Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey everyone
Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 10
and note 10 plus in this review we're
gonna be focusing on the note 10 plus
version of the phone and not the vanilla
note because it has more features and
it's a bigger jump from the galaxy s 10
plus now this is one of the shiniest and
prettiest phones that we've seen
recently but does that mean that it's
premium enough for its high price tag
I'm Angie for GSM marina and this is a
review of the notes n+ okay so ah I
wanted to take a moment and bring your
attention to the fact that we just hit
800,000 subscribers and I think all of
you guys for your support and for your
appreciation of our work so with that
said let's get back to the note 10 plus

the design is gorgeous this beast of a
phone is practically bezel free it has a
tiny hole punch and the ARRA glow color
is the definition of eye catching it
actually reminds me of the back of a CD
or like Matthew Mona said a disco ball
in terms of ergonomics it's also much
comfier to hold in last year's note 9
despite the size this is probably
because the aluminum frame is thinner
also the phone is bounced quite nicely
so it feels much lighter than it
actually is
the curve of the sides is also much more
subtle than last year which adds to the
elegant effect the power button has been
moved to the left or the Bigsby key used
to be one of our working theories is
that Samson didn't have a lot of space
to put the button in a comfortable spot
on the right since that's where the bulk
of the electronics for the s-pen are
still the move isn't much of a loss
because that big speaky has been hanging
around for three generations now and
nobody really liked it very much and now
you can remap the power button so you
can choose whether you want Bigsby
the camera app or something else yeah
taking screenshots is a little more
awkward but you can also turn on the
palm swipe shortcut the fingerprint
reader is noticeably faster than on the
s10 but it's still slowed down by the
unlocking animation you can actually
make it quicker by switching on faster
recognition which is slightly less
secure than a regular fingerprint scan
or if you don't care about crazy good
security there's also a face unlock
option on the top you'll find a card
slot which still supports external
storage on the note 10 plus what is
missing on this device and its little
brother is the headphone jack I'm
honestly a little surprised that they
did it first on a note line and not on
the Galaxy S phones because the note is
typically associated with having every
important feature out there and the
s-pen if you can afford this phone you
can probably afford a nice pair of
bluetooth headphones or Samsung's Galaxy
buds but I'm still wary of the whole
bluetooth headphone thing I've learned
to live with the annoyance that is
charging them and the occasional
dysfunctional Bluetooth connection on
even the best of phones but in general
those super expensive headphones honey
have mediocre microphones and I'm
constantly forced to turn them off and
use a phone normally like a plug so yeah
it's official that jack is dead
but can the headphone industry catch up
already until it does you can buy a
Samsung dongle because there isn't one
included in the box
still if that's the main way you listen
to music you'll be happy to know that
the wired audio quality is excellent and
surprisingly there's still FM radio also
whether you're dealing with Bluetooth
cans or the dongle life
the adapt sound option is still
available so you can add a personalized
sound profile depending on how good your
hearing is while we're on the topic of
audio the stereo loudspeaker setup is
surprisingly loud and well balanced
especially once you consider how
incredibly tiny that earpieces mid-tones
and highs are nice but lows can be a
little more powerful still it's one of
the best you'll find on a phone another
feature that's one of the best you'll
find is that gorgeous 6.8 inch dynamic
AMOLED screen it's a qHD display that
supports HDR 10 plus and has excellent
colors the vivid mode can be a bit
bluish but the natural mode makes it
incredibly accurate brightness can get
it to a nice 381 nits in manual mode and
a whopping 794 in auto mode so sunlight
legibility should not be an issue the
whole bunch also isn't much of a problem
since it's pretty small in comparison to
the size of the display you hardly
notice it even when you're watching
videos if it really bothers you there's
no way to hide it but this is an AMOLED
display so anytime there's something
darker on the screen it'll simply blend
in depending on where you live you'll
get a note 10 plus that's powered either
by the Snapdragon 855 plus or the Exynos
9825 we tested the Exynos version of the
phone and established that while it has
slightly higher clock speeds on some of
the cores performance is not
substantially different from that of the
galaxy s 10 plus battery life however is
much better with a massive 4300 milliamp
hour battery the Knutson plus got a
hundred and seven hours of endurance on
our tests and you could probably even
bump this up by going into settings and
changing the power consumption options
charging is also improved and the phone
supports charging up to 45 watts if you
shell out some extra cash for Samsung's
fast charger if you don't want to give
up the extra money and just use the
standard keyboard a box then you'll get
25 watt charging the phone sports
hi with one UI on top well the software
is packed full of options it doesn't
