RTX 3080 Scalpers are JERKS – WAN Show September 18 , 2020

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

Oh okay hey what's up guys welcome to the win show we've got a spectacular show for y'all today there is so much news to talk about there was an apple event this week there was the uh launch of the rtx 3080 sort of because sort of good luck buying one there was uh what else we got here luke what do you want to talk about price was announced oh we're definitely gonna be talking about that okay okay hold on hold on hold on hold on i swear i'm gonna let us run the

Intro in a second here just give me a score out of ten for the ps5 pricing score out of ten uh one ah out of ten okay i like it i like it we'll get into more depth into that later ladies and gentlemen what else we got uh did i give two uh no no no come on go go for the wechat officially really in the us that's a headline compared to injury you already talked about you already talked about this no i didn't you said nvidia stuff

No but not that are we giving nvidia two headlines well they've got two headlines they killed sli they got the good headline i mean the like it was already dead you know what luke i've had i've had enough of your i'm not gonna i'm not gonna bleep myself swearing because i got part of the monetization disabled on a last wan show because i had too much bleep swearing in the first 30 seconds of the video so i'm gonna go ahead i'm gonna roll the

Intro then i'm gonna talk about how i feel about that all right all right all right wait hold on a second rip ruth bader ginsburg no way am i am i this far am i this far out of the loop msi conquer the battlefield backblaze conquer the back up your storage honey conquer the deals coupon codes that's right i said coupon what are you gonna do about it you and i uh are apparently that far out of the loop really yep no way

When uh it looked like hours ago nope minutes minutes ago cnn posted 35 minutes ago new york times eight minutes ago wow okay uh sorry guys i uh i i'm sorry i'm just i'm just finding this out now crazy all right then uh in other news uh technology um wow okay you were gonna yell at me for sli stuff yes i was you know what let's jump right into that one i don't even remember what the title of the stream is today

And video rtx 3080 scalpers are jerks should we do that first no do the headliner no okay we are talking about nvidia sli i'm getting my display capture going here i've got to read oh oh oh i just moved i just moved the loop source okay there we go nvidia slides over it again transitioning support is transitioning that's another way of saying being being dead and buried native game integrations you're not even gonna you're pulling the linus here you're not

Even letting me talk fine because you go then the exact title of nvidia quietly kills sli this is like if if nvidia's getting the credit for killing sli it's a kill seal it's a kill steal so who are you giving the credit for killing sli on microsoft well directx 12 doesn't exactly like viewers you think reviewers killed sli kind of like very just probably like and it was good and people should be happy

People shouldn't be happy pushing sli for a long time when it was a giant steaming pile of garbage okay it was terrible okay they sucked and they were still pushing it because they were like yeah buy four graphics cards and reviewers are like this is dumb this is stupid don't do it um we we started releasing the i don't remember what it was called uh compensator compensator yeah we started releasing that to just like basically make fun of sli that was

Almost the entire point of those videos that's true we released other we also made fun of extreme editions and overpriced motherboards and power supplies yeah but those weren't the reasons why the system like literally performed worse than other systems that was the fun trench line well sometimes they did sometimes the big multi-core extreme editions it did actually perform worse than the yeah then the lower threaded consumer chips

Yeah yeah that's true but it was and absolutely but it was mostly trashing on sli um yes and and this has been like a theme this was a theme for us this was the theme for other reviewers for a very long time while nvidia was still pushing it then like basically the whole industry just stopped i don't think very many people were pushing sli at all i saw a lot less of it in enthusiast builds it basically didn't exist anymore

And now they're they're pulling support for it it's already dead it's uh it's all that maybe maybe they're pulling the plug but it's been on like life support with no visitors for a long time okay so here's here's why i'm bummed and you'll have to forgive me for maybe making some assumptions here but i'm bummed because it feels like nvidia is pulling sli support at the point in its history where it is more likely than ever to work well okay over the last couple of generations

Over the last few generations actually nvidia has taken the sli interface are you done now are you done laughing at me all right no i'm not laughing i actually it's a funny comment because it's true so nvidia has taken the sli interface which used to be let's see high bandwidth was 650 megahertz uh the older one ran at a slower 400 megahertz how much actual bandwidth was this standard bridge support sli maximum theoretical

Here we go so at 400 megahertz it could do uh two gigabytes per second in dual channel that's that's not very fast by contrast the latest uh iteration of envy link so if we were to actually say okay look what we really need for sli to work better is a much higher bandwidth interface between the gpus so they can share uh you know frame buffer information or whatever the case may be well we were we were already there dang it envy link 3.0 is 50 gigabit per

Second it's like over the last few generations they've taken that two gigabyte per second they've gone to two and a half three point something and six point something like come on they're they've actually got it to the point where like quadros can share memory they can they can actually pool memory and work on like compute workloads together on a workstation i know it's not the same thing luke i'm just saying it seems like if they'd actually been

Dedicated to it instead of building you know the world's premier ai computing company that i think they could have solved it that's all i'm saying that's it yeah i i agree i a lot of the productivity style things don't need like sli to use both graphics cards um no but nvlink allows them to share their memory it allows them to pool their memory so you can work on much much larger workloads so where's that from my games i just want that for my games i want to i want to play

12k uh flight simulator dot um so from the blog post should we at least run through what this means because if you have an sli system that's this doesn't necessarily mean that immediately you're gonna lose any performance benefit you would have gotten right so okay well look some games have a performance benefit man you're such a jerk for someone who has sli graphics cards you sure are hating on people with sli graphics cards an awful lot

Here i didn't even ask for them and technically right now i don't because because you told emma she could have one of mine and now it's in her system did i really oh i did do that didn't i yeah i'm awesome i'm hilarious okay all right so back to back to back to the blog post with the emergence of low-level graphics apis such as directx 12 and vulcan game developers are able to implement sli support natively within the game itself instead of relying upon an sli driver profile which is just another way

Of saying that it's a percent of what it's a one percent of one percent of users and game developers would basically be idiots to spend actual dev cycles on implementing this unless the intent of their game is for it to be used as as a benchmark you know if you're some if you're working on something like a crisis remastered or whatever so hence nvidia will no longer be adding new sli driver profiles on rtx 20 series and

