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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hey guys Anton my tech jack but I'm getting pretty excited about the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 and no 20 plus phones which alongside new tablets watches and even the galaxy phone – we'll make Samsung's launch event which is expected around August the

Fifth definitely want to watch but I want to focus on the new note 20 and no 20 plus which may or may not be called the ultra it's not confirmed yet although I'm hoping they stick with the plus and the fall to becomes the de

Facto ultra but the note is in for some quite big upgrades including some of the galaxy s 20 s camera tech carrying over a 120 Hertz and quality plus screen faster RAM a new fingerprint reader a revised Exynos processor surprisingly as

Well as what makes a note a note an even bigger screen and maybe even an upgraded s-pen as always though take this with a little pinch of salt until we have you know absolute confirmation from samsung themselves but I think we have a pretty

Good idea of what to expect and first of all know 20 years almost certainly coming with my fixed guide reporting that Samsung submitted a phone for Chinese certification with a similar model number to the note m+ which looks

To be the note 20 plus and it lists 5g a huge six point eight seven inch screen up from 6.8 on the note M plus with quad HD plus resolution and a 120 Hertz refresh rate screen sadly though it looks like the regular note 20 will

Still be stuck with a 60 Hertz Full HD plus screen though it's still expected to be bigger at 6.42 inches up from 6.3 last year but to be honest I would have liked to have seen at least 90 Hertz even the standard no 20 so at the moment

With the S 20 range you have to choose between the smooth or 120 Hertz refresh rate versus the sharper quad HD plus resolution but I'm confident with the no 20 plus at least that will finally be able to have both at the same time which

Is great but something that you can already get on phones like the oneplus a speaking off screens and back in February Samsung announced their new OLED screen with LT Pio technology this can lower power consumption of the

Screen by 15 to 20 percent by reducing the refresh rate dynamically and considering the 120 Hertz screen on s20 phones would often reduce battery life anywhere from 20 to 25 percent making it up through a more power efficient screen

Sounds great but it has been reported that a standard no 20 will miss out on this which is partly why they're gonna stick with full HD Plus and 60 Hertz filing also shows the phone comes with a snapdragon 86 five four thousand five

Hundred million power battery and twenty five watt charging of the box with support up to forty five watt fast charging it also apparently offers a new dual fingerprint reader which suggests it's gonna use Qualcomm's new 3d select

Max tech which i actually tried out earlier this year it's much faster and has an area 17 times the size of the regular ultrasonic fingerprint meter we still get in the s 20s which not only makes it easier and more reliable but it

Also leaves room for using two fingerprints at the same time for extra security I'm actually quite excited for the new fingerprint reader I really had hoped we'd see that in the s20 range but they use the same one as the note 10

Last year although personally I tend to use face and locking more than anything else so I would have loved to have seen perhaps an IR sensor on the front of the new note 20 so it would unlock more reliably in low-light like the iPhone

Does but I don't think we're gonna see that sadly I really do wish more companies would put IR sensors in their phones though now in terms of models I think we'll see a single version of the standard note twenty and two versions of

The new twenty plus probably with 256 and 512 gig storage options although I have seen a pretty unwelcome rumor that the regular note 20 may only come with 128 gigs of storage down from 256 gigs on the note 10 although to compensate it

Looks like the note 20 will support micro SD cards which previously was exclusive to the Plus range but I'm hoping this drop in storage is just a rumor now one thing that is all but confirmed is that all Samsung of 20s

Will support 5g even the standard model and considering the note is a more productivity based device it makes perfect sense to include it as for the design well it looks like it'll just be a bigger version of the s20 ultra where

The refines camera module slightly squared off corners and well you know the s-pen will also get the single hole punch selfie camera up front as for the processor well i've seen some reports that suggest that no 20's will come with

A slightly faster snapdragon 86 5 plus but those reports have gone kind of quite recently i'm not confident that we will see that i think it will just be the same a 6 v chip that we get in the s 20s in the regions that get the Qualcomm

Processor because sadly here in the UK and I think Europe as well in some parts of Asia we get Samsung's own Exynos processor which is just well simply not as good I mean if you watch my little external source of Snapdragon compare

Some video and me ranting about it you'll see side-by-side both in terms of performance battery life and also camera quality that it's just not as good however Samsung may have been listening because what I still think we'll get the

865 in the Qualcomm regions it looks like we may actually get a faster X nos 9 9 – which appears to be refined over the egg sauce 990 from the s 20 and new leaks suggest this could actually be a 5 nanometer part down from the 997

