Sad iPhone 12 Leaks! More $, No Accessories, RIP 120Hz AirPods 3 Design!

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

Hey what's up guys welcome back to your weekly Apple news starting to get really excited about that iPhone 12 launches just a few months away and I'm getting that giddy feeling in my stomach in anticipation of holding that cold

Flat steel got a lot of iPhone 12 stuff today including some exclusives with Max Wine back and recent leaks are making things look a little bit more grim not quite the value we anticipated not quite all the features that we hoped it would

Have but at least the box will look nice quick update for my phone herbal supporters so we're almost done shipping the rebel series pre-orders this long yeah I took that long and I wanted to talk about that it's because we use a

Completely different manufacturing process we call mold almost no their case manufacturer does this because of how expensive it is but end result is a much higher quality product so we're now working on accessories and you're gonna

Be able to do super cool things with your rebel series cases soon and host of accessories so stay tuned for that anyways thank you for helping us produce the highest quality cases on the market and only to be continued with Gen 2

Let's get into those leaks so the dummy models for the 20/20 iPhones are out these are based off of the calves we saw earlier so no new information can be gleamed from them regarding the camera layout or the knotch sizing but just

Feeling these in your hand the new sizing pretty amazing 54 inch feels so right it's smaller than the iPhone se but slightly larger than the old iPhone 5 and MacRumors has a really wonderful guide here on a sizing the 61 inch

Slightly smaller than an iPhone 1110 our sizing and the six point seven inch slightly larger than the current iPhone 11 pro max and the flat sides not as uncomfortable as I thought actually seeing them in an almost finished model

Here they're not so bad they don't dig into your palm as much as you think but still not as I think conforming to your hand is of course a round edge on the iPhone 11 pro I mean Chico has published a report detailing the contents of the

Box of this year's iPhone 12 models and indeed there will be no ear pods as previously rumored but there will also be no power adapter so that 20-watt power adapter which was leaked earlier that will be sold as an optional

Accessory this will keep the costs down is the main intention and – it'll reduce e-waste over time Apple thinks that it's not necessary to include it as most will have a USB adapter somewhere in their home as inconvenient as it is if it were

Included in the box then the price would be higher to reflect that being Chico expects the pricing of this year's iPhones to remain roughly the same as the iPhone 11 line of prices and the power adapter will also be removed from

The iPhone se 2020 packaging unclear one this is referring to the five watt power adapter so this seems to be a change that Apple will be spreading to more devices over time but so far the iPads are safe as he says those will not be

Getting their power to have to remove it as well and Twitter leaker love to dream also reporting that the power adapter and ear pods will not be included in the box is reporting that there is another upside aside from the fact that price

Won't go up and that's that the box will be thinner and exquisite on my end max whine back is reporting that it'll be slightly thinner the packaging then current air pods packaging and we actually have a look at the inner cut

Out so the tray that all the accessories will be sitting on this is potentially to be made out of paper press this is just a CAD and it may look plastic but it's likely reflecting a paper press version you can see that there's a

Cutout for the USB cable and likely the other square cutout will be for the packaging and a little sticker so Apple would be minimizing that as well I like that over time we started with a very chunky iPhone 2g box and here we are

Where it's very very thin and including as little as possible I'm sure in the future it'll be as thin as the iPhone itself is it'll come with absolutely nothing else Mac's wine back is also confirming this saying ear pods and

Power adapter are gone just the USB cable in the box now he's speculating that it would make more sense for Apple to include a USB a adapter as more people have legacy chargers around their home USB C power

Adapters are still not very prevalent but it's likely going to be USB C as it matches up to their mac books and iPads and following Apple's footsteps et news reports that Samsung will be following the same cost-cutting measure to remove

Power adapters from the boxes of Samsung phones starting in 2021 that despite the fact that Apple will be giving you less in the box with the iPhone 12 Jeff Pugh and a research note to MacRumors is reporting that the price of the iPhone

12 will be going up by $50 so we can assume it will start at seven hundred and forty nine dollars as opposed to the starting price of the iPhone 11 right now this would mean John Prosser's report from earlier starting price at

649 would be inaccurate and in light of everything that's going on those do seem like very optimistic prices now extrapolating based off of that price for the rest of the lineup we might be seeing a price increase from a hundred

To one hundred and fifty dollars for the rest of the iPhone models and in a new report by digit times they're claiming that not all iPhones this year will be 5g millimeter-wave compatible which means that we could see some 4G models

With cheaper price tags which would fall in line with the prices which John Prosser has shared with us earlier so that could be a possible explanation but it appears that yes the rumors were true there will be two different variants of

This year's iPhones potentially some capable of millimeter wave 5g and some only capable of sub 6 gigahertz and display analyst Ross Young is once again saying 120 Hertz is not happening on this year's iPhones due to his sources

Not being able to corroborate the fact that this technology is coming to the iPhone he couldn't find any evidence for it and he's saying yeah promotion is not happening in this year's iPhone after speaking to Max Weinberg he's basically

Saying the same thing so last week his internal source reported to him saying that engineers reported to executives about the status of it and most executives assumed it would be part of the iPhone but the results aren't

