
10 plus are again mostly downgrades it
has a smaller battery lower resolution
screen less ram no tof camera no 45 watt
charging and no micro SD card slot don't
get me wrong the no 10 is still very
well equipped let's take a look at the
phone's top features if you ever wanted
the back of your phone to look like a
compact disc then this is the color
option for you this is the aura glow no
10 and it's so super reflective oh my
gosh oh I like the or a pink one let me
get a closer look no will where you
going one of the biggest changes to the
design is the replacement of the power
button it's now on the left side shared
with bixby also Samsung did away with
the headphone jack boom
otherwise this is the first time that
Samsung releases a more pocket-friendly
note Samsung has always been known for
its gorgeous displays and the note 10 is
no different this is a six point three
inch adaptive AMOLED screen with full HD
resolution it's smaller and lower res
than the note ten pluses display the ten
megapixel selfie camera is still cut out
of the display but it's smaller than the
s tens the most unique part of the
Galaxy Note series is the S Pen it's the
same size as before but some gimmicky
new remote control gestures were added
of course all the useful features are
still around the Galaxy Note 10 milli
amp hour battery and while that's on the
smaller side for a note remember that
the S Pen takes up a lot of room in the
phone otherwise the charging has been
updated on both models and includes a 25
watt power delivery adapter it's
definitely an upgrade from the aging 15
watt adaptive fast charge standard the
Galaxy Note tendon and Exynos versions
depending on your market both chipsets
are identical in performance and
compared with eight gigabytes of RAM the
base model also gets you 256 gigabytes
of fast u FS 3.0 storage we only expect
top-of-the-line performance and buttery
smoothness from the note 10 the note 10
has a triple camera setup consisting of
a 12 megapixel main camera with variable
aperture another 12 megapixel telephoto
camera and a 16 megapixel ultra wide
camera it's the same setup as the larger
Note 10 plus only the 10 plus does have
the extra tof sensor for better depth
sensing with the galaxy note 1000 X
you'd expect that there's no room for
compromise that said it feels like a
somewhat stripped-down version of the
note 10 plus and I don't like that
Samsung wants you to choose the compact
size over certain features still it's
nice that Samsung added a smaller option
for those who don't want a huge phone
but at that point the only thing that
stands out for the note is the s-pen so
why not just get an s10
Plus in any case we'll be conducting our
full review of the note 10 so we'll let
you know if the smaller note is worthy
of its note branding let us know if you
have any questions so we can address
them in our full review with that I'm
Ricky for Gia so marina and I'll see you
again soon

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