Nanometer which are supposed to have significantly better power efficiency and graphics performance hopefully this creates some parity between the 2 different chipsets sticking with the hardware and Samsung are also building a

New 16 gigabyte lpddr4 and module which they say will be 30% faster and 20% more power efficient this sounds like a good pairing for the no 20 plus and will help with multitasking using decks and possibly even improving battery life the

Regular note 10 had eight gigs though and while I haven't seen any details I reckon 10 to 12 gigs would make sense for the no 20 but what about the cameras because while the S 20 offers a great camera setup there are issues around

Focusing and a 4 space zoom on yes 20 all true I think is nothing really more than a marketing gimmick well serial leaker ice universe who's normally pretty reliable has suggested that we won't be seeing the 100 times

Space zoom on the no 20 however they've just released details of the complete note 20 plus camera setup it alleges the main camera will use the same ISO cell bright hm1 180 megapixel sensor which is found on the s20 ultra but this time

With a 50 times zoom while in the hundred times space zoom next there's a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera using the ISO cell fast to l-3 sensor and finally a 13 megapixel periscope telephoto lens which is down from the 48 megapixel

Telephoto on the s20 ultra this is a bit of a curious change but it might be to do with reducing noise in low-light shots it also looks like the time-of-flight sensor has been replaced by a different laser focusing system

Which also might help all the cameras focus more consistently there's still no specific mention of what the standard no 20 can expect or what changes we might say to the selfie camera now for me when I talk about the note there's three

Things that come to mind big expensive and the s-pen I mean the codename for the no 20 is project canvas so it's clear something are pushing the art and creativity side of the device unfortunately it's still not clear what

Exactly the upgrades will be to the s-pen although I'm sure we'll be getting more of those air gestures that we all know and love and definitely use all the time on the note series but I'm excited to see what they can do as for the

Software it's likely the note 20 will still ship with Android 10 even though Android 11 will be right around the corner and then on top we'll have Samsung's 1 UI 2 point 5 skin which is expected soon

Now if the filing is accurate a 4,500 million power battery for the note 20 plus seems a little bit stingy especially compared to the 5000 million power cell we get in the s20 ultra but remember they do have to find space for

That S Pen in the phone so that probably will limit the size of the battery a little bit however if you consider the note 10 plus had a fully 300 million power cell then it's still 200 more plus with a more efficient screen processor

And RAM it could be enough to offset the extra drain from the 120 Hertz quad HD Plus panel and if the rumors are correct the standard no 20 will have a 43 hundred million power battery which is still a good step up from the 3,500 cell

We got in the note 10 last year so when's they coming out well despite the crazy world that we live in the latest report suggests we'll see an early August launch event and I'm also expecting Samsung to unveil the Galaxy

Fold to around the same time which if I'm being honest I'm even more excited about as for pricing well new 10 stars to the eight hundred and seventy pounds or nine hundred fifty dollars and the plus for a thousand pounds or eleven

Hundred dollars my worry though is Samsung's gonna increase the price a fair bit I mean if you consider the s20 ultra costs about twelve hundred pounds and the note series is always a slightly higher spec bigger version of that you

Know for the no 20 plus we could be looking at around 13 or 14 hundred pounds which is a lot of money but maybe given the so-so sales obvious 20 range they'll take that on board and perhaps make it a little more affordable fingers

Crossed so that all sounds great except for maybe the price but there's reason why you actually may want to hold off on buying a new note 20 because it appears that Samsung of testing a custom aimed II Radeon graphics chip for their future

Phones with evidence coming from logs in graphics bench and the results look amazing with the AMD device posting around two and a half times the graphics performance as the Snapdragon x64 and also easily beating the Apple a 13

Although by that point we'll be on to the a fourteenth it's very unlikely we'll see this before neck possibly on the new s-21 so with all that said what do you think are you excited for the note 20 series my

Concern is that unless we see some substantial upgrades to the s-pen it could just end up being too similar to the s20 but with an even higher price tag and I'm also worried that all the good stuff like you know the high

Refresh screen the high resolution the bigger battery and for the 16 gigs of ram it's all going to be limited to the no 20 plus which is just going to be crazy expensive and therefore the standard note 20 will be a bit kind of

Meh but then again I think 20/20 has taught us that nothing is predictable really so hopefully there'll be some exciting surprises here on the corner not at least the galaxy fold to which I actually can't wait for thank you so

Much for watching guys click that little subscribe button below and give me a thumbs up if you didn't hate the video and hopefully I'll catch you next time right here on the Tech job

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