Earlier gpus starting on january 1st 2021 instead we will focus efforts on supporting developers to implement sli natively inside the game so that's clearly clearly not happening at all yeah then there's a oh man so for geforce rtx 3090 remember rtx 3090 is still sli ready they just shipped like like right days before this blog post went up the first reviewers would have been hands-on with rtx 3090. they just shipped an sli capable

Gpu and they're saying so for that sli will only be supported when implemented natively within the game so that's fine because there's a big long list of game titles that you can enjoy here in the blog post such hits as zombie army 4 dead war strange brigade okay most most of these are somewhat recognizable so we've got shadow of the tomb raider sieve six sniper elite fourth sieve sixling okay sure gears of war four ash is a singularity escalation lots of people played that

Game it was big esports title uh ryze the tomb raider hitman deus ex mankind divided halo wars 2 battlefield 1 and then vulcan games that support it are red dead redemption 2 okay that's like i i would say that that qualifies as like a triple a title then we've got quake 2 rtx ash is the singularity strange brigade zombie r before dead war so we have red dead redemption 2 benchmark benchmark

Other more different benchmark yeah and deus ex yeah oh well okay i have been preaching for a long time that you are far better off just you know getting one better gpu than two slower ones and ever since you know has been trying to price it that way anyways so yep ever since like nvidia and uh gaming media and consumers in general woke up to the importance of frame times compared to frame rates and we figured out how to actually quantify the

Micro stuttering that mostly people just felt beforehand there's been a big shift away from dual or especially triple or quadruple gpu solutions because that that added latency like micro stuttery latency uh really hurt the gaming experience even if your system was actually you know feeding a lot of frames they weren't being delivered smoothly and it wasn't really a fantastic experience i will miss it as

Just like a fun you know ep narrator way to you know trick out your system i guess but i i can also see how now that nvidia is committed to this strategy it seems of building more and more massive gpus generation by generation um it almost feels unnecessary like now that nvidia has launched the rtx 3090 which has uh hold on it's like rtx 30 90 power consumption let me just see if anyone has sort of quoted that already

Um this the card is expected to utilize around 350 watts of power i mean not only did they just launch a 350 watt gpu they designed a new connector for it that's good for up to i think what 600 watts so if that's their commitment going forward is like we're going to completely re-imagine you know thermal thermal controls for desktop gaming computers so we can start shipping like bigger more monstrous power hungry gpus from now on into the future i mean if nvidia just offers you a single card that's like

Yeah what you know sli would have been but we just we just baked it into a chip this big you can't really complain about that right and the whole yeah the whole many smaller gpus strategy has already been tried and it was a failure amd went that route way back in the 3000 series days and i mean the old 3000 did they do a new 3 000 hold on and for 480 trying to remember yeah 3 000. so the radeon hd

Like 3870 was not competitive with nvidia's top end it was more competitive with nvidia's step down and then the way amd positioned it was oh well we'll just pack two of these onto a card to get competitive at the top end it didn't work it didn't work then it doesn't work now and until someone builds like a chiplet gpu i don't think we're gonna see any kind of multi-die uh you know gaming graphics solution um i i will be very interested to see what if

Anything intel can pull out of their sleeves though because we've actually been hands on with z graphics now i don't think our video is actually up yet but i'm fairly certain the embargo is lifted so i guess i can talk about it and so we we tested a laptop with onboard intel z graphics and wow it's it's pretty impressive um let me just make sure the embargo is up on this yeah yesterday yesterday the embargo lifted so we had an intel 11th gen mobile chip

Absolutely thrashing an amd chip with radeon graphics in it now that wasn't featuring um our dna ii obviously so amd definitely has they have a generation literally in the chamber to pull out and combat this with but we don't know how good our dna 2 is so and we don't know how well it'll scale down to something like a mobile cpu so for now intel has managed to take back the crown in at least in at least one way one way definitely at least one way and you know what i say to that good for

You hooray hooray indeed so scalpers ah fine i wanted to talk about sli some more i'm gonna miss it it was so no i'm done i'm over it i'm over it just like in videos just like thanks for that uh consumers consumers troll rtx 3080 scalpers so let's talk about the situation here i mean luke and i saw this coming luke did we talk about this on one show last week we did we did we did yep you know i actually i had a tweet from someone who

Was real mad at me they're real mad because um i think someone i think hardware connects posted on twitter that they are withholding any rtx 3080 content that they otherwise had planned to release um out of oh man what did they say it was something to do with because people can't actually buy it they don't want to they don't want to make uh content that's like promoting it or something like that

I'm gonna modify the schedule a bit posting build slash more rtx 3080 content right now just doesn't feel right promoting an item that's being scalped so heavily would just feed the situation even more uh it's our true hope that nvidia geforce puts solutions in place for the next launches um so i get it yeah i get it um but also like the only reason this doesn't happen every generation is because some generations just aren't exciting

Every time a graphics card has launched that people actually want getting them has been like finding a hens tooth in a haystack if you know what i mean like i worked on the procurement side for multiple generations of graphics card launches and the only ones that we could get adequate supply are were extraordinarily unexciting ones like gts 250 you know whether it was evga or zotac or gigabyte they'd be on the phone and like hey you wanna you want a big launch allocation of gts250 and be like

No what i want that for there's going to be plenty of them i'll just order them later when you guys have got them on rebate and we'll deal with that down the line when it came to flagship launches like i remember times when you know someone like an evga would ship us 11 units you know like they couldn't even do a nice round number and you know they would try to follow it up right like they'd get you another another six you know later on that week

But the only way to get one was to was to back order it and then just hope that you picked the right sku because the way that ncix worked with them uh you couldn't be like oh hey i'm at this point in the queue on like evga ko or whatever and then like kosc shipment comes in you you wouldn't like get an option to get one of those you would just be sitting there hooped because the you know the exact one of nvidia's or evga's two dozen skus for the same stupid gpu wouldn't come in and you just you're

Totally hosed um but i remember this happening all the time and that that's one of the big like advantages that you would try to make for yourself as a retailer as you try to get in the good graces of the add-in board partners and nvidia themselves to make sure that you've got allocation because when you've got a hot new gpu it does more than just get you the you know five percent profit if you're lucky on that graphics card yes my friends it

