Ryzen 3 3300X Bottleneck Benchmark vs. 2080 Ti, 2070 Super, 2060 KO, & More GPUs

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

For all of AMD's self-created controversy recently the AMD Rison 330 300 x remains a good cpu it just launched its $120 and unfortunately for Andy in some ways it's been very overshadowed by the 400 series chipset discussion that's available separately

From this topic so today we're looking at the r3 3,300 X and specifically at what point does it begin to bottleneck the GPU so how high up the GPU stack can you purchase before your CPU is limiting you to an extent that you've wasted your

Money that's what we're looking at and the r3 we've already said it's taken the a blank is enough for gaming ground where an r3 is now enough for gaming much like an i5 was once enough for gaming back until up until probably

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Link in the description below or go to cyberpunk net cyber up what's also interesting here is that there's been a bit of a paradigm shift where previously you might buy something like an i7 CPU and a lower end

GPU with the intent to later upgrade the GPU because the video card is the more upgradable the – it's just PCIe or AGP as it may be and the CPU often involved a motherboard switch so provided you're buying a 3300 X even if Xen 3 doesn't

Exist and it stops here you still have good upgrade pathways way up the stack whereas Intel it kind of stopped at an i7 until you got you got into a GD t so back to that discussion point of the paradigm shift we're looking at a

Scenario where it might actually make sense to buy an r3 3300 ax if you're just gaming and ignore the other workstation use case for a moment and get a higher end GPU 2070 super maybe 2080 super and consider later upgrade

Into a 3600 if you come across some money in a year from now and you can afford whatever those might be priced at the time so that's where it gets really interesting as opposed to the previous method of high-end CPU and skimp on the

GPU if you really have to budget somewhere and you don't want just straight balance with say my 5 and a mid-range GPU so the content-type today we are using our GPU testing bench we haven't officially unveiled this test

Methodology yet but it's pretty similar to our CPU test methodology uses mostly the same games except we've cranked up the graphics settings on them because it's testing the GPUs this part though we're looking just at the 3300 acts

We've left our standardized GPU bench platform CPU in there which is in 8086 kf5 gigahertz for most of these charts and that's just there to give you a sense of where's the actual cut off at what points is the 3300 X and limiting

The xx atti as opposed to is it actually the xx atti as bottlenecks so we've left that on there for it but it's not meant to be an ad 86 caver says 3300 extra view you can go watch our CPU review if you want CPU

Comparisons we're going to be looking at games from 1080p to 4k the intent of that is to see how the scaling changes as we increase the GPU load increase the bandwidth requirements and decrease the CPU load and again the point of tasking

CPUs with the best GPU is that you don't want to constraint because when you're saying CPU a is 20% better than CPU B if that 20% is being capped by something else it's not really genuine now we do have some GPU constrained benches in our

CPU suite because people always ask okay what's the real-world version for gaming with higher settings so we leave one or two of those in there but this is looking at basically only that scenario except sometimes at 1080p with certain

Games so enough of that let's get into the benchmarks and show you at what point does the 3300 ex full stock constrain the GPU if you want to know the memory settings all that stuff that we use for the

Go watch our sea view methodology video or read the article it's all in there it's all the same as our CPU reviews but the games have changed completely with much higher settings we'll start with the division – at 1080p and using high

Settings for more of a GPU bond which is realistic – how most people play games the r3 3,300 X does eventually hit a limit on the 20 atti unsurprisingly otherwise the CB reviews wouldn't have much point since all the CPUs would look

Identical with a lower end part even still it's impressive how far the other parts scale the RT X xx atti coupled with our GPU test bench platform a 5 gigahertz 8086 K and about 202 FPS average that's only 8% ahead of the

3,300 X to the 28 eti illustrating that the cpu limitation doesn't kick in until pretty late frame time consistency isn't too restricted or at least not disproportionately so as represented by the 1% and 0.1% low numbers that are

Shown the RT x 2070 super is not limited by the CPU here and max is at 142 FPS average under the 3,300 X you'd get full performance in this title out of a 2070 super the RT X 2060 KO the 1650 super and the 5600 XD poles are all

