Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ Hands on & Key Features

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

everyone the Galaxy Note has always been
the last big Samsung flagship of the
year it refines the Galaxy S line and
presents a flagship for the most
demanding and critical users so now that
the note 10 and Note 10 plus have been
announced what's new

new design this year's note lineup is
all about incremental updates rather
than big jumps the phones still have the
slightly sharper corners that are
standard for the past notes but the
bezels are much thinner and the ratio is
a taller nineteen by nine one like on
the s10 series in fact the top bezel is
barely big enough for the earpiece and a
few sensors so it'll be interesting to
see how it fares in terms of audio the
front camera however isn't a centered
punch hole and whether it's a good or
bad thing is entirely personal
preference sadly we're in the past the
Galaxy Note would have pretty much every
feature you could think of this year
Samsung has removed a few things first
there's no longer a big spiky and the
power button has been moved to where
Bixby used to be
don't worry however you can still call
it the assistant by long pressing the
home button second there's no longer a
headphone jack while there's still an FM
radio and there's a dongle in the box
it's sad that even Samsung has jumped on
the industry trend of getting rid of
this ports better S Pen functionality
despite the loss of the jack the S Pen
hasn't only remained but includes even
better functionality it now includes
remote motion based gestures called air
actions these let you change between
camera modes or between the three
cameras HDR 10 + display the two notes
have dynamic AMOLED displays the vanilla
note 10 is smaller than the S 10 plus
with a 6.3 inch full HD display while
the note 10 plus is larger than the S 10
plus with the 6.8 inch qHD screen did
you spot the drop in resolution for the
note 10 it's not as bad as it sounds in
real life upgraded internals the note 10
pair has received a slight boost in GPU
performance in comparison to the s 10
series thanks to a new X and O's 9825
chipset however it's not really a
considerable jump the two phones will
also get 5g models so you can choose
whether you prefer a 4G or 5g software
the no 10 phones have Android Pi with
one UI on top but there are some nifty
new features like a better default video
editor and AI improvements for their
gaming mode of course we'll explore them
more in depth in the full review larger
battery despite the s-pen Samsung has
managed to cram a 3500 milliamp hour
battery in the note 10 and a four
thousand three hundred million power one
in the no 10 plus this is more than both
yes 10 plus and the note 9 from last
year faster charging both regular and
wireless charging have been improved the
note 10 plus can go up to 45 watts while
the vanilla version can go up to 25
watts however Samsung doesn't include a
faster charger that supports these
speeds in the box so you have to buy one
separately the notes also include
reverse wireless charging like on the
s10 phone's triple camera setup though
this is a jump up from the note 9 from
last year this year's triple camera
setup is extremely similar to the one
that you'll find on the s10 phones the
telephoto has a slightly brighter F 2.1
lens and there's a new time of flight
camera on the note 10 plus foreseen
depth scanning but will need to do a
shoot off to see if there's truly a
jumping camera performance between the
Galaxy S phones and the note 10 lineup
new colors the note lineup comes in four
new colors our glow or a black or of
white which is a note 10 plus exclusive
and our a pink which is a note 10
exclusive our glow is our favorite and
even a slight tilt or change in angle
changes the color of the surface
dramatically the note 10 phones are
packing quite a punch this year but at
the cost of some beloved features it
remains to be seen how different the two
notes are from each other and whether
they're worth it over the extremely
popular Galaxy S 10 line if you have any
questions leave them in the comments
below and I'll try to get to them in the
full review subscribe so you don't miss
it and I'll see you next time

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