Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on November 6, 2020

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with my in-depth look at the Galaxy Note 8 one of the most important flagships to end the year the note 8 is available in the few colors but we only get midnight black and orchid gray in the US midnight black is the version I have in it's definitely a fingerprint magnet and it's actually pretty difficult to film because it's very glossy so from the edges to the glass it's very reflective but again it's a really nice looking phone it certainly feels great in the hands with that symmetrical design rounded at the edges with a curved glass display but we're

Gonna set this aside then get to all of the accessories so first up of course paperwork and lots of it in this case it's specific to the t-mobile version I have of course we also get a sim ejection tool all of the accessories are black this time instead of white and first up we have the adaptive fast charger pretty familiar accessory for Samsung besides the color the design hasn't really changed but we also get a bunch of easily lost accessories such as two USB C adapters one for USB aim and the other for micro USB there is a separate compartment for the charging

Cable and we get a set of AKG headphones these are pretty decent headphones nothing remarkable but there are a nice in-ear style headphone with an inline remote control and microphone and we also get this durable fabric cable which should last longer than the typical set of included headphones we also get a set of ear gels to find the right fit and lastly are the accessories unique to the note series which are some pen tips so we can replace them and also get the pen removal tool so although the Galaxy Note 8 is a substantial update from the note 7 it's

Pretty much an iteration of the galaxy s 8 plus but there are some significant differences one of them is the S Pen of course along with a dual camera system a larger 6.3 inch screen and of course lots of software features that take advantage of the S Pen Stylus but once again we have facial recognition iris scanning an inconveniently placed fingerprint sensor water-resistance a curved screen design gorilla glass on the front and back bluetooth 5.0 wireless fast charging and contactless payment system such as Android pay and Samsung pay and like it or not we get a

Dedicated bixby button the big news with a note 8 like many smartphones this year is the extra tall display with the shrunken bezels so although we still have small bezels at the top and bottom most of it has been filled with this huge 6.3 inch quad HD plus display we have a resolution of 1440 by 29 16 that's good for 521 pixels per inch so like samsung's other displaces can get very bright under the right lighting condition so when it's exposed to bright light this display really ramps up the brightness for easy daylight visibility and of course this Super AMOLED display

Is just stunning to look at in any lighting conditions with those deep blacks and bright vivid colors and that curve adds an extra death to the display and because everything is better with HDR this display the support HDR 10 so if the video app supports it like Netflix or YouTube you'll actually be able to view HDR 10 quality on this phone which is quite nice just like the galaxy s 8 the home button has been replaced by an onscreen bunt but we still can have to feedback when we press that bun so sort of replicate see clicked but unfortunately that means the

Fingerprint sensor has been relocated to the back of the phone right next to the camera which is not a great spot for it and especially with a phone this tall attack keep more difficult to reach it than it was with the galaxy s 8 and si plus but like anything else you get used to it and of course you have iris scanning and facial recognition but those features are not nearly as reliable as just a fingerprint sensor this is Samsung's first the dual camera setup and it works somewhat similarly to the iPhone but there's a few tricks that make it unique in the market so once

Again we have two 12 megapixel sensors one with a 26 millimeter f1 point-seven aperture and the telephoto camera with a 52 millimeter and F 2.4 aperture and both of these have optical image stabilization that's a first for the market stabilization is especially useful for a telephoto camera just because the handshake is amplified when you're zoomed in the camera interface by now is pretty familiar for devices with dual cameras we have a 2 X option which allows us to zoom in and then zoom back to the main camera so basically we're switching between cameras but we can

Also manually zoom in and out using the shutter release as a slider this camera also picks up a feature called live focus which is very similar to the portrait mode on the iPhone that's thanks to the stereoscopic vision of the dual cameras but in the case of a Galaxy Note 8 you can selectively adjust the background blur and you can adjust this after you've taken the photo or while you're taking the photo you know they this excellent and basically all conditions whether it's bright daylight so you get lots of detail great color

