Roman Scholar Describes Ancient Africa // Pliny on Source of The Nile and Aethiopia – 1st century AD

published on July 20, 2020

This video is sponsored by great two courses plus but more on that later in the video at all events the Praetorian troops that were sent by the Emperor Nero under the command of a Tribune for the purposes of

Inquiry when among the other Wars he was contemplating an expedition against Ethiopia brought back word that they had met with nothing but deserts on their route the Roman arms also had penetrated into these regions in the time of the

Late Emperor Augustus under the command of people Onias a man of equestrian rank and prefect of Egypt that general took the following cities the only ones we find mentioned there in the following order

Celsus Primus a bunkies therus Cambyses at over and stood ASUS where the river nile as it thunders down the precipices as quite deprived the inhabitants of the power of hearing the extreme distance to which he penetrated beyond Celine was

970 miles but still it was not the Roman arms that rented these regions a desert Ethiopia in its turn gaining the mastery and then again reduced to servitude was at last worn out by its continual wars with Egypt having been a famous and

Powerful country even at the time of the Trojan War when memnon was its king it is also very evident from the fabulous stories about Andromeda that you ruled over Syria in the time of King Cepheus and that its sway extended as far as the

Shores of our sea this video sponsored by great causes plus a fantastic educational resource that myself and my brother Pete at history time have been using for a while now here at voices of the past we provide

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Videos so to sign up please head over to the great courses pluscom forward slash voices to start your free trial now there has also been conflicting accounts as to the extent of this country first by Dalian who travelled a considerable

Distance beyond where our way and after him by aristocracy and basileus as well as by the youngest simona d's who made a stay of five years at Murrow way when he wrote his account of Ethiopia demosthenes however the commander of the

Fleet's of Philadelphus without giving any other estimate as to the distance says that Murrow way is sixty days journey from Syene while Eratosthenes states that the distance is 625 miles and our Tim odorous 600 all these

Differences however have since been settled for the persons sent by Nero for the purposes of discovery have reported that the distance from saying tomorrow a is 871 miles the following being the items

From Syene to hierra sick aminos they make to be 54 miles from thence to Tama 72 to the country of the Ivana me to AV first region of Ethiopia 122 Akina 54 to Bottari 25 and to turgid us 106 they stayed also that the island of giggle

Des lies it in equal distance from Syene and Moreau way and that it is at this place that the bird called the parrot was first seen while at another island called articular the animal known as this finger must discovered by them and

After passing Turgut us that connect a phallus the distance from thence turn a beta is 80 miles that little town being the only one of all of them that now survives from thence to the island of meroe the distance is 360 miles they

Also state that the grass in the vicinity of Moreau a becomes a greener and fresher cover and that there is some slight appearance of forests has also traces of the rhinoceros and elephant they reported also that the city of

Meroe stands at a distance of 70 miles from the first entrance of the island of Moreau way and that close to it is another Island Tardieu by name which forms a harbour facing those who enter the right hand channel of the river the

Buildings in the city they said were but few a number and they stated that a female whose name was Candace ruled over the district that name having passed from Queen – Queen for many years they related also that there was a

Temple of Jupiter ham on there held in great of veneration besides smaller shrines erected in honor of him throughout all the country in addition to these particulars they were informed that in the days of the

Ethiopian domination the island of meroe enjoyed great renown that according to tradition it was in the habit of maintaining two hundred thousand armed men and four thousand artisans the kings of Ethiopia are said even at the present

Day to be forty-five in number the whole of this country has successively had the names of atheria Atlantia and last of all Ethiopia from ethiop's the son of Vulcan it is not at

All surprising that towards the extremity of this region the men and animals assume a monstrous form when we consider the changeable nurse and volubility of fire the heat of which is the great agent in imparting various

Forms and shapes in bodies indeed it is reported that in the interior on the eastern side there is a people who have no noses the whole face presenting a plain surface that others again are destitute of an upper lip and others are

Without tongues others again have the mouth were owned together and being destitute of nostrils breathe through one passage only imbibing their drink through it by means of the hollow stalk of the oat which there grows

Spontaneously and supplies them with its grain for food some of these nations have to employ gestures by nodding the head and moving the limbs instead of speech others again were unacquainted with the use of fire before the time of

Ptolemy Lazarus king of Egypt some writers also stated that there is a nation of pygmies which dwells among the marshes in which the River Nile takes its rise while on the coast of Ethiopia where we paused there is a range of

Mountains of a red color which have the appearance of being always burning all the country after we passed Morelle way is bounded by the troglodyte a and the Red Sea it being three days journey from Napa to the shores of that see