Is pretty normal for a retailer to make between five to eight percent even on a thousand plus dollar graphics card uh but it's about more than that because someone buying that graphics card well you're by having it when nobody else has it you're creating a customer experience you're giving yourself an opportunity to build a relationship with that customer so maybe they'll come back and also there's the like system builder factor a lot of people don't upgrade their old system they just

Build a whole new system so when they see that new graphics card launch they go oh hey time to upgrade so by having the graphics card in stock you're not making a thousand dollar sale you're making a three thousand dollar sale as they build a whole new top of the line system so we would work really hard to try and get allocation of these cards meanwhile board partners are working real hard with nvidia to try and get allocation of the gpus and i assure you that nvidia is working real hard trying

To produce as many of these gpus as they can you think nvidia wants to ship fewer graphics cards than they absolutely have to uh no has nvidia ever given you any indication that they don't like making money no definitely no it just is what it is unless you're apple and you literally run like multiple factories around the clock for two months leading up to a launch it is normal for a really hot item to be in short supply that's just

The way it is so anyway i had someone real mad at me about the can it run crisis uh 3080 video that went up the day after the review in light of hardware canucks's much more moral stance on the situation and my take is like what you can't watch that video in two weeks or four weeks or six weeks from now and like enjoy it then when you can buy a graphics card or like i i don't know i just i just don't get it what difference does it make

And like if you can't if you can't be disciplined enough to not spend you know fifteen hundred dollars on a graphics card like twice what it's worth on ebay that's that's on you that's not on me like i i don't know what to tell you like i don't have a personal 3080 yet so it's okay we can wait i think i think something that i i saw which i don't know if i'm gonna be able to find it but i saw some memes about it was gamers gamer gamers nexus's stance on this stuff which is just like

I think they said something along the lines of like it's not it's not food and water like you'll be fine yeah the irony is that as far as i can tell steve from gamers nexus plays fewer games than i do no i well okay if you're looking just at like the name of the channel sure but like the uh i think the the sentiment there is good like what you have right now is probably fine if it was fine a week ago yes it's it's fine now yes just relax it'll it'll come back in stock at some

Point you'll be able to get your card at some point and you'll be fine these are optional items these are optional not like the playstation 5 which as we all know is just as essential as shelter clean water you know access to access to medical care let's just talk through what's going on with the 3080 for those who are not familiar so pretty much any listing that shows the card in stock is being instantaneously

Sold out and while bot protection is in place for most if not all of the online stores uh several scalpers have been shown to have bought dozens of cards within seconds of orders going live so that appears to be a big part of the problem so one of the most common bots seems to have been provided by bounce alerts who confirmed with pc magazine that they did indeed provide a bot to help members purchase the rtx 3080 units on launch day so they said the bot works as an

Automated script to run basically from the product page to payment information and checkout monitoring when the product gets back in stock and immediately checking out nvidia's website actually crashed during the early phase of the sale meaning the bots had to be restarted manually allowing at least some legitimate buyers to get their orders in now nvidia claims that they're doing everything humanly possible to review rtx 3080 orders to verify that they're human but like realistically there's only so

Much that i think they can do i mean all it takes is a slightly more sophisticated bot to uh you know try to act a little bit more human you know put a different name on it here and there that sort of thing um so many shoppers have been left out in the cold while ebay auctions have sprung up at astronomical prices now the community seems to not be taking this in stride because these graphics cards are in fact essential to their way of life

And um someone has created a bot that has been automatically scraping ebay for rtx 3080 listings and placing ridiculous bids on the cards with no intention of paying them so that um basically the auction will run out and that scalper is just going to be stuck with a card and a buyer that has no intent to pay now to be clear we're not condoning any of this behavior i'm not condoning scalpers and i'm not condoning fraud because that's what it is

Um but we're just going to talk about it on the wan show and we we've actually had some bad experience with this i don't know you you probably remember that stupid video with the the blue iphone thing i do i do actually and we got we got screwed on that and we were just trying to help we were literally trying to donate money to testicular cancer research yep and we got screwed over the the someone did this to our ebay listing of that phone not just one because we made our way

Down the list and basically every one of the bidders had no intention of paying and it's just like okay yeah uh so i guess you know i have to remember how that got resolved i think we flipped it on craigslist and donated the money just quietly and decided not to do anything like that for a long time uh yeah was pretty much it like way to go you ruined it for everyone uh yeah so it's it's been used in whatever you want however you want to think about this the way it's being used for 3080 it's been used in

Very not good ways as well yep um so other users are taking a different approach making misleading listings for rtx 3080 cards removing them from sale before the auction actually ends so there's a 30-80 printed slash paper edition whatever whatever that is um there's one posted by gaben's son which is just like a drawing of it i actually i kind of am not a hundred percent sure how this is relevant but hey there it is uh for a hundred thousand dollars so i

Guess they're just trying to create so much disorder in the market that it's making it really difficult to actually flip them um some folks have taken to review bombing the rtx 3080 on ebay to um make other people think that it's a scam um yeah so it's pretty it's pretty interesting um it's uncertain whether nvidia expected this to happen but they claim that demand has been

Unprecedented and that may actually be the case because uh looking at uh hard further on into hardware canucks's uh tweet storm here i'm not really storm let's call it a thread um they said that hold on where is it blah blah blah blah blah blah i don't know they had another tweet i saw it somewhere maybe it was a reply to someone but basically they called around some retailers and they said that allocation was actually better than some previous launches it's just

A really really hot card i am not surprised at all like that's the thing that's the thing that's really funny to me i've seen this so many times you know so many times and i just don't get it you know whether it's a cpu manufacturer being like yeah you guys you guys better make sure you stock up on this thing it's going to be hot it's going to be hot and then i get it in my hands and i'm like i could have told you from 20 minutes with this thing like a quick cinebench run

And like two gaming benchmarks that it's not hot like what gave you the idea that it was hot what what is this based on or the other way around your trust when something is actually hot exactly and then you see it the other way around where you've got nvidia here that's like yeah this is the biggest intergenerational increase that we've made like in a decade or whatever however long it's been and even over hyping it themselves like

