Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 vs iPhone X – Battle of the $1000+ SMARTPHONES

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys Carl here back with
another episode and just getting back
from New York City from of course the
launch of the brand new Galaxy Note 9
I've already got a couple videos up and
the one that I wanted to do was of
course the comparison of the tried and
trusted iPhone acts and the other
smartphone that costs over a thousand
bucks that is a ton of loot for a
smartphone I know that's expensive for
the note 9 though it does start off with
a ton more storage for a thousand bucks
you do get 256 gigs and if you upgrade
that to 512 that will cost you twelve
hundred and fifty bucks and this is one
of the first phones that you can
actually pair with a 512 micro sd card
to give you a whopping one terabyte of
space which would make this guy the
ultimate medium machine but over on the
iPhone side this guy starts with a
thousand bucks you're only getting 64
gigs of storage and if you upgrade that
to 256 that is eleven hundred and fifty
bucks so still very expensive but no
we're in the same realm of how much
space you're getting the feature list on
the note 9 kind of just goes on and on
it's the latest essentially and of
course has the greatest the iPhone is a
bit old now we're getting some new
iPhones coming in September but still
this is a very viable option probably
the two best of Apple iOS and of course
Android Samsung let's first talk about
displays and over on the note 9 this is
the new king of the crop the new
behemoth it's edge to edge it's slightly
larger than last year and Samsung is the
king of displays they're honestly my
favorite to look at they figured out the
entire edge to edge thing they don't
have a notch they just get it and I
cannot fault them for having a stock
orange wallpaper that's a bit of bias on
my head over on the iPhone the screen is
much smaller 5.8 inches like I mentioned
we're getting the iPhone x+ or the
iPhone 11 plus whatever they call it of
course I know that screen size is
personal preference we do of course have
the notch life which we've seen in a ton
of other phones now seems to be setting
the standard but they do have a better
edge on the bottom as these
goes right to the end over on the back
like we've seen in the last couple years
we're moving to a trend of all glass
they are very good looking right out of
the box and depending which colors you
like over on the note we've got a few
funkier ones we of course have ocean
blue we've got the lavender the black
and of course amber and you can see just
for this video how nicely that catches
the light over on Team iPhone we only
have space gray black or white you'll
notice a few close-ups of my iPhone
which is now a year old you can see that
it's collected a ton of micro scratches
so make sure when you do get your brand
new note 9 you do get it covered of
course d-brane has got you guys hooked
up with essentially every single color
imaginable their link of course down
below the s-pen is something that's
being tweaked around this year also it
now has bluetooth connectivity so you
can use it to of course operate say your
camera as a shutter you can kind of map
out whatever functions you want
unfortunately on the iPhone it has no
sort of stylus and you kind of gets what
you see something though that I think is
so important is battery life this guy
the iPhone being a year old 27 60
milliamp hours and it is awful
especially after having it for a year
I'm constantly juicing this guy up
throughout the day and will definitely
not last but this guy has a whopping
four thousand milliamp hours I'm sure
they tested it so no weird explosions
will happen and it is the largest one
we've seen in a Samsung device expect
this guy to be a champ and easily last
you the entire day I'm on a day and a
half use and I still have 15% and I've
been using this guy a ton the last thing
which is probably the most important
which I use my smartphone most for is
the cameras on the note 9 we're getting
a lot of what we've seen on the galaxy s
9s 9 plus we do of course have the
addition of the new AI algorithm it does
have a dual aperture camera so either F
1.5 to 2.4 depending how much light we
have definitely helps out in low-light
situations the iPhone X also has a dual
camera but no dual aperture it is a 12
megapixel sensor as well I will kind of
let these sample shots speak for
themselves let me know what you guys

but yeah that is the comparison of the
two smartphones that are costing you
over a thousand dollars I know it is a
lot of money but I try to tell this to a
lot of people for advice that you will
spend most of your time on I'm on my
phone's way more than say my laptop my
computer you kind of want to spend that
extra money and get a device that will
last you for a couple years I think both
of these are definitely viable options
if you are leading though towards team
iPhone perhaps wait till September but
if you're in the market for a flagship
Android device this guy has all of the
latest features and it is one of my
favorites so far of this year excited to
hear your thoughts down below and if you
want to see this guy compared against
any other smartphones let me know down
below you know where to sound off I hope
you guys though enjoyed this very quick
episode and I'll catch the rest of you
in one of my next ones or in one of my
blogs base

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