Samsung Galaxy Fold UNBOXING

by birtanpublished on September 7, 2020

what's up guys super sack here and it's finally here it's here the samsung galaxy folds I've been waiting so long for this and I know it's been delayed I've already covered the reasons why it's been delayed in one of my previous

Videos you can check that in the cards in the description but I've actually managed to get hold of it I may have had to do some very questionable things to get a hold I'm joking I'm joking had to do anything dodgy

This was just stuck in customs it was supposed to come to me last week but Easter break everything shut down and I couldn't actually get a hold of this but it's finally here I'm so so excited to check this out let's go ahead and get it

Unboxed right so we've got this outer sleeve with all of these stripes and these stripes kind of match the gaps in the stripes inside the box so you might be able to see we've got galaxies and then f o LD let's go ahead and take this

Out and it's a it's a bigger box compared to what we normally have with a smartphone and that is because of course this is no ordinary smartphone this is a very special smartphone and we had to give it the super staff style unboxing

Treatment didn't we so let's go ahead and open this up that is so cool let me do that again the Box kind of rises up this box is like wow this is like the fanciest box I've ever had on the channel look it just lifts out like

That again that's awesome okay and here is the device let's see what else we've got in here nope so the outer box is mainly for that initial rise but the main box is here now this in a box actually has the galaxy fold logo which

Is pretty much the galaxy logo which is folded quite clever right this actually rises up and we've got another in a box a lot of boxes and I think this is the last box it's actually white with once again the galaxy logo embossed in here

There it is the Samsung Galaxy fold I'm so excited I don't think I've been this excited for an unboxing before this is so crazy finally finally getting it in hand wow that is so awesome I honestly can't

Describe the feeling of finally having this in my hands so so cool now I'm gonna resist temptation I'm just gonna put this to the side for it sure while just to see what else we get inside the box now I

Got to say everything is presented very very well expectedly so this device is gonna be written for around $2,000 when it is officially released so inside the box as well as all of the usual stuff such as a fast charging brick SIM card

Ejector tool USB type-c cable a USB type a two USB type-c adapter you also get this case as well as some Samsung Galaxy buds now these are the new fully wireless earbuds from Samsung I've actually been using them for a

Couple of months and they're very very good and it's great that Samsung do include these width default and you also get some spare ear tips and things if you want to switch them around to fit your size right now let's get to what we

Will be waiting for and that is the samsung galaxy fold this thing looks absolutely stunning now one thing I do wanna address right away is the screen protector issue there's a protective film that sits on top of the display

Which you're not supposed to remove now mine is an early review unit so I don't actually have the warning sign not to remove this this is something that the retail units will have and I'm not sure what something you're gonna do are they

Gonna address this screen protector issue by covering it up a little bit further to make sure that it doesn't look like a screen protector right now it kind of does look a little bit like a screen protector to me if I'm completely

Honest but once again this is something that hopefully will be addressed when the official retail unit is out let's power this on there we go we've got the samsung galaxy full logo powered by Android secured by Knox I kind of want

To open and close this like a million times I'm not tried it yet should we do it that is so sighs fine fold out fold in fold out fold in fold out fold in fold out fold in fold out fold in okay okay

I'll stop I can literally do that all day but I won't carry on doing that in this video I'll do it after the video is finished so you can see that when we've got the device folded in we've got a much more

Manageable size it fits very very easily in one hand and we've got a 4.6 inch cover display here this is mainly going to be used for very minimal but then when you fold it out that's when you've got the main display this is

A 7.3 inch infinity flex display with dynamic AMOLED technology and it looks absolutely stunning right now let's address the crease yes you can see it but it's a bit more noticeable here in the studio

Environment because there's lots of light and also because we've got a black background I think if you've got a plain bright background then it's definitely not as noticeable and especially not as noticeable if you're looking at it

Head-on and I gotta say my first impressions are very very positive this looks absolutely beautiful the fact that you've got a 7.3 inch display at this aspect ratio as well and the fact that you can just fold it and it's gone

That's so cool that is so so cool right we'll come back to the display but let's have a look around the device and the first thing you're gonna say is that it definitely feels very very premium you know you're

Holding something expensive in your hand and it's also got a bit of weight to it now we do have a metal frame overall with glass panels here in the front and back I've got the astral blue version with this silver hinge but there's lots

Of other colours available and this Astro blue color gives off a really interesting sort of effect when you've got the light hitting at different angles you get sort of different rainbow colors and at the back here you can see

That we've got the cameras these are pretty much the same cameras that we've got on the s10 plus so the primary is 12 megapixels with a variable aperture we've got the telephoto with two times optical zoom and then we've got my

Favorite which is the 16 megapixel ultra wide which lets you get in so much more clear shots now the front as well as the cover display you do have an earpiece as well as a 10 megapixel front facing camera now this is the same as what

We've got on the samsung galaxy s 10 but when you open this up you have the same dual front-facing camera setup like you've got on the samsung galaxy s 10 so that's a 10 megapixel primary camera with an 8 megapixel which is gonna get

Depth information when it does come to portrait selfies I've said this before but the sn+ does a really really good job in terms of edge detection because of that secondary camera so you might want to take mostly selfies when this is

Flat open but I'll be doing lots more tests of course now one thing that's quite interesting is that I've seen a lot of viewers say that this makes a great viewfinder for taking images because you