HDR works very effectively it's also very well stabilized so shots look very smooth and crisp and it's able to focus very accurately and quickly generally speaking anything you point this camera at looks fantastic in the end it's not over saturated colors don't bloom out and you see a lot of detail without too much overexposure and noise when it comes to low-light performance I think the big news here is that both cameras seem to output very similar results we see a lot of detail and color and very little colored noise so for example if you look at the black spaces

This camera has stripped away all of that noise which is actually very difficult to do with the most smart film cameras so I'm really impressed by the results but if you look really closely you'll see that some of it can be over processed so it looks a little softened it's still difficult to get sharp images in low-light just because the shutter is open a little too long so if there's any movement at all you'll see it the camera on the front another feature borrowed from the Galaxy sa that's also really impressive 8 megapixels with an F 1.7 aperture and

All the focusing this also records at quad HD at 1440p we also get an LED light for the iris scanner an infrared camera a bunch of light sensors and we still have room for the LED notification light so the bottom edge of this phone has our fast charging USBC connector a headphone jack so thankfully that's still here we also have our single side facing mono speaker it would be nice if the earpiece also worked as a steer a speaker especially since this small science facing speaker can be easily muffled when you're handling the phone especially during gaming but if you're a

Fan of headphone jacks you'll be glad to know that that's still here and water-resistant as always the S Pen is very nicely integrated into the bottom corner of a phone and you can eject it by pressing the top of it and it just pops up and you can pull the S Pen out now the S Pen is a passively powered stylus meaning that the display does all the work and you don't need to recharge the S Pen which is still very small so if you have big hands like I do it can feel a little too delicate but it's nice and precise speaking of water resistance this is IP 68 certified

Which means both the espan and the phone itself can be submerged in water up to 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes and if you pop the SIM tray you'll find a gasket surrounding it which keeps it nice and watertight now in that SIM tray you'll also find the micro SD card slot so this does support SDXC cards which can go up to 2 terabytes but of course we have quite a bit of internal storage as well we have anything from 64 gigs all the way up to 256 gigs with 6 gigs of RAM as always when it comes to specs it gets a little complicated here just because there's

Two CPUs one in the US and China and one in the rest of the world so the US and trying to get a very familiar snapdragon 835 while the rest of the world gets the Exynos 88-90 5 octa-core CPU of course the Snapdragon comes with the adrenal 540 GPU while the Exynos comes with the mali g71 GPU well the battery is quite a bit smaller here it's 3300 milliamp hours now Samsung says this has nothing to do with the note 7 instead the phone just doesn't have enough room for a larger battery battery life is a little disappointing for a device of this size I'm seeing a fairly average four hours

Four and a half hours of on-screen time for a full day of use now you can manage this a bit better if you dial back the resolution the screen brightness as well as using one of the power saving measures so for me using this full blast it seems to be about four and a half hours of on-screen time but I do get a full day out of it the note 8 is compatible with the Dex station so I've reviewed this previously I'll leave it linked in the description below but this allows you to turn your note into a desktop computer so you can connect a monitor a keyboard and the mouse and

Interact with your notes in a unique desktop experience take a look at the software experience starting with the lockscreen we have that always-on display which is showing us our notification badges as well as the date and time and battery says we also have the home button for waking up the device and when you press on that you do get some haptic feedback of course we can see all of our notifications and expand out our quick settings up top of course with the s-pen we also have the off screen memo amp so this allows us to jot down the memo soon as you eat Jack the

S-pen without unlocking the device so if I write down tests just to show you I can save this in the notes app or I can pin it to the always-on display so if I put into the always-on display every a wake-up the device I have quick access to that notes allows me to quickly glance something that might be important of course we can customize the always-on display all we have to do is go to lock screen and security and under always-on display we can schedule this or just turn it off entirely now you have several always on display faces you can

Select from from a calendar to an edge clock to an image now if you go with the default model you can also select different colors or backdrop so if I select a different backdrop here you can add a little bit more color here to make it a little more interesting I can also change up the color of the font so again if you want something a bit more vibrant than just black and white the big news with any note series is the S Pen so the S Pen is still very similar to the Galaxy Note 7 I reviewed but as always there's a few new features to take a look at here so when you eject the S Pen

