Rusted Bolt in Control Arm Fix 2 of 2

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

In this video maybe some things that are a little bit risky of mountain biking dressed you leaving your house is risk is it the only way to be totally safe and secure and have security is to go to prison know what you're locked in nobody can get at you you're supervised you're

Not allowed to do any kind of dangerous stuff even then people get shamed so in life there's a lot of risks in this video I'm going to be taking some risks that seem really stupid and I'm not trying to justify my behavior whatsoever

What I am saying consider I want to be able to share a safer way to do something that's dangerous right so I like to fly I like to do a lot of things that have some risk involved and what I do is I think what's the worst that can

Happen and then work backwards from there and that's what I do in this the method that I've used I've used a number of times and been more successful than in this one in this video actually ruined the camera that I'm filming on in

That I put a bunch of metal shrapnel in the lens in this video I'm also going to show you my favorite grinding disc I've done I've used a lot of different driving discs and a lot of different projects I'm not half my guy that does

The reviews on the grinders and all that kind of stuff I do have a significant amount of experience and the point of this video is to dispel some of that to all y'all but in such a way that I don't want to seem like I'm encouraging people

To do this nothing is worth losing your finger let's do this Brian's mobile one let's do part two soon I'll hang on to that I may use that for something see if we can turn this around

Rubber stinks prior tear that open the inner parts not very strong compared to the outer satisfies that feels good sounds good pop that off slide it out more cool-looking parts you know that I was one of the art kids in school kind

Of went away from that coolest thing was I got this left school in draw at the mall I thought that was the coolest thing ever if art is going to make me have an opportunity to hang out and do something that I like instead of being

Stuck in class then that's freaking awesome so I draw hyper realistic colored pencil drawings won some awards for sculpture on a couple different things but anyway there's that yeah it's really easy to see that this is out a

Little ways that's not tight and binding so we should be able to get a good grip on it this is gonna stink period but what we're gonna do is we're gonna cut it at the barrel at the bottom and at the top in a way that it's thin enough

You saw when I cut this to be thin I could break it free I do the same thing here lock wise let's double check it so I've got it where it can pick back pretty far without getting my hands and catch it let's begin

The reason why that kicking back is important to know and that is it's getting through the soft metal and hitting the steel so it's soft soft soft soft hard and dissimilar metal so you can expect that okay but there in mine

We can rotate this around to get the other side so while I'm in this position I've got the best range of motion across here so now we're gonna rotate it with the impact that may break it and free it up

To where we're good on the bottom and let's have to try and find out what happened no we're still there so we rotated around we'll cut it some more and before I could get it out of my

Mouth like I'm not kidding and I was about to say that we hit the steel and it kicked back just like I was talking about so it's time for a new blade but check and see another reason for it to kick is we are all the way through their

Thing is hanging on by a nothing so I'm not gonna bother with that I can break that by hand or with a pry bar but the new blade in and make my top cut as in there and I knew I was getting close there because there's a really well

Pronounced rust mark on each side of it so it's almost through I thought it was about to kick the old blade that I just took off blue huh I use these just to kind of try them out they were on sale I don't know what to say they just really

Really work well they don't kick back and blow up on me the way the other ones do okay let's do some more cutting on this slow gentle cautious tightly gripping this cutting all right as they say I am tickling the

Dragons tail here let's see the bottom should break off oh it fell out yeah that's on the ground that happened when the thing kicked back you saw that happen and getting my camera lens ruined and we're just kind of having one of

Those days I guess some of this that's not an exact science just get er done okay so that's turning really easy that's a really good thing apparently a lot of the bind was in that bottom end that's good news I want to turn that a

Little bit this way I can do that by hand now so much looser and easier to work on believably tight I mean if this thing we're a boa constrictor it would have respect for the string alone putting on this this is where I should

Have quit and hit it with a hammer that's the game we play that's why we use a guard so some of that did hit me in the shoulder and it smarts no big deal you're soft pink stuff you got to make

Sure that that's all out of the way if I was smart I'd be wearing a jacket or some better protection than what this is okay sir ah good thing I've got a safety t-shirt on I just figure this as a cost of doing business not funny