Looking too good and overall the Rd cost would be too high there are too many issues and the final decision was pushed back by a week so we should know for sure this week but as of now regarding the specifics of the testing the pro max

Model told pro max failed for tests and the pro failed three out of 20 overall so basically it looks like it's not happening we knew that it was on the line this entire time but apparently 120 Hertz not happening guys that's it as

Upsetting as it is it looks like Apple is going to wait until 2021 with the proper technology to do it right it needs the LTP o backplane in that display in order to make a true variable refresh rate display like the

One we have in the Apple watch series 5 it's even more upsetting after seeing the switch for disabling 120 Hertz in some iPhone users iOS 14 builds likely a bug but still guys it's it's sad I really expected this to be the year but

At least we're getting that boxy design and a massive camera upgrade also wanted to clarify before K 240 and 120 frames per second modes the leak I shared in the last video that's destined for slow-motion so don't expect your iPhone

To be able to shoot in those frame rates that's specifically for slow-motion although it's possible Apple could make 4k 120 work also max wine back emphasizes on the massive a 14 change saying it's akin to the difference

Between the Apple 810 and Apple a 11 a huge transistor jump as far as we know it's going from eight point five billion to fifteen billion transistors also Ming Chico has reported that the iPhone 12 may indeed be getting an eight piece

Plastic element lens it was earlier reported to be seven piece and eight piece was to be reserved for 2021 and beyond iPhones but apparently we're getting that this year the more lenses that clear the picture and less

Chromatic aberration also this Twitter leaker gives us a look at just how massive the iPhone 12 pro max lenses really are they're huge they eclipsed the iPhone 11 Pro lenses in our CAD week we measured I believe five millimeters

Wider in diameter they're huge also this Twitter leaker clarifies as to why we're not seeing any details on the lidar sensor it's because Apple hasn't shared that information with these case makers you know this

Design right here you're not supposed to cover the lens it's all speculation on their ends and looking back at the iPhone 11 Pro cads the microphone was on the very right side and ended up not being there even

Though the lens orientation was right so if you're a case maker do not cover the lens because your design will likely be wrong and iPhone 12 clones are already hitting the market what a wonderful design now with three times the amount

Of fake lenses and you already know I'll be reviewing this fairly soon I love these they're always a hoot we heard earlier that the iPhone 12 might actually make it's originally intended release now

Asian reviews reporting that the final assembly is slated to happen in October so it's possible Apple could still announced in September but the delayed release will be sometime in October potentially pushing it into November but

Things are looking more hopeful now than they were back in March and Twitter leaker Apple rumors leaks is reporting on the iPhone 13 sharing with us the Intendant features for this device and all of them may make their way into the

IPhone 13 some may be pushed back but apparently Apple is working on reverse wireless charging that all screen display we heard about in screen touch ID there will be a new camera system and the Apple a 15 which will be 5

Nanometers by then and the design of the Galaxy Note 20 ultra has leaked I quite like it I like the design of that lens with all the rings and beneath a flat slab of glass really like that bronze copper color as well and think it would

Look really good on an iPhone and we've got an update on air power and other sized wireless chargers Apple is working on by a recent Twitter leaker so he's reporting that air power is destined only to be for one device the branding

Name the other smaller wireless charger we've been hearing about it's still happening in prototyping stage right now but it is happening and will work on iPhones Apple watch err pause you know any Apple accessory but only one at a

Time and min Chico is reporting that for air pubs 3 Apple will be using a system in package design on the actual stem pieces which leads me to believe the rumors we've been hearing about that ear pods 3 will look very similar to air

Pods probe may not be talking about the in ear piece at all but may be talking about the stem using system and package design Apple could make the stem itself much shorter and would eliminate that weird funky look where it sticks out of

Your ears so much so it could be the same in size as air pods Pro but still not have that noise cancellation aspects than in-ear design and an interesting week for Mac's whine back so he's reporting that Apple is indeed working

On a replacement to ear pods he's calling these trashy wireless ear pods and building upon the leak we heard about earlier where Apple might be building air pods light to include in future iPhone packaging in order to

Entice you to get the full product you know air pros air pod threes wherever we're at at that point but it's true Apple could be working on these although they're very unlikely to ever reach the light of day

And an unknown Russian Twitter leaker is reporting on air tags and their pricing this is the first time you hear about it potentially Apple will be selling air tags in packs of three six and twelve and then individually so for one the

Price would be thirty nine dollars for a pack of three ninety-nine dollars this guy's really not known to be a leaker so take that one with a grain of salt also Iowa's 14 public beta is now available I would say yeah why not go for it just be

Careful on how you install it backup your device and beta-2 basically fixed a lot of problems for me that I had in beta 1 it's now very usable and Ming Chico is reporting on a couple of new iPads for one a 108 inch iPad later

This year which would replace the budget end model and an iPad Mini with an 8 point 5 inch display essentially all display the same frame is happening mid 2021 with that Apple 20 watt adapter in the box

Alright guys that's pretty much it thanks for watching stay tuned for the next one peace

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