The first thing that pops up here is the error command now if you want to get away from that just tap on the screen it goes away and you can see it sort of hovers in the background and you can reposition it change size and then bring it forward again by tapping on it so if I hover the cursor over a text box I get the option to input the text via handwriting so again let me bring this up here hover the cursor over top of it and then tap on it and now I can just enter what I want so let's just say Android and as I write you actually get the audio feedback that's like writing

On paper so you actually hear that now I tap on the Air Command I get a bunch of these shortcuts which I can swipe through but you can also modify this under setting so if you go to shortcuts you can modify them right here so you can rearrange them remove them or add new ones but you're limited here now you can add just the S Pen features as I have or add any apps you want so they're basically just shortcuts to those apps in terms of some of these utilities we have Korea denote which is pretty basic so if you want to create a quick note click Save this will staple off and you

Can go back to what you were doing or you can go to view all notes so you can see all of your previous notes in my case it's just scribble we also have smart select tools we've seen this before this gives us some tools for more sophisticated screen ramming so for example I can draw a rectangle on the screen and just grab that portion of it and then I can also select elements from that such as photographs or text I can extract the text or pin it to the screen so if I select pin to screen so this is one way of sort of multitasking a quick grab of some info I might need

While you navigate elsewhere in the system there's a few other utilities in here such as animation so if I take this box here I can resize it and this will allow me to record a gif animation so if i click record this will record for up to 15 seconds and of course i can stop it at any time this makes more sense for video but in this case it's just a a slideshow you can also change the quality from standard quality to high quality if you want to reduce the file size we also have a translate utility so we tap on this we can hover the cursor over a word and translate it into

English so Verdun is wood if you also change the language up top and if you're not sure how to pronounce something like Givaudan what we can do here is select the speaker and let's pronounce it for us another utility is big speed vision which is also new here now a big speed vision there's also a better way of translating so for example with then activate oh I have to do is hover the cursor over top what I'm doing here automatically selects it and it gives me a few things I can select from such as text extracting the image or searching for shopping items so let's go ahead and

Select text right now it's actually looking at the text and it's going to give me the option to extract the text or to translate it so if we translate it it's gonna translate the entire paragraph a few other features I've activated include glance colouring and magnify glance is pretty basic it basically allows us to minimize whatever app we're currently looking at and then we can go off and do something else and then we can hover the cursor over the app to jump back to it remove the cursor and it goes back to the app we were just looking at coloring

Is just a shortcut to the pen up app so basically this is like an adult coloring book so you get all these parents you can color in with the different colors you can select from in different pen tips and it can keep you busy for a while if you like doing this sort of thing magnify is pretty self-explanatory you just get a magnifying glass which you can hover over the screen here to magnifies things to take a look at it also change the intensity from 150 percent all the way up to 300% one of the new features is called live message

Which basically allows us to handwrite a gif so just to show you how this works let me go ahead and write hello now I can keep running as long as I want you to see that little indicator up top will continue scrolling as I write here so let me fill this up here and you can see I hit a red line now it's done so if I click done here this will actually save that animation as a gif and I can share that so there we go we get a preview of the animation and if I want I can go ahead and click Share and send this off as a text message or send it off to one of my social networks

The main interface isn't terribly different for Samsung this is very similar to the galaxy s 8 swipe down to get to our notification shade swipe down again to get to all of our quick setting toggles which we can swipe across to get to we can also swipe up or swipe down the home screen to get to our app drawer and universal search so I've been all the way over to the right brings us to the Bixby voice assistant we can also activate Bixby by hitting the dedicated key on the left side which takes us to the same panel tapping and holding brings us to the voice assistant what's

The weather like tomorrow so you actually have to hold that in order to activate it down below is the on-screen navigation bar no longer are they off screen physical or capacitive buttons now if you go into an app here you'll see another button up here this allows us to quickly hide that just by double pressing it so this allows us to hide the navigation bar and then we can swipe up again to get access to it and if you want to lock it back in place you tap that icon again when it comes to managing the apps they've changed quite a bit since the note 7 but this is very