So because of all the preparation back and forth and lube I did I can spin this out by hand this takes planning it would be a shame to cut that screwdriver slot and not use it right I'll use that the forearms are really tired to hold on to

That so tight so there you have it use a guard on your cutter get your threads right so you can do this out when you're done let me show you what the new bolts look like I had to go all the way to Salt Lake to get these picked up about

An hour each way so I got two of them figure if I'm gonna need at once if I didn't have a 14 by 1.5 by a hundred ninety millimeters I'd have another one in my bin for the next time when I do so right now I can see that I'm a little

Bent when I look at this I can see it's a little closer to the left than the right when I spin it in I know the bolts straight cause it's new or it should be let's see how its favoring that side so I'm going to get enough threads to where

I can have a good influence on the other I want this to be really straight so it doesn't affect the alignment so I'm gonna hit this this part of the bolt here that way and I'm not gonna worry about it starting resting here to the

Rest of it because I'm gonna be using anti-seize on it when I put it back in so everything's back in alignment from all the manipulation that we had to do to get the threads cleaned up to have it come out easy life you have to get out

The torch we didn't break too much rubber not too bad a Hitachi g12 Sierra echo – this is the one to get I got this because a friend I used to work for a company doing contract work doing an expert witness evidence cutting cars and

Asked for court cases and this is what used he was cut in a cement truck frame in half to simulate having a u-haul hit it was a while ago I'm sure it's fine talk about now anyway he cut this whole thing in half with one of these that's

Pretty cool and they went through a bunch of them this was his favorite so I bought the exact same thing that he had and I got the exact same results that's it oh and true story he didn't use the card either because the guard inhibited

You from being able to see what you're doing to do accurate good work when you're cutting tens of thousand dollars truck in half you have to get it right and the other thing is is that he had his little box that it was kept insane

No one used this except for Chaz that's his name he's the knife sharpening guy this is his website right here little shout-out to Chaz I learned a lot of cool things about welding grinding cutting metal stuff from him and he's

Learned a lot of cool I hope he's learned a lot of cool things about cars for me the answered a few questions back in the day way cool guy way stand-up guy a shout out to you hopefully I'll see this Chaz you're the man here's some

Close-up visuals of what the discs look like when they break here you can see the primary ingredients or some kind of mesh resin and an abrasive well I don't know exactly what the mesh is made of it looks kind of like fiberglass maybe

Post-mortem on the bolt and bushing shows very little rust at the bottom where the thing fell out the top where the threads were reveals a significant amount of rust and impaction where this thing is just really really tight

Looking at the rubber portion of the control arm bushing you can see that there's a lot of surface cracking which is an indicative of drying age dry rot if you look at the sidewall of an old tire sitting in a junkyard or a field

You'll see these same kind of cracks a quick look at the other wheel reveals that the strands are different they're oriented more tight and you can see that it fared a lot better against kickback so this bottom side has less rust

This has more rust so I'm going to hit it from the left side and see if we can get this thing to knock down and through let's try with less surface area in a little better grip have a look so here you can see there's a significant manner

Russ there wasn't any room left see where it tore and it actually sticks out further from where it was you can't even stick that back through at all there's just not any room for it so rather than torching it and working

And working and working that's why we opted to cut it this is the part that we hit real good and hard that we couldn't get to come undone see the level of rust is just extreme we could have tried cutting this way and opening it out it's

Just access is an issue this way we can cut half of it on each like we did and then rotate it and cut the other half and that seemed to be a pretty good way to go the only thing I really do not like

About this particular method is the danger factor of anytime you have something like this blow up in your face is not a good thing but bearing in mind you're in harm's way if you're right here to it it'll come right at you yeah

We got kind of ruined from it I'll show a picture right here you don't want to be on the same plane as the cutting blade you want to have it off to an angle to where you can see what you're doing do a good job that way and then as

Far as the kickback there's something spinning this direction it's gonna kick back this way there's something spinning this direction it's gonna kick this way it's like 45 degrees – whatever it is let's mid my experience if you've got

Something else to say or you've got more advice please feel free to leave it in the comments I'm gonna read through the comments I'll put hearts if send me does something's just really earth-shattering awesome I pin it to the top to get the

New control arm in you just tap in the bushing where it needs to be if we didn't learn anything else from this video it's that it's important to use anti-seize so that's what you see happening here eating an elephant is