Throughout the whole of this district the rainwater is carefully preserved at several places while the country that lies between is extremely productive of gold the parts beyond this are inhabited by the atom Bewley a nation of ethiopia

And here over against Moroni are the mega berry by some writers called the ADEA berry they occupy the city of Apollo some of them however are nomads living on the flesh of elephants opposite to

Them on the African side dwelled the Macra be and then again beyond the mega bari there are the mem Nene's and the dabeli and at a distance of twenty days journey the Croton see beyond these are the don't she and then the Jim Nettie's

Who always go naked and after them the and debt a the Moffatt a and the episode or a who are of a black tint but stained the body all over with a kind of red earth on the African side again there are the madam knee and then a nation of

Nomads who live on the milk of the connect of phallus and then the alladhi and the Servet a which last a said to be eight cubits in height Paris token informs us that on the Libyan side at a distance of five days journey from Meroe

Is the town of torez and then it a further distance of 12 days journey SR a town founded by the Egyptians who fled from sama tshis he states also that they dwelt there for a period of three hundred years and that opposite on the

Arabian side there is a town of theirs called a Darin the town however which he calls SR is by by on called sap a who says that their name means the strangers their capital being Sam Baba TISS situated on an island and the third

Place of theirs Sinnott in Arabia between the mountains and the River Nile are the sim Bari the colleges and on the mountains themselves the Asaka who are divided into numerous peoples they are said to be distance

Five days from the sea and procure their subsistence by the chase of the elephant an island in the Nile which belongs to the semper arte is governed by a queen beyond it are the Ethiopian knew by at a

Distance of eight days journey a town is tuned abscess situated on the Nile there are the sasamori also are people among whom all the quadrupeds are without ears the very elephants even on the African side are the Tana Bari the tonfa are

People who have a dog for their king and divide from his movements what are his commands the eros be who have a town at a considerable distance from the Nile and then the arch Asami beyond is the region of Surbiton at which the

Mountains terminate and which by some writers is said to contain the maritime Ethiopians than this eka thay and the necessity a word which signifies men with three or four eyes not the people who really have that confirmation but

Because they are remarkable for the unerring aim of their arrows on that side of the Nile which extends along the borders of the southern ocean beyond the greater Surtees de Leon says that the people who use rainwater only are called

The Sasori and that the other nations of the long-gone pori distance five days journey from Loserville kathy is barely the Peruzzi the barley and the sis pea the rest bean deserts and inhabited by the tribes of Fable only in a more

Westerly direction than Nigro i whose king has only one eye and that in the forehead the angry frg who live principally on the flesh of panthers and lions the pam fargy who will eat anything the anthropophagi who live on

Human flesh the cinema gear people with the heads of dogs and art of a DJ who have four feet and wander about after the manner of wild beasts and after them the Hesper a and the Perrault see whom we have already spoken of as dwelling on

The confines of Mauritania some tribes two of the Ethiopians subsist on nothing but locusts which are smoked dried and salted as their provision for the year these people do not live long beyond their

40th year Agrippa was of the opinion that the length of the whole country of the Ethiopians including the Red Sea was two thousand one hundred and seventy miles at its breadth including Upper Egypt twelve hundred and ninety seven

Some authors again have made the following divisions of its length from Moreau a to a certain eleven days sail from serve atom to the dabeli fifteen days and from them to the Ethiopian Ocean just six days journey it is agreed

By most authors that the distance altogether from the ocean to Moroni is 625 miles and from Moroni to Syene that which we have already mentioned Ethiopia lies from South East to South West situated as it is in a southern

Hemisphere forests of Ebony are to be seen of the brightest Verdier and in the midst of these regions there is a mountain of immense height which overhangs the sea and emits a perpetual flame by the Greeks this mountain is

Called Theron okema and at a distance of four days sail from it is a promontory known as Hesperus eros upon the confines of africa the sources of the Nile are unattained and travelling as it does for an immense distance through deserts and

Burning sands it is only known to us by common report having neither experience the vicissitudes of warfare nor been visited by those arms which have so effectually explored all other regions it rises so far indeed as King Juba was

Enabled to ascertain in a mountain of lower Mauritania not far from the ocean immediately after which it forms a lake of standing water which bears the name of Neleus giving birth in its course to dense forests of

Trees it travels through the middle of Ethiopia under the name of hasta puss a word which signifies in the language of the nations who dwell in these regions water issuing from the shades below proceeding onwards it divides

Innumerable islands in its course and some of them of such vast magnitude that although its tides run with the greatest rapidity is not less than five days in passing them it does not obtain the name Nile until its waters have again met and

Are united in a single stream and even then for some miles both above and below the point of confluence it has the name of serious

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