Constrained by two factors one the CPU obviously and to the overhead present in AMD CPUs with GPUs where there's an inherent decrease in maximum potential versus Intel this is illustrated by our 8086 k5 gigahertz result with the ko at

114 FPS average versus 1/10 of the 3300 x + KO this isn't something you really need to worry about too much because in this instance in terms of raw percentage difference or perceivable difference there's not much of one so far this is a

Strong start you don't need to be too worried about pairing any of these cards with a 3300 X even though xx atti but we wouldn't recommend that for a number of other reasons here's 1440p the results will obviously

Get even closer together we already had the settings at high so now we're 20 atti maxes out at 135 FPS average on the 3300 X that leads to the 2070 super by 37% as opposed to 32% at 1080p the lower end GPUs are clearly the bind

More than the CPU and so at this point you can just reference our GPU benchmarks to determine which makes the most sense now what you're looking for is not a CPU benchmark if you're looking at there's a low around cards it's a GPU

Benchmark that's why we test each of them with a discrete choice for the opposite compiler can component so GPU benchmark use is high in CPU see the benchmark use a high on GPU as for reasons like this

You need to use both of them to pick the right part 26 TKO 5600 XC 2070 super and 62 T super are all fully enabled here with only the 20 ATT I experienced in a cap the 3300 acts scales better than we might typically expect once GPU bound

And it's not surprising when the cpu isn't as strained but even still we've historically seen the lower and $100 CPUs hit limits closer to an RT X 2060 this shows the advancement and performance of the low-end rise in CPUs

It feeds it well to our statement that an r3 is now enough for gaming much like the i-5 once was 4k monitors are cheap these days will link one in the description and so it's not uncommon for someone on a budget to still be able to

Afford a 4k display if you are playing at 4k the 2080 CI caps at 82 FPS average on our unconstrained 8086 K at 5 gigahertz the delta between this and the 3300 x is about 4 FPS average which amounts more to overhead than it does to

Strict cpu speed advantage this is outside of run to run variance and is repeatable the lows are functionally the same there's no appreciable difference between these two results to a human player despite presenting a measurable

Difference the 2080 ti leads the 2070 superest at the 4 FPS average result by about 42% that gap is widening as the GP load grows especially as bandwidth demands increase everything up until a 28 ET i

Would technically make sense here again we don't recommend such a dramatic price imbalance as a $120 CPU and a $1,250 GPU but technically it is running tomb raider with dx12 is next in this benchmark the cpu is a clear bond the

8086 KF 5 gigahertz capped at 163 FPS average with low at 109 and critically 96 FPS 0.1% is what we're looking at for the last constrained solution those are highly consistent numbers and indicate that we shouldn't have any frame time

Spikes that are massive since there's no distortion of the data the 88 is 6k with the 28 ET i illustrates minimally a 19.2% higher ceiling another 3300 ex would allow so if you needed further evidence beyond being a reasonable human

Being to not pair these two dichotomous parts together this should be it the 2070 super occasionally gets its highs shaved off by the CPU but it's otherwise within capabilities at 125 FPS average the 2060

Ko is the more sensible choice with the 8086 k it does 105 FPS average with stronger lows than the r3 3300 x produces the 3300 ax has some overhead its dealing with once again but it's also a slower CPU the former impacts the

Average and the peak the latter impacts the latency you could scale up to a 20 60 ko a 2060 super 5700 xt or 2070 super and have most of the performance available to you that the card would offer

Here's 1440p for this one this ceiling is 128 FPS average on the 8086 k where the 2080 TI is completely maxed out we're still far away from a CPU bind at this point the 3300 ex is leveraging most of what the 2080 TI affords it

Surprisingly we still wouldn't recommend it especially since it does become capped in some situations like 1080p and that would cross into other titles that are more CPU dependent the 2070 super seems a good maximum fit although the

$300 price bracket cards from AMD and NVIDIA alike are the more price conscious Association we think the 1650 super is – constrains to be an ideal pairing but you certainly don't have to worry about it limiting the CPU so

That's the upside at 4k the gap narrows as it should the 3300 ex is still not fully tapping the potential the 2080 ti despite no longer being anywhere close to a bottleneck on the GPU other than the overhead the 2080 ti leads the 2070

