Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Real-World Test (Camera & Battery Test)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

morning this just arrived it's the note
10 plus and I've already done a complete
walkthrough on it you guys to check out
the link to that below in the
description from like all the features
and whatever announcements they made
about it but in this video we're into a
real world test so that means I'm gonna
kind of go throughout my normal day ish
and take photos on this as well as some
of the other flagships out there that
are its competitors put them up on the
screen so you guys can compare them and
then also kind of check in on the
battery throughout the day and see how
that's doing you're just kind of share
my thoughts as we go so start that off
right now it is 8:00 10:00 in the
morning we are at 98% so now let's get
started on that video but first coffee

got coffee and I've been sitting here
working for quite a while actually but
it brings up something I want to talk
about on the note 10 plus which is the
fact that now Samsung is added DECT
which is their like desktop kind of
experience from the phone or you plug it
into a monitor but now it works on your
computer as well I think this is
valuable when you're using say like a
portable little monitor maybe maybe but
on your computer
I don't really see a point I would
rather just use the computer frankly
okay now before we head out of here
let's check in on the battery as we do
it is 111 p.m. now and we are at 75%

and let's talk about a couple of things
that Samsung has removed from the new
note 10 firstly the saddest part there
is no more headphone jack I personally
don't care I'm so used to using my
Galaxy buds or other bluetooth
headphones so it's not the biggest deal
to me but I know a lot of you are upset
about it it is something that the note
series has always kind of been known for
in Samsung it's touted against their
competitors over and over again and yet
it's gone another thing that Samsung
removed though that is less sad is that
makes me button it's gone it makes a lot
of sense to me a lot of people were
spending a lot of time remapping it and
trying to make it do other things
I think Samsung finally just kind of
realize like can't beat them join them
type of thing it's one less piece of
hardware that they have put on here and
now we just have this power button which
you can double tap and customize to
launch bigsby anyway so fine okay and I
totally forgot I actually have a
dentist's appointment so I'm gonna run
to that real quick

okay dentist has done back at home I had
a root canal I had to finish like the
crown like the piece of the fake tooth
that they put back on fun times really
but now that that's all done
it is 4:50 p.m. and checking on the
battery we're at 44%

really picture something interesting I
noticed about night mode on the note 10
it doesn't have any sort of timer or
progress or preview of what you're doing
when you're taking the night mode shot
so you just kind of sit there and wait
and hope that it ends soon and then it
actually has a progress for the saving
part like when the photos actually done
being taken which seems a little
counterintuitive it should be the other
way around in my opinion with that said
though I think that night mode shots are
actually more natural looking than the
other devices to some degree ok and
while we're on the subject of the
cameras let's start with the new S pen's
party trick called air gestures so the
idea being that you can take the pen and
like a metric wand to do different
things now the only thing this really
works in so far at least extensively is
the camera so you hold down on the
button and swipe up to switch cameras
same thing for left and right to switch
between the modes in the camera and then
you actually hold down the button and do
one circle clockwise or one circle
counterclockwise to zoom in and out now
it's a novel concept but I don't think
it's actually that useful the only use
case I can think of for this is like
you're trying to take a selfie of
yourself because you can still as we
could before push the button to take the
photo maybe zoom in a little bit
zoom out but I know they did create an
API for this they're hoping that
developers will use this in some way
time will only tell ok and while we're
out here let's check in on the battery
as we do it is 919 p.m. we're at 24
it's another region I thought was cool
in addition to all of the normal s-pen
stuff that you get that we're all used
to they added one little feature that I
think it's kind of a big deal to me and
that's the ability to have take notes
with the S Pen in samsung note and then
you can actually convert those to text
and that makes them so much more useful
you can search them you can export them
to word copy and paste them into your
Evernote or other note program etc now
it is just a software thing though so I
don't see why they can't bring this to
the note 9 and other notes but it is
very possible that they want

okay calling it a day it is 12:01 a.m.
and we are at 2% here's the screen on
time and my usage time for anybody
that's curious
down there you guys I hope that was
helpful you had to see comparisons of
the camera and overall kind of usage of
the battery etc honestly I think it's a
good note device the battery is okay I
would say it's rivals like the s10 plus
which is not the best on the market but
it isn't bad at all the device is super
snappy as you would expect from a note
has a giant screen the largest ever on a
note I believe and so those are kind of
factors that you really think about when
you want to get a note device the
missing headphone jack is gonna make a
lot of people upset but personally it
doesn't bother me that much and it's not
a huge upgrade I would say from the s10
lineup yes 10 plus yes in 5g obviously
so it's not really a good upgrade if
you're going from that I think but
coming from say uh note 9 so long as you
don't mind losing the headphone jack I
think it's a it's a pretty solid choice
there guys hope you enjoyed that let me
know that council hopes you think of the
phone of this video if you have any
feedback for me I always appreciate that
as well trying to make these videos a
little bit better every time I do them
but otherwise if you like this video
thumbs up or share it's greatly
appreciate it also check out the rest of
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video along with all of the videos that
I do as always though regardless thanks
for watching

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