SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS vs AMAZON ECHO BUDS – Honest & In-Depth Comparison

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

So the Samsung Galaxy buds and the new Amazon echo buds are two of the latest truly wireless earbuds that have been getting a lot of attention for their excellent features their sound quality and their price but which one is the better buy both look very similar have

Some very similar specs but have some very big differences in this video I will test these earbuds side-by-side to break down the similarities and differences between these devices to help you decide which one is the best

For you everyone welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and this video is all about the galaxy buds and the echo buds

And this video was heavily requested in my recent video which was a full review of the echo buds and I think it's really interesting to especially compare these two out of all the ear buds of 2019 because these two are both a very

Similar shape a similar size have very similar sound quality similar price and yet they're so different with a lot of the features they have so it really makes it interesting in deciding which one's actually better do you care more

About a smaller form factor more compatible at Samsung do you care more about Alexa you know enabled right here or you know the Bose active noise reduction there's a lot to talk about here so getting into it I want to start

Off just with you know just looking at the outside of these products first so these two cases are very different as you see here the echo buds is clearly I would say about 50% larger so definitely a significantly larger case you're gonna

Have and you'll also notice that the charging is going to be significantly different on the echo buds case so for the Galaxy buds right here you have wireless Qi charging so you can charge it on the back of your phone or on a

Charging pad or you can charge it with a USB C cable right there now on the flip side the echo buds you're gonna be charging with micro USB now along with the larger size here comes a larger battery this enables you to listen for

20 hours which is pretty significant and the buds themselves are supposed to have five hours of battery so that definitely is more than enough battery for my purpose now the Galaxy buds on the flipside the galaxy buds themselves are

Supposed to last six hours I don't quite get six hours out of it but then the case is supposed to be a total of 15 hours now they both have a magnetic closure right there so they snap closed and both of them

Have magnets to hold the buds in place so they really don't fall out the magnets are definitely stronger on the echo buds both cases have an LED on they're actually the echo buds have one LED that is used for both the buds and

For the case if you take the buds out and you press the button on the bottom it tells you the battery level of the case with the buds in there it tells you the battery level of the lowest of the two ear buds the galaxy buds are really

Similar you have two LEDs so one on the front one inside telling you the same information now the echo buds have a button on the bottom which is not explained in the instruction manual but I'll tell you

Guys right now what it is and that is essentially to tell you it'll just light up the LED tell you you know what the battery level is so if it's not showing that you just press the button it tells you what it is

But also that button doubles as something else if you press and hold it the LED turns blue which means you're in pairing mode and you can pair with you know a phone or a laptop or something else now something to note as with both

Of these if you connect to something that doesn't have their app so the Alexa app or the galaxy wear app you can't have every single function so they still work and there still are some functions with them they work just like regular

Earbuds really but you don't have the extra like the LX since the galaxy buds don't have a button you might say how does it pair well actually when you open the case that action right there sets them into pairing mode or connection

Mode and they're actually a fairly intelligent technology there where especially if you have a Samsung device you open it and it connects just absolutely you know very instantly it pops up and says hey we found your

Galaxy buds so between the cases I think it's pretty obvious of the galaxy buds win the design on this one but I don't think that's a huge deal that's one small portion let's get in and talk about the actual earbuds themselves so

Both of these earbuds they do have three different tips that they come with for the earpiece and then three different wing tips that they come with the wing tips are significantly smaller on the galaxy buds and I actually already lost

Mine so I can just show you this one right here it's a very small little wing tip that goes in your ear and it kind of has this little ring shape there they they honestly after using these for like six months now they never fall out if

I'm running jumping but it doesn't matter what you're doing they stay in really well now the echo buds have a similar design with three different little ear tips three different wing tips I don't keep

The wing tips on because they're significantly larger they stick out and they kind of get in the way in my opinion so I just took them out I found that they stay in just fine if you don't have that neither of these really fall

Out of your ear unlike the Galaxy buds the echo buds are water resistant so ipx4 means that you can you know if you're sweating or if it's raining they should be fine although I will say I have been in rain and sweat with these

Buds and I haven't had a problem but again water resistance is a nice benefit to have they're talking about some of the differences with these ear buds now the Galaxy buds have a microphone on the outside and on the inside and so I'll

Test this out later on but it's supposed to better capture your voice and really cancel out the stuff around you will see how much that works the echo buds have two microphones instead of one on either side and they're both just on the

Outside okay so these are the galaxy buds in a studio setting talking on a normal volume and now these are the echo buds again talking at a normal volume in a studio setting take I so I'm outside

These are the echo pods right now and it's a little breezy as a highway over there okay so now here is a galaxy bud again outside slight breeze highway over there we're gonna see how clear the audio is from these microphone okay now

This is what it sounds like when you're talking next to a highway I'm yelling a little bit but it's definitely really loud here and then these right now are the galaxy bud again next to a highway it's very loud here

So if we can hear this the touch pads on the galaxy buds have multiple different options so you can either tap them once to play or pause or answer a call you can double tap them to skip a song you could triple tap to go back a song you

Can tap it hold them to do you know one of their many different functions you can customize in the app the touch pads on the echo buds don't have quite the same functionality you can double tap them or tap and hold them and that's

Kind of it but you can customize the double tap or the tap and hold feature for either earbuds so for different customized options there but you don't have the single tap to play it or pause you don't have the triple tap to go back

The track so you can customize you know you can play and pause you can skip tracks by double tapping if you customize that and choose that as an option but also the touch pads on the echo buds I have found they don't really

