Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs S10 Plus

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and what everybody's wondering is how does it compare to the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus and is the note 10 plus just an S 10 plus with an S Pen well let's break down all of the key differences super-safe style and find out so

Initially looking at the building design of course we do have Samsung's usual design language we've got a metal frame with curved glass panels on the front and back now the S 10 plus is available in a couple of ceramic versions as well

On the note 10 plus we just have the glass and both devices are also ip68 water and dust resistant now we do have some key design differences the note 10 plus the camera arrangement at the back is it was left hand side at its vertical

On the SN plus it is horizontal and it's in the middle and the same goes for the front camera alignment on the note 10 plus we have a punch out in the middle on the SM Plus this is on the right-hand side and it's a dual punch out not a

Single punch out now honestly speaking both of these are very very premium and they both look very good as well however the note 10 plus is a larger device and it's also got more squared-off edges

Compared to the more curved edges on the SN plus and for those reasons the SN plus is definitely more comfortable to hold compared to the note 10 plus but the known 10 plus is larger because it has a larger display is 6.8 inch display

Versus the 6 point 4 inch display on a ds-10 A+ now both displays or dynamic AMOLED displays they both are HTR 10 plus certified and they both have a quad HD plus resolutions so the shop the vibrant and both of these look very very

Good the SN plus does have a slightly higher pixel density because you've got the same amount of pixels in a slightly smaller display but this really isn't going to be much of an issue one thing that you may prefer is the single punch

Out on the note 10 plus which is in the middle compared to the dual cut outs for the s10 applause but the s10 plus is kind of out the way it's tucked out the way where is the note 10 plus is directly in the middle now this is

Definitely going to come down to personal preference which one you prefer let me know in the comments below now internally both devices in the u.s. at least are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset we've not got the

855 plus on the note 10 plus but in other regions if you have the exodus version then on the s10 plus you have the exodus 9020 on the note 10 plus you're gonna have the improved 92 5 now this is a 7 nanometre

Chipset compared to the eight nanometer chipset on the nine eight twenty this is something that I have talked about before the 855 versus at the nine eight to 20 but now that we have the nine eight to five on the note 10 plus that

Is going to give you an improvement if you are in regions that has the exodus version otherwise the base chipset is going to be similar for you but there are a couple of advantages that the note 10 plus has firstly it does have the

World's slimmest vapor chamber so this is gonna help with cooling so if you are somebody who games a lot then this is gonna be a benefit on the note 10 plus and it's also got ufs 3.0 storage so you are going to be getting faster read and

Write speeds on the storage now in terms of storage options you do get a base of 128 gigabytes on the s10 plus on the note 10 plus you do get a base of 256 gigabytes now both devices are also available in

512 versions but the s10 plus if you go for the ceramic version you can get up to one terabyte now this version also has 12 gigabytes of RAM whereas you get 8 gigabytes as a base on the note 10 plus you do get 12 gigabytes of RAM

Across the board and both devices also have a micro SD card slot so you can expand that storage even further this is something that Samsung has not included on the regular 10 but the no 10 plus does have expandable memory so that's

Definitely an advantage personally for me 256 gigabytes on a phone is enough but if you are somebody who shoots lots of video or has lots on your smart phone then the micro SD card slot can be quite useful now let's talk about the cameras

So for the base cameras they are very similar on both so we have a primary camera 12 megapixels with a variable aperture we have an ultra wide camera this is 16 megapixels we're gonna have to point to aperture the ultra wide

Camera on the sm+ is currently my favorite from any of the smart phone that I've tested and then we have the telephoto camera which is gonna give 2 times optical zoom there is one difference between the telephoto cameras

However and that is that you've got in wider aperture on the note 10 plus F 2 point 1 versus F 2 point 4 so this is gonna give you better low-light shots when you're using the telephoto camera not only that the note n plus also has a

Depth vision camera so this is gonna measure depth information so it should help you with your portrait shots and you also have Ally focus video now on the note 10 plus so this is the portrait mode blurry background in video which is

Definitely quite interesting now obviously want to test these out more so if you want to see a superstar style camera comparison of the note 10 plus versus another device then let me know in the comments below which one you'd

Like to see there are further improvements on the note 10 plus when it comes to video as well so you've got zoom in mic which if you are zoomed in to something it's gonna try to isolate that sound more you've also got

Improvements in the super steady video so the sm+ introduced super steady video is at 1080p but it gives you almost action camera like stabilization it works really really well you've got this on

The note 10 plus but they've increased the sampling rate so you should be getting better stabilization you can also use this now in the hyperlapse feature how many comes to the front facing

Cameras things quite interesting because you've got 10 megapixels on both but the S 10 plus does have a wider aperture and F 1.9 aperture whereas you've got F 2.2 on the note 10 plus now is this gonna affect low-light selfies we're gonna

Have to wait and see why is it's not wider on the note 10 plus I'm assuming maybe the cutout they had to make it a bit smaller so they couldn't use too much of a wide aperture I don't know but the s 10 plus also has that secondary

Depth camera so this works really really well when it comes to your portrait selfies the s10 plus probably one of my favorites when it comes to edge detection it does a really really good job gives you a natural background blur

It's gonna be interesting to see if the note 10 plus can replicate this with that single front-facing camera you do get live focus video from the front-facing camera as well on the note 10 plus this is something that you don't

