Roll Connector “Clock Spring” Diagnosis and Replacement

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

So we need to see if the ground wire in here is making contact you want to be this way you need just push like that Ryan's mobile one to borough cross tracks on this cross track the horn doesn't work so the first thing that you check is in

The fuse box I'll show you where to find the fuse in the relay so the fuse is a 15 amp and it's hiding right behind the relay there this is a horn relay it's the same as a rear defrost one and when you go to test or probe this it'll be

Negative unless it's lit up basically it sends power through it but it's not like conventional or in the keys in the on position the test hot at test cold if you shoot power into this using your

Power probe or other device it does this so we know that the horn works we know that the relay works is we send power through everything's hunky-dory we know the relay works by the way because we swapped it with defrost the

Defrost was working so we gotta get this off to get at the wiring and see if the wire is working not working the circuit looks like this you have a ground wire that sends the signal and then the BCM or body control module sends the

Positive out to the horn so we need to see if the ground wire in here is making contact when you push on it see how the whole air bag thing moves that air bags with a switch for it and we know that the fuse is good because we send power

Through no honks so most likely the problem is going to be in the roll connector aka clock spring on everything else so to get this off a lot of cars you'll have a nut or something on the back but you look behind the paddle here

You can see that there's a little hole so there's a hole on this side there's one on the other side and then there's one not quite Center but just a little off to this side so I'm gonna take it apart and then I'm going to show you

Afterward what you're monkeying around with or what you're poking so you know afraid of risking anything most the wires there's a harness that comes up from each side and then in the middle as your three different connectors so I'm

Gonna go ahead and pull this and the way I do that is I stick this tool or you can stick a flat screwdriver like this in there it just goes in like this if you use a flashlight you can see better don't just go stabby stabby it's good I

Did do a little scouting but this video can count as that when you push this thing and you get it watch the gap here increase like that so you do that on this side that side in the bottom so once you have them all released it's

Just sitting there you don't want to yank it too hard because guess what there's wires in there you look in here you've got connectors here here here and this is your horn one if Brown gets to this it sends a signal this happens to

Be ground so you can take this wire off and bypass they going through this and through this little insulator and this touching the base of it or basically the release and you're in as far as the release goes let me show you what the

Screwdriver what I'm doing in there so I go in and go in like the guy that kills wasp with his bare hands and I kill every last mine Miskin so you see how I'm sideways this way so you want to be this way and you just push like that

When you do that it releases this you're looking on the side of here so to undo these you want to have a pick and the reason why you can see there's a little release right here to pull it back so you get that to release and give it a

Little wiggle give a little wiggle and then on these you want to have your battery disconnected typically right but you pry these up like that they're pretty well insulated and protected but then you pop this guy and then pop this

Guy and then your hair bags completely removed so that's the first part of this video how to remove your air bag that's done the second part is how to replace the clock spring because you got to get

The air bag out of the way first so there are anchor holes these are threaded holes that you can put bolts into and then there's a nut right here so in order to get the roll connector you have to pull the steering wheel off

While the steering will off naturally you got to release all of these so you can see there's a button on this one so you push that down pull it back there's a button on top of this bundle that's one of your horns in pull that back

We're just gonna have these all to the side and then we're gonna take off that nut it's a 17 millimeters so I'll set that to go counterclockwise make sure that your steering wheel is as straight and

Centered as you can get it you have an impact like this it makes it a breeze it's a lot of initial investment I'll leave a link in the description once you have one you will be so glad that you did next thing you do you can take this

Often times you can shock the string wheel a little bit by rocking it side to side and it'll pop off like this but if that doesn't work you can use the puller and pull it you see again that's threaded there's all kinds of different

Bolt pullers and steering wheel pullers that you can use so you saw when we did the steering wheel this was in the upright position and then I took a steering wheel off it got bonked to the side there's an indicator on these and

You see how it's orange right there look well that goes no it passes it put it like that and you know that you're in the right place otherwise you can turn them one way until they stop but so many can't count they turn to the other side

But that's the quick and dirty way to tell if you're good just really cool that they did that with the steering wheel off we're gonna go ahead and pull the cover and you just give it a little pull down wiggle and grab from the back

Side and get that to pop lay down back here pop like that get your cover off and you don't have to get real dramatic you just have to open it up so that you have the so here's how you get a role connector

Off there's a connection here in here let me show you so on this side you just push down and it unhooks and pull back a little bit that's all you got to do and then repeat the same thing on this side and grab it from the back side here and

Unhook it from there you can see there's a little push tab on this white one that one's easy there's another one where you push the tab on the backside here we've got a user fingernail on that one it'll come down and then there is this yellow