Super between the 3300 acts results by 35% so there's technically still room in there if you're running your games at higher settings now naturally this gap would narrow if we ran it on our CPU

Bench instead which is designed to stress the CPU but for people who tend to run games at higher settings to load their GPU more heavily because you want it to look nice this is similar scaling to what you can expect if you're more of

A super high FPS player who wants 144 or higher for the for the framerate then at that point you are tending to lean towards more of looking at CPU benchmarks rather than this or a GP benchmark although that's important to

Just buy the best one everyone 2019 is next which more of a sieve you bind than the other games we've tested in our GP bench suite the 8086 k5 gigahertz result is 213 FPS average with a lows at 153 and 98 the

3300 ex drags that down to 192 FPS average allowing the less cap to 8086 k elite of 12% the 2080 TI on 3300 AK still leads the 2070 super by 24% you could buy a higher end card and almost fully leverage it here at 1440p of the

Scale shrinks to a 170 FPS average cap on the 8086 k or 156 FPS average on the 3300 x that's still a 9.3 percent lead remember though this isn't about comparing the 8086 k to 3300 x we already have a cpu review if you want to

Compare the CPUs it's just there for perspective the 2070 super runs at 119 FPS average so it achieves 77% of the performance of the 2080 ti or 77% of the maximum potential at 500 to 700 dollars cheaper depending on what you're buying

The 2060 kayo achieved 62% of the maximum performance possible at $300 here's the 4k f 1 2019 chart to the 103 FPS average kafirs of the 96 FPS average on the 3300 AK shows that 3300 AK still has some overhead it's dealing with the

End result is that overall you could buy basically any of these GPUs and be almost fully unconstrained at 4k by the CPU that's the nature of high resolutions like this of course again with more CPU constrained games or with

Production applications that leverage the CPUs more you could end up with an imbalance for just gaming though the r3 is enough for today's games we'd still recommend at least one step down from the 20 atti for better overall system

Balance particularly for anyone working with more than just purely games Red Dead Redemption 2 is next starting with 1080p in this game the GPU testbench with the 8086 K has a 21% higher performance ceiling than the 3300 acts

With a 2080 ti and that illustrates that the 2080 TI is kneecapped in a significant fashion this game is making more even use of the threads and of the frequency so you have to consider both aspect and you should consider the 2070

Subra to be more of the proper maximum fully leverage to support tier the lower tier cards like the 2060 super not present or the 5600 XT and 2060 KO would make more sense from an expense standpoint of the bill

But the 2070 super 10 still get full use at 1440p the 2080 TI is still constrained by the 3,300 X now affording the unconstrained CPU a lead of 9.7% at 104 FPS average this gap has diminished since it's not the processor speed and

Threads limiting Oz but rather the overhead in the graphics pipeline scallion is comparable to the other games where the 2070 super is able to offer a relatively unconstrained performance the 2080 TI is around its

Max – at this point you shouldn't be too concerned about buying a GPU that's too powerful for the CPU at least not outside of general system and balance concerns if you only do for example cuda accelerated tasks so that don't benefit

From threads for work and the rest of your use is gaming then a higher end GPU may be well-suited as a combination it be a bit awkward in pricing and the balance thereof but you could argue it 4k is a little too challenging to run

With this game already so you'd probably need to drop the settings if you wanted a higher resolution for most people we'd imagine higher settings and lower resolution maybe a more enjoyable experience but that's becoming

Subjective regardless the hard tap is about 60 to 66 FPS average the 3300 act still has some overhead vs. the Intel parts but this isn't new and is something we already discussed in our review of the 3300 x20 atti is fully

Enabled here as far as Andy will permit anyway and is 37% of the 2070 super the rest of the cards line up like they would in our GPU task bench we're not here for absolute FPS numbers after all but rather a sense of scale

And limitations on the 3,300 X what we care about more is just the percent difference between everything and with that we can see that the 3300 X isn't as limiting as you might expect total were three kingdoms on the battle bench mark

Is next at 1080p ultra the maximum possible performance out of the 20 atti is 117 FPS average which is twelve point four percent higher than the 3300 X allows that's still good for the 3300 X although it does start showing signs of

