Samsung Galaxy Fold DROP Test! Shockingly Durable

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

this here blows my mind these phones are
10 years apart this was released in June
of 2009 the first Samsung Galaxy phone
and here we've got the Samsung Galaxy
fold with a 7.3 inch display two
displays six cameras and that's 10 years
later what are the next 10 years gonna
look like the thought of that just man
I'm excited the future is going to be
quite interesting just got my hands on
the samsung galaxy fold direct from
Korea and in this video I'd like to go
ahead and check it out and durability
test it so this is Samsung's future the
Infinity flex display 7.3 inches and in
general it's just where the cell phone
industry is going I think as a whole
Apple is working on foldable phone from
what we know and this thing is going to
be eventually to standard so this is one
of the first actual serious attempts
adits we checked out the real flex pay
and I was honestly a big piece of junk
and there it is like the presentation
comes unfolded while actually a lot
smaller than I thought and there it is
let's check out those finishes oh it's a
lot thinner than I thought in person
it's wild like a candy bar the display
on the front looks very small this is a
4.6 inch display and we've got three
cameras on the rear so it's pretty hefty
way better design than the real flex pie
and that's the only foldable phone that
I've interacted with so far okay so
turning it on it's actually an
incredibly narrow display on the front I
really can't see that being very useful
the crease is quite visible here you
know I think that'd be kind of annoying
in day-to-day contents viewing there is
a plastic border going around in this
video I'd like to go ahead and
durability test it see just how durable
it is so on the exterior it doesn't seem
like it's actual glass like this seems
like plastic Corning is working on
Gorilla Glass 4 foldable smartphones but
until that happens you know we're stuck
with this plastic key material and
frankly does not feel that great but
it's not that bad huge notch up here but
wow for a first-generation product I
think they did really well before we get
into the durability stuff I want to
give my opinion on this as an actual
phone and I'm very surprised that I
actually like it like I could see myself
using this obviously the Android is a
barrier but the hardware is
fantastically good yes it's limited the
display on the front really sucks I do
not like this I think it's way too small
but one thing I really do appreciate is
the seamless transition in applications
between the FRA and Inter display and I
love videos too when watching content
here you have such a big display for it
that's amazing and I can only imagine
games to the front display needs a lot
of work it's a joke at this point but
the inner display is really really nice
I appreciate that it's not glass it's a
plastic material the knotch gets in the
way a little bit but coming from an
iPhone you get used to it each bench
five-score reveals this compared to the
Apple a 13 multi-core is about 2/3 is
capable and single-core half the speed
there it's using the latest Snapdragon
85 that's what you get in all the
regions and it's capable it means
everything you could possibly need in a
smartphone obviously it's ridiculously
expensive for what you're getting but
it's just the concept of being part of
the future and I really like it it's a
lot more solid than I thought they have
a really cool mechanism on the inside so
all things considered it could be way
worse I think Samsung did a great job
first gen let's go test out the
durability in day-to-day life if you
manage to drop this thing and Samsung
actually went and released a durability
video letting you know not to press too
hard to take care so dust doesn't get
inside I can only imagine what would
happen to this thing with some shocks so
let's test out the durability of this
phone and I'm gonna actually drop them a
little bit lower this time because I
have no faith in it surviving from what
I can feel it appears it's plastic on
the front and back and obviously this is
a plastic polymer display which you
probably should not drop while it's open
but we'll see what happens regardless
the phone itself is a little heavy
mostly in part due to its two batteries
the mechanism in here is quite complex
I'm a little afraid of this thing
getting broken too it's just such a
fragile phone and Samsung definitely
knows that by far the most expensive
drop test
I'll have ever done on this channel so
watch and either enjoy or languish here
we go
actually let's do knee height here so a
little bit lower three two one
so the iPhones actually jump outwards
this thing just absorbs the impact and
both displays are still okay next up
dropping it on Samsungs very complex
hinge here we go
knee height in three two one
Oh open the mechanism right away still
okay and still okay so now you have
triple the surface areas that could
potentially break on a smartphone like
this I wonder what kind of cases we'll
see in the future for it on the display
front display in three two one
Oh smack but did survive so that did
well now let's go on the rear real quick
one two three it's okay and finally the
inner flexible display which doesn't
have a Ridge going around it so
potentially actually a very good design
feature that will protect it in three
two one yeah you can definitely feel
that plastic is hitting about okay
survived survived the entire round and
pulls out about a foot and a half drop
now let's go to waist height so in three
two one Oh see that's what I mean this
thing loves spinning the iPhones don't
do that when they're dropped it's still
okay and still okay on the hinge waist
height in three two one
loves to unfold surprisingly handling a
pretty decent amount of abuse still okay
and now the inner display there we go in
three two one actually very absorbent
the way it falls you can tell that the
plastic is getting hit first so take
note Apple when you're designing yours
definitely put a layer around the
her part which is all scuffed now but
the screen is okay very surprised and
last one on the rear before we go to
head height I honestly expected it to
break at the knee height the fact that
it's still surviving is quite amazing
Samsung did a pretty good job here in
three two one
nice spin and cool all good all good
here in a way it's actually a really
good idea to put plastic on a phone like
this more shock absorbent and actually I
just noticed that the back plastic seems
to be delaminating here and the front
still nothing wrong with it hey it's
still working still got a functional
Samsung Galaxy fold the hinges feeling a
bit strange actually there's some
resistance that wasn't there before but
still works okay this is the one I've
been waiting for head height in three
two one
whoo yeah wow that's actually quite an
impact still working on the front still
okay on the inside amazing and on this
side now head height and three two one
whoo not the way I expected it to fall
but somehow still holding on okay cool
so this isn't Gorilla Glass but still
very very resistant to drops face down
on the front display at height in three
two one
so those are some vicious sounds and yet
still not broken no it's okay that
scared me for a second still good okay
let's just go all the way and drop it on
its face head height three two one it's
okay so that plastic Ridge running
alongside it really does wonders here
still responding to touch no cracks and
curious since this isn't glass how would
it break the front still working too
one on the side and after this let's
test the cameras because after all that
who knows if they'll even be working in
three two one loves to unfold yeah so
the mechanism for the unfold is starting
to feel a little janky little loose but
it still works regular is working
telephotos working ultra wide is working
and the other camera both of them are
working impressive so that only leaves
the 10-foot drop now I don't think this
was meant to take shocks this well but
somehow it does let's take it higher I'm
going to ten feet now because it refuses
to die dropping in three two one
okay that has to be a knockout it's
taking way too much abuse and continues
to work oh yeah there it is
so that one did it the hinge is buckled
inwards here hoho yeah the display is
done the front one still works hey but
that's the advantage of having two
displays is even if the inner one breaks
you still have a secondary display
so this buckled inwards and it damaged
the display from down here from what I
understand and if they were just to
reinforce that a little bit more you
could survive ten foot drops easily it's
just there's no material and it bent
inwards right there still I'm very
surprised it had no right lasting this
long it's still working in the
background the touch layer at least
actually I'm able to make the display
work for a little while
ooh look at that it's back almost so if
I tinker with the center over here
somehow the display is still functioning
in this weird state cool but there it is
that's the future and I can't wait until
Apple releases theirs because I really
really enjoyed this product before I
broke it I think it's amazing and a
precursor of what's to come five years
down the road

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