Similar to the galaxy s 8 when you tap and hold on the nap you have the option to select multiple apps so if you do that you can see up top we can create a folder for those apps remove the shortcuts or uninstall them so that's one way of batch editing all of this what we can do here is clear the batch so if you want to remove the notification badge you can do that but we can also uninstall we can go to app info sleep the app so it's not running in the background or remove the shortcut the after also behaves a bit differently since the note 7 so for example tapping

Holding on an app brings us again to those editing options so we can add this to the home screen or you can just drag and drop it to a folder within the app drawer or take it up to the home screen and drop it there we can also add up to 5 apps within the dock in terms of folder in here if you go to the app drawer tap on the folders you can also customize the name and the color of the folder or if you just want to add apps you can do so very easily without having to drag and drop them another very familiar feature is the edge screen

As you can see we have this little tab along the side when you tap on it you can see it expands out then we can swipe a cross on it to get to it now we can swipe across our different edge screens here so we have whether our apps shortcuts favorite contacts and some device maintenance stuff but what you can do here is go to settings and highly customized us so we can select different edge screens we can add such as a quick tools one reminders and much more or you can go to downloads to install new ones now if you tap on settings we can reorder these I have to do is drag and

Drop them around like so you can also uninstall them or change the handle settings so you can swap from the left to the right side change the opacity and the positioning of the handle and more one of the new features within the apps edge is a pair so you can combine two apps at the same time so when you tap on it it open this them up side by side in a split screen view now you can customize this by going to the editor so if we go to the editor for the apps edge this allows us to create an amp pair so I have to do is select the two apps I want to open up side-by-side in this

Case I want Chrome and YouTube you can also switch the orientation so if you want YouTube up top instead of Chrome you can do that and click done and then we have the new app pair so if you don't want this one just exit that out and drag this toward the top say that the home screen tap and hold and this brings us to a very familiar editor so we can rearrange these screens we can assign different home screens we can turn off the Bixby assistant if you want and then we can jump right to the home screen settings so within the home screen you can change

The screen layout for the app drawer and the home screen which are different you also add the apps button so if you want to add the app drawer button you can do that so if we click apply here now you go to the home screen you'll see the app tour button which takes us right to the app drawer now this does not remove the option to just swipe on the screen to get to the app drawer so at least you have a quick shortcut we can also hide certain apps so if you don't want to on this all just hide them you can select them right here now by default we have the app drawer but if you want to merge

Everything to the home screen you can do that again just go to settings go to home screen layout and select home screen only click apply so all of the apps that were within the app drawer as you can see the app drawer has disappeared are now on a separate screen so when you swipe up on the home screen you just get to Universal search you so all the way over to the right to get to the rest of your apps of course you can undo this if you want to go back to the way things were by default just go ahead and select home and app screen click apply apply and now the app drawer

Icon is back if you prefer and the apps are back in the app drawer briefly taking a look at the settings up top now what you see up here is at the brightness slider only appears when you swipe all the way down to see all of them otherwise you just get the first six icons up top now you can select from several options here so you can select show control on top which I always click on I wish this was on by default click done now anytime you bring up the drop down shade you'll see your brightness slider here and of course you can also select Auto brightness take a look at

These settings pretty familiar stuff tap and hold to get to the full settings panel or you can also quickly access some of the features that are unique to this device such as the always-on display so you can quickly toggle that on and off from the screen we have something called performance modes so this allows us to quickly dial in the performance of this device so if you want the best performance with the highest screen resolution you can go ahead and select them no it's very interesting at least on the t-mobile version of this phone the maximum screen

Resolution is not on by default you actually have to change that if you want but you can also just enable high performance mode which will increase the screens brightness and maximize the resolution but you can also just customize this if you want we also get a blue light filter which we can toggle on and off if you tap the text this will take us to a few more controls so we can change the opacity of the feature or go to details so you get to the full control panel so I can turn this on now and again change the intensity or schedule this so this allows me to