Best done one bite at a time same thing here so I just positioned this it's not together at the ball joint but this way it's really easy to get the bolt to line up then I'll get the impact ins and a home this front bushing because of its

Vertical orientation can be tightened all the way down now the other one requires some order of operation the bolt for the rear bushing we're to do the same thing with anti-seize using a pry bar I'll position that can

Alarm to where it'll just slide in we'll come back to that here in a minute I'll send it in with the impact but I don't want to bind on that center part of it there are four things that connect to this control arm front rear bushings the

Stabilizer link and the ball joint this time we'll do the ball joint got to be careful of the boot don't be rough on it like I was what I was doing is I was trying to get the CD axle to collapse on there the boots already bad as you can

See and we'll have to revisit that later at this point we're trying to do a job that has already grown in scope to a ridiculous degree the ball joints still tight so we're gonna run it for now I'll tighten the nut on by hand to ensure

That I don't cross thread up and then I'll follow up with an impact and get it snugged up if you go too tight you can snap the taper part I'll put the pin in this prevents it vibrating out and then we're on to the fourth thing stabilizer

Link this is a sway bar end link stabilizer link same family this thing is a ball and socket type joint and so if I tighten it with a wrench everything moves so we've got this allen wrench it goes in the center I'll set that tighten

And then I'm kind of going or no to loosen to hold it in place then I tighten it down with gear inch you can see that I'm advancing on it I always like to do these wet lubricated especially if they're used because that

Rust can really bind into things so holding it in place I'll crank it down I've got my ratchet so that it's ground against the side so they can you really torque it but the disadvantage of that is it gets stuck you can pry it off it

Comes apart or not if it comes apart no big deal you can put it back in otherwise it often comes out hold what we're seeing now is I've got this jacked up to where it's pretty much level I'm gonna get it jacked up a little further

Until it starts to lift off of the lift on this corner and that's just about dead level that's the way the car sits when it's sitting on the ground you want to align a car so that it is aligned for when it's sitting on the ground it

Doesn't do any good if the wheels are straight when it's on the left and funky when it's not let me go in with an extension or tighten this bolt back here so the rubber that's in the bushing on this

When it goes up and down is going to be assisting in the torque it works kind of like a rubber spring and it affects your alignment that's why we're doing all this fuss that everything is tightened down it's in the same position as it

Would be as if it were sitting on the ground with the weight of the car on the tires and ground and whatnot I'm going to loosen this up you're gonna watch that tip back down if we were to tighten it down when it was hanging down to

Begin with and then put it together it would pull downward to it want to be at that position again and we make this side ride too high so that's why we do the things that we do so the car won't ride in better

Alignment that's common practice you talk to any front-end technician they'll tell you to tighten them down on the alignment rack if you've got a funky alignment or something sitting funny and whatnot look and see if the struts match

If we've got a bad strut on one side they'll cause it to sit funny if you've got different brand struts or a new one in an old one it'll make it sit funny that's why you replace struts per axle put there they're a pair for absolute

Yeah and that's why you tighten things down in this fashion I nicked it right here we don't want rust to start there and weaken this so we're just gonna paint it this got a little banged up a little scratch your scratch there

Perfect as this engine ceramic paint it was stands up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so all the brakes and the engine heat or whatever it's not gonna hurt anything this one's done it's time to put this cover back on because we use the tool

That we did we're gonna be able to put this back together a lot easier cuz these aren't torn to crap whenever I work on something aside from having a new pretty part in place I try to make it look like no one's ever been there we

Didn't see anything all of a good factory mechanic is to get everything back factory again that way you don't have all kinds of issues or hiccups or problems everything's back to stock to uh to do that you have to have the right

Techniques and the right tools after all what makes a good mechanic mechanic is you know like the Hippocratic oath for doctors do no harm don't screw the car up when you're trying to fix it there are diminishing

Returns in some regard as far as that is concerned you know it's just actually trapped out of this thing this cars old but it's still good engineering it's still good materials it's still a good car it's got brand new tires on it it's

Gonna be good it's gonna get motor mount now and it's got a good control arm so this cars gonna be a whole lot better off than it was bonus footage at the end

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