SAMSUNG DEX Review/Tutorial [Use Your Phone as a Mobile Desktop Computer]

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hey guys in this video I want to show you why most people in my opinion don't need to buy a laptop or a desktop if you have a Samsung phone so I want to show you something really cool right now look at this do you see do you see what this is right here this is literally my phone

Connected to a monitor and it acts just like a desktop computer so this is absolutely crazy how you have this secret hidden interface in your phone so as you saw right there it's really

Cool you can actually have a totally different interface hidden within your Samsung smartphone so if you have one of the newer flagship phones by Samsung so the note 9 the s9 the s10 or the note 10 then you'll be able to do this very

Easily and it only cost a couple dollars for you know just an adapter if you want to do that now I think a lot of people you know you pay a thousand dollars for a phone and most people in my opinion don't utilize the full horsepower of

Their phone your phone is really powerful and this might be a great opportunity to use more or get more out of your phone so in this video I want to talk about two things in particular the first one I want to give you guys just a

Tour of what Samsung decks looks like and give you guys a quick interface to show you what it's capable of how it feels to use it and then part two I want to discuss whether or not you can actually use this as a standalone laptop

Or desktop and replace whatever else you have so for example if you are looking to go out and buy a Chromebook maybe this could be a great replacement for that you know if you already have a phone or if you can combine a phone in a

Laptop cost to save some money and just get one device that's something that might be the option for you now they came out this a couple years ago as I said and I actually forgot it came out until very recently I was going to

Travel you know what's going on vacation and I had some work to do but I didn't want to bring my laptop I was traveling light so what I did was I thought you know what I'm just gonna bring a keyboard a wireless keyboard

Connected to my phone and I can type a little faster that way and I did that but then you know he's weird because my phone is far away and so I had to like touch it so I thought well let's just see if I can connect the mouse and you

Can actually also connect a mouse so a mouse and a keyboard both connect very well to the Galaxy S 10 and then I thought well while I'm at it I might as well put it on a bigger screen so I put it plugged it into my monitor or my TV

And all of a sudden it came up with Samsung decks and turns out that's a really great way to work especially when you're traveling so hotels almost always have a TV and it's great to plug your phone in over there and just work from

You know the desk or the bed or wherever you are in a hotel you can get a lot of work done when you're on the road so without any more explanation of why you might want to use this let's jump over and I'll show you exactly how to set

This up and what it looks like when you're using it so guys what do you actually need for this setup there's really four things they're all like ten dollars or less each and a lot of them you probably already have can

Around your house anyway so the first thing like I said is a wireless keyboard a Bluetooth keyboard you can get a wired one if you want I like the wireless ones so you can be farther away same thing with the mouse a wireless mouse then you

Want to get this little adapter right here a dongle for your phone and then lastly what you want to get is actually a wireless charging pad so you can charge your phone while it's plugged in unless you have a fancy dongle you can

Actually run power back through it mine doesn't have any USB C on there so I just use my wireless charging pad again each of those items is like five or ten dollars they're not expensive and it's going to enable you to do things like

This when you're on the road or when you're at you know just at home this can be your only computer so looking at the home page right here you'll see it's actually not that different from Windows or even maybe a Chromebook for that

Matter where you have just a basic background and you have a couple apps right there that are shortcuts you can go to you can also right-click and you can sort them you can clean them up or you can change the wallpaper they'll

Give you a couple different wallpapers but you can also choose some from your gallery that's typically what I would recommend doing as we go down you'll see decks right there is the menu on the bottom left and it gives you just a

Couple basic things where you can accident you can lock it and you go to decks labs now decks Labs is essentially like beta testing whatever is coming out so right now this saying you know the thing that I'm testing and using is the

Full-screen version of things so it forces apps to go fullscreen rather than just in a skinny mode and I'll show you that in a second as we go over to the panel right here you have all your different apps that's pretty

Self-explanatory then you also have you know these are basic these are just going to be whatever else is open you can go home and that's your back button down here you'll see that you have actually whatever apps are already open

So we have Google Chrome open and you can see it's full screen it looks just like it would on a laptop or even on a desktop then you also have you know some other apps like Microsoft Excel which again looks like a full screen this

Doesn't look like a mobile app at all now some apps of course would look like mobile apps if they're not made for this so some apps as you can imagine like maybe snapchat for example would not do well in full screen so if I force it to

Go full screen you'll see it looks kind of weird it's kind of stretching things out a little bit too much of course it's also my phone just like looking straight up at a light but overall you're gonna have some apps that maybe don't go

Fullscreen nearly as nicely and some kind of suggest which apps do and of course are all the samsung apps most of the google apps and then of course you also have some Microsoft apps and also you know they play very well with

This now on the bottom right you'll see these are your notifications where you have you know just there's a notification I have from decks obviously because it's running I have one from keep notes and maybe a few others as