Schedule by sunset and sunrise or select my own schedule we also have our power saving features so if you want to enable one of the power saving mode you can select that here as well and there's quite a few you can pick from so again you can go with the medium power saving mode or customize this and select something else of course you can customize this so you can change the button order so you can drag and drop from the dead space to the active space so if you just want to hide some of these just take them to this area but you can also just drag and drop all of

Them if you want we can also change the button grid so if you want a denser view you can select five by three or just go with default or something more spacious like three bike another unique feature is voice wake up so I've turned this on I can tap on the text to get to additional settings I'm going to go to details so under details I can select the sensitivity of the wake up word I can also choose to use the wake up word when something else is playing on the speaker and you can train your voice to the wake up word so with voice wake up enabled I

Can actually command bixby what's the weather tomorrow I can also do this from the lock screen I bixby what's the weather tomorrow in Toronto now that did not require me to unlock the device but certain commands do i Bixby open YouTube computer so this allows me to train a specific voice password which is trained to my voice and of course I can choose any word as long as it's long enough if we tap and hold on the home key this takes us to the google voice assistant very familiar stuff we have our recent apps which allows us to take a look at some of the multitasking features so the

Recent apps interface is pretty familiar very stock Android 7 nothing terribly unique now in terms of side by side window and it's easy to activate so in terms of the apps that support it you'll see this little icon next to the close icon so that means I can open up the gallery app on one side then I can open up Chrome on the other side and then resize the windows and they should automatically scale now I can also quickly jump back and forth between apps by double tapping the recent apps button and if I want to open up a different app here I can also just select something

Else now if I go back to the home screen this allows me to open up another app so if I want Twitter down below this allows me to open up Twitter and retain the Photos app toward the top now when you're within split-screen mode if you tap each screen here you'll see a blue divider indicating which screen is currently active so when you act upon it such as pressing the back button it will only go back within that specific app now if you tap on the center divider we get to some controls here so again the screen that's highlighted in blue we can close that out or we can switch to

Another one we can swap between the top and bottom we can also pop out the active window into a window view and then we can also pin part of the app so if you want to scale down part of the app like so and click done this will pin it to the top of the screen and we can actually continue interacting with it or we can just go back to resizing it there's a few other multi window features to take a look at so we have to go to advanced features so if we go to advanced features we'll find a multi window section and we can toggle on these two features use the recent bun to

Activate split screen view and the pop-up view action which is the feature we've seen before now you can also swipe on the screen to see how this works but all we have to do is swipe in from the upper left or right corner resize the window to how we want it drop it and this will minimize the window which stays in the foreground while we navigate through the interface well translate we can also minimize this into a badge view so this hovers like so and we can also continue doing this with up to five apps at once so if I want to do this with Chrome just resize it like

So and then I can minimize it into a bathroom and they stay on top of each other like so and if you want to expand it out just tap it and expand out to this list now if you have all of these apps open at once if you hit the HOME key this will also minimize them back to that badge you if you tap and hold you can also remove them all at one time because this is such a large device we do have a one-handed mode which is under advanced features so you can turn this on right here or turn it off so you can activate it by swiping them from the lower left or lower right corner it can

Be a little tricky here but as you can see you can also resize it by swiping in or out you can also swap between the left hand and right hand side tap anywhere on either side of the screen to maximize it and you can also change the way we activate the feature so if you go to settings here you can activate it via the home button so if you tap the home button three times this will activate the same feature there's quite a few other things to take a look at under advanced features so for example we have smart stay which keeps track of our eyes so it keeps the display from going to

Sleep and puts it back to sleep when you're not looking at it we have games so we can enable the game launcher we'll take a look at that in just a moment we also have the one handed mode finger sensor gesture so if you swipe on the finger sensor up top this will actually invoke the drop down shade and you can also dismiss it with the same action we also have the quick launch camera which is on by default but if you just double tap the home key this will launch directly into the camera app whether the phone is liked or not we have a few other familiar Samsung features such as

