Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ long-term Review

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

if you're looking for a smartphone that
has it all Samsung's Galaxy Note lineup
has traditionally been the go-to options
for those who don't mind spending top
dollar for premium tech in 2019 the same
holds true but with so many other
smartphones encroaching on the notes
territory it's been harder and harder to
justify the thousand dollars plus
sticker price of Samsung's flagship
smartphone but Before we jump into any
premature conclusions let's take a
closer look at this device
I'm Anna Griffith Android and this is
our for review of the Samsung Galaxy
Note 2 10 this year users finally get to
choose the size of note that they want
the main difference between the two
phones is the size of that areas display
with a 6 point 8 inch 30 40 by 1440
panel on the larger Note 10 plus and a
6.3 inch 20 to 80 by 1080 panel on the
smaller sibling but of course there are
a few other differences as well since
the note 10 plus has a larger footprint
it also has a larger 4,300 milliamp hour
battery versus the 3500 milliamp battery
in the note 10 it comes with 35 watt
charging versus 25 watt and then 12
gigabytes of RAM versus 8 gigabytes and
then on the back there's an additional
VGA depth sensor which helps with AR
tracking which most people won't be
using after the first week with the
phone now the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup
has traditionally added in more features
than most other smart phones but this
time around they've actually removed
quite a few things the heart rate sensor
on the back and the iris scanner on the
front are no longer there but the
biggest omission is the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack which Samsung has held on
to longer than most and then there's the
missing LED notification light now
dropping the headphone jack is
definitely a big deal for anyone who
loves a great audio experience since the
physical connection is always better
than a Bluetooth one but personally I've
been using bluetooth for over a decade
and have no issues with the headphone
jack being gone but no longer having a
notification LED is a big no-no in my
book since you no longer get that visual
cue of when your phone is fully charged
or when important messages come in sure
you're always on display it does make up
for it a little bit but not having that
flashing LED is something that I sorely
miss by now you probably have a really
good idea of what a smartphone running a
snapdragon 855 processor can do it's
incredibly powerful extremely power
efficient and that's why this chips been
used on most flagship smartphones in
2019 since the phone I have only
includes 8 gigabytes of RAM you might be
thinking that it's inferior to the note
10 which has 12 gigabytes of RAM on
paper and benchmarks yes but in the real
world it's impossible to tell the two
apart you can easily use two
applications at once jump back into
applications that have been frozen in
the background for hours or just
mindlessly switch between Facebook
Chrome YouTube and anything else that
you can imagine to find something new to
spark your interest
besides the mesmerizing paint job on the
back of the phone which is reminiscent
of the back of a CD the thing you're
going to be noticing most on this device
is its amazing AMOLED panel up front now
there is a hole punch to cut out for the
front facing camera there but that
allows the AMOLED display to stretch
completely edge to edge and deliver
something that you typically only expect
in a sci-fi movie the panel itself is
probably one of the best displays I've
ever seen on a smartphone and keep in
mind this is the 6.3 inch model the note
10 plus and its larger 6.8 inch display
looks even better since it crams in more
pixels per inch it doesn't matter if
you're watching movies playing games or
just killing time on social media the
content on this display feels like it's
gonna jump out and come to life viewing
angles are phenomenal and it's probably
one of the best screens I've tested this
year for visibility in direct sunlight
and the good news is is that the AMOLED
panel is extremely power efficient so
you won't be chewing through your
battery even when the brightness is
to the mass I'm typically not one to go
on and on about the quality of a display
but it's honestly hard not to when the
quality is just this good oh and let's
not forget the ultrasonic fingerprint
sensor that's embedded below the display
if decently fast and accurate if you
decide to remove the pre-installed
screen protector on the note 10 and if
you want something a little bit faster
there's always face recognition but
that's definitely not as secure when it
comes to its cameras this phone here
delivers pretty much the exact same
experience that you get on the galaxy s
10 devices which made their debut
earlier this year there are 212
megapixel sensor is paired with a 28
millimeter standard and 58 millimeter
telephoto lens and then a 16 megapixel
sensor that gives you an incredible 12
millimeter ultra wide view of the world
the note 10 plus does come with a fourth
time of flight camera sensor on the back
that does help with 3d tracking but it's
not something that you're actually gonna
miss on the smaller Note 10 image
quality is phenomenal with impeccable
detail in daylight and above-average
performance once the Sun does go down
Samsung's updated night mode even
manages to deliver impressive images
which are significantly brighter than
what you would get otherwise though it
still pales in comparison with what
you'd get from the pixel 3 but having
the versatility offered by the three
different focal lengths is something
that can't be understated while many
people love the zoom lens I find myself
capturing ultra wide shots as often as
possible with that lens you can capture
an entire room amazing streetscapes or
landscape shots that you typically only
could get with the panorama mode on a
of course the telephoto lens does come
in handy from time to time but for me
it's not the star of the show the one
thing that I'll say is that the cameras
on this phone are consistent and
predictable allowing you to anticipate
how the image will turn out before you
capture the shot there have been a few
times that I was disappointed with the
images that it captured but it was
honestly wishful thinking that the shots
I wanted to take could be captured by a
smartphone instead of a DSLR as for the
selfie camera that's peaking through the
display up front it does a pretty good
job despite there only being a single
sensor Samsung has included a wide
feature which honestly should be the
only option there since nobody wants to
take a zoomed in selfie picture but it
also allows you to take live focus shots
to blur out the background and if you
need to capture a late night selfie or
when the lighting just isn't optimal the
night mode works here as well if you
record a lot of video with your phone
that's where you're going to notice the
real improvement the new super steady
setting essentially delivers the
stabilization that you'd get on your
phone if it was mounted to a gimbal to
do that it crops in on the video and
stabilizes the clip using the phone's
internal gyroscope by default it
switches over to the ultra wide lens
which means that you still get the same
view as what you would get out of the
standard sensor without the feature
turned on it's not perfect since the
sensor paired with the ultra wide lens
doesn't do well in low-light conditions
but you can always switch over to the
main sensor if you don't mind the zoomed
in crop despite that limitation though I
find myself using the super steady
feature as often as possible when
recording video while walking around one
new feature that works with the
front-facing camera and also the main
camera is the new live focus video which
allows you to capture video of yourself
or your friends while adding digital
blur or other effects to the background
now I do have to admit that this is a
little bit of a gimmick but it does come
in handy if you do want to record video
without showing everybody all the
details of your house or the mess that's
covering everything

