Samsung Galaxy Book Ion Complete Walkthrough: Lightweight Powerhouse for Less?

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Samsung is trying really hard to come back to the PC industry the even banning Galaxy to their laptop lineup just to try and maybe garner some of that brand equity from their popular phones for the newly launched laptops two of the latest of these laptops of the new galaxy book

Flex and galaxy book ion which is the one I have here both computers are very similar honestly with the major exception being the form factor that maybe you could guess by the names though flex has a hinge to allow it to

Bend and as Penn support while the ion doesn't because of this don't the ion is less expensive with similar power battery etc so let's start with that what today is I feel like it might appeal to more people now neither of

These laptops are available here in the US just yet but they happen to be available in Korea and have been for some time and they're basically identical so I went in bought one and I figured I would try to do a complete

Walkthrough on it for you guys now if you're not familiar complete walk through those channels where I try to go through every single feature I possibly can on a new device so you guys are better prepared should you be in the

Market to actually go buy one with that said there's a lot to go through so let's get started with the hardware now the first thing you'll notice is that the photos of it on the internet aren't quite right it is far less colorful than

Those photos would have you believe in photos it looks like maybe it has a similar paint job to the note 10 with its rainbow effect but that's just not quite the case I'm sure this has to do with the material being magnesium

Instead of glass to some degree as it does have some of this effect but it's just much less pronounced now because it's made out of that magnesium it's super light considering the size which is great

My only complain about this is that that magnesium if you didn't tell me it was magnesium I'd have guessed it was maybe plastic it feels a bit cheap but again the weight is the trade-off for that it weighs only 2.7 pounds for the 15-inch

Model which I have here and considering the specs that we'll get to in a bit that's pretty light now for the screen we have a 13.3 inch and a 15 inch model that screen is aq LED instead of an LCD so we have much higher contrast ratio

Deeper blacks brighter colors etc it looks nice for sure the aspect ratio is sixteen by nine and we have small 5.2 millimeter bezels above that screen we have a 720p webcam looks and sounds like this opening the

Lid you'll notice we have a hinge that props up the keyboard at an angle which is to make typing more ergonomic abut also gives the fans under the computer extra room to breathe which helps with cooling under the screen is our keyboard

Its clicky enough for me to type on and it's better than the Galaxy book a switch I did a video on recently which you can check out below but it'll take some getting used to personally for one it's offset so the keys are all shifted

Slightly to the left and partially that's to make room for the proper number pad on the right Excel users will love that they included that I'm sure but anyone who doesn't crave that numbered will probably be a little

Annoyed at it like I kind of am at least until you get used to it we also have a fingerprint sensor that's actually really responsive and frankly my favorite entick 8 into a laptop versus the Windows hello facial recognition and

Some laptops use in between the number pad and the keyboard now that keyboard is also backlit and unlike the Galaxy book s you can actually hit function + f9 to change the backlight to be brighter or dimmer which is nice beneath

That we have the thankfully Microsoft precision trackpad which if you aren't familiar is just the new way Microsoft and Windows are handling the drivers for the track pads on newer laptops instead of letting each trackpad manufacturer

Handle them themselves long story short it makes for a funny enough more precise trackpad and it can use windows gestures and other features it's just better than not having it and long overdue in my opinion for Windows just like the

Keyboard the trackpad is also offset so you'll have to just get used to that as well or not as you can also just use a separate Mouse which it actually came with which is kind of nice it's not the nicest Mouse also feels a little cheap

But it's kind of cool that they included it and the tracking isn't too bad now if you do use that Mouse though there's also an extra benefit on this laptop which is that the trackpad doubles as a Qi charger and you can use it to charge

Any Qi capable phone or accessory which i think is really clever downside is that you can't use the trackpad of course while it's charging something so you basically need that separate Mouse if you want to use it while charging

That charger by the way is turned on and off by hitting function and f11 for ports we have our AC adapter port or HDMI port our USB see that's also Thunderbolt 3 capable and our 3.5 millimeter audio

Jack on the left on the right we have two USB a type 3.0 ports and a micro SD card slot that you can take out with a SIM card tool to add extra storage which is handy as an inexpensive way to add extra space for audio we have AKG tuned

Stereo speakers inside the top-of-the-line 15 inch model that I have here we have an Intel i7 10 5 10 u 10th gen processor pair with 16 gigs of DDR 4 RAM and we have a 1 terabyte nvme SSD for graphics the 15 inch model which