Is that it like did they did they make the up to two times performance claims during their keynote because of like insecurity like they're they're over hyping it they know that it's fast they must know it's fast they have all the same benchmarking tools and games that we do better ones even and then they're like oh we didn't we really didn't expect it to sell this well the craziest thing is they didn't have to launch it yet

The next gen consoles aren't coming until what november when is the actual ship date for playstation 5. manufacturing yeah they could have just november 12th but at the same time like that's not better for them oh it totally is totally is a big red hot launch where everyone who wants one can get one is the best that's huge there's more people talking about it this way uh yes and no because remember when you're actually shipping product

People are gonna be posting on twitter hey here's my new card here's my benchmark scores so you get conversation either way no strong disagree strongly disagree i think real product in the hands of real users because remember like for all for every person who trusts me let's say to say rtx 3080 great card go buy it there's going to be 50 users that aren't going to do it until they hear it from their buddy and in a lot of cases their buddy might just

Watch my video and be like yeah i wasn't due for an upgrade but like linus says it's good go for it that can happen a lot but a lot of the time if you're that buddy you know everyone's buddy who's into tech you are buying it you're buying it and you're going to use it you're going to be like yeah y'all mom this thing's dope it's dope and then they're gonna run out and buy it so getting it in the hands of those of those those

Micro influencers is what i'd call them the people that are so passionate about these graphics cards your friend groups tech guy exactly exactly getting it in the in every one of those people's hands that should be your number one priority which is exactly why lttstore.com is doing a nice big run of this is the most exciting hold on hold on this is sweet okay this is the most exciting t-shirt launch that we have had oh man i don't know in quite some time so it's limited edition

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Really a great compromise between cost and performance uh between gigabit and 10 gig and premium thermal solution check it out link in the video description wow um that's crazy we need to i don't know if you know what it doesn't matter let's just i'll let i'll keep you guys updated i'm sure nick's gonna be replying to me um okay apple's fall event hey did you see anything exciting at the apple fall event luke no well there's a new ipad there's a new

Ipad air that as far as i can tell makes the ipad pro basically irrelevant because it's got the a14 chipset it's five nanometer so it's high performance it's got a retina display up to 500 nits so you should get actually a pretty compelling hdr experience from it uh usb type c suite same camera as the ipad pro stereo speakers and landscape hey look uspc is a good feature just because apple's a

Little late to the party doesn't mean that we shouldn't applaud them for it wi-fi 6 apple pencil support and it's 5.99 for the 64 gig model that's right my friends uh uh uh a tablet in the year 2020 that still has only 64 gigs of storage thank you apple 600. to apple's credit can i take a moment to appreciate something about apple here sure this is a mid-tier device okay that ships with a flagship processor meanwhile in android land everyone's trying to talk

Consumers into mid-tier processors yeah off you go i told them to share with you meanwhile in android land you've got like manufacturers trying to pitch mid-tier processors in premium devices and then apple's all like yeah look it doesn't have a ton of storage but realistically what do you need a bunch of storage and an ipad for like and that's a fair point because you shouldn't be taking pictures and videos on your ipad unless you're a jackass so

Hey you've got performance that is going to be good enough for probably the actual like the five years that apple is likely to support this bloody device there is something to be said for that approach is apple making great margin on these devices absolutely absolutely but what do you think what do you think so almost no one even makes really tablets anymore and almost no one is really focusing on tablets anymore what do you think uh like how i guess what is not the

Right way to start that question how do you think tablets fit in with a market that in a lot of ways at least is showing interest in pushing quite heavily into not just massive phones but massive phones that have multiple screens um you know what i'ma flip it around you tell me first i i don't really think it has ton the the has a ton sorry the the industry itself

Seems much less interested in tablets in general ipads being the only ones that anyone seems to care about at all um and maybe they'll have that okay actually maybe it is a pretty big deal because if you're so into the apple space that you're buying an ipad you probably you're you have you don't have a multi-screen phone anyways yeah yep yeah eventually you can't be a relevant conversation but that said i don't think you have to be completely into the apple ecosystem

At all to have an ipad if i care about you have a tablet you probably have an ipad yeah if i cared about having an a tablet at all i would have an ipad 100 like there's true there's no way like i want to straw pull the audience here sure because i mean even what what was samsung's latest galaxy galaxy tab six something something whatever whatever it is looks great but the problem with android tablets isn't the hardware there's great hardware out there i mean samsung's been

Making beautiful android tablets for years and years and years the problem is the software they don't get a ton of updates on the os side and the apps because google doesn't push hard enough for app developers to make proper tablet versions of their apps they just aren't very good they don't make proper use of all the extra space at best and in some cases all they do is just like stretch it like it's not it's just not a better experience whereas

On an ipad i mean i haven't owned one for daily driver use in a while but i do always remember just the the app experience being thoughtful it's really designed to be used on ipad one thing i do wonder is as we see bigger and bigger android phones particularly with foldable devices is if that situation will change i mean the galaxy fold z2 is equivalent almost to what like a seven inch tablet you are getting dangerously close to yeah your app is really not going to

Display properly on this thing if you don't make some changes to it and those changes would likely translate very well to a tablet the problem is that from my experience the galaxy fold z2 has not been particular or the fold series has not been particularly well supported even youtube still as of a few weeks ago anyway didn't have support for stories on it which is the reason i can't daily drive it because i need to both check our stories

And i need to be able to upload new ones and i don't feel like carrying around a secondary phone for that i'm not sure if that's been fixed on the fold z2 because samsung still hasn't gotten me one um but i guess i'll figure it out eventually yay in uh do you have your straw poll ready do you want me to move on to the next thing while you do that it's been posted already we already have some votes um right now i i the question was are you a tablet customer then there's three

Responses one was yes i will buy one in the next two years one was yes i own one that i bought in the last two years and then the last answer was no and it seems like the majority of the audience said no but not by a massive amount like 49 of people said one of the yeses for being a tablet customer yeah here can i get the link to that so i can show it on stream uh yes give me one moment sweet like are you a tablet customer me

No definitely i've literally never bought a tablet why not why would i i don't know it's like because your eyesight sucks and your phone is small in in my i would always be happy to lug something bigger around in order to have a keyboard i see yeah but it's a tablet the keyboard even though it's bigger is actually worse i type like an order well not an order of magnitude but like twice as fast twice as fast on a phone as i do on a tablet for sure