Smart capture so if you swipe your hand on the screen this will take a screen grab now this also brings up a few other utilities here so we can crop this and much more but we can also do scroll capture so if you're on a website with scroll capture this allows you to grab the entire website or just parts of it so if I select scroll capture I can continue capturing the entire website until I'm happy with how much I have and I can see that building out right here along the right side this is also where we'll find the video enhancer so if we enable this this will improve the image

Quality of video and certain apps so you can see the apps that are compatible with it now if we dig into the settings panel there is always a lot to take a look at here now up top we actually have a Notification Center for just these settings panel effect we have a notification badge from device maintenance if we tap on that you can see there are some suggestions for battery performance and that's because the certain app is using quite a bit of battery life of course you can also just search for whatever you want but we're gonna start with a few interesting

Options so if you go to connections under Bluetooth very similar to the Galaxy s8 we have Bluetooth 5.0 so we have something called dual audio which allows us to stream music to multiple devices some of them vibrations has some of the obvious features but something that's kind of buried in here which is worth taking a look at is sound quality in effects so this allows us to tune the audio quality for any connected device such as my headphones here and I can use any one of these obscures but if I go to advanced I can also manually adjust the

EQ so I can just select any one of these scalars if I want and you can see the description of what these are by tapping on them we also have adapt sound so this will help us to find the best sound for us so you'll see these presets or you can customize the sound for you and what you do here is basically listen to a bunch of tones with your headphones and this will allow you to tune it correctly for your ears another useful feature is separate app sound so if you want to separate your Bluetooth audio from the rest of the audio on your device this is where you can set this up so if we turn

This on and go to the apps source so for example you can choose one of your music apps in this case I'm just going to go with YouTube here and then I can go ahead and select the audio source for that F in this case Bluetooth device so that means when YouTube is playing and I'm connected to a Bluetooth audio device it will stream the audio to the Bluetooth speaker while retaining all the audio from the phone on the phone so I won't hear games playing or notifications on the Bluetooth speaker there's always a lot to take a look at under display settings so we have our

Different screen modes so I'm just using the adaptive display but there's some other options here such as AMOLED cinema photo and just basic we can also change the temperature of the display so if you want a warmer display just drag this over to the right or cooler to the left actually when you go cooler to me it looks a little more green than blue now if you enable advanced options you can also change the RGB values manually because this screen has an unusual aspect ratio with this extra tall display we have some full screen app options so most of the apps

Automatically scale so there's no option to turn that feature off but for certain non native apps like a lot of these google apps you can turn this feature on and off so for example with Chrome if we go to Chrome now you should see that it doesn't quite fill up the top of the screen you'll see some space at the top and bottom becomes the icon frames this is on by default so this unifies the amp design on the device but if you want to go with icons only you can click apply click done and if you go to the home screen now you can see the native app icons we can also customize the

Navigation bar in fact we can change up the colors and there all these light pastel colors we can also change the intensity of the press of the home button so if you want to require a stronger press for it to work you can go ahead and select that so when you press the HOME key now it doesn't respond just with a light tap you have to press harder on it but more importantly you can change up the layout here so if you want to go with the standard Android layout you can choose that or go with default now this is off by default but if you want to

Prevent accidental touches when your phone is in your pocket or in a bag you can go ahead and turn the Sun with device maintenance I can take a quick look at the health of this device so I can see currently I'm in performance month but I can toggle different modes here so I have entertainment mode gaming mode and optimized mode which is recommended and that's on by default and you can see exactly what this does and you can customize it as well if I tap on battery i can see my usage i can see what apps are pulling the most battery life and i can change the battery see

Measures by selecting one of these modes this also gives me a quick look at my store so I can see how much space I'm using I can clean up some space and I can see what types of files are taking up that space and then I also have my memory manager so right that's gonna check to see how much RAM I'm using and how much I can free up now if I go back to that main interface it's telling me I have an 84 out of 100 but it can fix this right now so it'll close down some amps clean up some space and more game tools have also been enhanced here so if we take a look

