Samsung Galaxy Note10 review

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

hey what's up guys we've already
reviewed Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 oh
10 brings to the table it's of course
cheaper than the plus but what sorts of
trade-offs come with the savings and
well for gsm arena and let's find out in
our galaxy note 10 review

the Galaxy Note 10 is one of this year's
more premium flagships
and will definitely draw some attention
on the street with a design this shiny
is bound to turn some heads the aura
glow finish is sort of a metallic silver
that was hard to put your finger on it
when it catches some light it erupts
into a rainbow of different colors
there's also an aura pink model if
that's your thing I'm not really a fan
of the note ends sharp edges and corners
galaxy notes have always been a bit box
like but this one has an even more
angular look the form factor here is
smaller and lighter than the note 10
plus it isn't really a compact phone but
definitely more pocket-friendly
everything feels quite sturdy and since
there's ip68 dust and water resistance
you can bring it anywhere with no
worries on the front is a 6.3 inch
curved dynamic AMOLED display it's
smaller than the note n pluses and the
resolution is less to 1080p here instead
of qHD Samsung calls it an infinity OA
display because of the bezel islook and
the round hole punch cutout for the
selfie cam it's pretty small and I like
that it's dead centre instead of off to
the side this screen is gorgeous as
you'd expect from a Samsung flagship
though it isn't quite as sharp as the
note 10 plus you still get a pixel
density of 401 PPI and of course deep
blacks typical of an AM light colors are
pretty accurate except for a slight
green tinge of the grays which we could
only get rid of after some custom slider
tuning maximum brightness is quite good
comparable to the Plus model you have
314 is maximum in manual mode and up to
800 nits in auto mode and bread
conditions there's an always-on display
which you can use to keep track of the
time and notifications while the phone
is asleep or you can wake up the phone
to check it with the under display
fingerprint reader we've seen better on
other phones a sensor area itself is
small and if you're not careful you can
get missed readings from time to time
the wake-up animation is on the slower
side to face unlock is another option
and quite fast if you don't mind the
lower security compared to a fingerprint
just like Samsung's other flagship
phones the note 10 has a stereo speaker
setup with the earpiece as the second
speaker sound is great and well balanced
with excellent loudness in our tests