feel as heavy as that of previous
generations it also makes this behemoth
a little easier to navigate than the
note 9 from last year but it's still far
from a one-handed device gestures in
particular make this phone much easier
to navigate and we really recommend you
use them instead of navigation buttons
however even if you choose not to you
can swipe down in almost every menu and
what's on the screen will drop down to
the bottom half of the display for
easier reaching in general if you've
used any recent Samsung phone everything
will be pretty familiar there's still
edge lighting for notifications and
they've brought a tapped awake function
so you can activate the always-on
display the S Pen also includes new
gestures for the camera but there's
still a bit gimmicky taking a photo from
far away as super useful but now you'll
also have the option of air gestures
which allow you to switch from one
camera mode to another really I can't
think of many situations we're just
walking over and switching the camera
mode isn't easier you can also use the
combined powers of the time-of-flight
camera and the s-pen to create a our
doodles the top flight sensor it doesn't
just aid with a are however tof cameras
use infrared lights to determine depth
distance and that's the reason why even
though the triple camera setup is pretty
much the same as the one that you'll
find on the galaxy s 10 the note 10 plus
has way better portraits actually I
think it's time we talk about the
cameras they can make or break a
flagship especially one as premium and
expensive as this one the main 12
megapixel camera has a variable aperture
and it's pretty much the same hardware
that we've been seeing on Galaxy phones
since the s9 however since the chipsets
and image signal processors have gotten
better the photos and videos we're
seeing have also gotten better the main
camp produces shots with low noise good
detail and punchy colors during the day
we compared them to photos produce by
the Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy
SN plus and the 1 plus 7 pro the note 10
tends to use a lower exposure than the S
10 better HDR but slightly softer images
at times the 1 plus 7 pro on the other
hand has slightly less amazing HDR but
more detail sometimes significantly so
on a telephoto camera there's less
detail than on the main cam but the
processing is very similar so we see the
pattern repeats the dynamic range is
still good in HDR is once again better
than the equivalent on the s10 the note
tends telephoto also has a slightly
wider aperture which means less shaky
photos as far as the ultra wide is
concerned the note m+ has one of the
widest fields of view on a phone but
very little distortion despite that once
again HDR is better on the note then on
the s10 at night however the results
surprised us low-light photos are great
with generally nice detail and good
colors if you switch on night mode the
already good dynamic range is further
improved however this mode isn't
necessarily better than the regular
photo mode so whether it's worth using
or not depends on the scene your taking
a shot of when we compared the note 10
to the s10 we didn't find any
significant differences but when we
compared it to the 1 plus 7 Pro well the
oneplus tended to capture better photos
at night even without night mode the
oneplus had more detail with sharper and
dealt better with light sources the note
had better dynamic range but images were
significantly softer
despite the smaller sensor the ultra
wide camera produces good images even
without night mode in fact
night mode only helps for improving the
dynamic range at the cost of some
softness where the note 10 really shines
is edge detection you can treat
portraits with both the telephoto and
main camera and the 3d tof sensor allows
for excellent portraits on even
difficult subjects I mean look at the
hair here the tof also allows for live
focus and videos but the blur effect
there is much less successful than what
you get with stills the colorpoint and
glitch effects seem to work a bit better
and would be pretty effective for
something like Instagram stories other
than that the note 10 plus excels in
video recording and it even supports HDR
10 plus recording and 4k there's plenty
of detail excellent dynamic range and
punchy colors you can use all three
cameras when you're shooting in 4k and
you can choose whether you want to shoot
in 30 or 60 frames per second
Full HD video keeps the same
characteristics albeit in a lower
resolution and allows for a super steady
stabilization last but not least the
selfie camera it's the same one as in
the previous generation although with a
slightly smaller opening because Samsung
wanted to make the punch hole less
obtrusive selfies have impressed some
dynamic range and the autofocus means
they're pretty much always in focus the
note 10 plus is one of the most premium
phones you can buy at the moment but
should you get it well it depends on
your priorities if the s-pen is not
important to you then honestly you're
gonna get a really similar user
experience with the oneplus 7 pro or the
Samsung Galaxy S n Plus which are way
cheaper than this phone if the s-pen is
important to you then the verdict is
pretty clear and you're really gonna
like this device it's shiny and pretty
and powerful and it has pretty much
every feature you could want in a phone
well you know almost thanks for watching
if you enjoyed this video hit the like
button down below subscribe at the Bell
icon and I'll see you guys next time

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