Could hold it like this and that does kind of remind me of all of the memes about not taking pictures with your tablet but I guess this technically isn't a tablet so you can get away with it but anyway if we have a look around

The frame you can see that we've got speakers on either side so they're left and right if you're holding it in landscape or top and bottom if you're holding it in portrait and let's actually go ahead and play a video on

See how it sounds nice very loud indeed and if you holding it like this the sound kind of like bounces off your hands as well and it gives it quite a massive experience now one thing

I am noticing is this cuts out it does kind of cut into screen and obviously if you're watching 16 by 9 content you are gonna see these black bars on the top and bottom and if you're watching 18 by 9 content then you're gonna see even

Bigger black bars so this is a good reason for me not to switch to 18 by 9 just yet now on the right hand side of the fold at the bottom there is the USB type-c input which you can use to charge the Galaxy fold but it does support fast

Wireless charging so you can just drop this on a wireless charger and the Galaxy fold like the Galaxy S tens also supports wireless power share so that's where you're gonna be able to use the Galaxy fold to charge another device

Wirelessly now looking at the buttons so we've got a volume rocker we've got a power button and then we've got a fingerprint scanner now this fingerprint scanner also doubles up as the big speed button which

Is kind of odd I would have liked the fingerprint scanner to also be the power button but if you do have it always-on you can just attack it it's gonna let you in very very quickly works just as fast as a Samsung Galaxy S 10 II on the

Left hand side of the fold you do have a SIM card tray now this does not have space for a micro SD card so you can't expand the storage on the Galaxy fold but it does come with a massive 512 gigabytes of storage onboard anyway and

That is ufs 3.0 storage so that's twice as fast compared to the previous generation and you'll never get comparable speeds using a micro SD card so I kind of get why they've not included it considering that you've got

512 gigabytes anyway I don't think that's gonna be a big deal you've got 12 gigabytes of RAM with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor so in terms of speed and performance this thing should be absolutely fine considering my

Experience with the 855 on the s10 it's been so smooth and that's got eight gigabytes of RAM so twelve q bytes of RAM on here will be really cool and I think one of the reasons why they've included so much RAM is because of

Multitasking of course if you've got a larger display it's gonna give you more scope to multitask and you can have lots of apps open at the same time so for example I've got YouTube open here but I can also open Twitter

And maybe a Chrome browser as well so I can have all of these apps open at the same time but I think for me what's really cool is app continuity so if you've got an app open on the cover display as soon as you open it up here

It should transfer straight away so let's try this out so here you can see that on the cover display I've got Google Maps open at Leicester and I'm gonna open the main display and that's great away that was almost instant that

Was very very impressive now of course apps are gonna have to be supported to be able to go in between the cover display and the main display this is a new device so I think it's gonna take some time by the time app developers

Made their apps compatible for the Samsung Galaxy Fault now another thing that I'm really lacking in the Galaxy fold is the keyboard when you've got it open up like this the keyboard actually splits in two

And it's very very easy to type boom now one thing you may have noticed is that we don't have a 3.5 mm jack now I'm not sure why this is it might be because of the space and the design issues might be a little bit weird as well having a wire

Kind of dangling out when you've got it folding and unfolding but you do get the Galaxy buds out of the box and really Singh speaking me personally since I've been using the Galaxy bud so much I've not really felt the need to have a 3.5

Mm jack that's me you might be different but the battery you do have a very large 4380 mAh battery that's a total but it's actually split in two on either side of the fold from what I'm hearing it should get you easily through the full day

Maybe even two days right so what are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy fold I think it's pretty clear that I am super super excited about this I don't think we've seen something as innovative as this in the smartphone space for a very

Very long time and being a tech enthusiast like a lot of you guys I am super pumped to see a new product category like this yes it's first generation and because of that they have been some issues so you

Might have had a people have had issues where some dust and some debris has been trapped in and kind of pushed out against the display now I gotta emphasize that this is a brand new product this is something that's not

Been tried before and Samsung have taken a risk by introducing this product and the positive is that some of these issues have been addressed very very early by reviewers thousands of these units have not been

Shipped out to customers so I'm actually really glad about that I'm hoping that something can find a solution to some of these issues that we've seen and if they can I think this is gonna be a very very promising first generation product now I

Say that because it is two thousand dollars I don't think everybody out there is gonna go out and run to buy one but it leads things in a good direction hopefully when we see the next galaxy fold the one after that things are going

To be improving more and more we're gonna get more durable screens and honestly speaking I can really see myself using a device like this where we've got a small front display and we've got a large display which you can

Just fold up and put into your pocket that's where I think anyway what do you guys think definitely drop me a comment below I'd love to hear your thoughts also let me know if there's any supersnap style coverage that you'd like

Me to do with the samsung galaxy folds I know there's been some other videos but since the last week already but if there's something different like you'd like me to do with the galaxy fold while I've got it then do let me know what

I'll try to bring that content supersoft aisle to you as soon as possible and make sure you have subscribed and hit that Bell icon so you don't miss any of that content coming up I hope you enjoy this video up on it useful if you did

Then do hit that comes up on for me thanks for watching this is SAP on super SAP TV I'll see you next time and this thing is so dope I see I can't even hide it

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