unlike the Galaxy S 10 series sadly this
year's no 10 phones have done away with
the headphone jack you can use USB C
headphones like the ones in the box go
wireless or use an adapter which you'd
have to buy separately I'm not a fan of
this trends but audio quality through
headphones using the official Samsung
adaptor is great there is good clarity
decent stereo separation and loudness is
higher than on the plus model one thing
that's missing on the note 10 is
expandable storage but you do get on the
note 10 plus but there is still 256 gigs
onboard which would last for quite a
while the user interface of the note 10
is Samsung's 1ui
/ Android 9pi if you've checked out a
Samsung phone recently everything will
feel quite familiar accessing the app
drawer is easy with simple swipes but
you will have to reach for the
notification shade by default samsung
has removed the dedicated Bigsby button
this year though you can call up the
assistant through the power button which
now sits on the left if you're
left-handed that's great but for
everyone else the button takes a bit of
getting used to you do have the option
to remap the power button as a quick
shortcut to apps or different functions
pretty neat the most unique part of the
Galaxy Note series is of course the S
Pen it's the same size as before and I'm
impressed by how the note n can
recognize my terrible handwriting one
new feature is a our doodle where you
can draw accessories and pictures on a
subject being tracked by the camera
speaking of the camera now you can use
the s-pen as a remote control for it but
I can't help but feel I could just be
easier to ask someone else to take the
shot for you powering all of these
features is a Snapdragon 85 or Exynos
9825 chipset depending on the markets
along with 8 gigs of RAM in comparison
the note 10 plus comes with 12 gigs but
I think 8 gigs is plenty
we got the Exynos version for review and
performances excellent in benchmarks as
you'd expect the note 10 actually has an
advantage over the Plus model and
graphics performance thanks to its lower
screen resolution everything runs great
in everyday tasks but while gaming we
did see some heat buildup and thermal
throttling the note 10 has a thirty-five
hundred million power battery and even
though it is smaller than the note M
pluses it still delivers some great
battery endurance
it's scored a rating of 92 hours in our
proprietary tests and screen on time is
actually about the same as the larger
model with the bundled 25 watt charger
you can top up the batteries superfast
we went from zero to 57% charge in just
half an hour just don't expect the note
M pluses 45 watt charger to work with
this one here is wireless charging to
the note 10 is a triple camera setup
consisting of a 12 megapixel main camera
with variable aperture a 12 megapixel
telephoto cam and a 16 megapixel ultra
wide camera
there's no tof sensor unlike on the note
10 plus but otherwise it's all exactly
the same in broad daylight shots taken
with the main camera have plenty of
detail and excellent dynamic range
there's hardly any noise shots taken
with a telephoto cam have 2x zoom and
they look good there's nice detail and
basically no noise colors are just as
lively as from the main cam and dynamic
range is pretty good the ultra wide cam
gives you colors and dynamic range
consistent with the other two cameras
and distortion correction helps to
counteract the fisheye effect at the
edges there is no autofocus here so
extreme close-ups aren't recommended
moving on to portrait mode we were
worried that the lack of a tof sensor
would mean worse portraits on the note
10 but actually that isn't the case you
can use either the main cam or the
telephoto to shoot with and portraits
look every bit as good as on the note 10
plus there's excellent subject
separation and natural-looking D focus
backgrounds at night regular shots with
the main camera are excellent thanks in
part to its variable aperture photos
have good detail well controlled noise
excellent dynamic range and good color
saturation if you switch to night mode
you get an improvement in the definition
around light sources and their colors
are better preserved to overall color
saturation gets a boost and noise is
smoothed out even further at the expense
of some fine detail you can take regular
nighttime shots with a telephoto cam if
it isn't too dark just look decent with
good dynamic range and nice colors if
the light is below a certain threshold
however the phone will switch to a 2x
crop of the main camera if you turn on
edmodo the phone
sometimes ops to use a telephoto in
these conditions instead these
definitely look a lot nicer the ultra
wide camera is actually OK at night not
amazing though the shots are usable with
night mode turned on you get boosted
saturation and a brighter exposure as
well as lower noise you do get a small
drop in sharpness though you can take
selfies with a 10 megapixel front-facing
can and these are great
there's autofocus so no worries about
how far away you're holding the phone
selfies have excellent dynamic range
good detail and nice skin tones you can
choose between the default cropped mode
or a wider 10 megapixel shot now onto
video recording the note 10 can shoot in
up to 4k at 60fps with the main cam and
these look great there's excellent
dynamic range lively colors and a lot of
fine detail there is no electronic
stabilization at 60fps though only oh is
4k videos at 30fps from the main can
have more fine detail and more natural
processing you'll also get electronic
stabilization if you shoot in 4k with
the telephoto cam you'll be at 30fps
switching the 60 will cause you to take
a crop from the main cam
telephoto videos look nice though there
is noticeably more noise in the main
camera it is good to have stabilization
here though 4k videos from the ultra
wide camera are also in 30fps and these
are excellent with great detail low
noise wide dynamic range and
stabilisation one feature the note 10
shares with a Plus model is live focused
video which gives you a blurred
background behind the subject we again
had some doubts because of the lack of a
tof sensor here but we were surprised we
actually liked this footage better than
on the plus it keeps up with a subject
better and the blur looks more natural
so that's the Samsung Galaxy Note 1000
the beautiful and compact waterproof
design the bright AMOLED display
excellent battery life stereo speakers
great performance and of course awesome
cameras and you have the s-pen with all
of its functions I'm sure I missed
something here because this phone has it
or does it well it doesn't have a
headphone jack and storage isn't
expandable and the power buttons
location might be
annoying to some people the fingerprint
reader isn't the fastest either but
besides these nitpicks there's nothing
really bad to say about it I guess the
question remains though if you're
interested should you get the note 10 or
the note n plus for me personally I
prefer the note tens compact size the
Plus model just feels a little too big
and regardless of the cut down and
features the small no.10 is still an
excellent phone and worth a
recommendation thanks for watching guys
and see you on the next one

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