Work quite as easily as the galaxy bud so you can't just gently tap it and skip a song or do whatever you're trying to do you can't have to hit it in the right spot with a little bit more force these are the I think they're more comfortable

They're also a little bit more aesthetic that can they look better mainly because they're smaller but also because there's three different colors for the galaxy buds only one color available for the echo buds so you have black and then the

Galaxy buds you have three colors you have black you have white which is nice to have those options and then there's like this yellowish color that honestly I've never seen in the wild I don't know if anybody buys those or if that's like

A maybe not many people use that so next let's talk about sound quality which I think might be one of the most important factors when considering which earbuds to buy and so considering what you can hear around you first that's a really

Important distinction between these earbuds they both have an ambient kind of pass-through mode where you hear stuff around you if you want so if somebody's going to talk to you or if you're in any kind of environment where

You don't want to be isolated that is an option then you can turn that off and just have music mode just standard no you know no ambience or anything then what only the echo buds do that the galaxy buds do not do is the

Active noise reduction and it actually has Bose active noise reduction which is a very you know well proven technology that works really well and after wearing these I can attest to that it sounds really good you can really cut out a lot

Of volume if you want to see how much volume you can actually cut out check out my original video review of these I showed like just a some white noise and what volumes I could actually hear and not hear when I had these in but overall

I think that's a really nice technology to have now sound quality when you're listening to music itself I think that they both sound decent they're neither of them are like the most premium earbuds I've ever had but they both

Sound really good generally now the echo buds I think have richer bass and I think the sound quality is a little bit cleaner than the galaxy buds the galaxy buds have five different kind of EQ options there's like dynamic there's

Like kind of a louder one quieter one and you can change that in the app then you have on the echo buds which again is even better for sound quality in my opinion you have a full EQ set so you have your mids you trebles end your bass

And for each of them you have 13 different levels you can set it to to really customize the profile of the music you're listening to so in conclusion for the sound quality I think the echo buds really pulled

Through there and gained a lot of ground when comparing these two especially with the active noise reduction I can't stress that enough that's a really really big feature to have on $130 earbuds one drawback with the sound

Though if you're somebody that watches a lot of videos I found that both of them kind of have a little bit of a latency issue that galaxy buds have improved significantly with updates of course it's been six months but I noticed the

Other day watching videos with the Galit with the echo buds that sometimes it is a little bit of a lag I think that's something that might you know have an update and improve so I'm not gonna hold that against them yet next let's talk

About the features of both of these earbuds to see which one is more fun to use the echo buds are Alexa enabled which means when you're wearing them you just summon Alexa say whatever you want and you get the feedback right in your

Ears you can easily control the earbuds you can control your you know smart home stuff you can ask questions order stuff on Amazon change your music there's tons of different options and I really think that's a really

Powerful feature to have of course if you're using either of them you can also use your native assistant so Siri or Google or Bixby I guess if you use Bixby I don't really know but if you just happen hold them you can summon that and

Ask questions and do stuff that way but having Alexa without having to touch it at all is really nice I found if I'm running or working out I found that it's not really that useful if you're in an office setting so in a place where

People are quiet and you don't want to be yelling you know Alexa's name all the time I think I don't really use it there but working out running definitely a great feature to have let's take a look at the apps to see what other kind of

Features you have with these earbuds so with the galaxy buds you have to get the galaxy wear app and with the echo buds you get the Alexa app now what you'll notice is that the echo buds tell you the battery status of the case and each

Earbud to the nearest percent which i think is really nice again you have the EQ on the galaxy buds right there you can control which notifications come through on this you also can customize your touch pad

There both of them have touchpad controls there's an equaliser on the echo buds as well right there cool feature that the echo buds have that you don't see on the galaxy buds is the side tone which I found to be really nice

When you're on the phone so if I'm calling with galaxy buds I find that I end up be yelling because I can't hear myself it's kind of just a strange experience to talk and not hear yourself you can also mute the microphones or

Turn Alexa off on the echo buds but that's pretty much all you can do right here with the app now something cool on the galaxy buds app is the find my ear buds and I think that's kind of nice if you drop these and you hit find my ear

Buds you'll see that it makes these like weird little see if we do it right now okay so both of these ear buds are really impressive but which one's actually the best one for you so it depends on what you're most interested

In if you're somebody really worried about sound quality so you want that noise reduction and you want the ability to really dial in your EQ I think the echo buds are a great choice they're of course the Galaxy bud sounds good too

But I found that you can do a little bit more with the echo buds now if you're worried more about how you look in public or you're just worried about having a really small form-factor I think that the galaxy buds are a pretty

Obvious choice the hardware overall design seems to be more modern now getting into actual features having Alexa on the echo buds I think is a really obvious plus on that side you're in the Amazon ecosystem that's

Really nice to have that again if you work out a lot if you're running a lot and you don't want to have you know if you don't want to be tapping on your phone or your earbuds or something just being able to talk to it is really nice

So talking about the integration a little bit more the echo buds play nicer with Apple and pretty much everybody out there but the Samsung ones really play very well with Samsung devices obviously being a Samsung device also the Samsung

Earbuds being that they've been out for about six months now the price dropped it's no longer 130 now it's somewhere like 80 or 90 dollars I'll drop a link in the description below so you guys can check out the latest price on both of

These again echo buds or $130 but Amazon drops their price all the time for stuff like this comment down below which one you guys like as always guys thanks for watching I'll see you next time

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