Strain in the disproportionately low 0.1% value at 56 fps indicating more potential stuttered you probably shouldn't buy a 20 atti here you shouldn't anyway but in this instance we're seeing that there's clearly a

Limitation that's not experienced on the higher-end CPU so you'd be wasting some of that money the 20 Saudi super isn't bouncing off of the limits v20 atti above is the TI leads the super by about 27% and again beyond this

You're just asking for a straight-up GPU benchmark since we're no longer CPU bad this shows that most of the cards can get relatively full performance out of the 3,300 X at 1440p of the sealian is much lower at 77 FPS average and the 1%

0.1% lows are also tighter together the 2070 super performs that so d 2% of the performance of the 20 80 TI here 4k with these settings is too constrained to be viable so you'd have to drop too high to actually be at a playable FPS on

Anything we'll just pop this one up briefly for 4k the 2080 ti weeds the 2070 super by 43% so the gap is growing with each resolution hike but it's obviously synthetic at this point since we're not at a playable framerate we're

Going to call it with this game we have more games tested but by now we've established a pattern and it's a waste of everyone's time to continue repeating the same information with different graphics we're here for limitations and

Sense of scale not necessarily for per game performance optimization so we've gotten what we need in this scenario with GTA 5 at 1080p the 2080 TI is getting cats so the maximum difference between 220 atti and the 2070 super on

The 3300 X is only 17% still high but not as high as some of the other titles once again you don't need to worry too much about how can strain the GPU will be by the CPU at least not today but the 2080 TI is still the one that's

More limited than you would see in for example 2070 super so the awkward thing here again is that technically in several of these instances the 2080 ti isn't really that constricted in this performance but in the places it is

You're looking at potentially 20% plus gaps and the worse not worst but worst-case scenarios worst case scenario it's a big bit bigger difference than that but 20% 17% whatever it may be you're cutting off enough of the 20 atti

Performance Headroom that you're paying for a whole hell of a lot that you're paying for that it doesn't really make sense to buy and of course practically you're talking about a $1,250 GPU with $120 CPU most people who can afford

$1,250 GPU to begin with can probably also for a $200 CPU to go with it in the least because now you're just talking about sense of scale of how much money a person has and that's typically how it

Goes so realistically a 20 70 super – although not tested we can extrapolate relatively easily it's between a 20 80 I and a Saudi Saudi super a twenty eighty super would also be fine these aren't parts we would recommend

You buy within 30 300 X there's going to be instances where with games that are more CPU constrained for example if we ran these parts through our CPU test bench with the CPU settings what you'll end up with is a CPU constraint much

Sooner so the time this would become valid is if you are perhaps a player who is hunting for higher framerate if you want really high FPS let's say you're playing csgo or some other competitive game like that now you're talking about

A demand for 144 200 240 FPS and at that point the CPU is going to matter hell of a lot because it's also doing work to make those frames so if we're talking typically a player who is going to try and get higher graphics settings more

Visual fidelity as you may call it and you're not really looking for those super high frame rates may be in the hundreds that's kind of a max with 1080p ish 1440p sometimes then the 3300 X is fine but if you're talking competitive

High frame rate reliably in low GPU load titles then go look at the Seaview benchmark because that's more relevant to you and you should probably be buying something like a 99 hundred K or similar if it's in the budget so that oh

Actually should be waiting for the ten series which is coming out very soon you shouldn't probably should not be buying a CPU from Intel right now because they have new launches so close but yeah that'll cap it socket survivability

Helps on the 500 series chipset boards as you could always swap the CPU later and get an extra architectural generation but even still 3,300 X to the top of the 3000 series stack that's pretty big jump

So yeah paradigm shift with the normal method of keeping the CPU and upgrading the GPU might kind of switch with this one and you could grow into it the other way so imbalance between the pricing is something to be concerned about or care

For love but limiting your GPS performance too much with the CPU with a bias towards higher graphic settings you'll be fine again bias towards higher FPS go look at the other benchmarks and that's it for this

One so thanks for watching subscribe for more go to store documents access net to support this type of work and our independent research or you can go to patreon.com/scishow Nexus we'll see you all next time

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