Especially with like a well-trained autocorrect that's why i don't want a tablet yeah that's fair that's fair i get it like and i agree with that exact statement if i'm if i'm just firing off quick and messy messages yeah i'd rather do it on a phone really quick and like people are probably going to be able to understand my my typos and my weird autocrats and whatever it doesn't matter and i can just fire through stuff really

Quick if i'm trying to do like messaging style productivity when i'm not at my desktop or my laptop isn't fully set up my phone is always going to be way better so what am i going to do on a tablet for me it would be like watch netflix netflix yeah and then the priority level of that is like really low yeah who cares like i can do that on whatever like i'll i'll find a way maybe i can find a bigger screen or i can't and it's still on my phone cool i

Who cares like it's hey i'm not gonna buy a expensive device for that i've been meaning to ask you you own a tv now for the first time in like years has that changed your habits at all do you actually watch tv like on the tv no i kind of didn't think it would so you blew like two grand on a tv you don't watch emma loves it okay happy life happy life some investment one makes not for themselves

All right uh in other news uh apple launched uh honestly i think the watches were far more exciting so the new watch series six measures blood oxygen in 15 seconds and can track oxygen saturation during sleep which is totally useless because there's no way of charging it while you sleep so that's really stupid um you know maybe someday there will be a wearable that has like sleep monitoring features that doesn't need to be charged at night but until that time i guess i will

Completely ignore these kinds of innovations it has a better always on display that's more efficient and two and a half times brighter than the previous generation the altimeter is always on oh i always want to know how high i am there's memoji faces defense of the blood oxygen while you sleep thing yes if you're someone who actually kind of needs that then you could charge during the day or get two just buy two why not okay now that is an innovation apple

Free of charge okay you guys come up with the apple watch series six squared it's just a two pack you wear one at night one in the morning and they just sync to each other so that it's like a perfectly seamless experience i could totally see people doing it so you never have to take off your apple watch the night one could even be like styled a little different yeah like soft it could not even have a display so it's like it's like a companion oh they should

Totally do it they should actually do it and softer materials yeah it's not like gonna do anything better i know no one from apple watches this show but guys you've got to do it the like apple watch p.m something like that like the one that's like that's great oh man that's a fantastic name i mean i don't think they take you know ideas from outside of the company because they must not be good ideas because if you had good ideas surely you

Would already work at apple but like it's a really good idea like with my wireless charger on my nightstand that would cause the problem with with health devices is that they don't work unless they're really part of your routine they don't work if you use them sometimes so i could totally make that part even being a totally absent-minded magoo that i am i could totally make that part of my routine i get up in the morning i switch my watch out and you know what

The pm1 could even have like pretty decent battery life like the daytime ones so if i like forgot for a few hours and switched it at that time it wouldn't miss a beat get it get it miss a beat because heart rate monitoring anyway the point is so i get up in the morning feeling like p diddy got my it doesn't matter uh as i get up in the morning i switch my watch i go to bed i switch my watch it's genius anyway there's a new loop it's flexible silicone 20 faster charging 5 gigahertz wi-fi

Finally uh u1 chip for spatial awareness and it's 400 bucks for the gps model that's pretty reasonable i guess we've come a long way from the edition you know thousand plus dollar however much they charge for that thing and then there's the watch sc which is under 300 has the series 5 soc so the s5 does not have the blood oxygen sensor but otherwise has the same screen and sensors as the series six and there's no power adapter in the box which for me wouldn't matter because i

Actually have a combo charger that i really like so it's wireless for phone airpods pros and apple watches it's ironic out of my three mobile devices that i carry every day two of them are apple even though i do not use an iphone oh and now apple's bundling their subscription services whatever all right let's talk about the other the other big one from this week nvidia poised to purchase arm for 40 billion dollars that's with the beat price is also

Pretty big all right let's do that first so who do you think won who do you think won the price battle here xbox why the the subscription thing is just insane and like the the the with disk drive price is the same as the series x so like okay ps5 without the disk drive you you get the the the full fat except the disk drive for 3.99 which is pretty fantastic 100 cheaper than either flagship console i strongly disagree you think

You think ps5 wins i think ps5 won i think the all digital ps5 so here's the thing because remember it's not like sony doesn't have a game subscription service too microsoft's pricing outstanding but they don't have exclusive games even temporarily exclusive they don't have exclusive games that would entice me to go by just said the price war i you're the one who brought up the subscriptions i didn't bring up the subscriptions from a hardware standpoint

I think it is indisputable that sony what you're making that face i'll like that face that's a rude face and i won't see it i won't have it i won't have it i won't have it i'm getting rid of you i'm getting rid of you hold on where's your nose you're gone you're done you're out you get one of the consoles no you're done no you keep putting you keep pushing you keep pushing i'm gonna mute you too who's got the obs now all right you're back you're back live subscription what is that

Okay hold on hold on a second hold on a second i'm trying to remember okay okay okay if you want to play an online game you have to have what is it called on playstation yeah so pia playstation plus collection was announced so ps5 owners with ps5 plus will be able to download and play a curated library of ps4 games that defines the generation like batman arkham knight bloodborne fallout 4 god of war monster hunter world

Persona 5 and many more so they've got great content out of the gate whereas microsoft as you pointed out is essentially giving away a free console with your subscription to the maybe a slightly more mediocre content but where i think sony got it right is actually very closely in line with what i said was so great about apple's approach with the new ipad air what you're getting with the playstation 5 digital edition so the one that does not

Have the disk drive is for 400 for less than the price of a series x or a full fat ps5 you are getting next generation performance in terms of the actual performance bang for the buck if we're to take microsoft's word for the teraflops of the series s versus the series x you are getting the best bang for the buck out of the next generation consoles bar none making it the most future proof purchase out of the lot of them that is my argument

So i think one thing here is is are you going only single-player game because now now we're including the games well if you played competitive games and you actually cared about performing well you'd have a pc with a 120 hertz display display okay okay okay i was just being rude um so for me i would say that i would be more likely to sit in my couch and play a single player game with a controller i would be less likely to play anything competitive