Get on the sm+ even though it does have that secondary depth sensor so will be interesting to see both devices can film 4k from the front-facing cameras as well which is definitely quite good for vlogging now for security both devices

Do have an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner which does work really well for audio things are quite interesting both devices do have stair speaker so you've got one in the earpiece and one bottom firing but the

Sn+ has a 3.5 mm jack the note 10-plus does not so this is gonna be disappointing I'm sure for a lot of people out there something is finally saying goodbye to the 3.5 mm jack now the reasoning they gave for this is to

Allow for some more space within the device firstly for the s-pen of course which we'll be talking about a little bit later as well as giving a bigger battery so you do have a bigger battery on the note 10 plus you've got 4300 mah

Vs. 4100 mAh on it the s10 plus and you also have faster charging on the note 10 plus you've got 25 what fast charging that comes out of the box so that's already going to be faster compared to the s10 plus it's gonna give you roughly

About a full hundred percent charge within one hour but the note 10 plus also does support 45 watt fast charging now this 45 watt charger will have to be bought separately but if you do get that that's gonna give you roughly 0 to 70

Percent in just 30 minutes so that's definitely a big advantage here you've also got faster wireless charging on the note 10 plus up to 15 watts and you do have wireless power share on both devices so when it does come to battery

Of course battery life we're gonna have to see there's also more optimizations that have been made on the note 10 plus but you do get that bigger battery with those faster charging capabilities now there's a couple of additional things on

The note 10 plus firstly there is no dedicated Bigsby button so there is a power button that's gonna double up as a big sweet button if you press down and hold it but unlike the s10 plus where there is one dedicated there and you can

Accidentally press etc this is no longer the case I know some of you guys are gonna be happy for that and the note 10 plus also comes with a 5g variant which is the same device essentially but with 5g the SN plus doesn't actually have a

5g variant as in the s10 plus itself that's in 5g there is an s10 5g edition but that's definitely quite a different device now let's talk about what makes the note 10 plus unique and that is of course the S Pen so as well as some of

The features that you may were to be used to such a screen off memo where you can just take out pen and on the always-on display just make a quick note you are now getting some advanced features so you do have

Improved algorithms to convert your handwriting to actual text so you can even search within your handwritten notes because it's gonna be able to recognize that definitely want to be testing that out a little bit more but

Then you have air actions now these are gestures that you can use wirelessly at a distance from your phone so the note 9 initially introduced that using the s-pen remotely so you could use it to take pictures by pressing button but now

You have further actions so for instance if you want to change modes from a distance you can just like press the button and swipe like this it's gonna change between video photo live focus video whatever it is and if you go from

Up and down it's gonna flip the camera so from selfie to refacing and then you can wave the s-pen around like this and it's gonna zoom in and if you go anti-clockwise it's gonna zoom out so honestly speaking I don't know how much

I'm gonna be using it I know it is quite useful if you do want to set up the shot or something you can just put it there and you know you have to use the time or anything you just press the button but some of these are the gestures I'm not

Sure how useful they'll actually be now when it comes to the software you do have Android Pi with one UI on top now I definitely am a fan of one UI it's a very very clean and smooth and I've really liked it on the s10 plus but the

Note 10 plus does come with some improvements so you do have some new features you've got a screen recorder which is built-in now so you can record a screen but you can also use the front-facing camera – maybe like

Commentate so if you may be doing some gaming and you kind of want to record your reactions as well you can do that now on the note 10 plus you now also have decks for PC so you're gonna be able to connect your note 10 plus to

Your PC and then you're gonna be able to drag-and-drop files between your phone and your desktop and you're gonna be able to do things like edit video in your phone they will be having Adobe rush optimized for galaxy so you can be

Having some of these advanced features and there's also link to Windows this is a wireless link between your Windows machine as well as the Galaxy Note 10 SEC's messages they're gonna come straight up it's gonna have access to

Your recent photos and things like that and you're also going to be able to wirelessly stream games from your PC on to your note 10 plus now these are all feature that I definitely want to test out I

Want to spend some more time with but Samsung has tried to give some more advanced features for a more sort of pro user should we say now finally let's look at the price so the s10 plus when it was released it did start $1000 the

No 10 plus is gonna start at $100 more so $1100 is gonna be the starting price now if we compare this these are the launch prices bear in mind then the note 10 plus in my opinion seems definitely worth it you're getting a larger display

You're getting the battery improvements you're getting more storage ufs 3.0 the improvements in the cameras but the s10 plus now has dropped quite a bit in price depending on where you go I've seen it for around $800 in a lot of

Places some places even less so if you are in the market currently for a new phone then you're probably be getting a really good deal on the s10 plus which is a very very good device it's been one of my favorite devices of the year so

Far you can check out my full detail review in the cards in the description but if you are somebody who wants yes pen and some more of these advanced features then the note 10 plus looks like a pretty good option I think it's

Gonna come down to how much of a note fan you are definitely let me know in the comments below what you think of the note 10 plus and whether you'd go for the SN plus or the note 10 plus and also let me know in the comments below what

Are the coverage you like me to do with the note 10 whilst going forward you want to see all of that coverage as soon as it hits the channel then be sure to subscribe and Bing that bad icon so you don't miss any of that coverage I hope

You enjoyed this video and found it useful if you did then do hit that thumbs that one for me thanks watching since Apple super-sized TV I'll see you next time you can't film anything in New York without a siren every freaking five

Minutes honestly

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