naturally the S Pen is the one
distinguishing feature which not only
gives the phone its name but sets it
apart from every other smartphone on the
sure there are a few other phones that
have pen support but no one comes close
to delivering what Samsung does this
year Samsung has built in a gyroscope
and accelerometer into the S Pen
allowing it to change camera modes zoom
in and out or switch between the phones
of various sensors with different
gestures honestly the only reason you'd
ever want to use any of these features
is if you're trying to take a selfie
with a phone on a tripod of course you
can still take a picture when pressing
the button on the S Pen and honestly
that's still the best feature when it
comes to camera integration and the pen
but for all those who use the S Pen for
productivity and you know actually
getting work done samsung has added in
advanced OCR which if your handwriting
is neat enough will allow the written
text to be transcribed and thanks to
Samsung's new partnership with Microsoft
the transcribed notes can then be saved
as Word documents and easily shared with
your colleagues this may sound like a
minor feature upgrade but it actually
makes the S Pen a lot more valuable as a
work tool of course you can always use
the pen to create amazing works of art
and that's probably one of the things
that it's best at or you can have fun
with the new AR doodles which allow you
to sketch on the live view of the camera
Samsung could have done a lot more with
the s-pen but honestly I'm not going to
be complaining because this here is the
most advanced smartphone peripheral
that's currently on the market oh and
it's clicking this factor this thing is
out of control this year honestly it's
probably worth buying the phone just so
that you can do this with large devices
becoming the dominant form factor these
days this phone doesn't have all the
advantages that the note series has had
in the past battery life was one of
those things that made a note special
but this phone here only has a 3500
milliamp hour battery which is pretty
much average for a 20-19 flagship
smartphone it will get you through a
with 25 to 30% battery life remaining
which may actually be the extra power
you might need if you're planning on
making it a long one heading out to
dinner or a late night concert but if
battery longevity is definitely a main
concern for you the no 10 plus solves
that issue with a 4300 milliamp hour
battery which delivers an extra 3 to 5
hours on a single charge there is some
good news on the charging front though
this phone will charge from zero to 60
percent in just about 30 minutes or you
can take it to a full charge in just
over an hour if that does sound faster
than what Samsung has delivered in the
past that's because this one here has
been updated to a support 25 watt
charging well the note 10 plus supports
35 watt charging of course wireless
charging is back as well and both of
these phones charge a little bit faster
than they did before and they've also
included the same reverse wireless
charging feature that was introduced on
the galaxy s 10 series it's not
superfast by any means but it is a
convenient feature to have if your
friends smartphone is running low or if
you need to charge your smart watch or
earbuds in a pinch I'm not gonna touch
on the phone software other than to say
that Samsung's 1ui on Android 9 is
identical to the experience offered by
the galaxy s 10 series if you want to
know more about that make sure you check
out our samsung galaxy s 10 plus review
the one minor difference here is the
inclusion of a new Dex feature which
allows you to plug your phone directly
into a computer rather than a standalone
monitor users can drag and drop files
between the two devices play games send
text messages and even answer phone
calls the experience is a little bit
more laggy than if you were to plug in
the note 10 directly into a monitor with
a keyboard and mouse but it's definitely
a lot more practical the Samsung Galaxy
Note 10 and the note 10 plus are the
best Android smartphones
Samsung has ever built and beat out what
the competition has been throwing at it
in 2019 that being said though you might
sense my little bit of disappointment
here the note series used to be all
about innovation and testing new ideas
that didn't happen this time
you're looking at an iterative upgrade
combining the best ideas of last year's
note 9 with a new feature Samsung
introduced on the S 10 series earlier
this year it's an incredible piece of
hardware for sure but it somehow lacks
that bit of magic that gave the note its
signature status for so many years if
you're willing to drop 950 dollars on
the smaller Note 10 or $150 more for the
note 10 plus you'll probably won't be
disappointed that being said there are
plenty of other options out there
offering larger displays bigger
batteries and cameras which are nearly
just as good as the note tens for two to
four hundred dollars less now I'm all
about saving money and finding the best
bang for your buck but for me there's
just something special about this
smaller Galaxy Note 10
driver for a lot longer than what I
if you enjoyed this video don't forget
to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to
our Channel we have a lot more Galaxy
Note tendons and a whole lot more thank
you guys so much for watching and we'll
catch you in the next one

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