Samsung Galaxy Buds+ vs Apple AirPods Pro [Honest Comparison]

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

The Apple earpods Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy buds plus are two of the best truly wireless earbuds they both have wireless charging they both have excellent features both claim to have the best call quality but how exactly do they stack up side-by-side despite both

Being high quality earbuds they're actually very different and serve very different users so which pair is right for you in this video I will break down the similarities and differences in six major categories including general

Differences such as price and comfort call quality with an in depth microphone test form-factor features sound quality and compatibility so stick around to make sure you buy the right pair of earbuds

now I want to start off by talking about some of the basic differences between these the first one in one that everybody will notice immediately is actually the price so the earpods pro

Sell for $250 whereas the galaxy Bud's plus sell for $150 and the air pods Pro do have some added features though such as active noise cancellation which is a pretty big one and it's something you really don't see in Cheaper earbuds now

The galaxy buttons only have passive noise cancellation meaning when you put them in it does nothing extra except just kind of block off the noise with the rubber tips and for the Z who don't know what active noise cancellation is

It essentially takes the sound from the outside with the microphones and plays the inverse of it through the speakers and cancels out the sound waves to make it essentially quieter than otherwise would be if you just plugged your ears

Another basic difference is the aesthetics so while these both right here are glossy white the galaxy buds do actually come in at least four different colors depending on when you're watching it possibly more whereas the air pods

Only come in white as you see right here as far as comfort goes we'll look at the air pods first and you can see that what actually goes in your ear is purely set just a silicon tip it doesn't have any plastic in there and then on the

Backside we do have that vent so it's supposed to equalize the pressure so you don't jam it in your ear and have any discomfort there so that's definitely a big plus but you'll also notice that it doesn't have any kind of wing tip to

Keep in your ear it just is relying purely on the shape of the bud the plastic part and the silicone tip to stay in your ear for the most part it does a pretty good job but if you're doing more dynamic workouts it does have

A tendency to maybe come out of your ear now looking at the galaxy buds in the flipside you do have the silicone tip there which is actually on top of plastic so slightly less compliant slightly less comfortable for longer

Periods of time if you're sitting still but if you're working out it definitely does a better job of staying in your ear because it's more compact more in your ear and it has the wing tips you have three different wing tips and three

Different little ear tips themselves so that these can really be the perfect size to seal off sound around you and to fit in your ear and stay in your ear during more dynamic workouts now I mentioned that these do have different

Microphones so let's actually test those out right now first in a studio environment and then outside in a Loudoun environment to see which one sounds better when you're on a phone call okay

So first off we're going to test out the galaxy buttons and we're switching over and this is what the galaxy but sounds like again in a studio setting galaxy buds plus do they sound good they sound bad so this is the air punch sound like

Again in a studio environment so does it sound clear does it not sound clear comment down below and let's go outside and see what it sounds like in an outdoor noisy environment okay so there's a highway right behind me and

This is what the air pod sounds like when I'm talking on the phone next to a highway so we'll see how well this actually sound and now these are the galaxies pod I think this might be more sound now than there was with the air

Pods because there's a siren right there we'll see how well this actually sounds comment down below if you can hear what I'm saying okay so this is the air pods I was able to get another siren behind me so see how all this sounds if you can

Hear I'm saying or not again a lot of traffic a lot of volume back there including the sirens hey guys a quick aside if you're new here and have not yet subscribed please consider going down and clicking the subscribe button

And the Bell icon so you don't miss future videos just like this one so getting into the next category of the physical aspect of these earbuds these both have water resistant ratings the air pods Pro are ipx4

And the galaxy buds are IPX too practically speaking they're both water resistant and they both work fine for most environments when you're running or you're it's raining and you're sweating like whatever it is they're pretty much

Fine for most normal use now the battery life on these earbuds is actually a big difference between the two of these so this is really important that you guys know this when you're looking at these two earbuds the ear pods Pro are rated

For about four and a half hours when you're using active noise cancellation or transparency mode if you have that off they say you can get five hours but still that's very very short considering you know most modern earbuds on the

Market today now the Galaxy buds have 11 hours per earbud which means that I mean that's definitely on the high end so we have a big difference there where it's almost three times as long of a battery life I

Guess is more like two and a half times for the galaxy buds plus compared to the air pots Pro but when we start factoring the case the ear pods definitely make a comeback there with the case they should be getting about 24 hours battery life

Where's the gala Budds with the case should be getting 22 hours of battery-life specifically talking about the touch controls they're the earpods pro have a touch control that is a force sensor so you can have

To pinch them on the side there on the little stem coming out of your ear whereas the galaxy buds are a touch sensor capacitive touch sensor on your ear so you just tap it like that and it can skip songs they both do essentially

The same thing with the controls though as far as features go you can get the galaxy wearable app now on Apple or Android so we'll start off with that one and look at the features in the app now you see that you do have ambient sound