Well then over here you have your quick settings for your Bluetooth you know your hotspot blah blah blah all that other stuff and then over here it's sort of where you get the other things that you would do with your phone so maybe

Like a screenshot for example or opening the keyboard or changing the volume or even just searching right there so there's some basic things that you can do on here there it's really self-explanatory in a lot of ways and I

Think it's really nice and easy to use you can also test out a lot of the hotkeys on your own but I found that plugging in a keyboard and using just the basic hotkeys seems to work pretty well the copy/paste and all those

Different the main ones even alt tab to switch between windows a lot of the hotkeys transfer really well into this and it works surprisingly you know honestly even better than I expected so could you actually use this as a

Primary desktop everyday honestly I think you really could I think I haven't really seen it performing excessively slow you know unless you're trying to do any kind of extreme you know numbers or math or anything more intense on this if

You're trying to run heavy programs of course it is just a phone it might be slowing down it's not going to perform as well as like your i7 $2,000 laptop or whatever so granted this for most uses for people that just search the web and

They just want a bigger screen than what their phone has I think this is more than enough this is definitely something that people could use everyday and more than enough for what I'm using when I'm traveling this is a huge breakthrough

For me I can use this like I said when I'm traveling and not have to bring my laptop all the time it's also important to note that you can have other audio here if you're having audio from the the monitor itself or from plugged in

Speakers you can easily have that controlled right there as you can see on the decks website right here you can actually connect your phone to a Samsung laptop or to a monitor I usually just use a monitor because I don't have a

Samsung laptop I think that defeats the purpose anyway and then one thing they mentioned on here is that you can use your phone as a touchpad if you don't have a Bluetooth or wireless mouse or if you don't have the

Dongle it allows you to connect multiple things so the phone does turn into a touch you can use that to control everything and of course guys it depends on which phone you have a lot of the newer ones

Should be capable of connecting multiple devices by bluetooth I know my Samsung Galaxy S 10 connects easily for devices with no problems at all now if you don't have a samsung phone and you're looking to do something

Similar to this the closest thing I could recommend would be either Google remote desktop which allows you to use your phone to access another desktop and it you know literally acts as a normal test cop interface or you can use a

Chromecast maybe you can combine the two if you're really feeling ambitious and you'll be able to essentially use other phones as a laptop or desktop style experience so as you see down here what I kind of mentioned before is Samsung

Sells Dex pads and their own sort of accessories so if you look at these I think these are probably a little more expensive than some of the aftermarket ones you can find that are from off-brands so it's up to you if you guys

Want this one of course the Dex pad or something like that might have charging included in there so it's gonna be a little bit easier to use a little bit fewer accessories you need to set up but you might be paying a little bit more

For that so I think it's also really important to note that there are some benefits with only having one device so yes you are scaling back a little bit you don't have quite as much power as some of the larger laptops out there but

Some of the benefits might include things like one you have everything in one location so you don't have to worry about sending files back and forth on email or uploading to drive or anything like

That everything is just in one location which also makes it a little bit more secure so you can use things like Samsung pass you can use the you know the secure folders on Samsung phones and you can have everything a little bit

Safer and a little bit less out there especially if you're somebody worried more about security so speaking of security I think now is a good time to mention that if you're traveling and you're on public Wi-Fi so in an airport

In a hotel in McDonald's whatever it is make sure you guys use a VPN I've had some friends lately running some trouble from not using VPNs lots of headaches you don't want to deal with that so make sure you get a VPN there's a lot of good

Ones out there PIAA is a good one I used to use now I use Nord VPN and I'll link them down below if you want to use Nord they're a great one there one of them one of the more reputable ones in the industry and usually it's like two or

Three dollars a month I get it for like 75% off they usually have a good deal running and like I said I'll link in the description check it out if you're interested so guys in conclusion Sam slingbacks in

Mya is a really cool step in the right direction made by Samsung so I think in the future people will not have phones and laptops I think they kind of will be one device eventually especially as the

Price continues to go up to get more and more powerful but people aren't necessarily doing that much more so if you are somebody who is just doing basic work on a computer so if you're just browsing the Internet if you're doing

Some documents spreadsheets maybe some presentations stuff like that then you can absolutely get away with only using Samsung decks so if you have a smartphone like ds-10 or the no 10 or even the note 9 for that matter you can

Easily get away with doing this and not need to go out and buy an expensive laptop so I think that's something really cool it's also safer and more mobile like I said before and although on the flip side if you're somebody who

Is doing a little bit more intense stuff so if your photo editing video editing or engineering type work stuff like that where you have you know a very high demand from your computer then you probably won't be able to replace that

With your smartphone not yet at least because it's only 2019 I'm sure that in the future you will definitely have that kind of horsepower on smaller devices like a phone so let me know down in the comments section below what you guys

Think is this something that you can do would you be able to use only your smartphone as your desktop at home or at work so let me know down in the comments below if you enjoy this video also remember to Like and subscribe thank you

All for watching I'll see you in the next one

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