Rusted Bolt in Control Arm Bushing Fix 1 of 2

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

This video is dedicated to Chaz Giles he's not dead he's just that fricking big of a legend there's to your chest hey guys I'm gonna level with you don't try any of this at home unless you have the confidence and the wherewithal to be able to do what I'm doing in this video

Nothing is worth losing your fingers especially in this day and age of typing how are you gonna respond and troll the people fast enough and keep up with society if you're missing the finger

Ryan's mobile one but seriously there's a lot of things that can go wrong that's what this video is gonna be just kind of highlighting some of those risks dispelling some of the things that I've learned in my experience onto you guys

I'm not in any way shape or form saying this is how to do this it's not there's other ways and things that you can do you can use a hacksaw by here that's a lot safer method destroyed this camera at the lens on it it's still doing okay

But watch this you can see every little piece of metal I hung it out got some good shots this video is gonna be kind of long but I think it's a good one Cheers today I'm working on a 2002 on the Civic things are classic this is

What the lower control arm looks like everything's are insulated this is all full of rubber we have dampening here here and then we also have dampening here in this one this one takes all the abuse it is the

Cinderella of this story when these go bad basically you go to turn to the left knock and you'll feel a car kind of settle down oh and what's happening is this is going to the extremes that's going all the way up this is what it

Looks like when it drops you see that there's just nothing connected it's just trapped by that design of having metal around the outside of it so normally just get on this with your impact and then this bolt just drops right out and

You can pull this out easy peasy here's what this does on the socket or something's wrong here zoom you in there you can see all of that rust where materials been removed and filled in the stuff is every bit as good as epoxy or

Weld between this material of the bolt and this material the lower control arm bushing we get this out take some strategy cuz we have a rusted bolt in a permanent fastener this isn't a knot that we can just get

Rid of and then just start cutting things we do need to cut it out because there's nothing we can do to get this undone because it's so old and so rusted we could try using a torch but the problem with using a torch is rubber

When you torch something it just makes the whole shop stink for the longest time it burns your lungs it's really bad for your health so I don't want to get this any hotter than they need to so the best thing to do is to just cut it let

Me use these I like the little angled one it's not ninety degrees just a little bit I'll leave a link in the description if you want some helps to support making videos like this you can see how easy this is there's usually a

Whole lot of material that gets in there by material I mean dust it makes these really hard these make it really easy you know in a working day you'll pull probably twenty or thirty of them at least your safe practices when you do

This use manufacturer's directions you can see I've got an exposed blade that is not safe that is not okay I've practiced with one you know where heavy duty gloves and I've got the safety glasses on this is how I prefer

To work I feel safest when I do it this way basically everything throws off of the desk this is the plane of harm's way this is where I use the best discs that you can because if he's this break you can fly off and hit you in the face and

Then failure in case you're wondering if this can kick back and hit you in the face if you hit something wrong my face is not right here my face is out of the way I've got long gloves if I do get touched or

Nicked I don't get hit by it and I'm expecting it to kick back at any moment my left hands high on it for leverage bottom hands low on it on the trigger and I've got my arm at an angle I'm not working

Like this so that if it kicks it could get me if you've got the Constitution for a Google angle grinder injury and have a puke bucket handy I'm also strangling this thing like a blood choke out a tiger that's trying to kill me

There's a lot going on off-camera that you don't see as I'm putting this out to you

I gotta tell you that it's so easy to get complacent with one of these because it cuts so smoothly and so nicely I mean it's like a laser or something and it's no backpressure none at all and then

It'll bind on something like say it's curving into the work because it's hitting on this curve into the work you can see i'm doing that because it's taking stuff off the back and as you do that it'll catch and then all of a

Sudden BAM because of the RPMs it'll translate that to torque immediately kick in the back edge in you'll be off guard you've got a strangle grab this thing the whole time you're working with it's better to leave your guard on trust

