SAMSUNG DEX 7 DAY TEST- I Replaced My Laptop for A Week (Biggest Problems and Best Features)

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

So Samsung Dex has been creating a lot of excitement lately and more and more people are starting to talk about this new hidden feature that Samsung's flagship phones have that essentially allows you to replace your desktop or laptop with your phone now as phones are

Getting more expensive they're also getting more powerful and they're starting to look a little bit more like laptops on the inside so Samsung Dex is becoming more feasible now and people claim that you can use it to entirely

Replace your desktop or laptop so I did just that and for the past seven days I locked my laptop away in a closet and I used only my Galaxy S 10 as my daily computer to really get a full deep dive experience of what it was like to use

Samsung decks on a daily basis in this video I'll be sharing with you my experience from this past week and I'll be showing you the features that worked what didn't work and everything in between

Hey guys welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about my experience with Samsung decks for the past week starting off with which phones can do Samsung decks so I used my Galaxy S ten

You can use the note 10 and you can use basically the note or the S series as far back as about the eighth generation although some of the older ones will need a deck stand and cannot use just the simple things that I used in this

Video so I'll link that down in the description I'll show you guys what you need if you have like an s8 for example or a note 9 or anything like that so talking about what you need for Samsung decks very easy I only need a few things

And they were all very cheap I actually already had them already for my laptop so it's really easy to setup the first thing is a dongle that goes from USBC on one end to HDMI on the other end it's also helpful if you have USBA on there

And I'll link that down below what I use it's only like 25 dollars very cheap then I got a wireless keyboard for about eight to ten dollars and a wireless mouse for about twelve dollars you don't need those you can use your phone as a

Touchpad but I highly recommend if you're going to be productive on this getting the extra mouse and the keyboard they're not that expensive and they make a huge difference then the last thing you probably want to get although again

Not necessary is a wireless charging pad these are maybe about ten dollars in most situations and this will actually make it last a lot longer because Dex can drain your battery fairly quickly depending on which phone you're using

And what you're actually using your phone for so when I use my laptop I consider myself something of a power user I have a lot of windows open the same time I'm always doing split screen I have spreadsheets with massive budgets

I have you know videos playing I'm editing photos I'm doing a lot at the same time on my laptop and so translating that over to decks I thought was a really good test of the speed and the capabilities of Samsung decks and of

My phone and I have to say after using it for an entire week it definitely kept up with most of what I was doing with the exception of actually editing videos and that's really just a software thing where they don't have Adobe Premiere Pro

But I could use on Samsung decks right now so editing videos I need to use my laptop but most people are not editing videos every day not uploading on YouTube so for everything else Samsung decks kept up really really well

I was able to make very large you know budget spreadsheets and do some advanced math on there and it just it didn't slow down it didn't heat up and I really didn't face any prob I should also note that I never turned

It off I had it running pretty continuously maybe at night Oh turn it off just you know when I was going to bed just because I wanted to have my phone with me but during the day I would have it plugged in non-stop and

Sometimes we'd be on standby for four or five hours at a time and it never warmed up and never slowed down other than maybe slightly warm just from the charging pad that's pretty standard even if Dex is not even running so next

I wanna give you guys a quick tour of Samsung decks so right here you'll see that on the home screen it's very straightforward it looks a lot like Chrome or Windows or even Mac for that matter so you have your home screen

Right there I do recommend one of the really cool things you can do with this is you can right-click on a lot of things and you get these little secret menus so you get a little shortcuts that are kind of like

If you tap and hold the app on your phone how pops up and says you know maybe you want to go to like a quick you know create a message or something like that just some quick settings you can do I

Really like having that so I got a quick little tip here I recommend that if you use Dex make sure when you open up chrome you go over to the top three dots on the right corner and you go down and select desktop mode that way you

Actually use this like a desktop and not just in mobile mode and all of your websites will show up accordingly that's definitely a huge tip right there also guys if you're new here and have not yet subscribed but you're interested in the

Latest tech videos like this one make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon otherwise YouTube will not tell you when I released the videos so on the bottom left then you have your Dex menu you'll

Also have basically what's at the bottom of your phone so home back your app drawer things like that are all right there as you go over across to the right of course you have all the open apps are on that taskbar right there and then on

The right you have your notifications your quick settings and just some basic information the notifications another really cool thing is that they are interactive just like they would be on your phone so you can just click on one

And reply to a text very easily using Samsung decks so getting into some of the pros and the cons and kind of splitting the two and a half I want to start off with what I really liked about decks the first thing was how well the

Keys map over from Windows or even from Mac for that matter so the hot keys mapped over really well there can the copy the paste even like the alt tab to change you know which window is open all mapped over really really well and he

Made it so easy to use so like I said before I'm kind of a speed user with computers and I really like to use hotkeys a lot to make my work go quicker so having these map over similarly to they

Do to how they are on my laptop is a huge huge benefit another thing is if you use the windows keen you hit right or left you can split screen and you can put the app that's open on the left or the right that's a really nice feature

Because like I said I really do like having split screens one drawback though is that you can't as far as I can tell so far you cannot connect more than one monitor at a time that's a slight drawback if you are somebody that likes

Split screens or two monitors with split screens you want like four windows open you can't do that right now but what you can do is you can have up to five apps open at the same time and you can resize the windows and have them oriented

Wherever you want some other pros here I do like how you can have a keyboard and a mouse and they both work very easily bluetooth you know this is something that Samsung smartphones are really good at especially the flagship phones you