One these are kind of a Chinese puzzle and the reason why is the whole entire thing comes off and there's a push release on the end you can see this here once you push that up then you can pull this back sorry I kind of jumped there

This whole thing pulls back and it's spring-loaded and it won't just come back you have to get the thing pushed down you pull that back and it'll just spit the whole thing off once you've done all that you pull the top one back

When you go ahead and pull it off like that and you're out so the plugs are one straight up into the bottom of it and then the air back one and then the main one this one right here is the one that has your horn this

Is the new one it's in its box and it's taped closed I always like to prove that the old one is bad and prove that the wires broken in here before I open this once you open this you can't return it so we have the clock spring pulled out

And I've got a breadboard ribbon cable and it's got pins on one end I've got the brown pin to ground and that will make this sound and so I'm sending that ground into that one little pin that top right pin that's for the horn and where

All of this comes out is through this guy right here so if I run this down there if I get tone on one of these pins that we know that we're good because I don't get tone on any of these anywhere we know that it's bad so if I pull this

Out just to show you a proof of concept if I take the alligator clip and clip it on to just that one pin it's not to just one pin it's to several of the pins there's three or four of them and we know it

Goes to the same place because when I go through here one right there that one's good that I'll hit someone this row yeah a bunch on this row so anyway that's where it goes so we're gonna switch back to the brown one and then we're gonna

Probe some other stuff too but just so you get the idea that is the horn wire and that horn wire does not give anything anywhere because we've already run it through all of these like really meticulously gone through there there's

Nothing this doesn't have any other wires or anything else hooked up this one's the actual airbag plugs but then there's these little guys here and as I go through them I don't have anything on them either so nothing goes through on

That wire and you have to have these tiny little plugs in order to do these ones but it makes all the difference in the world same thing on a PCM if your probe probing a plug on a PCM having a ribbon cable like this makes all the

Difference I'll leave a link in the description where you can find one of those and where you can find the power probe half the battle wouldn't be in mechanic's and the reason why you get paid a lot as a mechanic because it

Takes a lot of tools those tools and if you know how to use them can make you a lot of money and pay for them over and over again or they can save you a lot of money as a consumer year after year after year and now with the power of

YouTube you have the skills and everything that you need to get it right but the camera in your left hand you use your single hand assist knife and cut the Box open don't cut the dog dogs pretty nice so you want to keep him

Around huh music was really supposed to both be a close-up of that wet nose anyway you pull out the new one and let's plug this in you should cost you just under three hundred dollars so this has dielectric grease lubricant stuff on

It I'll show you what to do with that in a minute plug should be the same everything should match you'll notice that this has a key in it and unfortunately it doesn't have an orange thing in the window which

Is retarded just leave the key in there you'll be alright you can see how this has an interface there so we're gonna plug our little ribbon cable onto that one single wire and then we're gonna probe to the

Other side and just prove which one it is so that you know just which one to probe you see we've got everything hooked up again this is the sound we're looking for that means that we're sending a ground signal into this we're

Hooked up to the car battery at the other end of this so when we come here it's not at the top-left corner pin but the one just next to it and you can see we've got continuity on that pin and if you want to see again with just a

Green light and without the noise these power probes you don't have to listen to that annoying noise you can get it that way so we know what you have a good unit and so we're gonna slop it in there gettin it ends the easy part

You can do this we show you how so where this goes is on the interface so that this doesn't bind up on things so you just basically just put it on all the places that have a corner then you can go back with your finger and just kind

Of get it all around there just anywhere that it interfaces you want to lubricate it so it doesn't wear them if it wears on it and snags and it gets cost you issues steering is important did you know that the most important thing for

Safety in the whole car is the steering system your brakes have redundancy the parking brake or emergency brake right but as far as steering there's no backup and if your brakes go out so everybody thinks it's the brakes that's why I'm

Saying brakes if your brakes go out you can aim for something cheap or turn uphill or go for a bush if your steering goes out you're at the mercy of whatever and you can't always stop right away so that's why we got to be picky you may

Notice that one of these things is not like the others this one has a white thing that you can't see when it's over that but you got to take this little box off and transfer it across so that's what we're gonna do remember when I

Showed you the indicator that showed that we were in the right index position to where this spin cable clock spring whatever meal account was in a certain position it's important because it's not just a single layer it's double layered

And you have to have the bottom layer match up with the top when you transfer it onto the new one so that's why this step was important don't forget to do that it's this whole ring thing and it clips on by these little clips on the

Side you see one here and then they're all the way around so we got to pop that off and get it moved over so this whole thing is held on this disc in this part by this clip right here and this clip this one here and if you need to put a

Toothpick or something in there feel free to do that don't feel like you got to juggle the whole thing yourself but it just comes off like that and then just transfers over to the new one you can see that low spot right here the