At them we can bring them up by bringing up the navigation bar and you'll see that right in the lower right corner so a things like a screen recorder for capturing our gameplay we can take a screen grab and more we can also lock the navigation keys and the screen so we don't accidentally touch it we can also turn off notifications during gameplay and we can enable something called edge touch locks so this will prevent you from accidentally swiping on the game or interrupting the game when you're handling the foam otherwise it doesn't really ignore the edges of this display

So taking a quick look at the camera app I can zoom in and out using the telephoto and the wide-angle lens really quickly I can also use the shutter release to zoom in manually which combines both the telephoto camera the main camera and digital zooming and that all happens pretty seamlessly now in terms of some of these other features here such as live focus this does use the telephoto camera so you actually zoom in and it applies a digital blur around the subject because the cameras can keep track of depth so you can go with a more intense blur or really dial

It back but generally speaking I keep it toward the middle to keep a more natural look you can snap your photograph here and when you go back to the gamma to take a look at that image you can actually adjust the blur later because again that's happening electronically so I have to do is dial in the blur according to what you prefer and then save it as a new file this also allows me to zoom out to see the full image versus the cropped in live focus image now if you're a fan of iOS is live photo feature that's also available here it's called motion photo so if you activate

It under the settings panel when there's motion or movement on the screen you can go to the photograph in your gallery and play the motion photo so you can see a short couple second clip that just shows you the motion during that photograph we also have Bixby vision built into the camera app so this will automatically scan for things in your image here and I can actually tap on specific items so it looks like it's candle our section here so let me go ahead and bring it down to this Funko pop so we get a more localized search well it's finally here is that we have a wine

Section so if you have a wine bottle this can identify the wine bottle but let's go with images here and in terms of images that should be able to find Funko pops and indeed it did find it let's see if we can find the exact right one I don't see it toward the top here but they did get pretty close if I go to shopping it might bring up some shopping results and there you go looks like it brought up unrelated items but it's getting closer so in the end even though this is a very expensive phone I think it has earned its price premium over the galaxy si plus with the stylus dual

Camera setup and a slightly larger screen of course we also got a ton of software features that go with that stylus but what I would like to see is perhaps better battery performance and Samsung really needs to work on its biometric sensors from the location and speed of the fingerprint sensor to the reliability of the iris and face scanners so those are areas they definitely need to focus on as well as the speakers but otherwise this is a phone with a beautiful display a great camera system and tons of great software features that make this a powerhouse

Device for people who need to get a lot of stuff done or really just like having a lot of features on their smartphone alright guys hope you enjoy this look at the Galaxy Note 8 if you guys enjoyed this video please let me know with a like and I'll see you again in my next video

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Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the Microsoft Xbox one so one week following the ps4 Xbox one is finally available this is the day one editio...
Hey guys Mike here the Detroit port with a quick video that you guys requested this is the iPod Touch 5th generation in space gray so for 2013 the iPod Touch th...
Hey everyone welcome back to the channel what we have right here is a brand new g-shock watch with google's wear os which means that for the first time ever...
I mean we can take them it's just got to be fast okay sure that's what she said Oh God this next to Center spring all right this we could start to the b...
That's good timing I know there's a live thing oh I guess I'm supposed to do the thing this week aren't I yes haha i typed android balance calm ...
Hey guys what's going on is Carl here back with another episode we are back to another Tech Travel Pack it is July my last episode was in June when I was ou...
Hey guys what is going on is Carl here back with another episode this one is very special we are here we've get out season three and before we kick things o...
Hey guys what's going on it's Karl here back with another episode this one just like most of them on the channel has been requested a lot of you are ask...
What's up everybody this is Danny and last week I was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway checking out NASCAR for the very first time and it was a pretty cool e...
What's up everybody this is Danny and if you're in the market for an Android phone right now this video is probably what you've been waiting for the...
What's up everybody this is Danny and iOS 9 beta is out so I'm gonna show you what the best new features are and let's just go ahead and get right i...
Hi guys is Marcus from Tokyo silence Tech and that finally I've got to experience triple screen gaming and I absolutely love it now if you know anything abo...
Already in 2019 I've been blown away a few times at the shear value for money on some of these phones we've had devices from oneplus on a Asus quite a f...
so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...