Samsung E1270 White – UNBOXING [HD]

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys since my books infront today
today I'm going to have an unboxing of a
soy which I purchased from eBay it's the
Samsung GTE one 270 you this sounds like
a really popular spin on the cheap kind
of handsets which you can purchase from
the UK today and there's a website which
is called raku ten Rakuten is a website
and they sell this phones for $4.99 with
free standard shipping right plus you
get a full past credit so you're
basically getting this wave of free but
I've tried to check in this phone out
yesterday and when I did that it
actually did it work it said my card was
I wanted my back and everything and they
still said this for your car is fine
that means the third there both sides
the problem so guys if you're trying to
purchase the phone for fall out sedan
from Rakuten and you're having problems
then I had the problems as well so that
means to put the website the problem
because I tried every single card in my
household in a household and everyone's
car was good kind but that means that
there was a problem okay so that I
purchased it from 990 that $4.99 Oh 1099
on eBay actually and I'll put a little
information down below and I also push
the racketeering information down below
for $4.99 but if you want to you can say
this one is full and I'm from content
without any additional credit or in any
additional postage values the total
price for 99 but rebase will still
answer that if you want to budget this
the link is gonna be down below for you
to purchase it so this is a SIM card
which I got for this one for $2.99 and
it has a ten but having had nine pounds
credit inside there and it's a one pound
text in talkback so I'm just gonna open
the box now as you can see in the Box on
the front of the book you have nothing
just the phone on the side of the box we
have just the information so it says
that we have a GSM and it has 900 to
1,000 800 MHz it has a 1.8 q QQ vga LCD
and FM radio and a 3.5 millimeter head
shot two birds with you i won't be using
all of this I'll just leave this as a
personal device and as a device which
I'll be using just for other purposes so
I'm gonna open the box now as you can
see the box is still sealed and it says
do not accept the seal if the seal is
broken but obviously I will be expecting
missile myself now which is already
broken now I will be opening the device
which I am currently doing now
oh it's really hard to okay actually so
as you can see I'm opening it now and
inside you get this nice turn here so
I'm just going to lift this up now as
you can see just the phone put that to
the side and we'll get inside the book
and see what's inside the box inside the
box to get the headphone jack as you can
see and it's really really good quality
with 1099 Jenga stones get a knife on
credit and plus getting these amazing
essence readers love the phone it's a
bargain because in the shops here I'll
usually just purchase for like ten
pounds and basecamp-king a phone game
this public gain credit that's amazing I
value and plus eg it's an amazing
network with superfast energy with
supervised actual yeah calling time and
superfast amazing deals so if you want
if you guys want to get any of you
thinking about to get any network get
EEE the best network come on man choking
so this is something choice you get for
it and as you can see it's a micro USB
charging port so as you can see it's a
micro USB so discharges back into the
spoon like that amazing as you can see
there and in the Box you get your
battery which is your as a standard 800
milliamp battery as you can clearly see
at the back there is an 800 million
battery so it will last long depend if
you think about this what the phone
functionality is all run bearing a man
the phone has no internet you've got
it's simply radio cool text done okay
and play this little a little something
games that they give you again nothing
else nice box just as manuals and the
manuals again so just open them if you
look at them don't know if you're gonna
read that but tuberosity I will not read
that at all first obviously get straight
though in my bin to go out with you
because this is something which I guess
everyone doesn't read evil they've have
a smartphone
everyone little to you smartphone so
this is where you get inside the actual
package so I'm gonna make show you the
phone out so it's popping the phone out
of the box you can clearly see that
there's plastic film around it and the
phone slips out really nicely I don't
think it has a batteries and open to the
whole battery inside side to put the
battery in myself so I can go now so I'm
gonna put this Tim is going just to let
you show you now so to the sim in
so the sim has a lot of great values you
know you know but I think you have 25
minutes in text as well on additionally
on that which is amazing
does it have my phone number in it no it
doesn't okay
so what you do now I'm just gonna pop
this out and put it oh no no no no no no
no put a mistake oh my god no I made
this mistake I mean I know me this
I put the micro USB out the micro sim oh
that's not a problem is it
let's just see if that's a problem hope
it's not no it's not no don't think is
problem but yeah that's the sim in there
and let's just put the battery in now
and see what happens
all right okay remember the very hard
Samson Samson make these devices in in a
really weird way but they're very good
for the price though nobody lie about
that there is it to the price but just
really going like that okay put that
collar back on okay and now let's part
it on into happens so you can clearly
see that is coming one pane it says
Samsung Mobile how are you today
see that's the thing date and time must
be set set now yes what time is it
anyway let's just say that especially
one you message thank you you're topping
up ten pound balances right unless it
gave you tip my parts are free yeah so
this phone I should just think I think
it's one of the best phones for like one
of this cheap so it's better than one of
them Alcatel phones though they get so
cheap but this phone is a really good
phone if you want a review on this guys
don't forget to comment down below how I
make a really good review on it that's
to document as well very good
so hope you guys we do guys don't forget
to subscribe this is unboxing and setup
of his phone and don't forget if you
want to reveal the zone don't say it –
put a comment below
hey guys subscribe bye

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