I know so like the the reason why i think xbox one is specifically not for you because again when like when i'm looking at this and i'm and i'm thinking xbox one i'm thinking uh households where the the kids are trying to convince the parents or or the or one of the parents is trying to convince the other parent like you're you're trying to pitch it to someone so you go like oh it's it's 30 bucks a month that's quite digestible versus 400 for a

Long time there the like oh a a household or individual with no kids can save up roughly this much money on splurge purchases thing that was roughed in at 300 bucks 2.99 yeah for a long time that was a big discussion we had around i believe the last cons console launched you're right they've break that up by a hundred dollars the average income of most people has not increased like at all yeah so like it is less digestible at 399

Than they were when they were at 299. it just is even if the 399 price is very competitive against what xbox has yeah as their hard prices i don't think what xbox is really pushing forward is their hard prices and if you're buying one of these i think in most cases it is probably your singular gaming machine i i'm assuming i actually i don't know this but like like when i was growing up we usually either had like really nicely

Spec computers and we were kind of a little out of date on the console side of things or we were updated on the console side of things and we were a little out of date on the computer side of things most families cannot yeah most families cannot afford to like have the whole stable of you know current gen consoles and a nice gaming pc that's not reasonable and like my my dad was was pretty good at at like that's not the right phrasing my dad pushed forward consoles a fair

Amount um which makes sense family setting we all sit on the couch we play games together yes it was really cool um and then a lot of like my personal money went into my computer so but we i like that was very a big focus for me et cetera i think most households are gonna have kind of one and if you're buying like a brand new console it's probably gonna be one so it's 400 bucks which is really hard to digest and if that's your singular thing

And you want to play games online with your friends you are getting what's looking like 12 bucks a month subscription for ps plus and i don't think that comes with games because i think you need playstation now for games i don't know i'm not i don't know playstation add-ons well ps plus comes with some ps4 games okay um sure and then playstation now comes with more stuff i don't really know how the playstation stuff works

But you're spending at least 12 bucks additional so playstation now is cloud gaming if you okay okay so if you if you subscribe for longer periods of time if you subscribe for three months at a time it's 30 bucks six months at a time it's 70 bucks um so you get some some discounts there but not not massive ones just fairly reasonable discounts for subscribing in bigger amounts of time so probably let's say about 12 bucks a month

So all right okay 10 months in 10 months the xbox cost less all right i think it's fair to say that there's a console for everyone because if i'm more of like a single player experience person i might actually care more about playstation plus than i do about microsoft service and i think that the playstation 5 disc list like the digital edition makes a ton of sense for me because i'm sitting there i'm playing more like sightseeing type games beautiful games that are meant to be

Enjoyed on the latest hardware uh sony was very clear that they investigated they explored the idea of a lower spec ps5 and rejected it because they didn't like what it would mean for the game development process um i think they were right yeah i think they were right about that but then i think microsoft is coming at it from a completely different point of view where like you said it's like this is the family it's the xbox it's the box it's that box that's for gaming or whatever so you got your subscription fee it's

Practically free uh the controllers are cheap because you could go pick up like secondhand xbox one controllers at gamestop when they go out of business down the street um so it's meant to be this like affordable affordable box um that's maybe more i don't want to say casual because that has such a negative connotation but it's certainly a less uh a less fraught purchase like you don't have to think about it quite so

Hard it would be more common to find the new xboxes in cheaper overall setups yes um so like i yeah i don't i don't think the ps5 is positioned necessarily poorly i think what you brought up like like the the possibility of someone getting the console and not getting playstation now actually seems decently high yeah it seems pretty high like if i had 400 bucks to spend or 500 let's say because i might want to buy a game or something maybe so i get a playstation 5 i get

One controller that comes with it because i'm not going to buy another fancy 70 controller or whatever and i get i don't need and one game that i like really want to play i i buy man what are the launch titles again there's really not much even on the playstation side uh oh man is hogwarts legacy even launching with the game or with the with the console i don't know i don't know demon souls maybe they have some goods

Playstation has been fantastic on the single-player game side of things so i legitimately see the use case of buying the digital ones you save a hundred bucks yep getting some single-player games over the life cycle of the console yeah enjoying it a lot and just seeing it off with that not really worrying about playstation now not really really worrying about playstation plus if you're on the xbox side of things i really see getting the subscription model console yep

Getting in on those multiplayer games with your friends microsoft don't have as many exclusives and stuff microsoft is going hard on the whole just like commoditizing it turning it into a box and i think that that might cause some friction with game developers i've already seen some backlash about the fact that they have two different specs so now game developers have to target playstation xbox the high-end one xbox low end one probably for the time being they've got to hit playstation and xbox last gen both high end and low

And all of a sudden they're basically developed i mean when you think about how few graphics cards there are that make up like the um kind of like the let's say the lion's share of the steam hardware survey right because going back to anything older than like five years ago there's not much amd has what like 20 market share if that and that's among like sort of architecturally like two or three cards so nvidia

Basically has like their handful of gpus for each generation like we're at the point now where supporting a console you're actually targeting maybe i'd say a third as many performance tiers as you are on the pc remember that assumes you're only looking at graphics and things like system memory and cpu speed and number of cores can also vary wildly on the pc but there are trends that you can find so it's like i can see how developers are getting a little frustrated with that but i think microsoft's going to

Continue to double down on it i think that we could start to see more frequent xbox refreshes i think that's why it's called series not because it's just series you know x and s i think it's series because just like they turned windows 10 into operating system as a service i think they're turning xbox into xbox as a service so we could just see yeah series x2 next year two years from now you know whenever amd pulls their head out of

Their butt and makes a new graphics card worth upgrading to two years from now exactly every two years that would be a full subscription of a console every time yep that could very well be the model looking at how microsoft has priced it so that you buy the console in two years so that way even though they don't have to what they could do is put a ton of pressure on sony because sony's business model is not designed to compete with that so all of a sudden microsoft would be

Leapfrogging them multiple times a generation in console performance potentially without necessarily changing much on the game developer side of things because everything's focused on like directx right so it's just a matter of like here's more performance i mean you were going to develop for pc because it's cross-platform anyway so here's a faster pc it's a new box don't worry too much about what's inside it this is like this is the 4k

