by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what is up guys Karl here back with
another episode recording from my
balcony here in NYC as we just got back
from the launch of the brand new Galaxy
Note 9 from this moment on this is a
camera test we will be switching to this
guy to give you guys a sense of what the
camera quality is like let's make that
switch boom onto the note 9 you can see
the fantastic view that I've got over
Brooklyn this guy actually borrows a lot
from the s9 they didn't talk about that
a lot during the launch I'm thinking
it's the same 16 megapixel sensor it has
the same dual aperture so that switches
between a 2.4 and 1.5 depending how much
light there is let's of course explore
all our around here and get some dope

so taking a quick little break from the
heat because it is so hot here in New
York so on the rear facing camera on
this guy we actually lose optical image
stabilization at 4k 60 and on the front
facing camera 40 with right now we lose
that app or case so this right now is
technically just 1080p so it should be
so much smooth as we do a little walk
around here

that has been 24 hectic and hunt hours
with the note 9 taking a ton of pics and
now just enjoying the sunrise I am
heading back to Toronto overall thoughts
though around this cam like I mentioned
at the beginning results will be very
similar to what you're getting on the s9
and now does though have an AI algorithm
so depending on what you're taking
photos of save food for example
everyone's favorite it might help tweak
the colors make it pop a bit more but
that's something that you might not
always want that's not to say that's a
bad thing all the time
but I will say low-light performance on
this guy just because it has that
extremely low aperture was really really
good dynamic range on Samsung's can
always be a tad bit better but still a
very solid camera perhaps maybe not as
good as the King the pixel 2 but make
sure you stay posted as I will be doing
comparisons of this guy and of course
the iPhone X pixel 2 and whatever else
you want to see let me know down below
in the comments and I am off to the
airport hope you guys enjoyed some of my
hands-on coverage of the note 9 here in
New York I will catch the rest of you in
one of my next episode or in one of my
next vlogs
face cannot do a piece I'm holding this

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