by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

good arrived arrived arrived in New York
City technically I'm in Brooklyn right
now what's going on guys it's Karl and
as most of you know I'm in NYC for
unpacked for the brand new Galaxy Note 9
and at the time that you guys are
watching this video that will
technically be tomorrow for me at launch
day it is incredibly bright outside do
not mind the shades indoors you can
actually probably see this giant window
which is right here in my hotel room and
I actually just came from a little sneak
peak my very first hands-on exclusive
just so I could get this video out for
you on a launch day here are my thoughts
on the brand new note 9 let's start off
first with what we've seen on the teaser
of unpacked and that was the s-pen in a
yellow color and that's because now this
year the s-pen is in contrast or in
alternating colorways I did check out
three colors that the phone is currently
coming in first off the ocean blue which
is actually very similar to these shades
that was my personal favorite that had
the contrasting s-pen in yellow we have
lilac with a lighter purple pen
unfortunately that one is not coming to
Canada and the block with the darker pen
those are the three that I checked out
and as I mentioned I think the blue
color is my personal favorites the
finish on the back of very similar
actually to what we've seen in the past
and you can actually see here I've got
my little NBA sticker which I've got to
take off my s 9 plus but it will collect
a few little finger prints a few
scratches on the way so just make sure
you've got that protected but out of the
box it does look a very very fresh let's
go through some of the specs first and
in all honesty the note series is very
similar now in form factor to say the s9
plus it just has of course the added
benefit of the S Pen it's got a six
point four inch Super AMOLED screen and
this is of course is their infinity
display which goes edge to edge it is
quad HD and I've said it before I'm a
huge fan of Samsung displays they're
large they're vibrant they're crispy and
very very beautiful for all things
elated consumption they can be slightly
oversaturated I'll of course have to
test these against other devices but for
my first glance it was a beauty screen
to look at internally we've upgraded to
the latest silicon chipsets we have the
snapdragon 845 and this time around
samsung has upgraded or doubled their
storage options it now comes stock at
128 gigs that one is 6 gigs of ram or
you can get the 512 gig with eight gigs
of ram a ton of storage to pick from and
you can still add a micro SD card to
make it a behemoth and make it your main
media consumption and main media device
to store all of your files they've also
made some tweaks inside because they
wanted to focus a bit on gaming here and
I know that mobile gaming is becoming
the norm I spend more and more time
gaming on say my smartphone than my
actual console they still have the same
water carbon cooling system but now they
have a thermal spreader which is 3 times
larger than before and that should help
out especially when you're playing some
pub G and of course fortnight which is
coming first and exclusive to the note 9
I think they've got it for a couple days
before it gets released widespread
across Android this time around they
also have the largest battery that we've
seen in a note it's 4,000 milliamps
compared to the 3900 from last year I'm
sure they've rigorously tested this guy
there should be no more mistakes on the
horizon so expect this guy to last you
the entire day whether you are gaming
whether you're using it for every single
thing multitasking and there's also a
new wireless charging dock that's coming
August 10th tomorrow can charge multiple
devices to a little bit about the s-pen
this isn't it it's the first time the
s-pen has Bluetooth connectivity built
in so you can actually set it to perform
different sorts of functions one of the
little demos that I was playing around
with was using it as a little remote to
take selfies so just have the camera
propped up somewhere take out the S Pen
plant the phone out there and you can
start taking selfies of yourself and
even flip the camera around double
tapping on the s-pen of course you can
change those functions and kind of map
out the buttons to whatever you would
use the most and whatever you see fit
hardware wise it still has
stereo AKG speakers and if it's anything
like the s9 which with my initial
testing it did sound good
I thought that was one of the low key
best features of this phone so I'm
definitely looking forward to that and
speaking about the camera we do have a
few little upgrades and it once again
kind of shadows what we've seen in the
s9 and of course still has the dual
camera with dual optical image
stabilization and now coming to the note
9 is the dual aperture mode so now you
can actively switch and I believe that's
from F 1.5 to 2.4 someone correct me
down below in the comments it's around
there so it will adjust depending how
much light you have and that does help
out with low-light performance and I can
guarantee you while you're watching this
I am testing out the camera in NYC so
expect the full camera review dropping
very soon and the new feature that
they've added to the note 9 which should
theoretically make it better than the S
9 is the new AI chipset or the new AI
algorithm we've seen it before in other
phones but essentially the AI software
will know what you're taking a photo of
whether it's food pets the beach and it
will enhance and optimally make that
photo better by doing small little
tweaks to the contrast the saturation
all that good stuff that maybe you and I
don't have time to manually do every
time once again stay posted to that
camera review it still has all the
goodies like wireless charging the good
old headphone jack and of course is
still IP 68 certified which means it
should survive most dust and water
storms including the one I was in the
other day but that is my thoughts and
first look in opinions at the brand new
Galaxy Note 9 I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and let me know what other
footage that you want to see and what
other coverage you want to see of the
note 9 down below in the comments and I
will catch the rest of you in one of my
next episodes or in one of my vlogs bass
still super bright outside

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