Box this is the 4k 60fps box this is the 8k box as time goes on and it's it's basically just like your your settings in game are just pre-selected for you because it can detect what console you're on it's basically geforce experience yeah right it just detects what you're running on and it's like yeah that seems about right so now now that you see the ps5 pricing 499 399 yep no weird subscription thing like xbox did what do you think about

The positioning of xbox in terms of pricing because they have that 299 thing i think that i mentioned i think it's a great time to be a gamer straight up i think between launches the rtx 3000 series outstanding outstanding for pc gamers uh not just people who have 700 to spend on a graphics card not at all not in the slightest because it's gonna absolutely tank the prices of pascal and touring graphics cards uh never mind maxwell

And you can still do a lot of gaming on a 980 or a 980 ti do not kid yourself and it is going to utterly destroy the secondhand pricing of those cards for people who don't have a ton of money not to mention prompt a lot of people to upgrade to the new ones and flood the market with those parts great time to be a gamer um playstation 5 honestly looks great xbox series x and series s honestly they look great just totally huge innovations in the game

Development side of things uh so we're gonna see better game design thanks to these faster ssds we're gonna see um what was i gonna say right we're gonna see more affordability for gamers than ever before with the subscription model from microsoft like there has it's never been a better time to be a gamer that's what that's what i'll say today meanwhile nintendo's like hey guys we have augmented reality mario kart hello they they made some statement that they're like working on a new console duh or like they confirmed like yes we

Are in fact doing anything i mean you can take that for granted my understanding of the game console development cycle is that you're basically working on the next console as soon as you have two seconds to catch your breath from launching the last one like like like 20 of the team stays on to to keep writing like you know firmware updates and stuff for the existing ones and the rest is like okay let's build it from scratch again yeah maybe more than 20

But you i think you guys get my point new console development never ends if you want to have any hope of staying competitive i think i think the ps5 is in my opinion targeted as like the almost the the like the like wealthy person i think it's more premium 100 yep and i think xbox is like the pleb console for sure in terms of the way that sony and microsoft see it not me not me you're hitting the the one-time payment digestible 299

Which due to wages not really increasing is the same digestible amount it was last time and they hit it again that's probably why the reason why they wanted a spec down console and even though there was pushback they did it anyways yeah because they wanted to hit that tune anyway they want that commodity they want that commodity pricing they have the more premium one as well just because they got to hit those they got to be able to promote those performance numbers you need those headlines might as well

Make it so just make it and then they have their two subscription things which are super digestible even the high-end 499 console on subscription is much more digestible and then ps5 is just sitting over there like no screw subscriptions and you're paying a minimum of 400 bucks games cost a lot to make go buy them can i can i can i say something controversial right now we are way over time on the show today we haven't even gone through super chats but i i gotta i gotta hit you with this

Okay i'm gonna i wanna say something controversial right now do it i'm ready nintendo switch pro assuming that they're actually working on such a thing could be the most compelling of all of them of course here's why here's why no not to you i guess fanboy no no no no no no no no hold on hold on for a reason you're not expecting for a reason you're not expecting though okay for a reason you're not expecting because in addition to having a more powerful soc

I think that it is basically a guarantee that it will include the crazy upsampling technology that nvidia has been working on over the last few years so nintendo could conceivably ship like a portable console that like games at 4k because it could render at like 1080p seamlessly up sample to 4k and absolutely blow the console gaming world's mind because amd's technology when it comes to upscaling is so far behind nvidia's that it's not

Even they're not even competing on the same planet at this point like have you seen what the shield pro can do 4k in your hand i think i wouldn't yeah it wouldn't have to be i wouldn't care about that but i think they actually build some real tech into their dock this time and do enough dealer in the dock no because they don't have to the upscaler would definitely be in the soc like there's no way it wouldn't be and the thing too is that the switch could benefit from upscaling

Without upscaling to 4k so they could ship a 1080p display in the switch it could have smaller bezels could have a nice big screen like we're overdue for a really big screen on a switch so a giant screen and then it could render it like 720p or like 800p or something so you could take advantage of dlss of this super sampling technology but just in different ways so on your tv you're taking advantage of it to like

Get this crystal clear super sharp image at your on your 4k tv and in your hand you're using it to save power by rendering at a lower resolution like that's that's crazy that's crazy so i that's that's what i want to see that's what i want to see that's i i agree with that i honestly think another switch would fly off the shelves even if they just made it like a little faster yeah and like maybe a little bit better battery life bluetooth headphones maybe

Green had a little bit better coverage like it has bluetooth headphones would would make yeah dude in having bluetooth but not spoiled blue headphones some of those frustrating things ever so like yeah solving like a few of those problems and just making it a little bit better in each way i wouldn't even be surprised if they added like a c stick or something um yeah people would eat it up because it's just it's nintendo all right so i think we're probably

Going to have to call it for the stream for today ladies and gentlemen the arm thing oh yeah shoot okay we'll do that very quickly tick tock and wechat officially banned in the u.s as of september 20th so that's the thing uh and nvidia wants to purchase arm to basically become a fully integrated ai company so they would have cpu network and gpu basically making themselves a one-stop shop for the data center don't worry this won't affect um

You know perpetual license arm licensees like apple um so that'll be fine but it's gonna be real interesting to see apple like beholden to nvidia in any way because those two get along so well uh one last thing i have to talk about real quick here is lttstore.com is hiring it's going real successful ladies and gentlemen by the way thank you for your support we're gonna have a video coming up pretty soon called how does lmg make money v 2.0 uh so the last time we did that was

Four years ago and things have changed a lot some things have stayed the same a lot other things have changed a lot you guys are going to want to check that out but a big big part of our growth has been the super fans the ones that uh subscribe on floatplane the ones that uh buy stuff through our affiliate links in the video descriptions the ones that by merch you guys are absolutely enormous um in terms of the amount like the percentage of revenue

That you guys uh contribute uh people who subscribe to youtube premium for example huge difference so you guys have been enormous difference makers for us over the last four years compared to uh how our model used to work before and thank you very very much because you i think you guys probably sort of realize how much of a difference that you make not just to us but to any other creators that you follow and that you support directly but you might not realize how much huge it's massive um so anyway we're hiring

