Samsung Galaxy Buds for $129 ?! – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

This video is sponsored by LastPass hey folks so on the surface the Samsung Galaxy buds feels like it's a no-brainer with claimed exceptional better life tuned by AKG for exceptional sound and the price it's only a hundred and twenty nine dollars retail but let's see if

It's worth a purchase I personally paid for these but as always I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links to get the most updated prices in real time you never

Know when these things might go on sale I'm Jimmy with jims review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another video hey folks so I literally have over 50 passwords for my personal at the

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Personally use that has been a huge huge help thanks once again for LastPass for making this video possible folks let's get back to that review so starting off with your physical features these Samsung Galaxy buds are one of

These smallest if not the smallest truly wireless earphones that I've tested on the channel if you're having trouble with other competitors because they're so large the Galaxy buds are ultra lightweight they're very comfortable in

Here and that's important they stay in my ears I know I'm looking crazy right now doing this here but as proof they are staying in very very well aside from functional they look good too from a

Very low profile that they provide thankfully they don't stick out of my ears as you guys can see that the controls are once again touch sensitive and they work great here you have your standard pause and play skip and going

Back on songs but the touch and hold option not everything is there and the previous Samson icon X is a swipe up or down changes volume but this time you have to lose a feature or two to have vine work through touching and holding

Now by default either earbud when held down will activate Google assistant now after you download their app you'll be able to customise them left earbud can be Vaughn down with the front year but it can be vine up if you choose to but

If you want to use Google assistance again you have to lose one of those volume actions there's also the option to add quick ambient sound in exchange for one of the previous ever mentioned settings as well but quick ambient sound

Takes three seconds to activate now if I need to hear flight information someone yelling at me or if I just simply need a situation or over awareness right then in there it's actually faster for me just to take off the earbud quick

Ambient sound simply wasn't fast enough in a non entitled way not trying to be a text nap or anything like that if anything more of a consumer it just didn't seem practical but regarding ambient sound for those who are not

Familiar it turns out the microphones to pump in your environmental noises so you can hear what's going on around you instead of having passive noise isolation on at all times but instead of quick ambient sound which afar is a hold

Of the earbud within the app you can actually turn it on and keep it on right here you can also control how much to let in as well with this little meter within the app now of course you can use this while listening to music ambient

Sound in general from my personal testing has been really good on the Galaxy buds it sounds natural without sounding too amplified where you can tell sometimes with other competitors is just louder

Than what it really is in person it's one of the best in my opinion now the last physical aspect before going into the internal features a huge fire emoji for Samsung providing the slimmest charging case yet it's practically half

The size of some of its competitors they're also magna ties to help keep the buds in place and there's an LED indicator in here which could have used more lights to indicate power green simply means it's 60% or

Higher and yellow is 30 to 60% life remaining that's somewhat not too useful especially when considering the case only hold enough power for one full recharge other competitors are offering at least two or more full recharges but

To be fair it's a trade-off for size versus performance now on the plus side at least there's a USB type-c port which will future-proof your case for some time here for emojis for that and if you have the new samsung s10 phone or a Qi

Charger you can work let's charge the case which is pretty cool it's pretty innovative and new but going into the features and I'll give you a quick rundown here battery life is claimed to be up to 6 hours with the ear

Buds itself which is the best that I've at least tested on the channel with my testing I'll have that result on the screen for you now again you get one more full charge with the case giving you a total of 12 hours now which makes

The overall better life average to the competitors now quick charge is available 15 minutes equals one point 7 hours of playback per Samsung this performs average to others on the market as most competitors claimed 10 minutes

On the charger gives them back an hour if you were to add five minutes to those competitors then you would roughly have about an hour and a half returned in fast charging as well again similar to samsung bluetooth 5.0 is featured which

Is the latest version samsung claims fast pairing and from my experience as soon as I take the buds out of the case it takes four seconds to completely pair with my existing device it is fast or at least fast enough for my needs as by the

Time I'm turning the earbuds into my ears to have to fit it's basically done Perry testing this for distance I did this once at my apartment and once here at the studio I was sad since I'm getting about 30 to 40 linear feet with

A wall or two in the way here in my apartment it started to crackle there at the office I got a maximum of 60 linear feet out into the hallway with a wall in between again but they blew through the signal I was expecting something better

For reference I am using my sensor si plus which I have here which also has bluetooth 5.0 but testing this with video YouTube my Netflix YouTube played fine but Netflix might have give me a

Very very ever so slight delay it's minut but it is there if you pay close attention now having a DD syncing issues between the left and right earbud cross talking with each other and I've also confirmed you can leave are there one of

These earbuds in your ear and they'll still work with some truly wireless earphones you take off the right earbud and then nothing comes out on the left one now as a side note the Samsung icon X 2018 editions had onboard memory