Is partially the reason why I went for it over the 13 inch has a NVIDIA MX 250 GPU with 2 gigs of memory now I've used another laptop a while back with this GPU and this one is similar I can say that it at least handles some video

Editing in 1080p or using proxies long as there isn't a lot of graphics or effects added but for my 4k and 6k raw videos that I shoot I can't really use it for that just for anyone wondering about video editing on this I'm speaking

Of though here are some benchmark results for anyone curious where it stands against other laptops if you're maybe looking at it as a gamer for connectivity we have Wi-Fi six and Bluetooth 5.0 for battery life samsung

Claims 21 hours using the sixty six point nine one hour battery that's inside here but let's do it albeit not very scientific test and see how long it lasts in a generic video playback test at 1080p on 50% brightness on it's

Better battery recommended power setting now their vices capable of fast charging using the included AC adapter to give you three hours of use on 10 minutes according to Samsung again let's test that with its original charger while

We're at it I was kind of wondering since it does have USB C could you power it with USB C and apparently by plugging in one you can but it tells you that you need a more powerful one basically and any of the ones that I used wouldn't

Work now for software we have Windows 10 and on this Korean model at least there's a decent amount of bloatware pre-installed from games to which clearly Samsung has a deal with since it's on a few of their devices

That I've used etc but thankfully you can easily uninstall any of these by just right clicking and clicking on install now besides those apps that no one really wants Samsung did install some apps that are pretty useful first

We have a voice note app that allows you to take voice notes and record them here as well as adding in notes and writing etc we have samsung note which any user of a samsung phone is familiar with as it's essentially the same it even syncs

With your Samsung Note on your phone as well also reminiscent of Samsung phones we have a Samsung decks which allows you to plug in your phone into this computer to then mirror your phone's screens and a more desktop like way on the

Computer's screen and also an easier way of transferring files and photos etc between the two this one I didn't expect we have live message which again is from the phones and again allows you to draw or make notes here that then animate and

Turn into gifts or even videos depending on how you want to save them and then you can share those with other people even if they don't have a Samsung device we the Samsung gallery which is their photo album again this should also sync

Across your different accounts so long as you sign in with your Samsung ID studio Plus which is Samsung's basic video editing software it isn't quite as robust to some of the ones that obviously I use professionally etc but

It is nice as a free alternative for basic video editing and in addition to these apps they also added in a few tools for the computer so like a Samsung PC cleaner that allows you to clean up storage on your device recovery

Which allows you to reset the device if there's an issue Samsung security which is a needletool app that actually gives you privacy folders that you can lock separately a secret screen feature that makes it

Harder for people to see the screen at an angle a way of blocking apps from using your microphone or camera as well as a feature that actually can use the webcam to take a photo of somebody when they try to log in your computer and get

The password wrong and then email it to you etc etc and an option for Samsung settings which has just a few options in it to be able to change certain things about the Samsung specific hardware in

The device and there you go that's the galaxy book ion it's available in Korea right now and it's coming to the u.s. in the quote coming months now I'll leave a link below to the cheapest place that I could find both models once available

For anyone who wants to check them out the starting price for the ion in Korea though is about twelve hundred and forty dollars and the top model which is the one that I have here is two thousand one hundred and eighty now the price in the

U.s. is unknown at the moment but that lease gives you a good starting point now personally I like that this laptop has added a lot of cool features that I kind of think of when I think of their mobile devices like the really nice

Screen the reverse Qi charging the fast charging um etcetera etcetera I think actually very clever of them and and really sets this type of a laptop apart from some of the other ones on the market and now while I was editing this

Video there was actually a leak about the US retail price and it says that it's $12.99 for this top model that I'm using here which if that's true that's crazy I have a hard time believing it but if it's anywhere near closer to that

Price compared to the ones that I just listed it would actually make for a very compelling enterprise laptop especially with that number pad that I mentioned and also for anyone that just wants that much power in a very light laptop that

Sells a 15-inch really nice screen now you guys hope you enjoyed that complete walkthrough trying to go through these as much as I possibly can as in-depth as I can because again you guys told me to but let me know in the comments below if

You think this length was good the stuff that I put in here there are other things you want me to do in these videos please let me know always trying to improve this series if you like this video please thumbs up it or share it

It's greatly appreciated also check out the rest I feel like you see there please subscribe and dig the Bell next or subscribe so you get notified when I do new videos as always though regardless

Thanks for watching

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