Me you don't want to lose a finger it's hard to get that put it back on very expensive got in here most material either and I won't be far into that I nicked it just the paint

you saw this go pop and come undone once I got so far if you do that on something like this it's gonna see the axle and a strut and all this other crap that's kind of holding it rigid where it is

When all that lets go it can move and bind this and throw pieces of this off it can hit you to leave your guard on unless you really understand the risks I mean to really understand them bear in mind if they were you use anti-seize

Compound that's the pace that you put on the bolt at the factory none of this would be necessary whatsoever and we will be using anti-seize when we put this back together as a mechanic everybody has some really strong

Opinions there's danger there's frustration there's all this crap surrounding what we use right and there's things that work and things that don't work and you have a really frustrating time I'll never use that

Again or well I have a really frustrating thing and then some particular product or whatever saves are but we're just like oh my gosh I'm going to that every time now this particular product unfortunately is not available

In stores which sucks that's the only way that you can get this it's xpl if you see this on it it's good stuff forget about all the green stuff forget about whatever xpl is freaking awesome I want that lubricant all in between

Those threads and chew it up the rest run in and out we don't want this to break later so you can only do so many times slot in the top to use a screwdriver to drive it out there in mine this is advanced really

Stupid high-risk stuff and so I'm trying to paint a picture to where you understand the risk so I'm gonna go this hand first I don't want my thumb that close to it if it kicks back I'll go this way I'm gonna have it so I ground

The machine out here so if the kicks back it doesn't have any room to accelerate here we go we've got a slot for a screwdriver

don't mind I've got over 30 years of experience doing this too if you go to a surgeon they're doing something that's really risky we're doing something

Really dangerous but they've got control and all that kind of stuff on their side guys you're like it's not freaking rocket surgery you'll need rocket surgery on your hand if you screw it up we're just gonna paperclip him back and

Forth until failure all right so we're gonna undo the ball joint just pull out the pin it's got a little retention on it do that out for just a moment apologize if you get some flares that look like that

Actually ruin the lens of my camera on the grinder shot trying to do better shots and better some of the target cinematography man it's brutal on a camera all I'm worried about the control arm so we got to do this but there's an

L and bolt thing here so I just line that up in there and if you want this to work as hit with an impact to break it free the whole thing will spin because there's a ball and socket back here and with this being arrested you're in

Trouble I wire brush the crap out of it and used a lot of this lubricant they set this to tighten cuz we want to send the screw through the nut this way set this to loosen and just pull on this narrow just getting rid of everything

That's attached to this controller see how everything's moving together now still isn't easy to turn so I put this in there it won't three owned that up against the controller until it buds and break it free then if I were to attempt

This without having done old brushing and cleaning and whatnot that I did before it caused this to loosen up this would snap off or fail or I'd have to replace it typically you'll just want to just cut these just use your same angle

Grinder cut behind here cut through here and then just get rid of it put in the new it's good to know how to salvage it if you need to or really want to so just wiggle that pull this off I made that

Look so easy but no you have the secrets that I use well the other thing that's holding this control arm in is this bolt right here let's pull it out get this on there know if this other one had done that this whole job would be over before

It even began but because the other ones in the front gets more exposure water hits it and sinks into it this one's more protected in case you're wondering if you have to destroy one of these bolts 91 millimeters up to the taper 94

Total from here to the stop it's a 14 by 1.5 I had to go to the dealership in Salt Lake City there's nothing there that's a piece of metal on my lens no I've got that going for me so we're gonna turn this around this way I'm

Gonna get a cut in on that remember all of this is just order of operations so that we can get this out and the rest of it out safely this is in the way from making my cuts where I need to make them verified that there's nothing flammable

Dangerous or whatever and all my sparks are going down to be continued oh man we're gonna have to pick up the rest of this on Wednesday here's a little snippet what you can expect it's

Time to try and find out what happened so we rotated around we'll cut it some more and we did more than a few times tune in Wednesday to see how that went and show you how to put these in right where it does well for your alignment

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