Can connect on the s10 I believe four or more devices at once by bluetooth I had four devices on there so my watch my keyboard my mouse and then I also had my watch on there and it didn't slow down never cut out on audio I never had any

Problems I also like how fast it is to start this up and how everything's in one location so I just plug in my phone and it just opens up decks right away and I'm ready to go if I restart my phone it's maybe 15 or 20 seconds it's

Really fast especially obviously because it doesn't have a disk drive in there so it's a little bit quicker than some laptops out there when you're starting out and having everything in one location there is something to be said

About that one for convenience if you're trying to manage all your photos or all your files I like having them all in one place but also for a security reason of not having to email important documents back and forth or otherwise having you

Know anything between two different locations so convenience and safety is really nice and another thing I like to use VPNs guys and kind of like I said in my previous video if you use decks or if you honestly just use a phone and all

Ever in public I really recommend getting a VPN guy so Nord VPN is the one that I use I have a link down in the description for 75% off if you want that that's just what I recommend to keep safe if you're in a

Hotel in an airport in like a coffee shop or wherever you are just on your phone also notice that the temperature of this never really heats up some people were worried about that at least with the S tenant never heated up I

Didn't really push it too much with the note 10 other cool things the apps that work really well is there are app that are optimized and most of them are Google Apps Samsung Apps and Microsoft apps make sense those are the three most

Productive ones in my opinion usually so having those optimized for Dex was really really nice and also if you're presenting a PowerPoint from your phone really really nice that you can have it on your phone just go and plug it in to

A projector wherever you want and you can actually control your powerpoint with maybe the s-pen for example or with the galaxy watch just get the app for that and it's really nice that you have a remote without having one of those

Little clickers that you need to go and find so getting over to some of the negatives there are some drawbacks here some limitations to Dex and it you know I think they will improve over time but for now it's very important to know this

Before you decide whether or not you want to switch to only using Samsung Dex so the first one I noticed was that there is a lack of optimized apps for Dex it's just the way it is that you know the aspect ratio is so different

Having a big screen like that compared to a phone screen and a lot of the apps are not meant for that they're not really ready for that so you can force them to stretch out but sometimes they kind of just are wasted space here and

There and it's not really totally optimized the second thing is I noticed there was a weird cortical this one it seems like a very easy update actually but if you hit the Windows key or whatever the command key whatever you

Want to call it and it opens up your app drawer right there and you can search right away that's typically how I open my apps I click that I type right away on my on my laptop that's what I do and I try

Doing it on the phone but one thing I noticed what was for some reason when you press the Windows key and you start typing the first letter is always rejected it never recognizes no matter how long you wait doesn't recognize the

First letter I'm not sure why that is though so I tried plugging a lot into this I plugged in a flash drive and that unfortunately did not work I plugged in a webcam and that didn't work either I also plugged in a printer and again

That did not work so three things that were you know I wish they worked on here that would be really useful and could be a big game changer for people deciding whether or not they want to use decks also I tried plugging in an external

Hard drive and admittedly this one was actually kind of stupid I realized after the fact it's obviously a disk drive so it pulls power from the phone and it forced my phone just to kind of reboot it shut down it really crashed so I

Recommend not doing that don't try plugging in a disk drive to this you know it was obviously an accident but don't do that so another limitation with samsung decks you can only have five

Apps open on the screen at the same time and I think that's a little bit of a limitation for me I like switching between a lot of different windows and while you can have other ones technically open you can only have five

On the screen at the same time I'm sure that's manageable it really didn't hold me back it was just something I noticed that you should definitely understand that's a limitation okay another one this is

Again a little quirk and I think this is really the infrastructure of how Dex was you know coded that it's sort of separated from your phone itself so the phone interface and Dex operate independently so if you have you know

Spotify open on your phone and then you're on Dex right now and you want to change the song you have to either you know go on your phone and do it or you have to shut the app down on your phone and open it up on Dex you can't have it

You know you can't click and drag between them you can't have it open on both and you have to decide which one it's going to be on just a weird quirk that one kind of bothered me with Spotify but again that's not really a

Big deal you just close the apps and open them on Dex it's not really that big of a deal lastly is your battery so like I said I keep this on a wireless charger the whole time but if you have it just on battery it does drain your

Battery relatively quickly so I recommend if you're traveling around and you want to use this for a long time definitely make sure you have a charger so guys that's everything I found from Samsung Dex from an entire week of using

It honestly I think most people can definitely get away with using Samsung Dex I was really impressed that on a day-to-day basis I was able to get everything done that I needed to I really didn't have any limitations that

Stopped me from doing stuff you know maybe a few inconveniences with apps not being optimized but most of what I do I just do on the internet anyway so Google Chrome is most of my usage and other than that it's usually Microsoft apps so

If you are somebody that uses a Chromebook or a laptop that is up to $500 in value I would say that you might be able to justify using only Samsung Dex instead now there are limitations if you're somebody that is a you know a

Real power user and you need like i7 on a laptop obviously this can't replace that also if you're somebody that likes having the convenience of a small laptop that you just open up and take anywhere you want to go you know that's obviously

Nice too if you have a monitor set up somewhere or if you're going to a hotel and you have a TV there Dex is a really good alternative and I think that's something I'll be continuing to use whenever I travel to hotels bringing my

Phone is way easier than bringing a laptop and my phone so guys that's why it to say about this comment down below what your opinion is on Samsung Dex do you think it's possible to only use Dex and not have a

Laptop or a desktop thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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