Keys into this what it is is it's basically a piggy backs off the other one there you go now we're ready to install so we've got our little piggy back roll connector on there just get a little

Wiggle and we just click it into place make sure that all three get in there put this to the side first one in is the piggy back second one in is the yellow plug and there's no like a particular order of operations that you have to do

This is just the way that I find is easiest so once everything is in place we can put our steering wheel cover back on you've got this tight adjust lever we'll get this fish going to there yeah be really careful with these because

It's got these little tabs and things you don't want to break one of those off or else it creates a little bit of grief and hassle when you go to connect them again so these have to go in behind here so that the screws can go in so we'll

Snap that together how is he doing that with one hand ahead cheating with my knee just like you do when you're driving right nobody does that but but me everybody else does ten into right so now we just got to put our screws in get

Them going and then send them home one a good dog there we go if you got a really crazy strong drill or whatever don't use it do it by hand you'd be glad let me take our steering wheel then we got to fish the wires through the steering

Wheel we've got to pull the race out of the way we're go ahead and pull that there you go it doesn't want a bit whale with a little coercion some wires goes through here it's a lot easier to put this on once that thing's going all

Right now is the time to make sure that this is straight because if you don't get it heat up just right then it will be crooked so I think that is dead nuts on you as it is go ahead and put the nut back on this

One's gonna take about a three I gotta go because the whole steering safety thing that we talked about before click that in so that's how you would normally test it if this gets ground from here yeah honks that's what should happen so

We've already tested our horn and we haven't even put the rest back together we already know because we proved which wire was bad but now we really know which is fun all right now these are color coded so it's hard to mess them up

Let's grab our impact and we're gonna tighten that down to three ugga Duggars so again with the knee cuz I got a camera overhead you guys just gonna be so easy for you guys you got two hands then we've got our air bag to install so

You want to have it just like it's gonna be and then rotate like this and that will give you the optimal scenario for connecting the connectors these have not had the safeties this yellow part pulled up yes you got to do that in preparation

I'm gonna put the air bag back down and just get this picked an air bag if you guys don't know so this can go off two times that's why it's got two connectors it's got two explosive charges in it so that it can you know like if it needs to

Go a second time or go longer it can but it has to have a positive and a ground you should have the battery disconnected when you put this together if you live as dangerously as I do you don't certain conditions have to be met for the air

Bag to go off but if you put positive and ground to here any way shape or form if this gets involved in the mix or something for ground it will go off and if it's pushing against the steering wheel and it's pushing up this becomes a

Projectile that is some of you may bust me for not having the battery disconnected you can see in the dash that things are flashing you also saw that the horn went off so

Guilty is charged on that if this were a defective unit and it had wires crossed it could potentially go off so show some respect right out there we go that one I had to push extra hard sorry that shot wasn't pretty and then get her done mode

It's at the end of the video where everybody already knows everything in their tuning out stay tuned if you want to see this work and how it's supposed to now it'd be a good time to pull the fuse out if you don't want to make a

Bunch of noise because guess what it's installed that's how you put in the rest of the way and that's it we are fixed yeah so again share this with anybody if you've got a Subaru and the horn doesn't work and you want to give them the

Advice and know how to know what they're up against and what it's gonna cost so if you to get this done at the dealership I think the labor on it's probably like an hour or so but if they have to

Diagnose it and everything else that could be longer it could cost them well over four or five hundred dollars if you do it yourself to 75 to 80 around there plus 2x now if you disconnect your battery your windows aren't gonna work

For the auto and so you're gonna have to hold this up for five seconds to get it to program do can it disconnect the negative terminal on your battery negative not positive it's safer easier if you have airbag codes you have to get

Them cleared if you had your key turned on while you had the airbag out you will have permanent codes that you have to clear if not turn this on there's our airbag light right there start your car and it'll go out as long as you didn't

Have your key on wall your hair bag was out it works thanks for watching Cheers enjoy the be fake bonus footage at the end so this cave goes in all directions down here pretty big area say all the

Bats there's a ton of bats in here fellas oh yeah you see all the guano on that exit that tells I saw probably 50 go by just now on caught them on camera Wow holy wow that's a big cave focus you

See that bat fly boy it's a good thing they got sonar they be hitting me look at that that just goes on and on I believe that's the back of it their ceiling looks good no risk of falling rock for

Limited risk there's a main trail where people come down this goes all the way down under here shot in the wall again get my camera to focus there we go thank you is that rusty good on you man there's a

Deep wide cavern yeah totally unexpected pretty cool hey Brian take a look at you on your own video press it Kate the depth and the width thanks for watching be sure to click

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