Allowing you to save music right onto the earphones themselves and giving you the ability to leave your phone at home or in the locker from a fare perspective the Galaxy buds are priced much cheaper than most other reputable and popular

Brands out there seeing a feature that made the icon X iconic seeing it missing was really sad for me but again we have to give it up for the pricing next is Samsung's microphone performance they're calling it next-generation adaptive dual

Microphone technology indoors in a quiet room it sounded okay but when outdoors it sounded like utter crap with my voice cutting in and out but here here's a quick sample you guys can be the judge hey this is a test in a very quiet room

Indoors let's see how my voice sounds maybe when I was outdoors it was just fighting to pick up that background noise but Here I am again inside my studio with really not much going on so last but not least kind of

Shot not many are talking about this but the Galaxy buds are only IPX to rated the more expensive options like Jabra jaybird and even the bose sound sports have at least a ipx4 rating or higher with some having as much as a 7 mini

That they can withstand Adam a splash of water with a I px 2 rating no splashes and no sprays allowed if you're wearing this on a commute at work at home and such it's not a problem but if you're a sweaty runner or plan on

Using these on a possibly rainy day I would throw some caution the galaxy buds IPX 2 rating designates you to basically be able to drop water on this but only at a maximum of 15 degrees in laymen terms if you're getting caught in the

Rain you might be ok but getting caught in the rain and you happen to bend over to pick something up you might be screwed there I personally think this is something that any consumer should take into consideration alright folks let's

Jump into the audio performance starting with bass these are definitely not bassy at all bass is neutral or flat they're not even bass boosted then if anything played very casual bass the positive of being flat or neutral there's much more

Or less of a chance of being muddy or distorted but if they did tune it right you can have bass enhance the experience greatly but for the Galaxy buds others some will be fine with us or find these underwhelming depending on your

Preference now the mid-range provided clear vocals and easy to listen to performance because of very much neutral bass vocals and instruments were never recessed or it was never droned out the mid-range were never bright either were

Pushed forward again very neutral from my experience the high notes are kept within check and never over reaching causing listening fatigue either now is it high resolution is it – led as though I'm sitting at the front row on at a gig

Here not really the galaxy buds felt more like everyday earphones and it did an exceptional job there they don't sound cheap but I feel like it's missing that sparkle that would make these earphones stand out a little bit more

Compared to the best ones out there and I know it's not a fair comparison they are a little bit more expensive but every other brand is memorable for something whether it's jaybird for being loud bright alive and heavily bass

Boosted to these Sennheiser momentum providing ridiculous amounts of quality and fidelity to the bose sound sports which has such an impeccable soundstage that once again makes it memorable now I'm not saying

Again to reiterate Samsung Galaxy bugs are not bad but the auto signature is very mellow and for being one of the cheapest big name-brand truly wireless earphones out there I can't knock it really because of its price if something

More memorable is at the 150 to 170 dollar price range and up then so be it I just want you to understand as a consumer that just come in with your expectations for the Galaxy buds now take it a quick look at the galaxy

Wearable app you do get battery life up top an equalizer in the middle which does slightly alter the audio signature but for example turning on bass and boost barely did anything in the bass Department the next category is

Notifications which is really unique here you can select which applications that you want to go off in the earphones for example if I get a message through Instagram I'll hear the earbuds simply say Instagram it's convenient when I'm

Away from my phone it's convenient when someone's calling and it'll alert me on who is trying to reach me now backing up we've touched base on ambient sound earlier but this is possibly one of the biggest highlights we find my earbuds a

Feature the find my earbuds feature is finally for the first time here I've seen a company implement this is an audio beep here's a quick sample once I press that I could hear these bad boys go off that's pretty cool now j-bert

Also offers a fun my earphone option as well and it gradually tells you the last location of the earphones via GPS which does help tremendously but there's nothing audible like these ones right here let me turn off this if Samsung or

Even jaybird had both of these features GPS and the audible sound that would be amazing so in the end here the Samsung Galaxy buds overall are good and in bold for the price is one of the cheapest big name brand products out there and again

To be fair although they are cheaper there are some features that is impressive like battery life the size of the case and maybe quick pairing Samsung set the bar on that but due to its price you

Gotta let some things go like stronger water protection maybe Bluetooth performance and some sort of audio signature that's memorable now even if you have a samsung s10 and utilize power share you're buying the

Audio piece first though if you can spend about $50 more go job or jaybird or both just the name of you that has something unique characteristics that defines a brand now if your budget conscious which is totally

Understandable these are good but just know it's not going to be out of this world regarding audio so team gyms review room down in that comment section below let me know what you guys think hot or not and

Before I let you go be sure to find me on Facebook or Instagram and my social media handles in the video description be sure to add my personal Instagram as well at Jimmy look official you guys take care and I will catch you guys on

The next one bye

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