First of all so it shows you it's like low medium high or there's extra high which is a labs feature you can also turn it off and just commenting on the ambient sound which for Apple they call it transparent mode I found that between

The two of them the Apple one sounds a little bit better to me it sounds more natural it definitely sounds more like transparent as they called it where it what I'm talking it sounds as if I was talking without earbuds in at all now

The galaxy buds can be either quieter or louder than that depending on which level you choose but it definitely is not like the highest quality feedback they're obviously using microphones all the way up there

Tends to be a little bit more syllable now we do have an equalizer here in the app and you have six different settings right there I always use dynamic it sounds best to me then we can adjust our notifications the touchpad controls and

You actually have one of four options so you can control the volume you can have ambient sound turning on or off you can change you can have a voice command so Google assistant or Siri or Bixby or whatever you use and then lastly you can

Summon Spotify which i think is a really nice feature to have then as we go down there is find my earbuds advanced just lets you use ambient mode during phone calls and then lastly if we go into labs you have three cool things here so you

Do have gaming mode which if you're playing games it should be reducing the lag then we have extra high ambient mode talked about that already and DoubleTap the earbud edge which uses the accelerometer in the galaxy buds to

Turn the volume up or down so if you double tap it it shakes the earbud registers as a volume up where a volume down which frees up the touch and hold feature to do one of the other three functions the air pods Pro do have some

Really cool features such as the active noise cancellation and the transparency mode which you can use with Apple or Android devices but other than that most of the other features you will be only using from your iPhone so

If you have an iPhone you could do things like a fit test which uses like the onboard microphone speakers to let you know how well it actually fits in your ear and if you have the proper sized ear tip only if you have an iPhone

Can you customize the air pods Pro touch and hold feature and even then you have very few options by default for Apple or for Android it toggles between transparency mode and active noise cancellation but if you have an iPhone

You can set it to summon Siri instead or with an iPhone you can just say hey Siri and it'll recognize your voice now if you have an Android phone saying hey Siri obviously does nothing and you can also not summon any of your other voice

Assistance so next up is sound quality which can be subjective depending on like your ear shape or what sound do you like to hear what music you like things like that but regardless the air pods Pro have an emphasis on somewhere around

1,100 Hertz so that means you have some some pretty big mins and very clear vocals and on top of that I found that the bass was a little bit weak compared to like the Jabra Elite 75 T's and also compared to the Galaxy buds so if you're

Listening to acoustic music or if you're listening to you know very vocal present music then it definitely sounds a little bit more forward and a little bit clearer than the galaxy buds now the Galaxy buds are better if you're

Listening to music that has more bass so if you're listening to like a blink-182 kind of band that has like all the instruments up front with the air pods you're gonna hear the vocals and you really won't hear as much of like the

Heavy drum and guitar distortion in the background whereas the galaxy buds that's way more forward and it's kind of all in line with the vocals there again depends on your taste but for different styles of music I would say air pods are

Better for like podcasts and vocal type things probably better for phone calls whereas the galaxy buds are definitely more bass heavy stuff and they do have again I use dynamic mode on there so you have pretty good highs pretty good lows

And the vocals are a little bit more recessed in my opinion compared to the air pods Pro so like I mentioned earlier as far as operating systems go both of these work with Android or Apple the Galaxy buds definitely play nicer with

Both sides because you can now get the galaxy wearable app on Apple so you can do the customization there whereas the air pods Pro you cannot really get any apps on Android to do anything with that you can

Get some extra third-party ones that can tell you like the battery level of them but other than that you're not going to be doing much customization okay so that was a lot of information but which is actually the better pair of earbuds for

You to buy now the galaxy buttons are an excellent mid-range pair of earbuds $150 is a reasonable price considering all the features you get packed into these so they're very customizable they have excellent sound quality they have an

Incredible battery in the earbud itself and on top of that they also connect and they play very well with pretty much everything you're going to use so Apple or Android Samsung or not Samsung they work very well with pretty much

Everybody out there and so for that reason I would say your average user will definitely have a good time using these earbuds now the air pods Pro are definitely a more premium earbud definitely more expensive and you do get

That active noise cancellation which is a really nice feature to have if you're in louder environments now of course they also have some more subtle more unique Apple type things such as like the pressure equalization the pressure

Pad control is the optical sensors the speech accelerometer and specifically looking at the touch controls again it is a difference between these earbuds where the galaxy buds are easier to tap on your ear there but because of that

You may have some accidental touch controls if you're adjusting your ear buds you might accidentally pause a song whereas on the air pods it's definitely more deliberate when you have to pinch it and there is that pressure control so

Comment down below which one you like better and why again I really hope this was an unbiased review to you I tried to be as neutral as possible they're both great ear buds just for different purposes so if you enjoy this

Video guys please remember to like and subscribe as always thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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