Six positions graphic design fashion design pattern making we want to like triple down on custom garments uh product management customer support and web dev is that six one two three four five six yep oh and web devs web dev so we're looking for a react js experience uh so you guys can find those on linusmediagroup.com now uh for five of them and the dev possession dev position will be listed within a few days to go go check it out web deposition is mostly it's like javascript

And and uh a lot of like web front-end stuff okay um one additional thing i'm gonna throw in here is that uh i don't know exactly how we're going to do this and uh to call it hiring you'd need some pretty serious air quotes uh because you're not getting paid but the ltt forum probably needs some developer help um colonel mortis could use some reinforcements i'm not sure how we're necessarily going

To do this yet yeah how would we vet people yeah um to be clear the forum's not like a money-making thing for us either it's just something that we want to continue to support because we feel like it's really important to have and i've had people question me on this before because i describe it as like an independent community like yes we're in control of it but we're actually people on there with very high post counts that like don't

Even really watch anymore or care yeah we we exert very little force on the forum the only thing is like the the basic uh you know community guidelines which is you know don't be a dick and be excellent to each other that's that's pretty much it and keep it on tech topic that that's like the three basic rules there um and there's there's not a lot of forums left that are thriving the way that lte linus tech tips forum is so guys uh

If you if you feel like you want to help like maybe you're a member there and and you feel like you have some experience that would be helpful just uh how are you getting in touch with people should they continue we don't necessarily know yet i'm just putting the feelers out there so people know okay the type of stuff they're looking for is front end uh designer and developer should ideally be kind of one person and some like sysadmin

Back-end developer stuff basically colonel mortis has been doing essentially all of this on his own for a very long time um and that is something less and less feasible uh we're looking to expand a huge community it it's like well over 10 million posts like actually for real um i have i have written uh letters of recommendation for people that have like actually helped them get into some cool stuff uh it it's not a paying position

Because it's a community forum that doesn't make money yeah and like we could make it make money like we could cover it in video ads and stuff but we're not going to do that because we want it to just be its own thing so all you'll find on it is like one banner ad at the top right and then links to the latest ltt videos over on like bottom right and then one banner ad at the bottom that's it so like there is some responsibilities that would come with it but for the most

Part it would be more of a fun side project that you can kind of work on when you want um it's yeah it's so just if you're interested keep an eye out there will be there will be something coming soon for people to be able to apply in some way i don't know all right thanks luke uh we should do a few super chats here uh sorry guys i'm not gonna have time for all of them as usual uh thanks robert mail um have a little unity ipo cache says

Anthony markham did unity just ipo you got to be kidding me how did i not see this unity technologies raises more than 1.3 billion in ipo 12 hours ago look at that wow how did i not know that they man i wish i uh i wish that it wasn't such an enormous actually would that even be a conflict of interest for me i don't even cover their stuff yeah probably yeah oh well i own no stocks just saying wow that's crazy it went up like 42 percent yeah that's pretty nuts uh owen cullen

Says per the dm on twitter please um flag mental health among all age groups don't even mention me i don't care oh uh i'm a little confused i don't think i read that dm it is a shared inbox but um yes mental health issues definitely important among all age groups i mean can't disagree with that uh cell phone archaeology says so review an rtx 8000 quadro versus the 3080 already really i need to know wait wait for ampere quadro

There's no way that's not coming patience all right tommy gunn 1928 says linus some people say you just make merch to avoid buying clothes what is your response my response that is totally unfair i also do it to avoid luke buying clothes yes thank you you're welcome it's great someone in my friend group mentioned the other day they were like why do you still do rancho and i was like it's really fun and i like hang out with linus like what do you mean

They're like you don't you don't get anything from it i was like do you not see all of the clothes that i wear and water bottles and and water bottles and everything else i'm like there there are perks okay leave me alone we got to do a luke personal rig update though for sure hmm we got to do one we got to do one we're overdue i'm thinking some ideas up actually we're overdue i i um intel extreme rig upgrade i uh i i vetoed including you in that

Because i told them that we're probably just going to do something for luke separately anyway because you're at the point now where it's getting to be upgrade time so we'll let's let's let's chat there's finally new gpus there's new cpus coming so let's try and time it so that it's like okay luke doesn't need to upgrade his computer for another like five years or whatever because that's the cycle i'm trying to my thing is i got i gotta find something cool to do with it

I think we could come up with something uh yeah i've been ramping up my my thought process there and i've had a few ideas but nothing that's like really sold me so far so all right sounds good uh dr l arroway says i'm gonna buy amd no matter what nvidia can and i think it's bleeped out all right fair enough gordon mcpherson thanks for keeping posting during the pandemic you guys are awesome please buy some pizza for the team you know what sure we could do a pizza

Day why not i mean i think you underestimate the uh size of my team and the cost of that pizza but tell you what just for you we will do we will celebrate the reopening of the new lounge with pizza for all some some free advertising for a small company but clayton gate pizza actually has like above i'm not going to say it's amazing but it's above average pizza for very very cheap all right cost effective pizza party well still we've got like three dozen

People and it was like 48 so yeah we're going to need more pizzas but that's okay that goes a long way and we're going to do the pizza party don't you worry nice hey did you uh uh new left 4 dead new left 4 dead 2 map yeah what the heck right we're gonna have to play some left for dead two later anyway that's that's totally newsworthy that's not in a super chat um mike collins i'm never making that video slushy 2080 ti to 3090 upgrade worth it

Or overkill i cannot comment the 3090 um review embargo is not up yet and i definitely know more than i can tell you oh oh cac nick says don't forget ps5 games cost 10 more now sony is the only one making that move that's not gonna sit well with some people even if the industry should have done it years ago that's a good point um calvin says switch is my favorite switches the console that to my mind has something to offer beyond exclusive games

I mean mostly exclusive games come on but like yes that's true the mobility is cool all right that's it for super chats i think we're gonna have to call it for the show today we are well over an hour and a half thank you guys for tuning in we will see you again next week same bat time same bat channel bye what's up with the mouse thing which one your mouse is constantly over like my camera yeah it's because i put the window behind my uh my uh my chrome window that i use for

Like reading chat and looking at the document and stuff and then people pointed it out that it bothered them so i started doing it on purpose oh so what like the obs window uh no no no it's over the uh discord window oh because you don't need to see okay yeah so it's behind my chrome yeah yeah it's kind of neat

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